Need some ideas for outdoor party games for kids, teens or adults? From classic, to totally unique, we’ve pulled together a massive list of the most fun outdoor party games that are guaranteed to entertain.

When the weather is warm, there’s no better way to celebrate with family and friends than being outside. Bringing the party outdoors not only allows you to get some fresh air, but reduces the mess inside your house, and provides a larger area to spread out and enjoy some epic outdoor party games.

Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, backyard BBQ, family reunion, or kids’ playdate, we’ve put together an epic list of the very best outdoor party games to keep your guests entertained.

You’ll be spoilt for choice from our list which covers every type of outdoor game – from those classic favorites (think 3-legged race and tug of war), to innovative new activities (check out “Pantyhose Bowling”!) and plenty of water game ideas too.

These outdoor party games are easy to set-up and can entertain younger children, teens, and adults. They’d even be great as kids’ Field Day activities.

So jump in, and find the best outdoor party games for your gathering that are sure to be a huge hit. Then grab your sunscreen, put on your game face, and get ready to have some fun in the great outdoors!

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Obstacle Courses, Relay Races & Scavenger Hunts

You’re bound to keep your party guests entertained with these fun outdoor party games that are all about teamwork, with a hardy dose of competition thrown in too! They focus on obstacle courses, relay races, and scavenger hunts.

These outdoor games are perfect for birthday parties, family reunions and other events where you have a larger group that can be split into teams.

Each game is super engaging and most can be tailored to fit any party theme or occasion, and are suitable for a wide range of ages, from young kids to adults.

Kick off your party with some friendly competition with one of these super fun obstacle courses, relay races or scavenger hunts:

Obstacles Courses

(1) Set up a Classic Obstacle Course: There’s no need to buy special items to create an epic outdoor obstacle course – simply gather the supplies you already have (cones, ropes, hula hoops, balls, balloons, sponges, etc) and get creative setting up the obstacles. Then, get ready to hit up that start line with the rest of the players for an intense race to the finish line. (via Martha Stewart)

(2) Sweep It: For another take on an obstacle course, use a broom and ball to see who can sweep it through the obstacle course the fastest. If it’s Fall, try using a pumpkin instead! (via Pinterest)

(3) Watermelon Roll: Alternatively, you can play “Watermelon Roll” where you roll a watermelon through the course. The perfect outdoor party game for 4th of July or any summertime event. (source unknown)

(4) Chalk Obstacle Course: Don’t have a ton of yard space? Draw your own obstacle course with sidewalk chalk instead! Simply draw spaces to stomp on, shapes to jump into, and directions to follow. This is such a fun and active game that younger kids will especially enjoy. (via Matty Angel)

(5) Pool Noodle Obstacle Course: This idea uses pool noodles to craft a fun obstacle course, perfect for adults and kids of all ages (hint – grab some at your local Dollar Store). Simply use stakes or dowels to create arches, vertical noodles, and hurdles by pushing them into the ground and sliding the noodles into the stakes. Or, you can use duct tape to create rings with the noodles and attach them together. The possibilities are endless. (Video via BabyLeague)

(6) Mud Run Obstacle Course: Get inspired by races like Tough Mudder and create a course through the woods so guests can get down and dirty! (via Ashley Anne Photography)

Relay Races

(1) Hula Hoop Relay Race: We love this relay race that challenges teammates to maneuver a hula hoop from one teammate to the next without breaking their hand hold. To make it extra exciting, add some fun music and encourage everyone to cheer on their teammates. (via Tip Junkie)

(2) Beach Ball Relay Race: There will be plenty of laughter and bonding during this beach ball relay race, where pairs of teammates have to race to the finish line holding a beach ball between them, without using their hands! (via Kid Friendly Things To Do)

(3) Blanket Run: This fun outdoor game is simple to set-up and great for family events or birthday parties. To play, guests split into teams of two and choose a “sitter” who will sit on a blanket, large towel or sleeping bag, and a “puller” who will pull them to the finish line. The first team to cross the finish line wins! (via Journey with Johnsons)

(4) Dizzy Bat Relay: Get your friends and family ready to spin their heads and race to the finish line with this classic outdoor party game. Each team member grabs a bat, places it upright on the ground, puts their forehead on top, and spins around it 10 times. Then, they run back to the starting line and tag the next person in line. Watch out for those dizzy teammates! (via Rockbrook)

(5) Tipsy Waiter: If you like the idea of the Dizzy Bat Relay, you’ll love this additional water twist. Players spin around on a bat 8-10 times then pick up a tray of water glasses and try to make their way to the other side of the lawn to fill a bucket with water. The first team to fill their bucket wins! (via The Creative Bite)

(6) Run, Waiter, Run: In this fun outdoor party game, each team gets ping-pong balls and a tray (or plate), and players must carry the tray “waiter-style” to a designated spot before turning around and returning to the next person. But beware – if the ball drops, players must stop and put it back before continuing. The first team to complete the race with all members wins! (image via Pinterest)

(7) Frozen T-Shirt Race: The Frozen T-Shirt Race is a hilarious game that’s perfect for summer parties, and a great game for the hottest of days! To play, soak t-shirts in water, wring them out, and fold them into small squares. Then, freeze the squares overnight. On game day, give each player a frozen t-shirt and see who can thaw, unfold, and put it on the fastest! (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)

(8) Quick Change Relay: In this goofy relay race, teams gets a set of large-sized clothing to layer on top of their own. The first player on each team puts on the clothes, runs the relay course, then undresses and hands the clothing off to the next player. The cycle continues until all players have completed the race, and the fastest team wins. Throw some huge shoes into the mix to make the running a little bit trickier! Kids especially love this one!

(9) Soggy Joggers Relay: Get ready to get soaked! This game is exactly what it sounds like – players must put on a pair of soaked sweatpants to complete the race! It’s a different spin on the Quick Change Relay. Teams can take turns soaking and handing off the pants to the next player for an extra challenge. (via Go Au Pair)

(10) Egg and Spoon Race: For this classic party game, each team member must carry an “egg” on a spoon from the starting line to a designated turning point and back, passing the spoon to the next person in line. If the egg drops, or is touched by their other hand, the player must start again. You can use hard-boiled eggs, plastic eggs, plastic balls or even golf balls. If you want to make it more challenging (or even the playing field for younger kids playing with older family members), try holding the spoon in your mouth!

(11) Popcorn Drop: This is a fun and easy relay race game for birthday parties or family reunions. Strap cups to the top of each player’s shoes and fill them with popped popcorn at the starting line. Then have them rush to the other end of the yard and dump their popcorn into a basket (without using their hands). The relay ends when one team finishes bringing all their popcorn to the basket, but the winning team is the one with the fullest basket. (via BHG)

(12) Board Walk: Get ready to walk the plank with this fun outdoor activity that will put your body and mind to the test. You’ll first need to do a little DIY’ing to create the planks that team members will navigate towards the finish line. Once there, they’ll help solve a puzzle to complete the course. Time them to see how fast they can complete the challenge, or pit 2 teams head-to-head. (via How Does She)

(13) Wheelbarrow Race: This is not your traditional game where one person holds onto the ankles of another! This Wheelbarrow Race uses an actual wheelbarrow and works by having one blindfolded person sitting in the wheelbarrow and one “driver” pushing it. They must weave through cones and grab softballs off the cones while they are blindfolded. The next two players then make their way back and must put the balls back on the cones. The first team to complete the relay wins! (via The Creative Bite)

(14) Wacky Relay: In this game, two people work together to carry an object (a beach ball, stuffed animal, etc.) down a path and back using designated body parts, such as elbow-to-elbow, belly-to-belly, or cheek-to-cheek. The first two-some back to the start line wins – or team-up several pairs for a competitive relay. (via The Inspired Treehouse)

(15) Chicken Egg Drop: Looking for a hilarious outdoor party game to play? The Chicken Egg Drop will have guests laughing for hours! Each player must carry a ball between their knees and waddle to a box at a designated spot to drop their egg. They then pass the ball to the next person in line until the first team gets them all in! (via ESF Camps)

Scavenger Hunts

(1) Outdoor Scavenger Hunt: Let your kids unleash their inner adventurer with an exciting outdoor scavenger hunt game. First, make a list of items to find, like pine cones, acorns, and bird feathers. Then, set a time limit and let the hunt begin! The team with the most items from the scavenger hunt list wins. (via Fun Cheap or Free)

(2) Backyard Bingo: This is the perfect game for outdoor fun with family and friends! Simply create a bingo card with fun outdoor items like squirrels, flowers, and rocks. Then, go on a scavenger hunt to find those items and mark them off your card. The first one to get five in a row wins! (via Playtivities)

(3) Backyard Treasure Hunt: Create an easy backyard treasure hunt using pictures hidden in the yard as clues. First, take some photos of objects in your backyard such as a gnome, bird house, flower, or even household items, and print them out. Next, hide the pictures around the yard and give the players a set of clues to find the hidden treasure. Once all the pictures have been found, reward the treasure hunters with a treasure chest of small prizes to choose from. (via Inspirational Laboratories)

…and even more fun outdoor party games

(4) Olympics: Have a highly competitive group? Turn your outdoor party into a day at the Olympic Games! Divide your guests into teams and assign each one a country or theme. You can then create a variety of outdoor games such as relay races, tug-of-war, obstacle courses, and others that represent different Olympic sports. Assign points for each victory and set aside a little prize for the winning team. This is the perfect idea for a large birthday party, or a huge family reunion. (via Journey with Johnsons)

(5)  Survivor: If you have a large party with older teens or families who love the show Survivor, divide your group into 2 or 3 tribes and battle it out for “Immunity”! The only difference is that there is no voting out of the tribe – instead, tribes battle against one another in different competitions, earning points for each win. The tribe with the most points earns final immunity and wins the game.

Classic Outdoor Party Games

The most classic outdoor games are often the most popular, so incorporating some of them into your event is always a great idea. The following traditional party games require little effort to put together, relatively few instructions (everyone knows how to play!), and promises a good time for groups both large and small.

We’ve also provided a few twists on these classics, because new variations are always a great way to mix things up!

(1) Three-Legged Race: No game could be more classic than the traditional three-legged race. Create multiple teams of two, tie their legs together, and watch them coordinate (or not!) to get to the finish line (via Make It Do).

(2) Eight-Legged Race: Alternatively, if you want to play in larger groups, you could purchase these tethered ankle bands for an epic 8-legged race!

(3) Capture the Flag: This outdoor game is played with two teams, each with a flag to protect. The objective is simple: the first team to capture the other team’s flag wins! (via The Game Gal)

(4) Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag: Having a party that you suspect might last past sun down? Opt for this super cool glow-in-the-dark version of Capture the Flag instead. This set comes with 2 glowing orbs as the “flags”, as well as jail markers, territory lights, and team light-up bracelets! We highly recommend this for older kids and teenagers.

(5) Outdoor Musical Chairs: All you need are some chairs and a few good tunes to play this classic birthday party game. First, round up one less chair than the number of players. Start the music, then stop it sporadically. Each time the music stops, players must sit down in a chair. The player without a seat is out. Continue playing until only the winner remains. (via Game On Family)

(6) Potato Sack Races: Players must be ready to get their hop on with one of the most classic games of all time: the humble potato sack race. No worries if you don’t have actual burlap potato sacks, large pillow cases or sleeping bags work just as well. For an added dose of fun, after the race, create a craft station where kids can paint and decorate their “sacks” – a great idea for birthday parties. (via Design Improvised)

(7) Classic Tug-of-War: Time to test some strength with a classic game of Tug-of-War. You’ll need a sturdy rope with a flag attached directly in the midpoint. Then with tape or spray paint, make a mark on the ground to designate the middle. Whichever team pulls all opposing team members to their side of the line is the winner. Create your own, or snag this kit from Amazon.

(8) Multi-Way Tug-of-War: Tug-of-War, with a twist?! This setup involves a super large and stretchy loop band that players get inside. The goal is to reach their designated color cone first, but it’s tougher than you think. Each player has to pull the weight of the other team members, too! (via Hearth Song)

(9) Toppling Tug-of-War: Toppling Tug-of-War is a party game best for older kids that involves players standing on milk crates 6 to 12 feet apart and pulling or relaxing a rope to force their opponent off the crate. Add a few gym mats underneath or play over rubber mulch if you’re worried about a potential harsh fall. (via BHG)

(10) Keepy Uppy: Get ready to have a ball with Keepy Uppy! All you need is a balloon that you toss in the air and take turns hitting to keep it from touching the ground. That’s it! If a player lets the balloon fall, they’re out. The game is over and a winner is declared when there’s only one player left. Or, to make it more difficult, play it in teams, holding hands in a circle. Players cannot “unlock” and use their hands – instead, they must use their head, elbows, knees, etc. to keep the balloon up! The team that drops their balloon first loses. (via Kid Friendly Things to Do)

(11) Foot Keepy Uppy: Mastered regular Keepy Uppy? Try this fun version where you sit in a circle and keep a balloon or beach ball up in the air by only using your feet! (via Playtivities)

(12) Clothespin Tag: This type of tag game is a cross between classic tag and flag football. First, grab enough clothespins for each player (you can even have them decorate them if you’d like). Then, each player pins one to the back of their shirt. Once the game begins, kids run and try to snag clothespins without losing their own! Whoever has the most clothespins is declared the winner. (via BHG)

(13) Hula Hoop Contest: It’s time to get moving and see how well your guests can move their hips! Each player gets a hoop and simply has to keep their hoop moving the longest without it touching the ground, whether it’s on their arms, legs, or hips!

DIY (or Buy!) Outdoor Party Games

With a little time and effort, these outdoor games can easily be DIY’ed. So if you have the skills and desire, try your hand at crafting some of these amazing games for your next gathering.

But not to worry if you don’t have a crafty bone in your body! Most of these games can be purchased as well. You’ll save time that you can put towards planning other areas of your special occasion.

Whether you plan to DIY your favorite games, or prefer to purchase them ready-to-go, take a look at these epic outdoor party game options that have you covered either way:

(1) Giant Kerplunk: Make your favorite game giant-sized! Stack tomato cages and zip-tie them together, then add vinyl fabric to the top to keep the balls from falling out. Insert PVC pipes through the cages and add balls on top of the pipes. Players take turns removing a stick, trying not to make any balls drop. The player with the least amount of dropped balls at the end of the game wins! (via Design Dazzle and HGTV)

(2) Giant Jenga: Jenga is a classic game that’s even more fun when it’s giant! Snag a giant Jenga set on Amazon, or try making it yourself by following this incredible tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. (via A Beautiful Mess).

(3) Tarp Toss: To play tarp toss, you’ll need to DIY a tarp with numbered holes. Hang it from poles or trees and then try to throw a football (or any ball really), into a hole. Each hole is worth a different number of points, and whoever has the most, wins! (via HGTV)

If you’re not up for the DIY part, you can also purchase a pre-made Tarp Toss set here.

(4) Frisbee Toss with Cardboard Box: This old-fashioned game of frisbee toss is easy to make if you’re big into DIY. All you need is a large cardboard box and some frisbees! (via BHG)

(5) Kan Jam: Alternatively, forget the DIY and get yourself Kan Jam, a fancy version of the frisbee toss game. It’s an awesome game to travel with – you can set it up anywhere, from a local park, to a sandy beach, to your very own backyard. The game is simple: toss the flying discs into the Kan Jam slots and whoever gets to 21 points first, wins. Purchase here via Amazon.

(6) Bocce Ball: This game is played with two teams, each consisting of one, two, or four players. The objective of the game is to roll or toss your team’s bocce balls as close as possible to the Pallino, which is the target ball, while also trying to knock your opponent’s balls away from it.

Want to build your very own bocce ball court? Check out this DIY layout (via Blesser House). Or, simply use your lawn and purchase your own bocce set here!

(7) DIY Lawn Matching Memory Game: Take the beloved card game, Memory, and make it yard-sized with this easy DIY. All you need are cork tiles, spray paint, card stock, and a few craft supplies. You can even use printable stencils (via Studio DIY) to print out, then spray paint your matching tiles on. Once they’re dry, let the kids go to town trying to find their matches!

(8) Giant Connect 4: Kids and adults both love playing this game, especially when it’s life-size! If you’re handy with power tools, try building your own backyard-sized version with this DIY tutorial (via Build Basic). Or head to Amazon and grab this awesome giant set that’s perfect for outdoor fun.

(9) Bucket Ball: Bucket ball is basically a kid-friendly, life-sized version of beer pong! To play, simply set up five-gallon buckets in a triangle formation and take turns trying to throw a ball into your opponent’s buckets. The first team to make all of their opponent’s buckets wins! (via Wichita by EB)

Don’t have enough buckets to play? You can purchase your own Bucket Ball set complete with everything you need for an epic Bucket Ball game.

(10) DIY Ladder Golf: To create your own “Hillbilly Golf” game, also known as Ladder Golf, you’ll need PVC pipes, elbows, T-joints, and golf balls. Cut the PVC pipes and assemble them accordingly. Then, make “bolas” by drilling holes in the golf balls and tying them with twine. The game is played by throwing the bolas at the ladder, with points awarded based on which rung they wrap around. (via Heart Hook Home)

If you prefer to purchase your own Ladder Golf set, this one from Amazon is our pick.

(11) Lawn Twister: Twister is so easy to prep outside! Make circles in color-coordinating rows of four with spray paint directly on the lawn. Then create a spinner from a piece of cardboard or a pizza box and watch the fun continue all day! (via One Good Thing by Jillee)

Prefer a traditional Twister game that you can take inside or out? This Ultimate version has a larger mat that’s great for more players. Or, get wet and wild with this splash version that you hook up to a hose!

(12) Giant Tic Tac Toe: Hula Hoops are an easy space designation for outdoor Tic Tac Toe! Lay them out in a block of nine, and it’s the perfect base for your board. Use decorated plates or frisbees (with an X or O on them) for each of the two players. (via HGTV)

(13) Light Up Tic Tac Toe: Nighttime is no match for this giant glow-in-the-dark version of Tic Tac Toe. It lights up like a rainbow so you can play all night long.

(14) Frisbee Tic Tac Toe: Have older kids who think Tic Tac Toe is too easy? Create a large grid using spray paint on grass, or a large tarp with duct tape, and gather some frisbees. Instead of placing them into position, players must try to throw and aim for the block they’re trying to cover. If you don’t have a ton of frisbees, after your toss, mark your spot with a colored rock. (via A Turtles Life For Me)

(15) Yard Yahtzee with Yard Dice: There’s something about Yahtzee that makes it so much more fun when it’s super-sized! Make your own large wooden dice set out of 4x4s and sealant, then paint them any color your heart desires. (via The Pinning Mama)

But, if you’re not crafty, this Yardzee set is just the ticket to get you started playing immediately, plus it comes with printout scorecards!

(16) Spike Ball: Spike Ball is like volleyball, but with a twist! Each team tries to spike the ball away from one another, but it must bounce on the circular net for a point to be scored. It only takes a few minutes to set up and can be played anywhere.

(17) Limbo Set: How low can you go? Limbo is the ultimate party game that’s perfect for all ages – and a great option if you want the little kids to have the upper hand for once! Grab a broomstick, crank up the music, and see who can survive the longest as the stick moves lower and lower with each round. Prefer to have the real deal? Snag this official limbo set instead.

(18) Giant Lawn Dominoes: if you’re feeling crafty and have the time, then DIY yard dominoes are not difficult. You’ll just need multiple wooden blocks in a 1:2 ratio that you can cut and stain, then paint with numbered dots (via Dream a Little Bigger).

But if time is a concern, then you can purchase this ready-made giant set.

(19) DIY Plinko Board: Get ready to make your Price is Right dreams a reality with this incredible DIY Plinko Board! You’ll need some foam core, loads of tooth picks, glue, and duct tape. You can use recycled lids as the Plinko chips. Each player goes to the top of the game board and drops a chip. It will eventually land in one of the prize slots at the bottom. It’s super fun to watch it bounce around and see where it lands! Use it at a kids’ birthday party in lieu of favor bags! (via Happiness is Homemade)

Not feeling crafty? You can actually purchase a Plinko-style board on Amazon.

(20) Giant Pick-Up Sticks: Pick-up sticks is a game where each player takes a turn to try and pick up a colored stick without moving another. If they can do it, they win that stick. The player with the most sticks wins. Easily create your own set with wooden dowels spray painted in a multitude of colors. (via Nellie Bellie)

Alternatively, purchase your own giant and colorful set.

(21) Backyard Bowling: Make your own party-themed bowling set using empty two-liter bottles. Simply funnel in some sand or gravel to keep them grounded, and use a large ball with a little bit of weight. Get into formation, and go to town! We adore this gnome set (via Jennifer Perkins).

Rather make a purchase? Check out this inflatable set or this charming wooden version.

(22) Giant Left Right Center (LCR): With plates as chips and giant wooden blocks as the dice, these items are all you’ll need for LCR. L = pass a chip to the player on your left, C = place a chip in the pot in the center, and R = pass a chip to the player on your right. If you roll a dot, then you keep your chip. The game continues until only one player has a chip remaining.

We love this DIY version (via DIY Showoff), but you can also purchase your own LCR set in a convenient travel bag.

(23) Traditional Corn Hole: Cornhole is a classic lawn game that involves tossing bean bags at a raised platform with a hole in it. The object of the game is to get your bean bags in the hole or on the platform (you get points for each) while preventing your opponent from doing the same. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Build your own Cornhole boards by following this DIY tutorial from Game on Family.

Kudos if you can make your own set, but there are plenty of options to purchase via Amazon.

(24) Classic Ring Toss Game: Adults and kids of all ages can enjoy a classic toss game, and all you need to create your own is some cut pieces of wood, copper pipes, rope, and electrical tape. The pipes become the pegs to aim for when placed on top of the wooden cross formation. Use rope and electrical tape to make the rings, and then get ready for hours of play! (via Anikas Daily Life).

But if you prefer to leave DIY to the experts, check out this pre-made ring toss set instead.

(25) Glow in the Dark Ring Toss: Ring toss, but make it dark! You don’t have to stop playing when the sun sets thanks to this glow-in-the-dark ring toss set. The pegs light up so you can see where to aim!

(26) Bottle Bash: Bottle Bash is a fun frisbee game that can be played by two teams of two players each. The objective of the game is to be the first team to reach 21 points. Points are earned by knocking off your opponent’s bottle (unless they catch it!), or by them dropping the frisbee. It’s perfect for families and teens for everyday play, outdoor parties, camping trips, or beach vacations!

Outdoor Water Games

If you’re on the hunt for some seriously awesome outdoor party game ideas that involve cooling off, feeling refreshed, and having fun in the sun, then check out this exciting list of water games that will keep all of your guests as cool as a cucumber:

(1) Water Balloon “Fight”: There’s nothing quite like getting soaked with a good ol’ water balloon battle! Divide guests into teams or make it every man for himself.

TIP: Water balloons can be time-consuming to fill and tie, but these rapid-fill self-sealing water balloons allows you to create 100 filled and sealed water balloons in just one minute! It’s the perfect solution for large events with a lot of players, especially on a scorching hot day.

(2) Wet Sponge Dodge Ball: Wet Sponge Dodge Ball is a lot like regular dodgeball, except with sponges as the ball. The object of the game is to eliminate all of the opposing players by hitting them with a wet sponge! A player can also be eliminated by catching one of their sponges. It’s wet, silly fun.  (via Kid Friendly Things to Do)

(3) Squirt Gun Tag: This water version of your classic “tag” game is played exactly the same – except instead of touching someone to “tag” them, the tagger uses a water gun to squirt people! The last person who’s still dry is the winner!

(4) Milk Jug Water Balloon Toss: Put a different spin on the water balloon toss by using a cut milk jug as a vessel for launching and catching the water balloons. Toss the balloons back and forth with a partner, trying not to break them. It’s a simple game that’s perfect for a hot day. (via A Kid Friendly Things To Do)

(5) Pass the Water: Get ready for a wet and wild time with Pass the Water. All you need are plastic cups, water, and some friends. Line up in a row and then attempt to pass the water from cup to cup by pouring it over your head, trying not to spill any along the way. It’s a simple but super fun game that’s sure to make a splash at your next party. (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)

(6) Lying Down Pass the Water: Want to get even wetter? Try this version of Pass the Water where one team member stands up and places the full cup of water on their head, and tries to pass it to their teammate, who is lying down with a cup on their belly! (source unknown)

(7) Water Balloon Toss: Stay cool and have a blast with this water balloon toss game. All you need is a partner, some water balloons, and a towel to dry off with afterward. See who can toss the balloon back and forth without it breaking! (via Children’s Ministry Ideas Unlimited)

(8) Marble Toes: If you’re looking for a fun and easy water game that the whole family can enjoy, Marble Toes is the way to go. Simply fill up a kiddie pool with water, and place 50+ marbles at the bottom. Place a bucket around the outside of the pool for each player. Players then stand in the pool and try to pick-up the marbles and place them in their bucket using only their toes! The player with the most marbles in their bucket wins. (via The Creative Bite)

(9) Back-to-Back Water Balloon Dash: Get ready to get soaked with Back-to-Back Water Balloon Dash. Split into teams of two, grab a water balloon, and place it between your backs. Race to the finish line without popping your balloon to win. It’s a fun and easy game for kids, teens, and even adults to enjoy during your summer party. (via Kid Friendly Things To Do)

(10) Water Balloon Volleyball: Spike some fun into your summer with Water Balloon Volleyball. Grab some towels, a net, and of course, some water balloons. Teammates try to launch a water balloon over the net with their towel, and their opponents then attempt to catch it in their towel without it bursting. It’s a fun twist on a classic game that will keep your guests cool and entertained all day long. (via It’s Always Autumn)

(11) Water Balloon Piñata: If it’s hot out and you’re ready to get wet, then this is the party game for you. Fill up some water balloons, hang them from a tree, then let the kids (or adults!) take turns trying to break them open – getting soaked in the process. It’s a classic game that will be enjoyed by all. (via Fireflies and Mudpies)

(12) Water Gun Race: Arm players with a hose or water squirters, then challenge them to move a watering can, bucket or plastic cup from one end of a string to the other. It’s good wet fun! (via BHG)

(13) Flipper Fill Up: All you need is a few buckets, some plastic cups, and a group of friends to play this super silly water game. See which team can fill up their bucket the fastest by going back and forth with small cups of water while wearing flippers! It’s a hilarious and exciting game that’s perfect for a hot day. (via How Does She)

(14) Cash or Splash: The chance to win a little cash – who wouldn’t love that?! Write on the bottom of a few small dixie cups some dollar amounts. Then fill up about 50 cups (including those with the $ amounts on the bottom) with water and place on a table. Players simply pick a cup, look at the bottom, and if there’s no $ amount, they splash the water on their head. If they’re lucky enough to pick a $ cup, they win the cash! (via Play Party Plan) Check out the video of this fun outdoor water game in action (via @playpartyplan on TikTok)!

(15) Musical Buckets: This game is played just like musical chairs, except players better be prepared to get soaked! Instead of using chairs, buckets of water with a small cup or sponge inside are placed in a circle for each player, minus one. When the music stops, each person grabs a sponge from the closest bucket and squeezes it over their head in order to claim it (or splashes a scoop of water over their head with the cup). Whoever didn’t get to a bucket fast enough is out. Keep removing buckets until only one person remains. Watch this video (via @playpartyplan ) to see all the wet fun.

(16) Fill the Bucket: Get ready to cool off with the ultimate water relay game! All you need are some plastic cups with teeny-tiny holes, an ice bucket filled with water, and an empty bucket. Simply fill your leaky cup with water and run it over to the empty bucket without losing too much water along the way. The team or person who fills up their bucket first is the winner! (via The Resourceful Mama)

(17) Drip, Drip, Drop: Turn “Duck, Duck, Goose” into a water game with “Drip, Drip, Drop!”. One player is “it” and scoops a cup of water from a bucket. They dip their fingers in the cup and sprinkle a drip of water on the next player’s head and say, “drip.” The game continues with drips until the player dumps the rest of the water on someone’s head and says, “drop!” That person then chases the player who is “it” around the circle, trying to beat them back to their original spot. The player that sits last (or is still standing) then gets to be “it”. Younger kids absolutely adore this game! (via The Educator’s Spin on It)

(18) Water Limbo: This water version of limbo is as simple as it gets, but extremely fun! One person holds a hose and the spray becomes the limbo bar. If you get water in your face, you’re out. (via Davonne Parks)

(19) Bucket Guard: Another great outdoor water game to cool down is Bucket Guard. The objective is to toss as many water balloons as possible into your opponent’s bucket. The catch? Your opponent is guarding their bucket and trying to smash the balloons with a baseball bat before they land! (via Kid Friendly Things To Do)

(20) Hot Potato: Everyone gets wet in this version of Hot Potato. Simply sit in a circle and pass around a water balloon while music plays. When the music stops, whoever is holding the balloon is out and must pop it over their head! (via Play Party Plan)

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More Fun Outdoor Party Games

But wait…there’s more! If you’re still looking for more great outdoor party games, we’ve compiled some additional ideas to make your backyard party one that guests will talk about year after year!

(1) Balloon Darts: To create a balloon dart board, you’ll need a large piece of cardboard, solid color gift wrap, 20-25 balloons, and tape. After wrapping the cardboard with the gift wrap, blow up the balloons and tape them to the board. For added fun, insert notes with a silly task for the person to complete, or indictate that they’ve won a particular prize. You could even assign point values to the balloons (just write on them with a Sharpie) and the person that pops the most points is the winner. (via Spaceships and Laser Beams)

(2) Human Ring Toss with Pool Rings: This is a super fun and easy outdoor game, perfect for summertime shenanigans with the kids. All you need are some inflatable pool rings and a few willing players to toss them at. Pick your teams, decide on the distance, and start ringing your players. Each time you successfully “ring” your teammate, you earn a point. First team to 21 points is declared the winner. (via Kid Friendly Things to Do)

(3) Human Knot: The Human Knot game is a fun icebreaker where players stand in a circle and hold hands with different people, creating a “human knot.” The goal is to unthread their bodies without letting go of each other’s hands. It’s sure to bring lots of laughs and amusement to the group. (via Ice Breaker Ideas)

(4) Giant Board Game: This is a super fun activity where you create a giant game board right in your backyard. Fill in each space with exciting activities like water fights, silly dances and more. Roll the dice and complete the activity you land on while making your way to the finish line. (via The 36th Avenue)

(5) Snake Pit: To play, grab a bunch of pool noodles, overlap them in a large open area in the middle of the circle, and have players stand around them while holding hands. Then, when you say “go”, everyone tries to avoid touching the pool noodles while keeping their hands linked. It’s like a fun, wiggly obstacle course that will have everyone laughing and scrambling to stay afloat! (via @playpartyplan on TikTok) and more instructions here (via Play Party Plan)

(6) Frisbee Target: Earn points by throwing your Frisbee through this simple DIY target. (A Few Shortcuts)

(7) DIY Skee Ball: Bring the arcade to your backyard with outdoor Skee Ball! Simply line up some buckets and assign points to each using paper plates. Give each player 5 turns to throw a ball into the buckets. Keep track of their score and the player with the most points wins. (via HGTV)

(8) Bigfoot: This game is nothing short of hilarious! It involves wearing giant cardboard feet with balls on the toenails and racing from one point to another while trying to keep as many balls on the feet as possible. It’s perfect for kids and adults alike, and can be played at family reunions, summertime get-togethers, or even as a fun field day game at school. (via Get Your Holiday On)

(9) Shoe Box Bigfoot: Not feeling crafty enough to make big feet? You can also create some easy big feet with shoe boxes! (via Meaningful Mama)

(10) Hula Hoop Balloon Game: With a few helium balloons and hula hoops, you can create an exciting outdoor game that kids of all ages will enjoy. Simply assign a point value to each balloon (you can write on them with a Sharpie),  then try to earn the points by throwing a hula hoop over them. (via Pinterest)

(11) Crab Soccer: To get set up for crab soccer, all you need is an open space, a soccer ball, and a couple of nets or markers for goals. Once you’ve got everything set up, divide into two equal teams and get ready to play. The game is played in the “crab position,” which means you’ll be walking around on your hands and feet with your knees and hips up. The aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible while staying in the crab position. (via Kid Friendly Things to Do)

(12) Hula Hoop Lasso Challenge: All you need for this game are some hula hoops, balls of all shapes and sizes, and a little bit of string. Tie the string to the hula hoops, spread out the balls, and see who can catch the most! You can even try to steal someone else’s catch by throwing your lasso over it and pulling it your way! (via Raising Dragons)

(13) Human Piñata Chase: This chasing game is a fun and exciting twist on the traditional piñata game that’s sure to be a hit at your next family reunion or party. To play, hot glue or tape candy, snacks, and even money onto the front and back of old t-shirts, then let the kids loose to chase down the human piñatas and grab their treats. Make sure you’re recording a video for this one! (via Family Reunion Helper)

(14) Bean Bag Toss: Similar to cornhole, this game involves throwing bean bags into bowls and allows kids to practice their math skills as they add up their points. Snag some cheap bowls from the Dollar store and you’re all set! (via Morgan Moore)

(15) Pantyhose Bowling: To play Pantyhose Bowling, players must knock down a series of water bottles or cups. The catch? They must use a ball in a pair of pantyhose that is attached to their head! It’s hilarious to watch, whether kids or adults! (via Play Party Plan)

(16) Gladiator Jousting: In this game, players stand on a designated pedestal (a milk crate or half bosu ball work great!) and try to knock their opponent off with a foam-padded jousting stick. The last player still standing on their pedestal wins! (via The Creative Bite)

(17) No Hands Watermelon Challenge: All you need for this challenge is a watermelon! Cut the watermelon into big chunks, and then sit around a table. The goal is for each player to eat their watermelon slice as quickly as possible without using their hands. The first player to finish their watermelon slice is the winner. It’s a messy, but fun, way to enjoy everyone’s favorite summer treat. (via Playtivities)

(18) DIY Mini Golf with Pool Noodles: This easy-to-make backyard game will provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. All you need are some pool noodles, golf clubs, golf balls, solo cups, and wooden skewers to set up your very own mini golf course in your backyard. Create a variety of obstacles and barriers for your mini golfers to overcome, making each hole a unique and exciting challenge. (via Passion for Savings)

(19) Outdoor Pictionary: Who says you have to stay inside to play Pictionary? Take the fun outside by creating your very own outdoor game version. All you need is an easel, a large pad of paper, and some sidewalk chalk – or forget the paper and simply use your driveway! Split players into teams and get drawing. (via HGTV)

(20) Bobbing for Donuts: Get ready for a fun party game that will have everyone laughing! It’s called “Donut Bobbing”, and it involves hanging donuts on a string or ribbon and challenging players to eat them without using their hands. The first person to finish their donut wins! (via Rachel Hollis)

(21) Frisbee Golf: Create a Frisbee Golf course using this DIY tutorial. Not into DIY’ing? Just use laundry baskets instead! (via Chas Crazy Creations).

(22) Glow-in-the-Dark Wiffle Ball: Who says the fun has to stop just because it’s getting dark outside? With Glow-in-the-Dark Wiffle Ball, the fun can continue all night long! All you need are some glow sticks and a wiffle ball to create a fun and exciting game that will light up the night. Place the glow sticks in the wiffle ball to keep track of it. Add to the fun by handing out glow-in-the-dark necklaces to each player, too. (via A Few Shortcuts)

(23) Rabbit Hole: The goal of Rabbit Hole is to pretend to be rabbits and escape from a sly fox by crawling through a hula hoop and into a “rabbit hole”. The trick is that you cannot knock over the hoop! (via The Inspired Treehouse)

(24) Cheesy Head: For this ridiculously hilarious party game, one person from each team will wear a shower cap covered in shaving cream. Their teammates will then toss orange cheesy balls or Cheetos at the cap, trying to get them to stick. The winner is the team who have the most balls stuck in the shaving cream after one minute. You’ll get tons of giggles with this one! (via My Life and Kids)

(25) Balloon Stomp: This game can actually be played indoors or outdoors, but you’ll have more space outside. To start, tie a balloon to each players’ ankle, then let them run around trying to pop each other’s balloons by stomping on them. The last person with an unpopped balloon wins! (via My Joy Filled Life)

We hope you’ve enjoyed our extensive idea list of outdoor party games. Whether you’re planning a birthday party, backyard BBQ, family reunion or other special occasion, creating memories together while having fun and getting a dose of fresh air is what it’s all about.

Let us know which of these games you’re most excited to play. And if you have any favorite outdoor party games you’d like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Let’s keep the fun going!

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