payday candy bar wrapped with money and gift tag

Try this unique idea to create a creative money gift that is sure to be received with a laugh and a smile!

Thinking of giving money as a gift and want a creative idea? Look no further than our unique “Pay Day” Candy Bar printable. This is a cool way to give cash as a gift that is far from boring, and makes for a truly memorable present.

This money gift idea can be used on kids, teenagers, college kids and adults – and is especially perfect for graduates, job promotions or as a teacher appreciation gift.

Read on to grab the free printable money gift tags, and learn how easy it is to DIY this creative way to give a little extra cash.

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Cool Gifting Money Idea: “Payday” Tutorial

Download the Free Printable:

First, you’ll want to grab the free printable candy bar gift tags by entering your information into the box below. The PDF will be sent directly to your inbox.

Open up the PDF and print. We like to use a heavier cardstock, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have any on hand. We created several different color combinations, and 2 different versions for you to choose from:

  1. “All your hard work “PAID” off
  2. “You deserve an extra PAYDAY”

Cut out your selected tag, punch a hole at the top and thread through a piece of ribbon or string.

For the regular sized Payday candy bar, we found placing your money bill behind the bar, then securing with the ribbon and tag on the front, to work well.

For the supersized Payday you can wrap the cash around the end as it only covers a small portion of the writing.

And that’s all it takes to create a super cool money gift! And bonus – your recipient will get a delicious candy bar as well!

We love this money gift idea to congratulate a recent graduate. What high school or college kid wouldn’t appreciate a little extra cash and a candy bar to boot?!

This cool money gift idea also works perfectly for the holidays – create a few as Stocking Stuffers and slip into your kids’ stockings for a fun Christmas day surprise.

Or pass along to a deserving teacher to let them know how much they’re appreciated – you could even swap the cash for a gift card if you prefer.

Whomever the recipient, you’re sure to get a laugh and “thank you” with this creative gifting money idea. You really can’t go wrong with cash and candy!

If you haven’t already, grab the free printable tags be filling in your info below:

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