Unique 4th Birthday Party Themes for Girls and Boys | Celebrate your 4-year-old with these creative birthday ideas, including inspiration for decorations, party favors, cake, food and more!

The best list of 4th birthday party themes, with clever ideas for boys and girls + inspiration for decorations, food, party favors and more!

Getting ready to celebrate your child turning FOUR? We’re here to help with over 30 unique 4th birthday ideas that you can use as inspiration to plan your party. All of our themes are fun play-on-words or puns with the word “four” or “fourth”, and include photos of party décor, birthday treats, and sweet favors to spark your creativity.

Make sure to include your soon to be 4-year-old in the planning process – they’re at a fun age where they’ve developed preferences and favorite things, so incorporate them whenever possible. Show them some of the photos we’ve included here and see what they get excited about.

Whatever 4th birthday party theme you decide upon, we wish you nothing but smiles and laughter on the big celebration day!

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Gender Neutral / Unisex 4th Birthday Party Themes

These clever 4th birthday ideas are fun themes for boys and girls alike – scroll through and see which ones might be a match for your child’s personality and preferences (and keep scrolling for even more unique themes for girls, and some for boys too!).


One of our favorite themes for a 4-year-old birthday party: FOUR-nado! Because let’s be honest, sometimes that’s exactly how it feels when they run around the house! This clever idea lends itself to creative decorations (that balloon twister!), an innovative birthday cake and even custom t-shirts or costumes – your guests are sure to get caught up in all the fun!

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Four Ever Wild

Grab your safari hat and come explore at this wildly fun jungle-themed birthday celebration where your birthday boy or girl will stay “Four-ever Wild”.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Graciously Saved, Hayley Paper Arts, Amazon

Tutti Four-utti

Have your little guests diving into the fruit bowl with this vibrant, Tutti FOUR-utti party. We love everything about this theme – from the bright colors, to the healthy treats!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Inspired By This, Momo Party, Pizzazzerie, Project Nursery, Kara’s Party Ideas

Made Four Adventure

Grab your sleeping bags and tents, and turn your backyard into an outdoor camping adventure for your guests to explore. Get in the camping spirit by roasting some hot dogs and send them home with a s’mores making kit in their goody bags!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, 2 and 3, @HappyHeartsBakeryOlongapo

Jump 4 Joy

Whether you’re celebrating at a Trampoline Park, or just renting a bouncy house, this gravity-defying 4th birthday theme will have all your guests jumping FOUR joy!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Cake to the Rescue, The Lovely Designs, Hello Love Design, Sweet Sanctions

Down on the Four-m

Incorporate all your child’s favorite barnyard friends with this fun farm-themed birthday bash. Transform your yard into a big red barn with hay bales, red gingham, wagons and more. Bonus points for having actual farm animals there to ride or pet!

Photo sources & inspiration links: At Home With Ashley, Kara’s Party Ideas, Summer’s Sweet Shoppe

Reach 4 the Stars / Reach 4 the Moon

Inspire their little friends to Reach FOUR the Stars (or the Moon!) with a celestial outer space party that is out of this world!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Zazzle, Martha Stewart, Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Inspired by This, @thecraftycookier, @shellsbelles

Score, He’s/She’s Four!

Got a super sporty 4-year-old? They’ll love this colorful, sports-themed birthday party where you can easily incorporate all of their favorites, from soccer to basketball.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Life With Fingerprints, Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Hostess with the Mostess, Darleen Meier

Stars & Stripes Four-ever

If your child has a birthday close to the 4th of July or Memorial Day (or perhaps is just super patriotic!), this Stars & Stripes FOUR-ever party is red, white and blue perfection.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Beijos Events, Hostess with the Mostess, The Craft Patch, Design Improvised, The Crafted Sparrow

4th Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Let’s hear it for the girls! While many of these fourth birthday themes could be reinterpreted for boys, all of our inspiration pics below celebrate with sweet colors and sparkle. Choosing your favorite will be the hard part!

Four the First Time in Four-ever

If your little girl is obsessed with Anna and Elsa, this Frozen-themed 4th birthday party theme takes a line from their hit song as inspiration, and is icy cold perfection.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, 2 and 3, MomoParty, Pretty my Party and 2, Courtney M Browning

Four-ever Young

Party guests of all ages will adore this boho “FOURever Young” theme. Decorate with muted colors, daisies, rainbows and peace signs!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Pixel Perfection Party, The Happy Mail Place

Enchanted Four-est

Take your average garden party to the next level by creating an enchanted FOUR-est for your birthday girl with plenty of greenery, florals and woodland animals. We love the fun idea of decorating a flower pot and planting a seed for an on-theme activity that they can take home with them at the end of the party in their goodie bags!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Hey Trina, Catch My Party and 2, Kara’s Party Ideas, The Social Tumbleweed, Baby & Breakfast

Bonjour to Four! / Four-ench Café

Say “Bonjour to Four” with a fun Parisienne theme that will make your birthday girl gasp, “Ooh la la!”. Decorate with plenty of Eiffel Tower motifs, and serve French party food: macarons and of course, Petit FOURs!

Photo sources & inspiration links: 100 Layer Cake, Kara’s Party Ideas, @marcela.festasafetivas, @curlsgonestyled, @lifesroseyeventhire

Four Ever Sweet

Create a candy land full of your child’s favorite treats with this super sweet 4th birthday party theme. Donuts, popsicles and ice cream cakes, oh my!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Adventures of a Twin Mom, Kara’s Party Ideas, Giggles Galore

Diamonds are Four-ever

Shine bright like a diamond! Celebrate your own “Little Gem” with this super sparkly, jewel-themed epic birthday bash.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Inspired By This and 2, Project Nursery, 100 Layer Cakelet, Kara’s Party Ideas, Hostess with the Mostess, Paper and Cake

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream FOUR Ice Cream!

Delight your guests with your very own ice cream parlor! Grab some ice cream cones and the birthday girl’s favorite flavors and scoop out the smiles. A topping bar with different sprinkles, candy, and of course, cherries, is an extra sweet touch. A great theme for the summer months or as a pool party!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Pixel Perfection Party, Inspired by This, Project Nursery, Kara’s Party Ideas, Middle of Somewhere

Cali-four-nia Girl / Cali-four-nia Dreamin’

Regardless of whether you live in California or not, this party theme will turn your daughter into a true Cali-FOUR-nia Girl – she’ll be surfin’ waves and relaxing in the sun in no time.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Black Twine, Hostess with the Mostess

Four-ever Golden

Did you know that a “Golden” Birthday is when the age you’re turning matches the date? So if your child is turning 4 on the 4th of the month, that’s a golden birthday. But whether it’s a true golden birthday or not, we still think this theme celebrating everything sparkly and gold can work for any little princess!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Love Love Love, Party City, The Overwhelmed Mommy

The Four-cast is Bright/Sunny

This weather-themed party’s FOURcast calls for plenty of sunshine and rainbows!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Tell Love & Party, 100 Layer Cakelet and 2, Meaningful Mama, Kara’s Party Ideas, Parties 365, Hostess with the Mostess

Four-ever Groovy

Throw it back to the 60’s and 70’s with this FOURever Groovy theme. Although your daughter may not fully appreciate bellbottoms and the iconic VW bus, she’ll be delighted with the boho vibe full of flowers and muted rainbows. Peace, love and party on!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Lily Girl Paper, Poppy Jack Shop, Lily Girl Studio


Celebrate your daughter’s own unique unFOURgettable personality with this sweet theme that can include all of their favorites – turn it into a princess ball, a glitzy tea party or a butterfly garden – whatever their hearts desire.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Just a Mamma, Stellar Shirt Co, Gray and Em Designs

Love You Four-ever

Whether your daughter’s birthday is close to Valentine’s Day or not, this red and pink heart theme will be a hit any time of year.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Lawn Fawn, Minted, Chelsea Hood, Hostess with the Mostess, @alwaysandwhatever_

FOUR the Love of Sugar

Whether your daughter likes to help you in the kitchen, or just eat the results, this creative baking-themed party will be a hit with your guests. Set up a cookie or cupcake decorating area, or let them go wild with a “chopped” style baking competition! Lots of fun activities can be planned with this yummy theme!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas

4th Birthday Party Themes for Boys

These unique 4th birthday themes are perfect for your little guy, offering a clever twist to favorite party themes like Star Wars, dinosaurs and sports.

Could these work for girls too? Absolutely!

Dino-Four / Four-asaurus / Four-ocious / Roar, I’m 4 / I am Four, Hear Me Rawr

Whatever clever way you decide to name your dinosaur-themed party, it is sure to be a roaring success!

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May the 4th be with you / May the four-ce be with you / The Fourth Awakens

Party we must at this epic Star Wars celebration. A twist on the classic line “may the force be with you” lends itself perfectly to a 4th birthday party where all of your son’s favorite characters can be incorporated, from Yoda to Chewy. The FOUR-ce is Strong with this one.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, 2 and 3, Pop of Gold, Coffee & Confetti Mom, Pretty my Party, A Darling Daydream, Catch my Party, @cooklielicious_nz, BAAM Customs


How perfect is this golf-themed birthday party to celebrate turning “fore”?! Create your own putting green for your guests as a party activity – special prizes for any hole-in-ones!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Glamfetti Co, Sarah Tucker, Pizzazzerie, Kara’s Party Ideas, Pretty My Party

Fast & Four / Need 4 Speed / Four-mula One

It will be easy to get any little vehicle lover in the driver’s seat with these fun car racing themes. Create a “pit stop” for food where your guests can fuel up for the rest of the party.

Photo sources & inspiration links: @sarahscookiejar, Fun 365, Kara’s Party Ideas, Madi Moosh Boutique, Bella Grace by Sarah

A Pirate’s Life 4 Me!

Yo ho, yo ho, it’s a pirate’s life FOUR your soon to be 4-year-old! Plan an epic pirate-themed party with a treasure hunt, dress-up station (hello, eye patches!) and you could even make your littlest mateys walk the “plank”!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Whitney Rife, Beijos, Sweet Setups

Four-Wheeling’ Fun / 4×4 fun

Pull out the checkered flag for this Hot Wheels or Monster Truck themed 4th birthday celebration. All the little boys are sure to have a “wheely” good time!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Rebecca’s Cakes & Confections, Hostess with the Mostess, DIY Bucket List, Simple Practical Beautiful

4th Down

Take a chance on 4th down with this awesome football theme – grab some turf, create a concession stand, decorate with pennant flags and tailgate the party away!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Zazzle, Kara’s Party Ideas


If your son loves Transformers/Rescue Bots, this party theme is tailor-made for them: Trans4mers, roll on!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Jessica Etcetera, Kara’s Party Ideas, Pizzazzerie, @PaperAccentsToo, @laylalopes_doces, @magicmoments.balloon, Good Afternoon Adeline

Even More Unique 4th Birthday Party Ideas

And if you’re still unsure of what 4th birthday theme to go with – we’ve got even more great party themes for you to consider. How about…

  • FOUR-ky: Throw a Toy Story party with your birthday boy/girl and the loveable Forky as the stars!
  • FOUR-antine: Have only close family on your guest list? Celebrate with this tongue-in-cheek theme lamenting the pandemic.
  • Our 4-Leaf Clover: Perfect for near St. Patrick’s day, or for celebrating your little good luck charm.
  • The Fantastic FOUR: Great for any superhero lovers.
  • Knights of the FOUR-tress: This theme can combine knights, dragons and forts!
  • Plat-FOUR-m 9¾: Harry Potter fans will understand the 4th birthday spin on the famous train platform.
  • Four and Fabulous / Fierce, Fabulous and Four: Celebrate your feisty and fabulous 4-year-old with animal prints and tiaras.

We hope this list helped you find the perfect 4th birthday party theme for your little girl or boy. Let us know in the comments which one you went with for their big day! Good luck with the party planning and Happy Birthday!

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