birdhouse craft kit as birthday party favor

Don’t want to waste money on a bunch of junky party favors that end up in the trash? Try one of these unique and useful party favor ideas that both kids and parents will love!

There’s a lot to plan and organize when it comes to our kids’ birthday parties – from choosing the perfect theme, to decorations and cake design – but many times, the thing that the guests remember the most are what they leave with: the party favors or goodie bags!

And with kid’s birthday party favors, let’s be honest, we’ve all received our fair share of goodie bags filled with little toys and trinkets that end up in the trash a few days later (such a waste!).

So, we’ve made it our mission to find the best useful party favor ideas for kids that will still elicit excitement from your guests, but won’t end up in a junk drawer.

From DIY crafts that spark creativity, to unique favors you can eat (but aren’t candy!), to useful items for travel or play – we’ve got all the best party favor ideas that will be the talk of every partygoer. We’ve even found some clever finds for tweens and teens that won’t get an eye roll!

Whether you want to save some money and DIY your party favors, or would rather opt for buying something that’s ready to hand right over – our list of useful party favor ideas has it all, and will help make your birthday bash one to remember.

Party Favors That You Can DIY

When it comes to those party favor bags, we want to make sure they’re packed with more than just throw-away trinkets. So instead of filling them with junk, why not opt for providing your guests with materials to make and create!

From crafts you can make ahead of time, to brilliant DIY activities that become the star of the party, to kits guests can take home to create themselves – we’ve got you covered with tons of DIY birthday party favors.

This way you’ll be gifting memories that last longer, and bring more joy, than any store-bought trinket. Read on for all the fun party favor DIY ideas:

(1) Birdhouse Crafting Kit: Wave goodbye to one-and-done goody bags with this charming birdhouse building kit, perfect for igniting kids’ creativity even after they return home! A hit with both the little builders and their parents, this party favor can be displayed in the backyard to encourage visits from feathered friends. (via Paper N Stitch)

(2) Art Kit: Ditch the junk-filled paper bags and delight the party guests with a DIY art kit favor. For around $5 each, you can hit up your local craft store or Dollar Tree, and spark creativity with items like a wooden star, paints, brushes, glitter glue, and pom-poms, promising fun art projects and mantle-worthy masterpieces to admire. (via Artbar)

(3) Bracelet Making Kit: Say hello to some truly unique party favors with a Personalized Bracelet Making Kit, where every guest becomes a jewelry designer! Equip your mini crafters with a fun, easy-to-make bracelet activity that leaves no messy aftermath, offering each party-goer a stylish accessory and a creative experience to remember the party with. (via Etsy)

(4) Bird Feeder Kit: Create a delightful bird feeder kit using household materials like wooden spoons and cardboard, with a simple assembly that includes a ribbon for hanging and a small bag of bird seed. Ideal for kids’ parties, this craft is not only inexpensive, but fun to put together, and one parents will enjoy as well. (via Inner Child Fun)

(5) Playdough Kit: We love the idea of creating a fun homemade Play-Dough Kit – it’s one of the most practical party favors and universally enjoyed by kids of all ages. Check out the link for a simple recipe for the dough (using common pantry staples), plus unique ideas on how to package the dough with themed party accessories like cookie cutters and mini characters for imaginative play. Snag a kit here (via Etsy)  or make your own (via Something Turquoise).

(6) DIY Keychain Kit: This customizable backpack charm kit serves as a creative and personalized party favor, containing all the materials needed to craft a cute keychain. The kit includes yarn, wooden and pony beads, a charm, a needle, and a lobster clip for the project, and comes in a personalized jar, making it a perfect favor or activity for a birthday or sleepover. (via Etsy)

(7) Slime Kit: Elevate your party favor game with an easy-to-assemble, ultra-squishy DIY slime kit, featuring Elmer’s Glue and a sprinkle of glitter for some added sparkle! Perfect for creative kids, this kit promises oodles of gooey fun that everyone will love taking home. (via Mom Endeavors)

(8) Personalized Rainbow Yarn Craft Kit: This kit offers an easy introduction to hand-stitching and sewing for rainbow lovers of all ages, including a kid-friendly yarn-weaving needle. The complete kit features six colors of yarn and simple visual instructions, with an expected project time of 1-2 hours, and can be personalized with engraving for an even more unique touch. (via Etsy)

(9) Paint a Rainbow Craft: This craft involves a simple yet fun DIY party activity where participants can paint their own vibrant rainbows. Ideal as a party favor, this fun activity can be enjoyed right at the party with a paint station setup or taken home to create later. (source unknown)

(10) Seed Bomb/Seed Packet: This DIY guide shows how to create colorful, heart-shaped seed bombs, a fun and easy garden craft perfect as spring party favors. It involves blending colored paper into pulp, shaping with molds, and embedding seeds, resulting in beautiful, plantable favors that everyone can enjoy. (via One Little Project) and (via Catch My Party)

(11) Garden Paper Pot + Seeds: This kit contains everything your guests need to decorate their own garden pot + seeds to plant inside. Set-up a potting station to help them plant, and they can then take their pot home as a party memory that will live on long after the celebration ends. (via Amazon)

(12) Bath Bombs: This DIY guide provides a step-by-step process to create safe, inexpensive bath bombs without citric acid, making them perfect for kids. Using common kitchen ingredients in just five easy steps, they can enjoy some homemade bath bombs that offer relaxation and fun during bath time. Snag the recipe here (via Moms Collab) or purchase some pre-made via Etsy.

(13) Monogram Chalk Slate: Partygoers can create personalized monogram chalk “slates” from simple materials like cardboard letters (find these at your local craft store) and chalkboard spray paint, making them an ideal, cost-effective, and engaging party favor. Add some chalk with a cute tie and they’re ready to go! (via Maison De Pax)

(14) Paint a Wood Frame: This fun DIY party favor allows party guests to paint their own wooden photo frame using colored painting pens and decorate it with gems. Make sure to take a group photo at the party, then print it out while the party goers are enjoying food or an activity, and place it in the frame. Guests can then take home their frame as the favor and always remember the party! (via C.R.A.F.T.)

(15) Friendship Bracelets: Pass out handmade friendship bracelets as a heartfelt party favor, or order some pre-made ones from Etsy. Alternatively, you could incorporate bracelet making into the party activities and the girls get to take home whatever they make. (via Etsy)

(16) Custom Superhero Cape: Little ones love superheroes, especially when they can become one! Make personalized capes out of fabric, felt, or colorful plastic tablecloths from the Dollar store and decorate them for each hero! Chances are, they’ll wear them around their own houses long after the party. (via Susie Here Only)

(17) Homemade Lip Gloss: This DIY lip gloss recipe is a fun and easy project, allowing party guests to create a shiny, scented lip balm with a few simple ingredients like coconut oil, Starburst powder (you can substitute Kool-Aid), and sugar. Make it an activity at the party, or send them home with instructions and ingredients. (via Kimspired DIY)

(18) Color-In Pillow Case: Everyone loves something with their name on it, so we love the idea of creating custom pillowcases as a party favor. Order personalized ones (via Etsy) for guests to color in with fabric markers, or challenge them to use their own creativity by simply providing a white pillow case as their canvas. We think this is one of the best party favors, especially for a sleepover celebration!

Fun Food Party Favor Ideas

What if you skipped all the small trinkets this year and instead opted for a delicious, edible party favor?

These fun food-themed favors are not only delicious, but are a fun DIY activity to make, bake or sip.

Create some birthday favor magic that’s as satisfying to make as it is to munch on with these unique birthday party favor ideas:

(1) S’more Kit: Packed with all the essentials for a gooey, chocolatey treat, these s’mores kits are a playful nod to campfire fun. Wrapped up in convenient packaging, they’re perfect for any occasion that calls for a bit of sweetness. (via Covet by Tricia)

(2) Hot Chocolate DIY Mix: Warm up the guests with a DIY hot chocolate mix, complete with sprinkles and sweetness. This cozy and customizable favor serves up a mugful of comfort, inviting guests to some chocolatey goodness. Perfect for winter parties! (via Something Turquoise)

(3) DIY Cookie Mix in a Jar: Get your guests baking when they get home with a beautifully layered DIY cookie mix in a jar. This party favor idea is not only visually appealing but also offers an enjoyable baking experience, combining taste and homemade charm in a single jar. (via Something Turquoise)

Other ideas to consider:

(pro tip: don’t forget to ask ahead of time about possible food allergies!)

  • (4) Homemade trail mix station where kids can scoop their favorites into a bag to munch on during the ride home (think M&Ms, raisins, nuts, cheerios, etc.) (via Kojo Designs)
  • (5) Individually wrapped themed sugar cookie to fit theme of party (via Dolce Bakes)
  • Personalized cookie that can doubles as a place card during the party
Toy Ideas and Other Useful Party Favors

Imagine sending younger guests home with small toys or items that aren’t just fun for a day, but become staples in their playtime or daily routines.

Elevate your gift bags to something more memorable with these useful party favor ideas that both kids and parents will approve:

(1) Goggles or Pool Toys: Having a pool party? Gift the guests some goggles or other exciting pool toys that they can enjoy both during and after the party. Think noodles, floaties, splash toys, and more. So much fun! (via BHG)

(2) Beach/Pool Snack Bucket: This beach bucket party favor is full of surprises! Fill it with favorite munchies or poolside essentials from your local store for a summer party. The kids will love revealing what’s tucked inside their personalized pail. (via Miss Information Blog)

(3) Bubble Wands With Personalized Tags: Bubble wands are always a hit, and are made even more special by adding special personalized gift tags. (via Modern Mom Life)

(4) Beach Bag with Summer/Pool/Beach Goodies: The secret to a stress-free beach day is a well-stocked beach bag. Giving your little guest a bag stuffed with summer necessities that not only leaves a wonderful impression, but also sets them up for their next sun-filled adventure – talk about a win-win! (via Pinterest)

(5) Outdoor Fun Kit: A great idea for a warm-weather birthday is to create a goody bag full of fun things to do outside. Include useful items like bubbles, water balloons, glow sticks and chalk so they’ll get plenty of fresh air after the party. (via Create Craft Love)

(6) Popsicle Soap: Make bath time irresistibly fun with charming homemade popsicle soaps! Create them in a myriad of cheerful colors and scents. Package them up and send each guest on their way with something extremely cute, and insanely useful! (via Atta Girl Says)

(7) Favorite Storybook: Instead of your traditional party favor, how about giving the kiddos a parting gift that can last a lifetime! Books are something that every child loves, and they can be passed down for generations. Have the birthday girl/boy chose a special book for each guest based on their interests, or chose one book to gift to everyone that matches the birthday party theme. Include a written inscription that thanks guests for coming so they can always remember when and where they received their special book. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

(8) Baking Kit: Whip up little smiles with a darling baking kit filled with items they can use in the kitchen. As they roll, sprinkle, and decorate, they’ll think of all the fun they had at the party. (via Fun 365)

(9) Personalized Glasses: Sunglasses are the epitome of cool! Each pair is a ticket to feel like a celebrity, especially since they are personalized! Check out our favorites (via Chic Beads) and (via A Plus Creative Co) that kids of all ages are sure to love.

(10) Princess Kit: Grant every little girl’s royal dream by sending them home with their very own princess kit, complete with a mirror, wand, and purse. Perfect for any princess-themed party! (via Three Daughters Home)

(11) Unicorn Fairy Wands: Let magic rule the day by gifting your guests with these glittery Unicorn Fairy wands. Bonus points for making it an activity that they work on at the party! (via Moms Park)

(12) Personalized Crayon Letters: Bring lots of joy to little fingers with personalized name crayons! Perfect for party goody bags, these crayons will have kids beaming from ear to ear. Make your own with letter molds or purchase some pre-made (via Etsy).

(13) Chalk: Having an outside party? Hand out some sidewalk chalk to transform the pavement into a true work of art! Guests can then take home their chalk pack and reuse it many times over. (via Pinterest)

(14) Silicone Mold Crayons: Jazz up coloring time with these fun-shaped silicone mold crayons that you can easily DIY. Simply take old broken crayons and melt them into new shapes – such an inexpensive party favor idea! (via Fab Everyday)

(15) Travel Lego Kit: This Travel Lego Kit is an easy DIY party favor, and insanely useful. Guests can use them to build while in the car, at restaurants, or at home. What a great way to remember a Lego-themed party! (via Making Things Awesome)

(16) Personalized Keychains: Create these simple DIY personalized keychains for each guest that they can display on their backpacks. Or, make it a fun party activity that they can bring home. (via She’s Crafty and She Knows It)

(17) Personalized Silly Straw: The simple joy of drinking from a personalized silly straw turns every gulp into giggles! It’s a whimsical addition to any mealtime and sure to encourage more sips and less spills! (via Etsy)

(18) Coloring Clipboard/Journal: Encourage artistic expression on-the-go with this adorable coloring clipboard. The clipboard keeps their paper steady for masterpieces wherever the mood strikes. It’s an art studio that travels with them – just add crayons!(via Something Turquoise) Or, you can send them off with a journal and crayons. (via PJs and Paint)

(19) Plush Finger Puppets: How does one go wrong with a plush toy? But these finger puppets offer more than just a soft animal to squeeze. Kids can entertain themselves anywhere – during long car rides, while waiting for an appointment, etc. with these plush finger puppets. A parent favorite for sure! (via Grits and Chopsticks)

(20) Tic-Tac-Toe Game in a Bag: This portable tic-tac-toe game brings a touch of nostalgia in a very unique way. The simple rocks and bag are classically cute, scoring big with both kids and parents. (via Balancing Home)

(21) Stuffed Animal Adoption: This is one of our most favorite party favor ideas: a stuffed animal adoption experience. Allow each guest to choose their own cuddly critter (you can match the animals to your theme if you’d like) and set-up a station where they can decorate a home or create a collar or name tag. This heartwarming takeaway is more than a party favor – it’s a new pal for life’s adventures! Check out some inspiration here: (via Kerri Creates), (via I Watch Them Grow), and (via Pinterest).

Useful Party Favors for Teens and Tweens

Finding practical party favors for teens and tweens just got easier! Gone are the days of knick-knacks that end up at the bottom of a drawer. We’ve pulled together ideas that will be used and loved by older kids long after the party ends.

Check out these creative and useful party favor ideas that are sure to be a hit with teens and tweens:

(1) Tween Pouch: Prepare to make every tween’s day with these DIY Initial Favor Bags. They’re not just any pouch; they’re customizable bags adorned with a personalized name letter or even shape patches. Perfect for storing their essentials, these bags mix fun and functionality with a personal touch. Stuff them with goodies or gift cards and watch every tweens’ eyes light up! (via Hey It’s Jenna)

(2) Fuzzy Sock “Cupcakes”: Who wouldn’t love to unwrap a “cupcake” only to find cozy fuzzy socks inside? This adorable favor idea combines warmth and whimsy, making it an irresistible take-home “treat”. Check out the inspiration (via Etsy).

(3) Sleepover Kit: If you’re hosting a sleepover for your birthday celebration, make your party favor a chic Sleepover Kit, packed with everything a tween or teen could desire for a night of pampering and fun. From plush eye masks to fizzy bath bombs and glossy lip products, this favor kit promises a night of giggles, beauty, and bonding. Throw it all in theme-specific bags with tissue paper and voila! (via Style Me Pretty)

(4) Personalized Color Changing Cup: Quench their thirst for cool with a color-changing cup that turns every sip into fun! Teens will love seeing their names on these trendy personalized cups, especially as they change colors with cold drinks. (via Etsy)

(5) Spa in a Jar – Loofah and DIY Bath Soak: Nothing says “Treat Yourself” quite like a jar full of spa goodies that guests can take home and relax with! Fill it up with a bath soak and a loofah and they’ll be ready to relax at home when the party’s over. (via Pinterest)

(6) Starbucks Cups Filled with Goodies: Imagine the delight when teens receive a Starbucks cup filled with their favorite treats and trinkets! This favor idea is as refreshing as their favorite frappe, packed with surprises in a reusable cup! (via So Much to Dew)

(7) Nail Files/Polish: Add a pop of color to their day with a manicure set featuring a nail file and colorful or glittery nail polish. Functional and fun, it’s a mini salon experience to go. (via Glue Sticks Blog)

And that’s a wrap! We hope you’ve enjoyed this carefully curated list of useful party favor ideas that are both parent and kid-approved! Whether it’s a little kids’ birthday bash, or a teen’s sleepover, each of these favors is meant to be used, loved, and remembered well beyond the party.

These aren’t junky party favors – they’re thoughtful gifts that keep the fun going. Here’s to making your next birthday party a hit, with party bags that stand out for all the right reasons!

Which ones are you most excited about? Tell us in the comments below!

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