The BEST list of unique 3rd birthday party themes for girls & boys. Clever puns & play on words! Ideas for decorations, favors, food & more.

Planning your soon-to-be 3-year-old’s upcoming celebration? We’ve got the best list of 3rd birthday party ideas to help you choose the perfect theme for your big boy or girl.

Well, you did it, you survived the “Terrible Twos” (it wasn’t so terrible, right?!), and it’s time to celebrate by planning an epic 3rd birthday bash.

Every great party needs a clever theme, so we’ve pulled together a list of the most unique 3rd birthday party themes for you and your big boy or girl to choose from.

Many of these ideas we brainstormed ourselves, so you can be the first in line to bring it to life (send us some pics if you do – we’d love to feature them!). Plus, we’ve created photo collages for each theme to provide you with some inspiration for decorations, supplies, party favors and even birthday outfits.

Turning 3 marks your toddler becoming a big kid, so go wild with your celebration – the fun they’ll have on their big day will be more than worth the time and effort you put into it!

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Creative Unisex/Gender Neutral 3rd Birthday Themes

We have to admit, we’re a sucker for a good pun and play on words (see our list of 1st Birthday Party Themes and 2nd Birthday Party Themes as proof). So we scoured the web and put on our thinking caps to find the best (and newest!) 3rd birthday party themes that include “three” or “third”.

The ideas below can be used for either boys or girls – scroll through and see which one is the perfect fit for your big kid (and keep scrolling for more girl and boy inspired third birthday themes too!)

Adios Dos

This fun theme literally says “goodbye two”, and is the perfect way to celebrate moving onto year 3 with a bevy of colorful cacti, llamas, and of course, tacos!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Styled in Sequins, 100 Layer Cake-let and 2


Another fun Mexican-inspired party theme is this clever 3rd birthday spin on Fiesta: “Three-esta”! Use lots of bright colors, don a sombrero, set up a taco bar and once your guests have left, collapse for a siesta!

Photo sources & inspiration links: @lynnstagrammm, @EMMAzing Play, Michelle Raye Designs, The Boho Diaries


Invite Old MacDonald’s animals to your 3-year-old’s farm party and hear them sing “3-I-E-I-O”! Create a farm-feel with animal prints, hay balls, farm fresh food, and a big red barn!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Catch My Party, Jenny Cookies, Bird’s Party, @sugarbylyndsie, Kara’s Party Ideas, QT Paperie

It’s Sweet to Bee Three

We love this sweet honey bee theme to celebrate your big boy or girl’s special bee-day. The color scheme is a no-brainer here, with lots of black and yellow decorations, honeycomb patterns, and bee motifs. Your party guests will be buzzing around with excitement!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Julia Jane Kids, The Sugar Bee Bungalow, Inspired By This, Fun365, Pixel Perfection Party

Wild and Three

Invite your guests into the jungle with this clever “Wild and Three” Safari inspired party. Palm leaves, prints and your child’s favorite wild animals make for easy decorations to pull the theme together.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Project Nursery, A Head of Thyme, Stumbling Grace

Swingin’ From The Threes

Calling all little monkeys! Swing on over to this monkey themed birthday party and “go bananas!”. You can have so much fun with this theme, and even put a Curious George twist on it for those fans of the trouble-making monkey.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Hostess with the Mostess and 2, Live Love and Sugar, Nevada Moms, Katz Corner Boutique

Land of the THREE, Home of the Brave

If your party falls close to 4th of July or Memorial Day, combine the celebrations with this unique “Land of the THREE, Home of the Brave” red, white and blue party!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Sugar Hero, The First Year Blog

Three Little Pigs

This classic fairytale lends itself perfectly to a 3-year-old birthday party (or you could even put a Peppa Pig spin on it!)…just don’t invite the big bad wolf!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Project Nursery, Catch My Party, Gluesticks

 Three Ring Circus

Bring your very own 3-Ring Circus to life with a vibrant circus themed 3rd birthday party where you’re the Ringmaster!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Jilly Jack Designs, Pop Sugar, Blooms Party, Kara’s Party Ideas, Crazy Little Projects

Three Ring Circus - 3rd Birthday Party Theme
Unique 3rd Birthday Party Themes for Girls

If you need a girl 3rd birthday party theme, look no further! Most of these great ideas are generally thought of being more “girly” (although don’t let that stop you if you think they’d fit your boy, we’re all for individual expression!), with plenty of pinks, tiaras, florals, and sparkle.

Threenager / Little Miss Threenager

They say the “terrible twos” are nothing compared to the independent “Threenager” your child turns into during their 3rd year. We beg to differ, but it does make for a very clever, tongue-in-cheek celebration that you can use to create a fun party with a spin on fashion, make-up, and #socialmedia.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Zazzle, Kara’s Party Ideas, 2 and 3, Adamo Products, Bella Grace by Sarah

Threenage Dream

Take inspiration from Katy Perry’s hit song “Teenage Dream” and create your 3-year-old’s “Threenage Dream” instead! Ask your little girl what that would look like to her – use her favorite colors, and go all-out with a fun treat like a popsicle stand or cotton candy cart!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas

Young, Wild and Three

We love this bohemian-inspired theme that lends itself perfectly to pretty muted colors, teepees, dream catchers, feathers and fringe!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, 2 and 3, @jeanniesbox, Pretty My Party, Emili Egan

Three Scoops of Fun

This birthday party is sure to make your mouth water. Create an ice cream theme for your little girl’s 3rd birthday party with pastel colors, sprinkles, her favorite flavors, and of course a cherry on top!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Zazzle, @kerrikakes, Pretty my Party, Jade and Paiige

Yippee, I’m Three!

Celebrate turning 3 with this cute catchphrase, and include all of the things that make your daughter go “yippee” – whether it’s unicorns, butterflies, or princesses, this theme leaves the door open for interpretation.

Photo sources & inspiration links: @whatmomslove

Third Times a Charm

Create a charming princess party with this theme made famous by Kylie Jenner. Decorate with crowns, tiaras, and lots of sparkle!

Photo sources & inspiration links: 100 Layer Cake, Pizzazzerie, @kyliejenner

Tea for Three

Pinky’s out for a fancy tea par-tea celebrating three! Your little guests will swoon over the feminine details, finger sandwiches and overall grown-up vibe.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Practically Spoiled, Chandeliers & Champagne, The Pink Dream, Pizzazzerie, Target (teacup stand), Fun365, Pixel Perfection Party, All Over Creations

3 Little Kittens

Find inspiration from the classic nursery rhyme, 3 Little Kittens, and help them find their lost mittens so they can have some pie! Turn your guests into cute little kittens with some face paint whiskers and headband ears, and send them home with their very own pair of cuddly mittens!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Smash Cake SoCal, Pretty Plain Janes, Project Nursery, Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Modern Glam, A Homemade Living, Glam Banners


Who says dinosaurs are just for boys? Turn this Three-Rex theme more feminine by incorporating “girly” colors, or go for a muted boho color scheme with gold accents.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Coffee & Grace, Catch My Party, Kara’s Party Ideas

Three as a Bird

Tweet, tweet! Be as free as a bird at this unique 3rd birthday party with plenty of sweet feathered friends. We especially love the bird cage birthday cake!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Fiestas Y Cumples, Super Make It, Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Catch My Party, Fun 365

Under the Three / Under the Sea I’m Turning Three!

Dive in to this Under the Sea party with a 3-year-old twist! Schools of fish, dolphins and mermaids await your guests, and the theme lends itself to plenty of creative party food ideas: starfish sandwiches, oyster cookies and mermaid tail cupcakes to name a few.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Queen of the Beehive, Catch My Party, 2 and 3, Kara’s Party Ideas

Fancy & Three

Time to get fancy! Provide tutus or princess dresses for your littlest guests, and have them craft their very own magical wands – anything fancy goes at this 3rd birthday bash!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Sugar & Bloom Cake Company, Piping Good Biscuits, 100 Layer Cake, Pizzazzerie 

Unique 3rd Birthday Party Themes for Boys

We haven’t forgotten about the boys! These 3rd birthday party ideas are full of their favorites, including construction, rockets, dinosaurs, pirates and sports (and these can of course be used for girls too!).

Dirty 3rd-ty

Get down and dirty with this clever construction themed 3rd birthday party. No need for elaborate decorations here, some caution tape and your little boy’s favorite vehicles will do the trick.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Inspiralized, Baubles & Backdrops, Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Pretty my Party, Chessa Creations, Just a Midwest Mama

THREE-2-1 Blast Off

Blast off to outer space with this third birthday theme that is out of this world! Perfect for any rocket-loving future astronauts.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Zazzle, Kara’s Party Ideas, Laura’s Little Party, HootyBalloo, Project Nursery, Catch My Party, Hostess with the Mostess, Pretty my Party, Soiree Love, Candle Cake Party Shop

Ain’t Nuthin’ But a 3 Thang

Go Shawty it’s ya birthday! Get down with the 90s rap era and with a super cool party inspired by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s song “Nuthin’ but a G Thang”.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Sprinkles & Jam, Paper Bash Boutique, Nothing Panda, Zazzle, Mommy Diary, Kara’s Party Ideas, House of Mark, Confetti Fair


Got a 3-year-old dinosaur expert? Go back to prehistoric times to create a one-of-a-kind dinosaur party inspired by T-Rex.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Project Nursery, Easy Like Sunday Morning, Kara’s Party Ideas, Cherrington Chatter, Megan Jane

Pirate’s Life for Three

Arrr, me mateys, gather your little swash bucklers, hop on me ship and find ye party! Eye patches, pirate flags and treasure maps required!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas and 2, Lique’s Antics, Custom Cookie Designs

Three Agent

Have your birthday boy become a Free Agent, and celebrate his love of sports with a colorful sports-themed 3rd birthday party. Create a fun concession stand with stadium-type snacks, sports beverages for refueling, play sports party games, and give out trophies as party favors.

Photo sources & inspiration links: Hostess with the Mostess, Kara’s Party Ideas, Darleen Meier

Stealing 3rd / Three Strikes / Three-peat

Your guests will have a ball at this baseball themed bash which could even be customized to include your little boy’s favorite Major League team. Don’t forget the Cracker Jacks!

Photo sources & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas, Dora’s Sweet Creations, April’s Sugaree Cookies

Third Year Down

Go for the 3rd down by creating your own home tailgate for a football themed party that will have your guests yelling, “touchdown!!!”

Photo sources & inspiration links: Zazzle, Kara’s Party Ideas

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Which 3rd birthday party theme did you decide upon? We hope your party planning goes smoothly, and your 3-year-old enjoys their very special birthday celebration. Cheers to 3!

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