Unique 2nd birthday party themes | Best list of ideas to celebrate your 2 year old boy or girl, including inspiration for decorations, invitations, activities, favors and more.

Looking for the perfect theme for your toddler’s 2nd birthday? We’ve got the best list of original second birthday party themes for both girls and boys. Happy party planning!

Parents often go for broke for their baby’s first birthday (as you should, it is a momentous occasion after all!), but getting to year two is just as special and deserves to be celebrated with just as much pomp and circumstance.

With another year under their belt, you’ll find your 2-year-old is really able to get excited about their celebration – and their smiles and laughter on the big day will make planning their second birthday party all worthwhile.

But every epic party needs a good theme, so we’ve pulled together the most massive list of unique 2nd birthday themes on the Internet. Seriously, we checked. Nothing even comes close to the creative ideas we’ve got for you and your toddler to decide upon, and we’ve made sure to cover all the bases with themes that are more girl oriented, those boys may prefer, and many that can work for either gender.

Most of the birthday themes feature a play on words using “two” or “second” that are so clever they’ll delight your guests, and provide a great jumping point for creative invitations, decorations, activities and party favors.

And for each of the 2nd birthday themes we’ve included here, we’ve put together a photo collage to serve as inspiration for your party’s look and feel. We have no doubt that you will find the perfect theme for your big 2-year-old girl or boy.

Read on for all the amazing second birthday party theme ideas!

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Creative Unisex/Gender Neutral 2nd Birthday Themes

Whether you have a little boy or little girl turning two, these unique 2nd birthday party themes will work well for either gender.


We can’t get over how incredibly perfect (and insanely clever) this TWO-nado theme is for a 2-year old’s birthday party. You can have so much fun with this unique idea, from a twister cake, to storm balloons and custom tees.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Avery Gray Designs, Tidy Lady Printables, @emilysbakeshop, @fit_caker, @buttercreambliss_ok, @thelutherhouse  

Totally Two-bular (80’s)

Head back to the 80’s where scrunchies, neon and mix tapes rule with this insanely genius “Totally Two-bular!” party. We highly suggest dressing the part in your best set of leg warmers or acid wash jeans!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Sweet Lilly Creations, Simply Blessed Portraits, Aerose Artistry, 100 Layer Cake

Totally Two-bular (Surfing)

Another take on the “Totally Tubular” catchphrase – a way cool Surfer party! Catch the perfect wave with surfboard details, bright colors, and general Hawaiian vibe. Surf’s up dudes!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Katie’s Cookie Creations, Lobo Design, Make Life Lovely, Hostess with the Mostess, Kara’s Party Ideas

Monkey see, Monkey TWO

Your toddler will go bananas for this incredible Monkey themed 2nd birthday theme. Incorporate lots of monkey motifs (which could be Curious George if your child is a fan), and of course, bananas!!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Hostess with the Mostess  and 2, Kara’s Party Ideas, Shin DigzOh Happy DayHostess with the MostessLife Love & Sugar

Table for TWO

Go retro with a fun Diner themed party, where you can serve all the classic diner food, from milkshakes and floats, to burgers and fries – all on a red and white checkered tablecloth of course!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Hostess with the Mostess, Peachy Cheek

TWO Let the Dogs Out?

Is your little girl or boy a total dog lover? This adorable puppy paw-ty is sure to get their tail wagging! Paw prints, bones and their favorite dogs make for the cutest decorations, and we love the idea of a “Puppy Adoption Center” where kids can take home a stuffed animal pup as a party favor.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Glamfetti Co, Kara’s Party Ideas, The Blondie Locks, Allison Carter Celebrates

Two Legit 2 Quit

While your toddler may not be familiar with the MC Hammer classic, this 90’s rap theme will certainly be appreciated by all the parents in attendance! Plus, with all the cool black and gold, chains, spray paint and mix tape motifs, your 2-year-old will soon be on board. You can’t touch this party idea! 

Photo sources & inspiration links: Golden Arrow Boutique, A Scoop Or Two Designs, The Vivacious Life, Dreams Crumb True, @modballoonsco

Off TWO The Races 

Got a horse lover on your hands? How about a horse racing or Kentucky Derby themed party full of horseshoes, ribbons and flowers?! Bonus points if you can pull-off pony rides!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Pizzazzerie, Crowning Details, Project Nursery, Catch my Party

Yabba Dabba Two

Get ready to time travel back to the stone age, with a modern-day Flintstones party that totally ROCKS! This prehistoric theme is a great one to incorporate dinosaurs, family costumes and Fruity Pebble treats!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Share It Sister, Sugar Creations Studio, Hostess with the Mostess, Michelle Lao

In TWO the Deep

Create a magical “under the sea” ocean party with a soothing color palette of blues and greens, plus your little one’s favorite ocean friends…which could even include the ever-popular mermaids!

Photo sources & inspiration links: The Habitat Schoolhouse, A Shade of Teal, Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Pretty my Party, Project Nursery

TWO you believe in magic?

Want to ensure your 2-year-old has a magical celebration? Throw them a magical magician party! A black and red color scheme, top hats, cards and magic wands will do just the trick. Brownie points if you can learn a few magic tricks to perform for the crowd (or hire a professional!).

Photo sources & inspiration links: Catch My Party and 2, Kara’s Party Ideas, MTrade

We Love You TWO the Moon & Back

Create an elegant moon and stars party based on the sweet saying “I love you to the moon and back”, with a modern monochromatic color scheme, or opt for navy blue with pops of gold.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Catch my Party, Oriental Trading, Zazzle, Smith Studios 2129

TWO Infinity & Beyond

We adore this bright and colorful Toy Story theme inspired by Buzz Lightyear’s signature phrase, “to infinity and beyond!”, and so will your 2-year-old. The movies lend themselves perfectly to a fun array of Toy Story themed food, decorations, birthday supplies and sweet treats.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Catch My Party, Kara’s Party Ideas, Playing with Dough, Amber Brogdon, StudioDIY, Happily Ever Madsens

TWO Wild / In TWO the Wild

If your toddler loves wild animals (or perhaps acts like one!), they’ll love this fun safari theme. And you can go wild with the decorations too – include plenty of greenery, prints, and of course their favorite creatures.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Mama Of Roses, Catch My Party and 2, Brie Bemis Rearick, MomoParty

Born 2 Be Wild / Born 2 Ride 

Rev up your guests with this ever-so-cool motorcycle/biker themed 2nd birthday party. We especially love the idea of having an “ink” station with fun temporary tattoos for the little ones. Rock on! 

Photo sources & inspiration links: Catch my Party and 2 and 3, So Very Heather Designs

Beep, Beep, Coming Through…Guess Who’s Turning TWO?

If your child loves the Little Blue Truck books, they’ll love to see Blue and his animal friends brought to life at this farmyard birthday celebration. And sending your little guests home with one of the books from the series as a party favor is just about as perfect as it gets.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Southern Sugar Bakery, Jolly Owl Designs, Chasing After Dear, Gastro Senses, The Happening Housewife, Project Nursery

Taco TWOsday

Get ready for a fiesta with this super fun Taco TWOsday theme. Pull it off with lots of brightly colored balloons, tons of fringe, and of course, a taco bar!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Glitter and Graze, Davis & Scout, Party with Lushra, Glutton for Chaos, Golden Arrow Boutique

Oh, TWO-dles! 

Come inside it’s fun inside! Celebrate with Minnie and Mickey Mouse and their signature Clubhouse phrase “Oh, Toodles!” in a Disney inspired birthday bash. Go with different shades of pink, white and lots of bows if you want a Minnie Mouse spin to the party, or opt for the classic red, white and black color scheme if Mickey is more your jam. 

Photo sources & inspiration links: The Celebration Stylist, A Plus Life Blog, The Pfaff Life, Cher Can Do It

Two by Two

Wow your guests with a stunning Noah’s Ark theme, where the animals all march “two by two” – couldn’t be more perfect for a 2-year-old birthday party. Also works well for twins and if your son’s name just happens to be Noah!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas and 2 and 3

Welcome TWO the Jungle

Make a jungle adventure come to life in your own house, with a bevy of animals and a color scheme of lush greens with pops of orange, gold and brown. These fun safari hats for the kids are a great touch!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Cher Can Do It, American Greetings, Pretty my Party and 2

Baby Shark Two Two Two Two…

Dive in and get ready to have the now infamous Pink Fong song stuck in your head – just replace those “do”s for “two”s! This theme lends itself to plenty of fun colors and underwater details that your little guests are sure to adore.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Catch My Party, Milk & Confetti, Happy Party Supply

Cock-a-Doodle TWO! / With an Oink and a Moo, Here’s to TWO

You can’t go wrong with this classic farm party theme, with the most perfect play-on-words: Cock-a-Doodle TWO! Incorporate all of your child’s favorite farm animals, and don’t forget the big red barn! 

Photo sources & inspiration links: Party Bar Co, Just Add Confetti, Hostess with the Mostess, Kara’s Party Ideas

TWO at the Zoo / TWO is a Zoo

Calling all party animals! Create a zoo in your very own home with this animal friendly 2nd birthday theme.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Zazzle, Mama Guru, Just Add Confetti, Hello Brielle

Boo! I’m TWO! / Two Spooky / Lil Boo is Two

If you’re celebrating your child’s birthday around Halloween, consider these super cute themes to incorporate both occasions – then party like it’s your boo-thday! 

Photo sources & inspiration links: @ashwisdom, Ice Cream Off Paper Plates, Glitter and Pop Shop, Pixel Perfection Party, Prettiest Print Shop, Cher Can Do It

TWO Cool

We love this super cool theme for your too-cool two-year old. Make sure you have plenty of awesome shades for your party guests to wear so they can join in on all the cool-ness. 

Photo sources & inspiration links: Project Nursery, Amazon, Tell Love and Party

Two Cool (Popsicle Party) 

A totally different take on the “Two Cool” theme, this colorful popsicle party is sure to delight your birthday girl or boy, and is perfect for summer time when they really do need to be cool!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas 

Two Ring Birthday Circus / Second Circus

Come one, come all to the incredible Two Ring Birthday Circus! Create your very own “Greatest Show” with this vibrant carnival themed party – send circus tickets as your invitations, and thank your guests with Animal Crackers in their goody bags. So many fun ideas for decorations and food with this 2nd birthday theme.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Blooms Party, Kara’s Party Ideas, Crazy Little Projects

It’s a Ball to be TWO / Turning 2 is a Ball

Your guests can’t help but have a ball at this unique ball-themed birthday bash. Stick with bright primary colors, and have plenty of bouncy balls for the toddlers to go wild with – a ball pit would be especially fitting!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Touch of La, Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, See Vanessa Craft

Red, White & TWO!

If you’re celebrating your toddler around 4th of July or Memorial Day, this fun Americana theme is red, white and blue perfection.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Elegance and Enchantment, You Are My Licorice, Sweetwood Creative Co, Hunny Prints, No Land Like Garland, Tickled Glitzy

My Little Buckaroo is Two

Yeehaw partner! Saddle up for a Western Rodeo party perfect for your little cowboy or girl. Create the feel of your own ranch with lots of organic details like wood, hay and wild flowers. Add in some bandanas, cowboy hats and ponies, and you’ve got a boot-scootin’ party!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Live Love Simple, Paperie Plus, Jenny Collier, My Mountain Wild, Giggles Galore

Doctor Two

What toddler doesn’t love to play doctor? So why not throw them a super creative “Doctor Two” medical-themed doctor/nurse party, or go a little cuddlier for any Doc McStuffins lovers!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Capture by Lucy, My Poppet, evite, Kara’s Party Ideas

Two Bzzy / Two Bee or Not Two Bee

Your guests will bug out over this vintage bumble bee themed second birthday party, perfect for girls and boys alike. Black and yellow make for the obvious color scheme, but don’t forget the honeycomb patterns, bee hives, fresh “nectar” (lemonade!), and of course, honey!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Seeing Sunshine, Chew Town, Make It Lovely, Lauren Conrad, Zazzle, Spaceships & Laserbeams, Fun 365

Joy TWO the World

If your 2-year-old has already collected a few stamps on their passport, they’ll feel right at home with this travel themed birthday party. It’s also great for airplane lovers. Incorporate maps, globes and suitcases in your decorations – the sky’s the limit with this theme!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Kristen Duke Photography, Confetti Fair


Create your own 100 Acre Woods, with this darling Winnie-the-Pooh themed 2nd birthday party. Decorate with lush greens, red and yellow plus Pooh, Tigger and friends…just don’t forget the hot pot!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Catch my Party, Amber Richards

Lightning Strikes Twice

How unique is this weather-themed “Lightning Strikes Twice” party for your 2-year-old?! It’s great for incorporating rainbows, rainboots and storm clouds, and if it happens to actually rain on your party day, it won’t be a disappointment, but a perfect touch instead!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Stormy’s Castle, Star Backdrop, Morsels Party Planning, Project Nursery, Cookie Connection

TWOtti Frutti

This bright and colorful fruit theme has an added bonus: it’s healthy too!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Momo Party, Pizzazzerie, Project Nursery, Kara’s Party Ideas

2nd Birthday Party Themes for Girls

While we certainly don’t want to exclude boys from these creative 2nd birthday party ideas, they all have a good amount of pink, princesses and overall sparkle!

TWO-nicorn Party

OK, how genius is this “Two-nicorn” theme for a 2-year old’s unicorn-themed birthday bash?! Throw the ultimate girly party with pastel colors and unicorns galore – right out of a little girl’s dream!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Beth Bryan, Cammeo Head to Toe, Rosanna Pansino, Tinsel Box

I’m TWO Fancy

Although we don’t think your 2-year-old will be familiar with the Iggy Azalea song, you can take the “I’m TWO fancy” theme in so many different directions: Parisian, Princess, Dress-up and Jewelry to name a few. Pick your favorite and make it as glam and fancy as possible!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Cher Can Do It, La Belle Fete, A SIGN 4 Celebration, 100 Layer Cake

Two-inkle Two-inkle Little Star

Play off your child’s favorite nursery rhyme for this “Two-inkle Two-inkle Little Star” party. Star wands, star-shaped finger sandwiches, and a stary night cake pull the theme together.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, House of Jade, Briana Wollman Photography

Two Groovy

Head back to the 70’s with this boho inspired “Two Groovy” theme – daisies, peace signs and cool round shades required!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Zazzle, Kara’s Party Ideas, Poppy Jack Shop, Style me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake

Dreams Come TWO

This stunning, vintage Disney themed party is based on the famous Walt Disney quote, “all our dream can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Decorate with subtle Mickey motifs, Cinderella castles and the classic pumpkin carriage for a party that will truly make your little girl’s dreams come true!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Pretty My Party, Kara’s Party Ideas

TWO Sweet

Candy, ice cream and sprinkles, oh my! This “Two Sweet” second birthday theme might result in a sugar rush, but it sure will make your guests happy! Set up an epic dessert table for your not-so-baby girl and all her friends to enjoy.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Momo Party, Soiree Love, Clique Balloons, Kara’s Party Ideas, Sweet Amy Shop US

Tea for TWO / Par-tea for TWO

This super feminine party theme oozes elegance that your little girl will just sip right up! While you can display that fine china from your wedding as decoration, opt for these vintage paper cup and saucers for the toddlers instead.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Momo Party, Bits of Bri, Karins Kottage, The Broke Brooke

Bibbidi Bobbidi TWO!

Play Fairy Godmother and grant your 2-yearold a princess wish: her very own Cinderella themed party, complete with Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo-tique where guests can dress-up and get styled like a true little princess.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Project Nursery, Hostess with the Mostess, Pretty my Party

Have Your Cake and Eat it TWO

Now this is our kind of party! Make the birthday cake the star of the show with this cake-themed party based on the classic saying, “you can’t have you cake and eat it too”…but in this instance, you absolutely can!

Photo sources & inspiration links: @happylittlehansons, Project Nursery, Pretty Plain Paper, Kara’s Party Ideas, Bridal Shower Ideas 4 U

One TWO Buckle My Shoe / Goody TWO Shoes

If your own little goody two-shoes loves ballet or is always walking around in mommy’s shoes, this sweet 2nd birthday theme will get them tiptoeing, leaping and dancing around their party. Make a fun dress-up area with lots of shoes to try-on, and you could even give out cute slippers as a party favor!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Pretty Plain Paper, Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Project Nursery

Two-Two (TuTu) Cute

For all those budding ballerinas who are “tutu” cute, this second birthday theme is sure to launch them into first position. Decorate with lots of pink tulle, ballet shoes, and of course provide tutus for all of your tiny dancers.

Photo sources & inspiration links: PopSugar, Kara’s Party Ideas, Covet by Tricia

Donut Grow up TWO Fast

If the past 2 years have flown by, tell your toddler to slow down with this sweet “Do-nut grow up TWO fast” theme. Food and decorations will be simple: just lots and lots of yummy donuts! 

Photo sources & inspiration links: Soiree Love, Mama Bird & Tribe, Cool Studio, Shop Party HausIntuition Backgrounds, The Party BuddyBird in a Cage Creations

Guess Whooo’s TWO?

Your guests will have a real hoot at this owl themed 2nd birthday party. Invite them into your nest and decorate with lots of bright colors and owls of all shapes and sizes.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Delight Paperie, Still Being Molly, Kara’s Party Ideas, @coste_events

TWO Scoops

Make your little girl’s birthday dreams come true by creating an ice cream parlor in your home!

 Photo sources & inspiration links: RB Italia Blog, Snapshots and my Thoughts, Kara’s Party Ideas, Zazzle

2nd Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Now for the boys! These unique second birthday themes for boys are full of favorites like rocket ships, cars, trains and trucks (but yes, these 100% can and should be used for girls too!).

Chugga, Chugga, Two! Two! 

All aboard! Hop in for an awesome train themed 2nd birthday party, perfect for your budding engineer!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Inspired by This, Zazzle

2 Fast / Don’t Grow up TWO Fast

The perfect theme for your little race car enthusiast, or anyone mourning their baby becoming a “big kid”. We love the fun play on the “pit stop” for snacks (their “fuel”!), and the use of tires, tracks and checkered flags.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Momo Party, Montgo Farmhouse, Viviana Bennawan, Emelbe Design, Sugar Moon Bloom

Two Fast, Two Curious / 2 Fast 2 Furious 

Another fun twist on the “2 Fast” theme is to tie it into the popular movie series. Set-up a fun indoor play area with lots of matchbox cars, it will be a huge hit with the little boys!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Zazzle, This Vivacious Life

Second Year Down / 2 Years Down

This football themed party is sure to be a touchdown with game-day inspired food and decorations. It will make all your guests instant football fans!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Zazzle, One Stylish Party, Kara’s Party Ideas, Party Eight, Chevron Lane

I’m Digging Being TWO

Hands up if your son loves construction vehicles. Yup, ours too! This 2nd birthday theme allows you to display all their favorite construction trucks – from bulldozers and excavators, to dump trucks and forklifts. Just don’t forget the hard hats!

 Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Pretty My Party, Scratch and Stitch, Amazon

Double Header / Two’s On First?

 Take your guests out to the ball game with a baseball-themed bash your little slugger will love. Whether you go with a classic red, white and blue color scheme, or opt to support your home team, you’re sure to hit a homerun with this second birthday ball-naza!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Bower Power, Mr and Mrs Powell, Jenny Cookies, Happy Life Parties

Tee Time for Two

Everyone is bound to have a tee-rific time at your toddler’s golf themed party where you’ll have to shout “two!” instead of “fore!”. Create your own mini putting green for guests to try their hand at getting a hole-in one.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Pizzazzerie, Kara’s Party Ideas, Pretty My Party

Two’s the Boss?

Your little man is growing up and surely there have been times where you’ve wondered, “who’s the boss?!”. Play off that thought with this unique theme, or go full Boss Baby and embrace the movie/TV character.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Catch My Party, Kara’s Birthday Party Ideas, Mimi’s Dollhouse

TWO The Moon 

Outer space awaits your birthday boy with this galactic themed party with planets, rockets and astronauts galore!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Momo Party, Soiree Love, Cher Can Do It, Kara’s Party Ideas, The Blissful Momma, @natsweets

Even More 2nd Birthday Themes

Haven’t found the perfect 2nd birthday party theme yet? We’ve got a few more great ideas up our sleeve. These unique themes are a clever play-on-words and could be taken in so many directions for an awesome second birthday bash:

  • Dos (Fiesta/Cactus)
  • It Takes TWO to Tango (Dance theme)
  • Double Feature (Movie theme)
  • T is for TWO
  • Second to None
  • TWO Good to be True
  • Tangled Up In TWO
  • It’s Time TWO Party!
  • TWO of a kind (great for twins!)

 And of course there’s always the old standby of using their favorite character as your theme – Spiderman, Sesame Street or Paw Patrol anyone?

Well, there you have it, 60 unique 2nd birthday ideas. Now comes the hard part, making the final decision. If you don’t have a clear winner, show your child the photos from this post and see which themes they connect with – it is their party after all!

And remember, take plenty of photos and videos during the big celebration – turning two is a major milestone and your son or daughter will love looking back on it when they’re older and seeing all their favorite things you incorporated. Happy partying!

(Psssst – don’t forget to bookmark our other awesome birthday theme lists for your child’s 3rd or 4th birthday parties…they’ll be here before you know it!)

Even More Ways to Make a Birthday Special

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