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What Moms Love strives to be the go-to destination for modern, savvy moms (that’s you, right?). Stick with us and we’ll inform you (’cause being in-the-know just feels good), enlighten you (we love ah-ha moments!) and keep you entertained (there’s no down-in-the-dumps stuff here).

Motherhood is no joke and we’re committed to lightening that load on your shoulders. 

We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest products that can change your life (you can’t miss our report 10 Screen-Free Toys for Guaranteed Quiet Time Play. It is a game. changer.)

We’ve got fun gift guides so you don’t have to go searching on Amazon for something last minute (yea, we’ve all been there). Plus kid-friendly recipes (that are picky-eater approved), and general awesomeness you and your kids will totally dig (check out 7 Read Aloud Chapter Book Series That Will Successfully Introduce Your Kids to Chapters).

Our ultimate goal is to seek out only the very best, only the things we feel moms will truly love. After all, this isn’t “what moms kinda-sorta like”. This is What Moms Love. And we sure hope you love it too.

A Few Things We Believe In


We work hard to carefully curate all the content on our site. We treat our readers like our best, most chic, admirable and savvy mom friend (you know the one), and if we don’t get excited about something, then it won’t be shared here. And by excited, we mean really, really, do-a-little-mom-dance-your-kids-will-be-embarrassed-by kind of excited. Products and ideas will always be smart, innovative and unique – you’re a busy mom and we’re not about to waste your precious “free” time.


We’re firm believers in buying less, but making that less count. This means investing in well-made, quality items that can be passed down to each new child, not just be one-and-done. In the end, you’re saving money, right? Our site reflects this belief as we weed-through the mass of baby and kid “gear” to select those products that are made to weather the storm, and last a lifetime.


We pledge to always provide a 100% unbiased opinion on all our content. If it’s something we can place our “What Moms Love” seal of approval on, then we’ll write about it. If not, then it has no place here. Can we get a woop, woop.


We’re not here to judge, blame or create cliques. No siree. Our community of moms are trying to be the best they can be, and we’re just here to help them accomplish this goal. All bullies and mom shamers can go step on a Lego.


Every parent’s top priority is the health of their child, and we are no different. That’s why we give priority to natural, “green” products that won’t introduce your little ones to unnecessary toxins like BPA or phthalates (see our Top 5 Safe Waterbottles for Big Kids and 10 Best Safe Teethers Your Baby Needs For Instant Relief).

It also means we advocate using local, organic ingredients in our recipes, and you’ll often find many of them to be Paleo compliant (meaning nothing processed – but still super yummy and kid-approved like our divine Double Chocolate Peanut Butter Paleo Snack Bars).

But don’t worry, we’re not so uptight that we won’t feed our kids mac ’n’ cheese from the box from time to time (is there any child who doesn’t love that stuff?!). Everything in moderation, right?

Meet Aly B.

Aly B., Founder of What Moms Love

Aly B Founder of What Moms Love

Aly is a proud mom of 4 awesome kids, aged 12, 10, 7 and 4. Originally from England, she also spent portions of her childhood in Paris and Toronto, before being enticed to move to Boston by a guy she met on Spring Break as a young teenager.

She graduated from Tufts University with a B.A. in Economics, that she admits, has never really been used. Instead, she entered the world of advertising and became an ad exec for top brands including Volkswagen and Dunkin’ Donuts. That aforementioned guy eventually became her husband and they settled down in an idyllic suburb of Boston to start their family.

While preparing for the arrival of her first child, the self-admitted “Type A” became overwhelmed with the world of baby stuff. She would spend hours researching every item, trying to discern which one was “the best”. She often wished there was a resource she really trusted where she could go to find the latest products and break through all the clutter. A place where the content was reduced to just the things that moms really love. And that’s when the idea of What Moms Love was born.

Extra tidbit: Aly enjoys pistachio ice cream (the true homemade kind that’s not green), watching reality TV, reading Piggie & Elephant books to her kids (she plays a killer Piggie), and writing about herself in the third person (because come on, who doesn’t?)

For questions or collaborations don’t hesitate to contact her at aly@whatmomslove.com or visit our Contact Page.

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