Fun birthday breakfast ideas for kids

Kick-off your day-long celebration with one of these fun & festive birthday breakfast ideas that will make your kids (or that special someone!) feel extra loved.

There’s no better way to start your child’s birthday off on the right foot than by making them a fun, insanely delicious birthday breakfast.

That’s why we’ve pulled together some of the most unique, special birthday breakfast ideas on the web, so it’s super easy to browse through and pick your favorite.

And truth be told, these delicious recipes could also be used for weekend breakfasts or other special occasions (like Mother’s Day – hint hint!).

Whether you choose to keep it simple by adding sprinkles to their pancakes, or go all out with a birthday charcuterie board, all of these birthday breakfast ideas are bound to make your birthday boy or girl smile.

We’ve even included some healthy breakfast ideas for those that may not want to start the day off on a sugar high!

And don’t forget to add a candle on top and sing “Happy Birthday” as you present their special birthday breakfast…you could even deliver it as breakfast in bed!

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Fun Birthday Breakfast Ideas

(1) Birthday Cake Funfetti Pancakes: Combine cake mix and pancake mix to create these fluffy and festive birthday cake pancakes. Stack ‘em up high and top with vanilla glaze, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top for that extra special touch. (via Mom Loves Baking)

(2) Unicorn Cake Donuts: These magical donuts are as colorful on the inside as they are on the outside! And don’t worry, it’s a super simple recipe that utilizes cake mix and store-bought frosting. Use your child’s favorite colors and add sprinkles if you’d like. (via Well If She Can Do It)

(3) No-Bake Birthday Cake Parfait: No need to turn your oven on to create these stunning birthday parfaits, simply grab a pound cake from your local store, and layer it with a birthday cake mousse. Yum! (via The Domestic Rebel)

(4) Birthday Breakfast Sundaes: We love this idea to create a special breakfast sundae with yogurt in a waffle cone bowl. Provide your child with a variety of toppings like fresh fruit, chocolate chips and even cereal so they can spruce it up however they choose. (via Dinner at the Zoo)

(5) Unicorn Banana Bread: One of the best birthday breakfast ideas has to be this sweet, moist banana bread – made extra special with vanilla glaze and sprinkles galore. (via Deliciously Sprinkled)

(6) Birthday Cake Waffles: Use a box of white cake mix and your waffle iron to make these epic birthday waffles. Douse in whipped cream, maple syrup and sprinkles to make them even more worthy of a birthday celebration. (via If You Give A Blonde A Kitchen)

(7) Birthday Breakfast Muffins: Our very own light and fluffy rainbow muffins are made with simple ingredients and are a perfect way to start off your birthday morning. (via What Moms Love)

(8) Birthday Cake Cinnamon Rolls: Who wouldn’t love to wake up to these ooey gooey birthday cinnamon rolls?! Topped with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles, they’re the perfect sweet touch to a special birthday breakfast. (via Oh So Delicioso)

(9) Birthday Cake Scones: Get your birthday celebration going with these yummy white chocolate chunk scones drenched with icing and sprinkles. They’re a great way to start your child’s special day. (via Truffles and Trend)

(10) White Chocolate Graham Croissants: Grab some Crescent Roll dough and turn it into a sweet birthday “croissant” filled with chocolate chips and crushed graham crackers. (A Sprinkle & A Splash)

(11) “Ice Cream Cone” Waffles with Fruit: Cut up regular or Funfetti waffles into triangles and add some fruit slices on top to quickly make a fun and engaging birthday breakfast. It’s the perfect breakfast for busy mornings! (via Sofie Dumont)

(12) Cake Batter Popsicles: If you’ve got a summer birthday, these fun, creamy treats will start the day off on an especially cool note! (via 2 Cookin Mamas)

(13) Overnight Birthday Cake French Toast Casserole: This is one of those great make-ahead recipes that only needs to be popped into the oven on birthday morning. It combines bread with Funfetti cake mix to create a delicious party in a pan! (via Life Love and Sugar)

(14) Sheet Pan Puff Pastry Pop Tart: If your child is a fan of Pop Tarts, surprise them with a GIANT one, made with buttery puff pastry, strawberry jam, and an easy homemade icing. This fun recipe is great for feeding a crowd if you have a big family who want to join in on the birthday fun, or even to serve at a kids’ birthday breakfast party! (via One Pot Only)

(15) Birthday Cake Milkshake Bowl: You can have your cake and drink it too with this super unique birthday breakfast idea: a birthday milkshake bowl! (via Aww Sam)

(16) Funfetti Granola Bars: Got to eat your birthday breakfast on-the-go? Make a batch of these yummy granola bars to still make it special. (via Tornadough Alli)

(17) Birthday Cake French Toast: Soak your bread with rainbow sprinkles to create this colorful birthday breakfast. (via Flavorful Finds)

(18) Birthday Cake Cream Cheese on Bagel: One of the easiest birthday breakfast ideas is this incredible Funfetti cream cheese which will elevate your regular bagel to birthday levels! (via My Recipes)

(19) Birthday Breakfast Sprinkle Mix: Help turn your child’s ordinary bowl of cereal into something birthday-worthy by making them this special sprinkle mix. They can add it to their cereal to make a fun breakfast that will satisfy their sweet tooth. (via Eats Amazing)

(20) Unicorn Pancake “Cereal”: How incredible is this bowl of tiny pancakes?! Infuse them with the birthday boy or girl’s favorite colors, and top with maple syrup and sprinkles. (via Seitan Beats Your Meat)

(21) Number Pancakes: One of our all-time favorite easy birthday breakfast ideas: use a squeeze bottle (or carefully scoop out your pancake batter), to create a birthday pancake that shows their age! (via Two Healthy Kitchen

(22) Alphabet Pancakes: Or spell out their name for an even more special pancake display! (via @saltsugarspice)

(23) Pancake Charcuterie Board: Go all-out by making a trendy “charcuterie” board with mini pancakes or waffles, plus fresh fruit and fun toppings. (via Tatertots and Hello)

(24) Pancake Skewers: An easy way to make any meal more exciting? Put it on a stick! Add fluffy pancakes and fruit to a skewer and top with powdered sugar and sprinkles for a birthday breakfast to remember. (via Veggie Desserts)

(25) Birthday Cake Crepes: This is a surprisingly easy recipe to whip up birthday morning thanks to simple ingredients like cake mix and vanilla pudding. You could even add a scoop of ice cream on top! (via Beeyond Cereal)

(26) Birthday Cake Donuts: These made-from-scratch donuts are baked with love and topped with colorful sprinkles for some festive flair. (via Mandy’s Recipe Box)

Healthy Birthday Breakfast Ideas

While birthdays certainly qualify as a special occasion for yummy treats, a not-so-sugary start to the day is never a bad idea, especially with young children who might spin into sugar overload! Luckily there are plenty of healthy birthday breakfast ideas that still taste delicious, look special, and are loaded with fun. Take a look at some of the healthier options here:

(1) Unicorn Toast: Turn a ho-hum piece of toast into a work of art worthy of the special occasion, with cream cheese dyed with natural food ingredients. (via Culture Trip and Vogue)

(2) Cake Batter Overnight Oats: Packed with rolled oats, chia seeds, almond milk, and cashew butter, this high protein birthday breakfast will keep your loved one feeling full until it’s time for the next celebratory meal. (via Erin Lives Whole)

(3) Birthday Cake Oatmeal: Just a few tablespoons of birthday cake mix into your oatmeal results in this decadent tasting bowl of heaven. (via Delish)

(4) Birthday Cake Baked Oatmeal: Forget the bowl, this baked oatmeal recipe cuts more like a cake, but tastes just like birthday cake batter, and is packed with protein, fiber and healthy fats. (via Eating Bird Food)

(5) Rainbow Yogurt Parfait: Layer yogurt with different colors of cut fruit to create this beautiful, healthy breakfast. (via Vegan Dollhouse)

(6) Fruit Rainbow: This rainbow of fresh fruit lands into a “pot of gold”: a fried egg on whole grain toast. This healthy breakfast idea almost looks too good to eat! (via Two Healthy Kitchens)

(7) Fruit Kabobs with Yogurt Sprinkle Dipping Sauce: Create a rainbow of fruit on a skewer and provide a side of Greek Yogurt with sprinkles to dip. It makes for a quick yet healthy breakfast that kids will still find extra special. (via Dinner at the Zoo)

(8) Birthday Cake Smoothie Bowl: If your child loves smoothies, they’ll go wild for this birthday cake smoothie bowl, with a yummy strawberry banana base, Funfetti flare and coconut creaminess. (via Nicole the Nomad)

(9) Birthday Cake Granola: Cake flavored clusters of granola are joined with cashews, rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips to create the birthday breakfast of your dreams! (via Athletic Avocado)

(10) Apple Fruit Donuts: A much healthier alternative to the real-deal donuts, these apple rings still feel birthday-worthy thanks to colorful cream cheese “frosting” and a hearty topping of sprinkles.  (via Hello, Wonderful)

(11) Cake Batter Smoothie: Make a healthy birthday smoothie with cake batter flavors with this sugar-free recipe. The secret ingredient: vanilla protein powder! (via The Seasoned Mom)

With all of these delicious birthday breakfast ideas, the hardest part will be deciding which one to make!

We wish your birthday girl, boy or grown-up a very happy birthday, and hope their celebration kicks offs on a special, tasty note thanks to these fun birthday breakfast recipes. HBD!

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