Healthy Sports Snacks for kids | Fun ideas for post game team snacks - great for soccer, baseball, basketball and more! Serve as a sideline or game day treat, or as part of a healthy lunch. Free printable to download.

Calling all soccer moms! If your kids are involved in organized sports, then you know the post-game “Snack Duty” ritual all too well. We admit to getting slightly stressed about the whole process when it’s our turn to bring the team their well-deserved “treat”, so we set out to find a solution: an easy, yet fun way, to take the stress out of “Snack Duty”.

Now we must note – while we’re all for providing a reward for our kids’ hard-work on the field or court, the thought of breaking out the cookies to celebrate their participation in a healthy activity is a little hard to swallow.

So in our search for the perfect after-game snack, we’ve partnered with Wonderful Halos, to bring you a sweet but healthy game day “treat” that the entire team will love. Our printable Encouragement Leaves paired with a 5 lb. box of Halos mandarins make for a fun, convenient and healthy snack that completely takes the stress out of being on “Snack Duty”.

Wonderful Halos are not only sweet, seedless and easy-to-peel, but are great for a group of kids where dietary restriction and food allergies often come into play. Halos mandarins have no added sugar, are free of common allergens (gluten, peanuts, dyes), and bonus – each piece is already individually wrapped!

Adding on our printable Encouragement Leaves amps up the fun factor and will have your team of athletes smiling from ear to ear…whether they won their game or not.

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Pin for when it’s your turn for “Snack Duty”!

  • Wonderful Halos mandarins
  • Scissors
  • Tape or Glue Dots
  • Printable Encouragement Leaves PDF (see below for instructions how to download)

Grab our free printable Encouragement Leaves by entering your email address into the box below. We’ll send the file directly to your inbox for you to print.


Print the Leaves on either card stock or regular paper, then use your scissors to cut them out.


Using tape or these nifty Glue Dots, attach a leaf onto the top of each Halos mandarin


Present to your team and watch them devour these juicy, sweet snacks!

Always bring additional snacks for those that may want another serving (which we found is usually the case with these Halos mandarins!), or for younger siblings who are just as deserving for cheering on their older brothers or sisters from the sidelines.

Kids will love receiving such positive messages of encouragement…and of course a thirst-quenching, juicy snack to refuel their tired bodies.

Thanks to our sponsor, Wonderful Halos, for providing us with Mother Nature’s perfect treat for our post-game team snacks. Halos are California grown and make healthy snacking fun and easy. They’re always a good snack choice that you can feel good about serving (and eating!).



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