mother and daughter lying down opposite ways with heads next to each other

Capture lasting memories with these creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas – tons of the best tips from locations to poses, outfits & more!

If you’re looking to capture the special bond between mother and daughter with a memorable photoshoot, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got hundreds of creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas to help freeze those precious moments of love and laughter in your relationship.

Whether you’re a professional photographer, an amateur enthusiast, or a mom eager to create lasting memories, these suggestions will inspire you to capture the essence of this beautiful relationship through the lens.

We’ll help you choose the perfect location for your photo session. Whether you’re envisioning a dreamy outdoor session, or a cozy at home shoot, our curated list of ideas will make your decision easy.

Next, our gallery of stunning poses will provide you with tons of inspiration for your photo session, to ensure you capture the close bond between mother and daughter.

And finally, we’ll share practical tips – from choosing the right photographer, to outfit ideas for a cohesive look – that will ensure your mother-daughter photoshoot is a seamless and enjoyable experience.

So whether you’re planning a Mother’s Day surprise, or simply want to capture some special moments, with these creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas, you’re bound to come away with stunning photos worthy of your family album.

Creative Mother Daughter Photoshoot Location Ideas

One of the key elements that can take your mother daughter photoshoot from ordinary to extraordinary is the choice of location. Selecting the perfect backdrop sets the stage for the emotions and connections you aim to capture in each frame. From picturesque outdoor settings, to the hussle and bussle of city streets, to the comforts of your own home, we’ll explore a variety of options that can take your mother daughter photoshoot to magazine-worthy levels.

The Great Outdoors

Choosing an outdoor setting for your mother daughter photoshoot can add an authentic, natural beauty to your photos. Take advantage of the epic scenery in your area by featuring mountains, rolling hills or a serene lake. Or simply find a pretty winding trail, open meadow, rustic bridge or flower garden – the opportunities are endless.

We’ve provided plenty of inspiration for creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas in the great outdoors below:

(1) Stunning red rocks and an interesting twisted tree create a natural, down-to-earth vibe for this mother daughter photo shoot. (via Alysia Loerch Photography)

(2) Visit any local flower field or garden when the florals are in full bloom to recreate this candid shot from Amber Fillerup.

(3) A simple meadow and green hills provide a stunning, muted background that really makes this tender moment between mom and daughter the star. (via Ginny Haupert)

(4) A pretty path with tall grasses is the perfect location for this casual shot. (via Jamie Mae Photo)

(5) If you’re lucky enough to have mountains in your area, make sure you work with your photographer to find a location that can feature them as your backdrop. (via Jade Averill)

(6) Check out a local pond or lake in your area to capture a similar laid-back vibe to this shot from Sweet Ginger.

(7) A fallen tree branch and a little bit of greenery are the perfect place for a relaxed photo session. (via Jamie Mae Photo)

(8) How incredible is this outdoor location?! No wonder the mother-daughter duo is turned towards it! (via Lindsay Harper Photography)

(9) All it takes is an interesting tree or plant to add an extra element of interest to your photos. This leafy wonder from Rya Photos does just that!

(10) Sometimes your location can lead to the most beautiful candid moments, like this darling pond dip via Britt Spring.

(11) An epic setting not only provides a touch of magic to your images, but can also showcase your hometown’s surroundings, making the photos even more special. (via Jade Averill)

(12) A wintry, snowy backdrop is the perfect location to showcase some mommy and me snuggles. (via Alysia Loerch Photography)

(13) All we can have to say about this outdoor location is “wow”! The mix of hard rock and fluid water with a simple pose is pure perfection. (via Lindsay Harper Photography)

A Park or Playground

If you’re looking for a super candid approach to your mother daughter photoshoot, try taking your little girl to one of her favorite places: the park or playground! You’re destined for genuine smiles and laughter as you play on the equipment, explore the park grounds, or enjoy a picnic lunch.

Take a peek at these creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas to use at your local park or playground:

(1) Something as simple as a pretty park bench can add that extra dimension to your photoshoot. (via @brittanylenoch)

(2) Pick a private spot and play peekaboo with your baby girl to capture the sweetest expressions. (via Julia Berolzheimer)

(3) Some green grass and a cute picnic set-up is a great way to create a casual setting for some laid-back shots. (via Pinterest)

(4) If you’re lucky enough to spot some ducks or swans (or even pigeons!) during your park shoot, take a moment to enjoy them with your daughter for a sweet, candid moment. (via Dorothy Pro)

(5) Take your photo shoot to the playground and just play! Swing on the swings, go on the slide and hop on the seesaw for some real-life mother-daughter fun. (via Jeanne Mitchum)

(6) Find a shady spot at your local park amongst the trees to play games and run around. (via Dainty Blue Photos)

(7) Bonus points if your park has a pond or stream that can add a serene element to your photos. (via Breanne Weston Photography)

(8) Take a rest on a park bench and watch the magic happen! (via Studio Milla)

(9 & 11) Bring a picnic lunch and blanket to snuggle on to capture tender moments as you dig in. (source unknown, Artvesta Studio)

(10) Use a fountain as a point of interest – your little one might even be able to splash around in it! (via Dorothy Pro)

(12) Holding your little girl on a sturdy fence is a great way to keep them still and engaged! (source unknown)

The Beach

Taking your photoshoot to the beach provides a beautiful canvas to frame your photos. From the sun-kissed shores, to the rolling waves and sunset skies – a beach photoshoot creates a relaxed atmosphere that’s versatile for a wide variety of poses and shots.

The tranquility of the setting encourages candid interactions, allowing the unique bond between mother and daughter to really shine through.

Get inspired by these creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas taken at the beach:

(1) Don’t shy away from a blue sky beach day – you’ll get a bright and colorful backdrop that will result in beautiful images like these mommy and me shots from Henesy House.

(2) Head to the beach at sunrise or sunset to get dreamy watercolor sky and the best natural light. (via Rya Photos)

(3) Sitting down and playing with your little girl on the soft sand is the perfect way to capture memorable moments together. (via Rya Photos)

(4) Take full advantage of all the beach has to offer by splashing at the water’s edge, or playing in the shallow waves, like this cute duo captured by Salt + Ivy Photography.

(5) Let it all loose and dance in the sand together with the waves crashing in the background. (via Flytographer)

(6) Don’t be afraid to get your outfits wet – the resultant shots are well worth it! (via Salt + Ivy Photography)

(7 & 8) The muted blues and beiges of the ocean and sand make an elegant, serene background for your photo shoot. (via Flytographer, Sara in Maui for Flytographer)

(9) It’s said that the best time to take photos at the beach is right before sunset – it’s hard to disagree after seeing this shot from Rya Photos

(10) Only at the beach can you capture the reflection of a dreamy pink sky – stunning! (via Chloe Moore Photography)

(11 & 12) The beach is the best place to run around and be completely relaxed – you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll hardly notice the camera! (via Rya Photos)

(13) All those pastel colors from the sky, water and sand combine to make the dreamiest backdrop. (via Rya Photos)

Urban Setting

Opting for an urban setting for your mother-daughter photoshoot injects a dose of trendy city vibes into the visual storytelling. The concrete jungle, with its eclectic mix of architecture and vibrant street scenes, provides a cool and contemporary backdrop.

From strolling down busy streets to perching on city steps, these creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas in a city setting are stylish and modern:

(1) Choose a city landmark with stunning architecture as your photoshoot location for an edgy yet elegant look. (via Flytographer)

(2) Celebrate your city by featuring its iconic skyline in the background. (via Studio by Sehee)

(3) Capture candid moments as mother and daughter share a snack, coffee or hot chocolate like this sweet shot from Cella Jane.

(4) Find a safe spot to hang in the middle of a road for a unique contrast of hard, cold pavement vs. the warmth of your special bond. (via Henesy House)

(5) Relax at one of your favorite local hangouts to capture candid shots while you share a pastry, beverage and enjoy each other’s company. (via Cella Jane)

(6 & 7) You don’t have to venture far if you live in the city – right outside your door on the sidewalk or steps works perfectly! (via Kara Nixon Weddings, Brittany Elise)

(8) Walk and talk as you explore the city while your photographer clicks away. (via Henesy House)

(9) Sitting in front of any local building can give a more urban vibe to your photos, like this smoochy shot from Flytographer.

(10) A cool fountain or raised curb can act as a balance beam for some playful, candid shots. (via Lauren Renee Photography)


Opting for a studio setting for your mother-daughter photoshoot brings a clean and classic look to the photos, so you and your daughter can really shine. Shooting at a studio provides a blank canvas, allowing for a variety of poses and backdrops, from simple and timeless setups to more creative and personalized scenes.

Whether it’s a cozy embrace on a neutral backdrop, or a playful moment with props, a studio photoshoot offers a versatile and polished setting to capture the enduring bond between mother and daughter.

Take inspiration from these creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas, all taken in a studio:

(1) From the matching chiffon gowns, to the picture perfect lighting, this gorgeous overhead shot can be recreated at any in studio shoot. (via L balagtas Photography)

(2) Opt for a neutral, barely-there backdrop so nothing takes away from your intimate moments. (via Malorie Sitar Photography)

(3) A creative way to elevate your in-studio shots is to use clear balloons, fairy lights and a handful of confetti (via Ginny Haupert)

(4) Ask your studio to set-up a floral wonderland to frame your shots – so pretty! (via L balagtas Photography)

The in-studio shots below use a neutral backdrop that runs not only behind them, but under them as well – putting emphasis on their smiles and sweet connection:

(5) Leighann Remke Photography    (6) CLJ Photographer   (7) source unknown   (8) Charlotte Starup Photography   (9) CLJ Photographer   (10) source unknown

(11) One benefit of an in-studio shoot is that you can wear a dramatic gown without having to worry about it getting ruined outside! Many studios will even have a selection of elaborate dresses for you to borrow for the shoot, like these Mommy and Me ones shot by L balagtas Photography.

(12) It’s much easier to set-up an overhead shot like this in a studio – talk to your photographer about the different angles they’re planning to take before your shoot begins. (via Ginny Haupert)

(13 & 15) Instead of a flat background, ask if your studio has any draped options – they can add beautiful texture and color into your photos. (via LaTonya Photography &  Jamie Mae Photo)

(14) In studio shoots don’t have to be fancy. Dress in your comfy clothes for a laid-back vibe. (via Megan Putney Photography)

(16) Bring your own props to use during your shoot like these pretty flower crowns. (via Janelle Rendon)

When looking for a studio, ask if they have the option to shoot with natural light. Many studios are shifting from conventional box lights to shooting near large windows for a beautiful, ethereal look. Take a peek at all of these beautiful mother-daughter photos taken in a studio with natural lighting:

(17) Ginny Haupert (18) Malorie Sitar Photography (19) Ruby Olivia Photography (20) Caitlin Alohilani Photography (21) Malorie Sitar Photography

If you want a focus on portrait photography, opt for a darker background and ask your photographer for some shots to be in black and white. The results are absolutely stunning – a moodier vibe that is completely captivating!

(22) source unknown (23) Star Up Photo (24) Paulina Aduczman (25) Charlotte Starup Photography (26) source unknown

(27) Jordan Bibb (28) Pinterest (29) Point Shoot Photography (30) Jordan Bibb (31) source unknown

At Home

Choosing to host your mother-daughter photoshoot at your home allows for candid and genuine moments to unfold naturally. From shared laughter on the living room couch, to baking in the kitchen, the home serves as an intimate, personal backdrop.

With an in-home shoot, there’s no need for elaborate setups – everyday spaces like bedrooms, family rooms and even hallways add a touch of familiarity and authenticity to the pictures. And because everyone is automatically comfortable in their own space, it’s easy to capture the warmth and connection between mom and daughter.

Take a look at these creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas using the cozy setting of their own homes:

(1) Hop into bed for an epic snuggle session and you’ll come away with aww-worthy shots like this one from Leighann Remke Photography.

(2) Hang in your daughter’s favorite cozy nook to capture endearing, intimate moments – play, talk and act like the camera isn’t even there! (via  Cori Kleckner Photography)

(3) A creative way to showcase your connection is to bake together in the kitchen – whether stirring, decorating or licking the whisk, you’re bound to get lots of candid moments of fun and laughter. (via  Paige Alexia Photography)

(4) There’s nothing like a little tickle session in the comfort of your own home to elicit real-life emotions in your photos. (source unknown)

(5) Even a hallway can become a charming setting for an impromptu mother-daughter dance session. (via Breanne Weston Photography)

(6) Your little one will delight at the chance to play on the bed with mommy – jumping and snuggling to her heart’s content. (via Leighann Remke Photography)

(7) Find a place to sit near a window and let the beautiful natural light take your photos to new heights. (via Mindy Briar)

(8) Posing on your couch gives such a down-to-earth vibe to your shoot like this pretty shot from Cori Kleckner Photography.

(9) A little trick for professional photos: if there’s natural sunlight streaming into your home, use it to your advantage. It will bring a softness to the surroundings, and can even capture your little one’s shadow! (via Rebecca Fleming Photography)

(10) Now here’s an uber creative mother daughter photo shoot idea…shots from the bathtub! (via Studio Milla)

(11) Home is the perfect place to capture the most intimate snuggly moments. (source unknown)

(12) At home shots don’t have to be void of color. Shoot in front of your favorite wallpaper or colorful piece of furniture to add a pop of fun to your images. (via Cori Kleckner Photography)

(13) Position yourselves in front of a natural light source and look outside together (you could even have your partner out there to attract their attention!). (via Breanne Weston Photography)

(14) A creative way to keep your little one engaged for the photoshoot is to plan an activity like a little baking session. (via Pinterest)

(15) Shooting in your daughter’s bedroom can preserve memories of what it looked like when they were little, and is especially cool when they have an amazing focal point like this hanging chair! (via Inspired By This)

(16) Get your daughter up to your height by sitting them on the kitchen counter…then go in for a kiss! (via Hetler Photography)

(17) Bring some additional visual interest to an at home shoot by putting plants and interesting objects on display. (via Shay Mone

(18) Choose your prettiest piece of furniture to make a beautiful backdrop. (via Katie Emanuelson)

(19) Flip the script and have mom jump up on the counter, like this darling shot from 100 Layer Cakelet.

(20 & 21) Snuggle in tight and read your daughter her favorite book while your photographer snaps away to capture your special bond. (via Shirene Renee Photography & Shannon Griffin)

Creative Mother Daughter Photoshoot Themes

Instead of choosing a specific location, you can instead choose to center your mother daughter photoshoot around a fun theme. The ideas below will provide a creative way to personalize your photos, allowing you to express your bond in a way that feels unique and memorable to you.

Slumber Party / Spa Party

A creative way to showcase the fun side of your mother-daughter relationship is to set-up a photo shoot with a slumber party theme. Slip into your favorite pajamas or robes to capture lighthearted moments like eating breakfast in bed, cuddling up to watch a movie with popcorn, or doing each other’s hair and make-up. Or make it a mini spa day with face masks and manicures. You’ll get candid shots that feel like a snapshot of your everyday connection, full of genuine laughter and joy.

(1) Settle onto your bed for a breakfast of whipped cream and waffles and see what fun moments transpire. (via Mint Arrow)

(2) Go all in and style yourselves with old school curlers for a classic glam look. (via Paula Goble).

(3) Shoot at a hotel room or style your space with fresh white linens and robes to look the part. (via @lyndiinthecity)

(4) Or simply hang in your PJs for a little girl talk. (via City Girl Gone Mom)

Tea Party

A super creative mother daughter photo shoot idea is to host a tea party for two. Whether sipping tea, sharing laughter over delicate pastries, or enjoying a quiet chat at a vintage table, the tea party theme adds a sweet and timeless quality to your photos.

(1) Set-up a charming table setting with some sweet treats, flowers and a white table cloth, then say “cheers”! (via Tubelle Photography )

(2) Bring your tea party outside for a more down-to-earth garden vibe. (via Lay Baby Lay)

(3) Dress up in your fanciest clothes and use kid-sized tea cups for an extra touch of whimsy. (via Inspired By This )

(4) Keep it a little more casual with a pastel place setting and everyday clothes. (via Embel Design)

(5) Make sure to incorporate some yummy treats into your tea party to capture sweet shots like this one from 100 Layer Cake.

Ice Cream Date

Another creative mother daughter photoshoot idea is to take your photographer along on a casual ice cream date. From messy smiles to big licks, the ice cream date theme will freeze those moments of pure enjoyment and create a visual memory of a sweet day spent together.

(1,2) @littlemomentsphotography   (3) The Girl in the Yellow Dress   (4) Venture into the Woods


Incorporating your pet into your mother daughter photoshoot can bring an extra dose of love and spontaneity to your photos. Bring your pup for a casual walk in the park, or enjoy a quiet petting session on the couch – either way, the presence of a furry friend adds a heartwarming element, highlighting the love and connection shared between a mother, her daughter, and their beloved pets.

(1) Grab your furry friend and snuggle up close to add an extra dose of “aww” to your family album. (via City Girl Gone Mom)

(2) Check with your studio ahead of time, but many will allow pets to be part of your shoot so you can snap sweet moments like this one from Brett Munoz.

(3) Take your pup for a walk and see what candid moments happen along the way for a laid-back mother-daughter-dog shoot! (via Inspired by This)

(4) Cuddle in close with your four-legged friend to capture the love and warmth between all of you. (via Colleen Lindhurst Photo)

Best Poses for A Mother Daughter Photoshoot

If your mother daughter photoshoot is nearing and you’re wondering what to do in front of the camera – we’ve got you covered! Ahead you’ll find over 60 different mother-daughter poses for inspiration that you can try during your photoshoot.

From a super laid back piggyback ride, to a more posed face-to-face shot, test out your favorite poses with your little one before the big day, so you can feel super confident when it’s time to rock out in front of the lens.


You can’t go wrong with a timeless embrace, whether it be a sneak attack from behind, a tender side cuddle or a captivating belly-to-belly squeeze, going in for a hug during your mother daughter photo shoot is a must!

(1) Bailey Makaimoku Photo   (2) Rya Photos   (3) Christina Roberts Photography   (4) @NatashaHolloway   (5) Stories Lifestyle   (6) Golden Aura Photography  (7) Breanne Weston Photography


Another classic pose for your mother daughter photo shoot that can’t be missed is a sweet and simple kiss. Ask your little girl to give you a smooch on your cheek, give her hand a peck, or go in for a tender kiss on the lips. It’s a sure-fire way to capture your true love.

(1) Kinga Szulz   (2) source unknown  (3) Praise   (4) Stocksy   (5) Melanie Co.  (6) Stories Lifestyle

Mom Holding

If your daughter is still small enough to carry, lifting her off the ground and into your arms allows you to be at eye-level with one another so your connection can really shine.

(1) Colleen Lindhurst Photo   (2) Light Livin Photography   (3) Breanne Weston Photo   (4) Breanne Weston Photography   (5) Lauren Renee Photography   (6) Britt Spring   (7) Chantelle Jordan Photography


Capturing a moment with your daughter naturally laughing will make you smile for years to come. Whisper a joke in her ear, give her a little tickle, or even turn her upside down! However you elicit her giggle, the photos will showcase your natural connection and are sure to be some of your favorites.

(1) Breanne Weston Photo   (2) Rya Photos   (3) Breanne Weston Photography   (4) Michelle Morgan   (5) Breanne Weston Photography

Face Craddle

Pull your darling daughter in close with a soft touch to her face (or vice versa!) – you’ll capture such a sweet, tender moment between mother and daughter.

(1) source unknown   (2) Christina Roberts Photography   (3) Inga Tovpeko   (4) Breanne Weston Photography   (5) Golden Aura Photography


Add some motion into your photos with a simple twirl. Lift your little girl into the air, do some dancing, or simply play ring-around-the-rosie – the movement is guaranted to create genuine smiles during your mother daughter photo session.

(1) Breanne Weston Photography   (2) Praise   (3) Pinterest   (4) Stories Lifestyle   (5) Breanne Weston Photo


It doesn’t get much sweeter than a little girl running into the open arms of her mother. Capture this magnificent moment by positioning the camera behind your daughter as she runs, then walk together hand-in-hand towards the camera for another precious pose.

(1) Ivy City Co   (2) source unknown   (3) Britt Spring   (4) Everley and Me   (5) Golden Aura Photography

Back-to-Back & Cheek-to-Cheek

Another creative mother daughter photoshoot pose is going cheek-to-cheek, or sitting back-to-back – just look at how sweet the examples are below:

(1) Breanne Weston Photography   (2) source unknown   (3) Stories Lifestyle   (4) Iris & Lace Photography

Nose-to-Nose / Nose “Boop”

Alternatively, turn your faces together and go nose-to-nose and capture a tender moment between mom and daughter. To add a dose of fun, give each other a little “boop” on the nose – you can’t help but smile!

(1) Salt + Ivy Photography   (2) Breanne Weston Photo   (3) Golden Aura Photography   (4) Praise   (5) Melanie Co

Closed Eyes

Closing your eyes and feeling each other’s presence through your body and breath projects a strong sense of connection and love in your photos. This is one of our favorite mother daughter pose ideas.

(1) Breanne Weston Photo   (2) Iris & Lace Photography   (3) Cori Kleckner Photography   (4) Cotton Wood Collective Co

Lying Down

Lie down on opposite sides and nestle your heads in close to recreate these incredible shots:

(1) Mary Pugh Photography   (2) Jill Gum   (3) Kinga Szulz


Get down to your daughter’s eye level by sitting on the ground, or simply squat down so you can see each other face to face. Take a look at some of the sweet pose options below:

(1) Light Livin Photography   (2) Light Livin Photography   (3) Jordan Bibb   (4) source unknown   (5) Cori Kleckner Photography   (6) Jessica Warner

Piggyback Ride / Head in Lap

We love these 2 creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas: the first is to give a piggyback ride (this will always get a good giggle from your little girl); the second, is to sit down and have your daughter place her head in your lap. You can’t go wrong with either of these incredible poses.

(1) Britt Spring   (2) source unknown.  (3) Cori Kleckner Photography   (4) Bailey Makaimoku Photo

Half Face

But our most favorite mother daughter photoshoot pose is this creative shot. Simply go cheek-to-cheek and have your photographer line up your faces so your eyes are on the same level. The result is breathtaking!

(1) source unknown   (2) Cori Kleckner Photography

More Tips & Tricks for Your Mother Daughter Photoshoot

Besides choosing the right location or theme and nailing your posing, we’ve pulled together some additional helpful tips and tricks that will make your mother-daughter photoshoot a success:

Choose the Right Photographer

While we don’t want to stop you from staging your own impromptu mother-daughter shoot with selfies, tripods or a borrowed hand, hiring a professional photographer will ensure that you get the high-quality images you’ve been dreaming of. A skilled photographer will wipe away all of the stress about details like lighting, composition and even posing off your shoulders.

We suggest looking for someone who has a background in family photography – especially if your daughter is young. They’ll know all the tricks for capturing their attention and keeping them engaged.

Ask to see a sample of their work so you can see if their overall look and feel is what you’re envisioning. Most photographers will have a website and online gallery that you can easily browse through. Some photographers shoot and edit their photos moody and strong, others prefer a light and bright look. Take note of what you prefer and match it to your photographer’s skillset accordingly.

Communicate with Your Photographer

After choosing a photographer, make sure you communicate your vision, preferences and any specific ideas you may have. Let them know if you prefer to have the majority of the shots be candid, or if you’d like there to be a little more structure to posing and positioning.

But remember, you’re hiring your photographer for a reason – trust their expertise and direction. They know how to capture the best angles, light and movements so be open to their suggestions at all times.

Choose the Right Time For Your Shoot

When scheduling your mother daughter photoshoot, think about what time frame would be best:

  1. For your daughter’s schedule – if you have a little one, you’ll want to capture them when they are well rested and well fed. This may be first thing in the morning, or after an afternoon nap.
  2. For lighting – if you are shooting outdoors, you’ll want to work with your photographer to determine the right time for your photoshoot. Typically photographers avoid shooting at mid-day when the sun is at its highest, providing the harshest lighting. Shooting during the golden hours of sunrise or sunset when the natural light is soft and flattering is generally preferred. Good lighting is so crucial for beautiful photos, so make sure this is a priority!

Choose the Right Outfits

Selecting the right outfits for your mother-daughter photoshoot is essential to achieving a cohesive and visually appealing look. Here are some tips to consider when choosing your clothing:

Coordinate vs. Match: Decide if you want a coordinated look or if you’d like to go with the mommy and me matching trend.

For coordinated outfits, pick pieces in the same color family or with a similar color palette (neutrals, earthy, bold, etc) like the inspiration examples below:

(1) Jenna Hayes (2) Pinterest (3) source unknown (4) Pinterest

If you’d prefer your outfits to match, you’ll be somewhat restricted by what you can find in both of your sizes. However, stores like Old Navy and Target are now creating clothes specifically for family matching. We also suggest Ivy City Co., Joyfolie, and Rachel Parcell which all carry pieces in both women’s and girl’s sizes.

Whether you go glam with matching gowns, or casual with an everyday outfit, wearing the same thing creates a visually striking look in your photos.

(1) Ivy City Co.   (2) Joy Folie   (3) @KelliKrause   (4) @lolo_webb

Consider the Setting: Make sure you choose outfits that fit the location of your photoshoot. For outdoor shoots, earthy tones or soft pastels (especially for beach pics!) usually work well, while bold colors will pop in a more urban environment.

Avoid Busy Patterns: Steer clear of overly busy patterns (large plaid, bold stripes, etc.) or logos that may distract the eye. Solid colors or subtle patterns tend to photograph well and stand the test of time.

Dress for the Season: Dress appropriately for the season and weather. Layers can add visual interest, and coordinating jackets or accessories can be a stylish addition.

Think Timeless: Don’t go too trendy! Opt for classic and timeless styles that won’t look outdated in a few years. This ensures that your photos remain relevant and cherished over time, preventing you from looking back and saying, “what was I thinking?!”.

Comfort is Key: Prioritize comfort, especially for the little ones. Uncomfortable clothing can affect mood and expressions, so choose outfits that you both feel good wearing.

Add Texture: Incorporate texture into your outfits to add depth to your photos. This can be achieved through different fabrics like flannel, denim, or knits, creating visual interest without being too busy.

(1) Pinterest   (2) Pinterest

Accessorize Thoughtfully: Accessories and props can enhance your look, but can also distract. Consider adding subtle accessories like scarves, hats, or jewelry that complement the overall style without overpowering the images. And you can always bring along a fun prop to your shoot and snap a few pics with it to give some variety to your shots.

(1) @ivycityco   (2 & 3) @lolo_webb

Reflect Your Personal Style: Most importantly, let your personalities shine through your clothing choices. Whether it’s a shared love for a particular color or a common style preference, incorporating personal touches will make your photos more authentic. Most people want to look and feel like themselves, so pulling from your existing closet is always a good idea.

It’s Never Too Late

Just because your daughter isn’t a little girl anymore, it doesn’t mean you should pass up a great opportunity to immortalize your connection. You’ll have the best time with your teenage girl or grown-up daughter, and you’ll end up with images you’ll treasure forever.

If you have the opportunity to do a female generations shoot featuring 3 generations – mother, daughter and grandmother – don’t hesitate! Those photos will hold such sentimental value and can be passed down to each subsequent generation.

(1) @LexiHorvath   (2) Source unknown  (3) Pinterest   (4) Jennifer Brake

Well, there you have it – hundreds of creative mother daughter photoshoot ideas to make your next session a great success. We’ve covered a variety of location options, highlighted some delightful poses, and shared tons of practical tips, all in the hopes of helping you freeze those precious moments in time.

But remember, it’s not just about the perfect pose or location, but the shared smiles, laughter, and warmth that truly make these mother-daughter memories special. Happy shooting!



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