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Want some fun and unique money as gift ideas? We’ve pulled together the best money gift ideas for all occasions – from birthdays to Christmas.

Giving money as a gift is usually much appreciated, but could come off as a little impersonal or a tad boring. However, with these insanely creative money gift ideas, your cash gift can be customized into an extremely thoughtful and meaningful present.

We’ve scoured the web and found the absolute best ways to give money as a gift for any and all occasions. These gifting money ideas go way beyond sticking some cash into a card – they’re completely unique, fun and many are completely unexpected!

Try out one of these creative money ideas for gifts to a birthday girl/boy, new graduate, newlywed couple, or as a housewarming or holiday present. And bonus – many of these ideas can also be used a clever way to give gift cards too!

If you put in the extra effort, your cash gift won’t be viewed as boring, but instead, it will be remembered long after the money is spent.

So bless your recipient with some extra dough and a memorable experience by browsing through this list of money ideas for gifts and choosing your favorite!

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Money Gift Ideas For Any Occasion

Whether you’re gifting money to a graduate bound for college, or to celebrate a special birthday, this list of creative ideas to give cash showcases the best ways to turn the most practical gift idea into a fun, unique surprise.

(1) Box of Money Balloons – Roll up some dollar bills and push inside several balloons, then add helium. Once you have a good bundle, place inside a box (with weights on the bottoms of the balloon ribbons). When opened, your recipient will get a fun balloon surprise! (via C.R.A.F.T.)

(2) You could also take this surprise a step further and do a cute surprise delivery where you place the box on their doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run away! (via Studio DIY)

(3) Money Lei – This idea is super fun for a graduation gift or birthday celebration. To make a festive money lei, all you need is to accordion fold some dollar bills, tape around a string or ribbon necklace, and add paper or beads for color. It’s a fashionable way to give money! (via Made With Happy)

(4) Hidden Money Mason Jars – Everyone loves a surprise, but this gift is a double whammy! Fill a mason jar or clear container with colorful candy like m&m’s and present it as your gift. When the receiver opens it, not only will they enjoy the candy, but you can hide money or gift cards in the center for a jaw-dropping surprise! (via My Home Based Life)

(5) Surprise Money Confetti Popper – A sprinkle of confetti is fun for any party, but making your own confetti poppers takes the party to the next level! You can purchase empty push pop containers, fill with confetti of your choosing, then hide some rolled up dollar bills inside. The party will instantly be poppin’! (via Studio DIY)

(6) Confetti Money Balloons – These balloons are not only so much fun to pop, but they are gorgeous, too! Purchase some clear balloons and use a funnel to pour in some colorful confetti of your choice. Then roll up your dollar bills and stuff them inside. The confetti will mask the money, revealing a shocking (and much welcome!) surprise when popped. (via Sugar and Charm)

(7) Money French Fries – Have a fry-lover in your life? This playful idea involves snagging a McDonald’s fry container (or creating a look-a-like of your own) and folding dollar bills triangularly to make them stick up like French fries! How clever is that for a money gift?! (via Making Memories with Your Kids)

(8) Extra “Dough” Playdoh Money Holder – Prank the giftee with some “dough”! Grab a jar or two of Play-Doh, empty it out, and replace with dollar bills. Include a message that says, “here’s some extra dough” and they’ll be delightfully surprised upon opening it. (via Sunburst Gifts)

(9) Tissue Box Surprise – Tape together multiple dollar bills from end to end, then gently roll up and place inside an empty tissue box. Top the box off with a cute homemade gift tag that says, “don’t blow it all in one place”! (via Lovezilla)

(10) Chocolate Box of Money – Gift money in an unsuspecting way…within a box of chocolates! Make the receiver think they are getting a sweet snack, but when they lift the lid, the candy wrappers are filled with carefully folded dollar bills and coins that are neatly placed in a variety of ways. Try it for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion – it’s so fun and much healthier!  (via Life as Mom)

(11) Raining Money Umbrella – Make it rain money with this whimsical money gift-giving idea! Take an umbrella and tape dollar bills to the end of ribbons that are secured to the inside. When the receiver opens it they’ll be surprised with raining dollar bills! (via Seasonal Home)

(12) You can also add this Something For A Rainy Day idea by creating a super cute homemade tag on the outside of the umbrella that says “something for a rainy day” for an adorable finish. (via Skip to my Lou)

(13) Photo Album – They’ll never guess they’re getting money when they unwrap a large photo album! Send them a shocking surprise when they open the album to reveal dollar bills in each and every photo slot! This makes for a jaw-dropping gift – you can even add photos if you like! (via Imgur @stephaneko)

(14) Money Rosette – If you’re into a beautiful aesthetic and are really good at origami folding, then check out this tutorial for a beautiful rosette made of money! Gift it as is or place on top of a package for a pretty yet useful finish. (via Just Something I Made)

(15) Cold Hard Cash – Money is the gift that keeps on giving, and let’s be honest, the thing that everyone wants the most! Make them work for it with this hilarious idea that makes for a great gag gift or white elephant gift by freezing the bills in a container of ice to make cold, hard cash! They’ll then have the task at chipping away or waiting for it to thaw to get the money. (via Shortstop Blog)

(16) Money Notepad – How fun would it be to rip off a dollar bill from a notepad anytime you need one? This creative tutorial shows you exactly how to make a money notepad to gift and is a fun and simple way to gift money for any occasion. (via What Mommy Does)

(17) Money Crayons – Add instant color to anyone’s world with this creative way to gift money. Simply purchase a box of crayons and wrap each one with dollar bills inside the box. When they go to use the crayons, they’ll get quite the welcome surprise! (via KMO & JMO)

(18) Money Prescription Bottle – Give them just what the doctor ordered: the gift of money to brighten their day! Simply roll dollar bills and place inside an empty prescription bottle with a creative message on “how to dose” their money medication – maybe prescribing a shopping spree is in order! (via Sunburst Gifts)

(19) Money Roll – This crafty money gift looks like a sweet treat! All you need is an empty toilet paper roll. Cut one side open and place a roll of dollar bills that are taped together from end to end inside. Then cover the tube with some pretty paper and secure ribbons at each end. Make sure to leave an open slip so that the money can roll out when gently pulled. (via Crafts a la Mode)

(20) Money Tree Topiary – Turn your money gift into a centerpiece or decoration with this cute idea: fold your dollar bill and center secure with wire, then insert into a Styrofoam ball. When complete, the money looks like a little plant topiary inside a vase! (via Sugar Bee Crafts)

(21) Money Tree – Similar to the topiary idea, this one involves the same method, except the money gets attached to twigs or small tree limbs, but the dollar bills look more like flowers. Simply use the folding technique found in this step-by-step tutorial – it may be time-consuming, but it will make for a visually stunning centerpiece. (via eHow)

(22) Money Flowers – Whether real or fake, roses of any color will look extra beautiful when wrapped carefully with dollar bills! Arrange accordingly and tie with a ribbon and special message inside a vase for an unforgettable bouquet. (via Pinterest)

(23) Lollipop Gift Basket – Gifting candy is even more fun when it’s mixed with lollipops made of money! Simply fold and tape the bills into pinwheels and attach to lollipop sticks. Place inside a vase with Styrofoam next to real lollipops. This is a great all-occasion money gift for birthdays, graduations, and more. (via The Inspiration Board)

(24) Money Crown – Perfect for any newlywed, graduate, bachelorette or birthday girl/boy, this helpful tutorial on how to make a money crown is sure to make the recipient feel like royalty. Check out the video tutorial via NProkuda.

(25) Money Tie – Perfect for Father’s Day, graduation, retirement, and more, this carefully folded tie made out of money and displayed inside a gift box is sure to be the best present at the party! (via My Weekly Pinspiration)

(26) Money Shirt – Sharpen your folding skills because this shirt made of money will dress to impress! Perfect as a Father’s Day gift or as a retirement gift. (source unknown)

(27) Money in Pez Dispenser – This is the perfect gift idea for the pez collector and is just a fun way to gift money! Simply roll up your dollar bills and hide inside the Pez dispenser. Fill a gift bag with additional Pez candies so they can enjoy the candy as well! (via C.R.A.F.T.)

(28) Money Pizza Pie – If you’re giving away some fresh dough, then there’s no better way to do so than in the form of a pizza! Simply lay out your bills in a circular pattern, roll some bills up for the crust, add pepperoni quarters, and arrange inside a clean pizza box with a special message for the occasion. It’s sure to be a delicious hit! (via Redhead Can Decorate)

(29) Green Money Salad – This money gift idea is especially perfect as a wedding gift, as a wedding shower gift, or for a housewarming party gift. Simply purchase a beautiful bowl, throw in dollar bills to look like salad greens (just crinkle them up a bit), wrap with a ribbon and add some wooden utensils for a pretty finish! Voilà! An easy but useful gift that will keep guests talking! (via Girl & a Glue Gun)

(30) Bread Inside Your Bread Gag – If you love memes, then this gift-giving idea is for you! Simply print out this meme that includes “I put some bread inside your bread” and then purchase a loaf of bread to hide it inside! You’re sure to get a good laugh out of this one! (via Smart Fun DIY)

(31) Cash in a Can – Perfect as a white elephant gift or a gag gift for any occasion. Simply tape dollar bills from end to end. Roll them up and tape a ribbon to one end and place inside an empty can of your choosing, just like this canned fruit. The receiver will be pleasantly surprised! (via It’s Always Autumn)

(32) “The Whole Caboodle” If you’re giving away the whole caboodle, you might as well be clever and organize your dollar bills within an actual Caboodle! It’s a great money gift idea for young girls or any women who love makeup and self-care products – they can use it every single day! (via What Mommy Does)

(33) Smash Open Block – Make them work hard for their money! Create this super fun smash block that shows you how to hide money inside. Keep the bills protected inside of a plastic bag during the creation process. When they open their gift, give them a small hammer to crush and enjoy their surprise! Take a closer look at 2:05 of this video from 5-Minute Repair.

(34) Money Wreath – Grab a cheap and plain wreath on clearance and some small clips or clothes pins. Attach a variety of dollar bills, gift cards, small notes, or trinkets to the wreath – such a cute, creative and easy way to package up a money gift! (via Savannah Smiled)

(35) “Buy Something You Don’t Need” Money Envelope – This money gift is more about the message. Create this thoughtful money-holding envelope with a special message that alludes to stress-free spending. It’s a thoughtful way to gift money for someone in a tough spot or who just needs a self-care day. Not feeling crafty? Go ahead and order this awesome printable! (via DIYInspiredInc)

(36) “Money to Burn” – Gift some spending money for any occasion in this clever way. Simply hide your dollar bills inside a matchbox with a cute handmade note that says, “here’s some money to burn”! This is a simple and thoughtful way to gift money for absolutely any occasion. (via Style Baggage)

(37) Money Cake – If you have a lot of bills to gift, then this ornate money cake is an impressive way to do so. You can purchase cake tiers or make your own to cover with bills by strategically pinning. The result is an artful way to display your gift at any special party. (via Craftibilities)

(38) In Case of Emergency, Break Glass – So simple, yet so creative. Give the gift of money inside of a pretty picture frame with a message that says, “in case of emergency, break glass”! Not only will they appreciate the cute message, but they’ll also have a frame that they can reuse. (via Sendomatic)

(39) Scrubber “Got You Some Green” Money Gag – Gift some green by hiding money under the packaging label of a green scrubbing sponge! They may feel they got gagged, but once they decide to clean the house, they’ll reveal an exciting money surprise! (via Smart Fun DIY)

(40) Money Wallet – Create the perfect money or gift card holder with a handmade money wallet. Simply fold your bills according to this tutorial and adorn as you wish – you can even add a button! Place additional money or a gift card inside. (via Crafty Journal)

(41) Cash Fortune Cookie – Make a simple paper fortune cookie using this easy tutorial and fill it with some cash and a sweet message. (via Passion For Savings)

(42) Bubble Gum Hidden Money Jar – Hide a plastic baggie of cash inside a jar of bubblegum and attach a cute tag that says “Don’t Blow it all in one place”! (via Passion for Savings)

(43) Create a Treasure Hunt – “Bury” or hide a treasure box somewhere inside or outside of the house; make clues for the gift recipient to follow, or make a treasure map! They’ll be ecstatic to find the money treasure, and it will be an unforgettable experience!

Extra Gum packet with money gift printable

(44) Something “Extra” – Wrap Extra gum with dollar bills, or tuck the cash inside their “Refreshers” style packaging, then add one of our free printable gift tags to let your recipient know that you got them “something a little EXTRA”! (via What Moms Love)

rolling pin covered with money and edible cookie dough with cash and printable gift tag

(45) “Extra Dough” – If you’re looking for an extra creative way to give money as a gift, turn it into some “dough” with our free printable gift tags. Hide the money in a package of edible cookie dough, or gift a rolling pin covered in dollar bills – both money gifts will be received with a laugh and a smile, and can be used for all special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, graduation, or even a housewarming gift. (via What Moms Love)

payday candy bar wrapped with money and gift tag

(46) Candy Bar “Payday” – You really can’t go wrong with cash and candy! This money gift idea can be used on kids, teenagers, college kids and adults – and is especially perfect for graduates, job promotions or as a teacher appreciation gift. It’s super simple to pull together – grab the free printable tags here. (via What Moms Love)

Money Gift Ideas For Birthdays

Want a creative way to give money for a birthday gift? We’ve pulled together the best ideas to make gifting money more unique and thoughtful. From dollar bill origami projects to a birthday cake made of money – this  list of creative money gift ideas for birthdays will wow any friend or family member. We find they’re particularly helpful with those hard-to-buy-for teenagers!

(1) Cash in a Can – Grab an empty, clean can and wrap it with this printable birthday message. Fill it with a roll of money and top with curled ribbons and a “pull” tag message. Any birthday boy or girl of any age would appreciate this thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. (via It’s Always Autumn)

(2) Pocket Change Money Holder – Remove the pocket from an old pair of jeans to use as a super cute money gift holder. Use the free printable tag from Eighteen25 to tie it all together.

(3) Birthday Tissue Box Printable – Grab an empty Kleenex box and print out this colorful birthday printable for a quick and easy way to display your cash gift. It packs more punch than a card any day! Adorn with curly ribbons for an extra pop of color. (via A Girl & a Glue Gun)

(4) Mini Piñata – Any guest would have a smashing good time with a themed mini piñata to tear apart! Fill with candy, stickers, small toys, confetti, and rolled-up dollar bills to surprise and impress. (via Fun Squared)

(5) Bag of Dough – Giving money as a gift is always more fun when done in a creative way. This colorful printout offers a simple way to beautifully package up your present. Simply roll your dollar bills and tie with ribbon, then fill up your bag of dough and top with your printout to seal! (via Printables Ready Now)

(6) Money Candle Birthday Card – Send your best birthday wishes with a handmade card that includes rolled up dollar bills as the candles! (via The Happy Scraps)

(7) Birthday Cheddar – This hilarious cheese packaging looks just like the real thing, but you can hide your money gift inside it instead! See how long it takes the birthday boy or girl to realize that the package says “birthday cheddar” on the front! (via Ashaty)

(8) Money Birthday Cake – This idea may be time consuming, but it will surely make every guest’s jaw drop! Roll dollar bills around homemade tiers to look like a cake and wrap with a ribbon of your choice. Top with an actual cake topper or create a message with a cricut machine to place at the front of the “cake”. (via Life in Between)

(9) Gift Basket – Nothing says “happy birthday” quite like a gift basket full of money! Tape dollar bills onto wooden skewers and arrange them into a Styrofoam block inside a basket. You can also add other fun items like lottery tickets, candy, or fresh flowers. Present with a birthday sign or tag on the front, and you’ll be party-ready!  (via Ink Happi)

(12) Strings Attached Note – This clever way to gift birthday money is all about the message. Wrap the cash with strings and tell the recipient “this money comes with strings attached”. They must go and blow the money on themselves within a time limit. It’s a guilt-free way to get them to spend money on themselves! (via Image Remix)

(11) Birthday Balloons – Purchase enough helium balloons that equal the age of the birthday boy or birthday girl. Then tape dollar bills to the ends of the ribbons of each balloon. Let them free float on the ceiling at their party, or surprise them when they wake up with a ceiling full of money dangling in front of them! (via Living Locurto)

Money Gift Ideas For Christmas / The Holidays

The holiday season is the best time to give the best gift of all…money! Whether you’re looking for funny ways to give a money-filled Christmas gift, or just a new, fresh idea, you’re bound to find exactly what you’re looking for with these insanely creative Christmas cash gifts:

(1) Holiday Dough Printable – Gift some serious dough with a sweet message. This cute Christmas themed printable is all you need to adorn a bag full of rolled up dollar bills all tied up and ready for unwrapping. This gift can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone. (via Tessie Fay)

(2) Holiday Money Wreath – Wrap a simple Styrofoam wreath from your local craft store with money to create a gift that doubles as holiday décor! (via Passion For Savings)

(3) Candy Cane Coins – Gifting coins is so smart and makes for a great stocking stuffer – everyone needs quarters for handy use in places like the laundromat, parking meters, and more! Grab a roll of quarters and wrap with pretty Christmas paper, then top with cellophane and tie ribbon on each end to make it look like a sweet candy treat. (via Martha Stewart)

(4) Soda Can Cash Tree – Wrap soda cans in cash and stack into tree formation for this one-of-a-kind money gift. (via Passion For Savings)

(5) Christmas Tree Origami Card – With a few folds, dollar bills of any demomination can be turned into these adorable little money Christmas Tree cards. (via Ars Textura)

(6) Hide Cash Inside a Toilet Paper Roll – This hysterical gift idea is perfect for any gift exchange or white elephant party. Simply wrap a toilet paper roll in cellophane and hide money inside the paper tube with a message that says “In case you get cr@p for Christmas”! They’ll think they just got some toilet paper, and will be super shocked to find the hidden money inside! (via Sunburst Gifts)

(7) Hidden Money Mason Jars – Use holiday-colored candies to make this hidden money mason jar idea tie in perfectly to Christmas or Hanukkah. (via My Home Based Life)

(8) Origami Money Gift Box – What if the box was actually the gift? This fun origami-style way to gift money involves folding your dollar bills into a small box. Simply adorn with a colorful bow and voila! You’re ready for gift-giving one of the most creative Christmas presents. (via NProkuda)

(9) Christmas Money Tree – We are obsessed with this little rustic farmhouse style Christmas tree decoration that was made for money gifting. Simply fold up your dollar bills and ribbon wrap them in tiers to create the tree with a wooden dowel as its center. Add a star and place into a small metal bucket as a stand. (via Then She Made)

(10) Make a Money Tree Lot – This adorable little setup looks just like a Christmas tree lot! Grab a Styrofoam block at your local craft store and create triangular origami trees made of money (this tutorial from Curbly will show you how), tape to toothpicks, and arrange in the Styrofoam. Add some string lights or jingle bells and a tree lot sign for character. Such a cute and unique way to gift money at Christmas. (via Pinterest)

(11) Money-Filled Ornament – Create the most memorable ornament of all this Christmas when you fill a clear ornament ball with rolled up money inside. Hide with confetti or paper scraps and create a personalized tag or label with their name. (via the Country Chic Cottage)

(12) Money Wrapped Candy Canes – wrap candy canes with cash and pop into a stocking for a Christmas morning surprise! (via She’s Crafty Crafty)

(13) Merry Kiss-Mas Money Jar – Have a yourself a Merry Kiss-Mas with this creative money gift. Simply fill a mason jar with Hershey Kisses, hide some bills inside and add the cute tag. (via Passion For Savings)

(14) Christmas Cash Bottle – This holiday money gift is as fun to give as it is to receive. Fill a clean soda bottle with cash and watch your recipient try to get it out! For the secret and all the details on how to put it together, head to It’s Written on the Wall.

(15) Christmas Money Tree – The key to creating this adorable little money tree is a Styrofoam cone that you can pin your dollar bills to to make the “branches”. Fancy it up with some moss, a terra cotta pot and sparkly star on top. (via Mommy Savers)

(16) Money Stuffed Socks – Socks are a stocking stuffer staple, but usually received with a groan or two! This year, make them a coveted stuffer by tucking some cash inside! (via She’s Crafty Crafty)

Money Gift Ideas For A Wedding

The following fun money gift ideas were made for weddings! Gift the happy couple what they really need: money to start their lives together off on the right foot. They’ll surely appreciate receiving such an awesome gift that clearly shows a little extra time and effort went into making.

(1) “To Help Build Your Castle” – If you’re gifting the happy couple money for their wedding, then this is simply one of the most clever ways to do so, especially if they are beach lovers or having a destination wedding. Fill up a bucket with sand and stick your dollar bills in the sand to poke out the top. Include a shovel and put a message on the front that says “money to help build your castle”. (source unknown)

(2) Toy Car with Money Cans – Purchase a diecast car and tie a ribbon on the back with rolled up money bills attached that look like cans. Add the couples’ names or paint “just married” in the back windshield. The couple will appreciate the keepsake long after the cash is gone! (via Cleverly, 3:24 in video)

(3) Our Stache Jar – Gift the newlyweds a decorated jar that they can add money to whenever needed. This super fun idea involves cutting out a mustache from a cricut machine (or purchasing a sticker) and adding the words “our stache jar” to the front. Get the couple started by throwing some money inside! (via The Crafty Blog Stalker)

(4) Photo Frame Money Cans – Gift a pretty photo frame with an image of a vintage car inside. Attach some ribbons and roll-up some bills to create “cans”. A super creative way to give money and the newlyweds can use the photo frame when they receive their wedding pictures! (source unknown)

(5) Wedding Dress/Shirt Origami Card – Follow these origami folding tutorials to create this darling wedding card that the newlyweds can put to good use. (via Pinterest & Homemade Gifts Made Easy)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this extensive list of money gift ideas. Money is so easy to throw into a card, but when you come up with a great way to turn it into a fun gift idea, the giftee will have so much more appreciation for the time you’ve put into it.

What occasion will you be putting these ideas into action with first? Tell us in the comments below!

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