2 girls at sleepover with robes and cucumbers on their eyes

This epic list of slumber party ideas is perfect for girls of all ages and is loaded with fun activities to keep them engaged, including sleepover games, crafts, and food creations. Let the sleepover fun begin!

Planning a sleepover and looking for ideas and inspiration to make it an epic night to remember? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve pulled together this incredible list of fun things to do at a sleepover, including ideas for themes and favors, plus different games you can play, crafts you can make, and exciting food to eat.

So whether you’re inviting just a few friends, or have a large group, you can pick and choose from these ideas to customize your slumber party to fit your style and personality. The majority of these activities, games and crafts will also work for a “Sleep Under” where your guests may stay past bedtime, but not overnight.

Perhaps you’ll decide to turn your sleepover into a fun game night, hold a movie marathon, or perform epic makeovers. Whatever you decide, memories will surely be made, so grab your sleeping bags and enjoy every minute!

Planning your Sleepover

In preparation for your sleepover, first think about if you want to have a theme, as this can help you narrow your focus when deciding on activities. Once you’ve made that decision and have a rough idea of things you want to do, consider creating a schedule. We’ve provided ideas for all of these planning steps below.

Choose a Theme

Whether it’s for a birthday celebration or for a first sleepover, throwing a themed celebration for your next slumber party will make it feel extra special. Go with an island beach theme, a spa theme, a movie theme…whatever your heart desires! We’ve pulled together a list of our favorite sleepover party themes for you to consider:

(1) Spa Retreat: Treat your guests to a totally zen experience that features a calming music playlist, and try some yoga or stretching. You can even find a freebie class to stream online. Afterward, serve up some delicious smoothies and do some DIY manis and pedis, right at home! (photo via A Turtle’s Life for Me)

(2) Boho: Dreamcatchers, teepees, and feather garlands, oh my! This beautiful boho-themed party has décor ideas to please any free spirit. The fun tent setup is the perfect space for cozying up, and it would be fun to add some fairy lights or twinkle lights too. (via Party Pinching)

(3) Pancakes & Pajamas: When the slumber party theme revolves around food, you know it will be good! Serve guests breakfast for dinner and deliver their own short stack of pancakes complete with syrup, butter, and toppings. Bring on the breakfast foods and party it up all night in some cozy pajamas while snuggled with a cuddly stuffed animal from a pile of furry friends to choose from. (via Style Me Pretty)

(4) No Boys Allowed: Take your all-girls slumber party to the next level with a fun “no boys allowed” theme. Set up some ultra girly décor complete with a photo backdrop and DIY manicure station, and get ready for good times with just the girls! (via fun365 and Studio DIY)

(5) Pillow Fight: Who wouldn’t love a good old-fashioned pillow fight? Equip your guests with a creative glow-in-the-dark pillow case that they can keep as a party favor after they have a fluffy attack! Play classic board games and serve snacks in a feather theme while feathers are flying. (via Paper and Cake)

(6) Indoor Beach Party: Serve up a side of paradise with an indoor beach party that can be had any time of the year. Welcome each guest with a flower lei around their neck, hand them some flip flops, and don’t forget to serve plenty of tropical snacks! (photo via Mom Wife Busy Life) 

(7) Netflix and Chill: If movies are your thing, then a Netflix movie night will be a total hit (especially with older teens). Make a killer popcorn station and serve up some fun midnight snacks that will keep the party going all night long. (via Epic Parties by REVO)

(8) Indoor Camping: If it’s too cold for an outdoor campout, then have one indoors instead! Put up some pup tents by a faux fire, make some DIY crafts (we love the idea to paint birdhouses!) and serve some s’mores-themed trail mix to carry out the camping theme. (photo via Fantabulosity)

OR TRY an Interest-Based Theme: What better way to find the best party theme than to incorporate something you already love? From Harry Potter, to sports, to fashion and even old-school Hollywood, there are limitless possibilities to base a slumber party theme around your favorite interests.

Make a Schedule

Making a schedule for your party not only allows guests to see the fun they’re in for when they arrive, but also helps keep the evening on track – especially if you have a lot of activities and you want to make sure there’s enough time for everything.

(1) Chalk Board Schedule: Write the sleepover schedule on a chalk board or print it out so everyone has their own copy to refer to throughout the night (photo source unknown)

(2) Balloon Pop Schedule: Or you can even make the activities more of a surprise with this fun and interactive idea that involves balloons. Write all of the activities you’d like to do on small pieces of paper and roll them up. Place each of the rolled-up papers inside a different balloon. Blow up the balloons and tie the ends, then write a different time on each one. When it turns the time written on the balloon, pop it and perform the activity that’s inside. Super fun! (via musely.com)

Fun Sleepover Activities

There are so many fun things to do at a sleepover, and these activity ideas are just the beginning. Whether you sync a few of these activities with your overall theme, or just pick and choose your favorites, they’re sure to create special memories for you and your guests.

Pass Out Pre-Party Favors

Kick-off your sleepover with a bang by handing out your favors at the beginning of your party – this allows you to give your guests something that can be used or worn during the event, and can contribute to the most memorable, best sleepover ever. Here are a few of our favorite pre-party favor ideas:

(1, 2) Matching PJs or T-shirts: Everyone will feel like a part of the squad in matching gear! Get your girls matching tees or pajamas that they can wear right away and be #twinning all night long.

  • Try these bright and colorful Slumber Party Squad tees where you can order the same color for true squad goals, or snag them in a rainbow of colors so that each girl has something a little different. (via Paisley Sweet Boutique)
  • For a more grown-up look that teenagers might prefer, we love these #NoSleep Squad Tees from Create Your Shirt Shop.

(3) Personalized Robes: Go the extra mile and snag some shiny satin robes to lounge in, all decked out with each girl’s name. Personalization makes everyone feel special! (via Misquince Events)

(4) Personalized Water Bottles: Kids, particularly tweens and teens will love a cute tumbler, especially these pretty options that can be personalized with their names. (via La La Confetti)

(5) Personalized Pillow Case: Gifting the girls a pillowcase is the perfect party favor, but a custom-made one with their name on it is something they can treasure forever. (via J3S Personalized Party)

(6) Wish Bracelet: Give the girls a gift with meaning. These fun bracelets can be tied on at the party and worn until they break or fall off, and when they do, it means a wish they make will come true! (via Layered and Simple)

(7) Cute Scrunchie: Every girl loves a scrunchie, whether in her hair or as a bracelet. Make yours more fun with a personalized label to commemorate the occasion. (via Plum Polka Dot)

(8) Spa Headband: This plush spa headband is just as cute as it is functional. Coming in a range of colors and patterns, this cute bow-adorned design keeps your hair out of your face while cleansing and using face masks. (via Queen Vees Cosmetics)

(9) Spa Goodies: If you’re throwing a spa-themed party, gifting some spa-themed goodies is a no-brainer. Create a little kit full of spa-related items like mani/pedi supplies, fun socks, a bath bomb, or a face mask. Your spa favors will feel extra special in a cute favor bag that’s personalized for each guest. It gives them a place to stash their goodies and take them home to enjoy long after the party’s over. (via Simple Touch by Hillary)

(10) Cozy Socks: We love this idea to arrange some warm and cozy socks into a basket for guests to choose from to act as slippers during the party. (via Jenny Cookies)

(11) Cuddle Corner: If you have a party full of younger girls or tweens who love cuddly stuffed animals, then gather a selection of stuffies and place them in a bin or on a table – then invite each girl to choose one to cuddle with for the sleepover. Alternatively, you could purchase new stuffed animals, and have the girls “adopt” one to take home as a party favor. (via Kerri Creates)

Spa/Beauty Themed Activities

Having a spa or beauty-themed party works well for girls of all ages, from tweens to teens – I mean, who doesn’t like a little pampering, especially with your besties! Here is a list of fun activities you can do during your spa-themed sleepover:

(1) Manicures/Pedicure Station: Provide a variety of nail polish colors for each guest to choose from and set-up a fun mani/pedi station. For older girls, you could even print out photos of different nail art and see if they can recreate them. (photo source unknown)

(2) Make a Foot Soak with water beads, a bucket, and rose petals. It’s colorful, relaxing, and definitely makes the experience more exciting. (via Small Stuff Big Family and re-fabbed)

(3) Play Musical Manicures: Gather all your different nail polish colors, and pass them around the table until the music stops. When it does, paint one nail with the color in front of you. Continue until all girls have a rainbow manicure! (via Parents.com)

(4) Play “Spin the Nail Polish” and apply whatever color nail polish it lands on when you spin! (via onecreativemommy.com)

(5) Make a Homemade Face Mask: Provide all the ingredients for your guests to make their own DIY face mask. For some homemade recipes head to this helpful post by Mom Junction. Have a few new paintbrushes on hand so guests can “paint” each other’s faces with the mask mixture. Give each guest a rolled-up towel to place under their head and neck and turn on some chill music to set the tone for a relaxing experience. Wait for the masks to dry with some cucumber slices on your eyes then wipe clean with a warm facecloth. (via Parents.com)

(6) Create a Makeover Station: Set-up a fun area where makeover magic can happen – don’t forget to include a few mirrors so guests can see their final looks! (via Somewhat Simple)

  • Put out a selection of make-up: Make sure to have a variety of colors including eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, and more! Don’t forget lots of makeup brushes and brush cleaner to sanitize between uses.
  • Follow YouTube make-up tutorials: Search for easy online tutorials and challenge each other to create the same makeup looks.
  • Do blind makeovers: One girl is blindfolded and then does the makeup of another guest! This is an activity that gets everyone laughing!

(7,8) Braid/Hair Station: Teach everyone a new type of braid and have them try it on each other. From bubble braids to fishtail braids and more, these Easy Girls Hairstyles for Toddlers, Tweens & Teens will give you plenty of inspiration. You can also provide temporary Hair Chalk in a rainbow of colors. It’s a fun way to change up your look and easily washes out.

Body Art: Get artsy with some pretty tattoos and body paints. Let your inner Picasso come alive while you display some artwork that will in some cases last longer than the party!

(9) Henna Kit: This super fun kit includes henna ink pens and stencils to draw on intricate designs that can last several days.

(10, 11) Glitter Tattoos: Take your tattoo up a notch with these glittery designs. We also love this kit which has enough tattoos to pass around.

(12) Homemade Body Paint: If you want some more temporary fun that comes right off, then make your own body paint with this recipe. It consists of lotion, corn starch, and food coloring so you can customize your colors. (via pinkstripeysocks.com)

(13) Paint your Legs: This is an especially fun activity to do in warm weather when you can be outdoors – then you can wear shorts and have less mess to clean up!

Active/Drama/Talent Themed Activities

Show off your personality, talents, and sense of humor with the following sleepover activities that are sure to keep the laughs rolling all night long!

Obstacle Course: Make an indoor obstacle course that guests of all ages can enjoy! Tape streamers through the hallway that you have to move through without touching, make a spider’s web with painter’s tape, and so much more!

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Piggy Back Races: Have one guest hop up on another’s back and race down the hallway, then race back switching positions! The first partners to reach the start line are the winners.

Dance Contest: Hold a dance competition or work together to choreograph a group routine. You could even film it and send it home to the parents to enjoy as well!

Talent Show: Hold a talent show for guests who want to participate. Record the entire show and playback just for fun, or vote on your favorite performing act for a prize.

Hold a Non-Talent Show: Instead of having a show full of talents, hold a “non-talent” show! Sing songs off-key, play an instrument that you don’t know how to play, perform a terribly bad joke, all in good fun! You can work in teams too, and don’t forget to record it to laugh at later! Give awards for the “worst” performances.

Props Game: Place 6 different items from around the house (a remote control, a banana, a pillow, etc) into a plastic bag. Then divide guests into teams. Each team then gets their own bag and they have to act out a skit that incorporates all of the props in their bag.

Karaoke: Singing is always a sleepover party hit! You can print out lyrics, ask Alexa or use a karaoke machine if you have one.

Make a Commercial: Separate guests into teams and assign each team a random item from around the house. It can be anything from a bag of potato chips to a roll of toilet paper. Give everyone a set amount of time to create a 30-second commercial showcasing their object. The team with the most creative or funniest idea wins a prize.

Create a Hangout

A slumber party is always more fun when you have a super cool space to hangout. Transform your bedroom, basement, family room or backyard into the ultimate sleepover fun zone using these ideas as inspiration:

(1) Blanket Fort: Build an awesome blanket fort either for sleeping under or for playing games. One of the best ways to have more versatility in a fort is to hang lines from the ceiling to give you added height. (via prettyprovidence.com)

(2) DIY Tents: Build a pup tent for each guest and decorate them for a cozy sleeping space. Create your own collapsible A-frame pup tent with this tutorial from Lindsay and Drew.

(3) Tent Rental: Don’t feel like going the DIY route? Go all out and rent a tent set-up for each guest instead! (via partypinching.com)

(4) Outdoor “Glamping”: Grab some outdoor-friendly blankets, sprawl them out on the ground, and then add some cozy throw pillows for the perfect chill space! Serve refreshments on trays to add to the fun. Or look into hiring a company that specializes in set-ups for outdoor “glamping” – perfect for older teenagers. (via @pitchluxurycamping)

(5) Use a Kiddie Pool! Create a comfy hangout spot with a blow-up kiddie pool, filling it with soft blankets and cozy pillows. (photo source unknown)

Create a Fun Photo Shoot/Selfie Station

Set-up an area in your house just for selfies and group photos:

Make it a Movie/TV Night

Watching movies or your favorite TV shows is a classic slumber party activity.

Host a Movie Marathon: Take turns watching each guest’s movie pick, or watch a trilogy or series favorite (think Twilight, Divergent, or Harry Potter)!

Watch Trending TV: Do your guests have a favorite television show that they’re obsessing over? Have a binge-a-thon of the whole series together! Don’t forget the themed snacks!

Even More Fun Sleepover Party Activities

Looking for even more unique things to do at your sleepover? Guests are guaranteed to have a blast with these out-of-the-box slumber party activity ideas:

(1, 2) Scavenger Hunt: Guests of all ages will love a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt! Check out all the different types of scavenger hunts you could organize with these ideas from Easy Party Ideas And Games.

  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt Printable: Need something simple to get started with right away? Here’s a great indoor hunt printable to use via Hey Let’s Make Stuff.
  • Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt: Send older kids outside and task them to take a picture of all the things on this printable Photo Scavenger Hunt from Wonder Mom Wanna Be.

(3) Look into the Future: Read each other’s daily or monthly horoscope and assess what they might mean. Look for lucky numbers or days to pay attention to. Or grab a set of Tarot Cards and learn how to “read” them together, practicing on one another.

(4) Hold a “Chopped” Style Cooking Contest: Watch an episode of the show “Chopped” or “Chopped Jr”, then get cooking! For some great ingredient basket ideas and ways to set-up the contest head to this post from Frugal Minimalist Kitchen. (pic via Life as Mom)

(5) Project Runway: Turn your party into an instant fashion frenzy and see who can have a “make-it-work” moment! (via Come Together Kids)

  • Provide several rolls of aluminum foil or even toilet paper which guests can use to shape their outfit – make pants, tops, dresses, or even a wedding dress.
  • Have embellishments like ribbons, flowers and buttons for guests to add some extra flair.
  • Set a certain amount of time for guests to create their look, and once time is up, hold a fashion show where they model their creations down a runway. Don’t forget the music!
Fun Sleepover Party Game Ideas

A sleepover party wouldn’t be the same without a game or two! Whether you opt for a bonding game, classic board game or creative game to play in the dark, you’ll be creating memories with your friends while having a lot of fun in the process.

Bonding Games

These games will undoubtedly bring your guests closer together – you’ll learn new things about them, strengthening bonds and friendships along the way:

(1) Would you Rather Questions: Would you rather live on the beach or at the mountains? Eat a bowl of ice cream or a bar of chocolate? Find out your guests’ preferences by playing this classic game where you have to decide between 2 different scenarios. For lots of great “Would you Rather” questions to try, use this fun printable from Skip To My Lou.

(2) M&M Get to Know You Game: This is a great game to play if all your guests don’t know each other well. Pour out a bag of M&M’s and have a guest blindly choose one. They then have to answer the corresponding question from this printable. (via She’s Crafty Crafty)

(3) Truth or Dare: Play good old-fashioned Truth or Dare! If you need some tween-friendly questions that are safe, then check out this list from Mom of 6.

(4) Conversation Starters: while these printable cards are meant for sparking dinner-time conversations, they can work equally as well to kick-off the chatting at your sleepover! (via Skip to My Lou)

(5) Play “This or That?” and see how similar or different each other’s answers are! (via Hobbylark.com)

(6) Predict-the-Future Games: Play old school pen-and-paper games with printable M.A.S.H. and find out who your future partner will be, what type of house you will live in, and more! (via Its Always Autumn) Not a fan of pen and paper? Purchase an Ouija board, Magic 8-ball, tarot deck, or cootie catcher to look into your futures instead.

(7) Toss & Talk Ball: Get the conversation started with a Talk and Toss ball! You can use a beach ball with questions written all over it that guests must answer when they catch the ball. (via That After School Life)

(8) What’s On Your Phone: Cut strips of paper and write questions about something that could possibly be found on someone’s phone (ie. “battery charged more than 75%”, “an alarm set”, “a contact starting with the letter V”, etc). Place the paper strips in a jar or hat and take turns picking one out and reading out loud. Guests then search for proof of the item on their phone to get a point. Create your own questions or use this free printable via momof6.com

Play “Who Am I”: Each guest gets a sheet of paper to write down 5 things that they like, and 5 things that they don’t like. They then fold up their list and place it in a basket. A list is picked at random and read aloud, then everyone tries to guess who wrote it.

Ask “Who is Most Likely to…” Questions: Who is most likely to write a best-selling book? Who is most likely to run for President? Who is most likely to have lots of kids? This is a super fun sleepover game, especially when all the guests know each other well. Check out this extensive list of questions from Scary Mommy.

Play Two Truths and a Lie: Each guest must take turns sharing three things about themselves that they deem “facts”, but in actuality, one is a lie! Once they tell the room their three “facts”, the other guests must guess which is the lie. The lie is then revealed. You can play just for fun, or keep track with points: the players that guess the lie correctly get a point and whoever has the most points once everyone has had a turn wins.

“Never Have I Ever”: Everyone sits in a circle with all 10 fingers up; each guest gives a scenario that they haven’t done, starting with “never have I ever…” – if the others have also never done the scenario, they put a finger down. The last person with a finger up at the end is the winner. Check out this huge list of clean questions (including a section for teens) at HealthyHappyImpactful.com

“Put a Finger Down If”: Similar to “Never Have I Ever”, however in this game, you put a finger down if you answer “yes” to the questions. There are some great question examples at Ponly.com.

Fun Sleepover Games with Food

Sleepover games are even more fun when they involve candy, treats or crazy flavors. Check out these creative game ideas that are totally irresistible, in more ways than one!

(1) Saran Wrap Ball: Make a giant Saran Wrap ball with candy and other small prizes hidden inside. Play some music and pass it around. When the music stops, that person holding it gets to remove a layer and keep the treat inside! (via momluck.com)

(2) “Left, Right, Eat”: This hilarious game starts with each guest having 3 pieces of candy. As each player takes a turn rolling the dice it determines if they pass their candy to the left, to the right, keep it, or eat it! Check out the full instructions from Play Party Plan.

(3) Blind Taste Test Challenge: Blindfold your guests and have them try different foods (the stranger the better!). They then have to make their best guess as to what they just ate. (via OntarianLibrarian.com)

(4) Go Bobbing for Donuts: Hang donuts using string or ribbon in a doorway or even from a tree outside and have guests attempt to eat them without using their hands! (via Rachel Hollis)

(5) Play Face the Cookie: Place a small cookie on a guest’s forehead and see if they can move it down into their mouth. The trick is that they cannot use their hands or body – they must maneuver the cookie only moving their facial muscles!

(6) Play Bean Boozled: This game is hilarious fun! These Bean Boozled jelly beans come in wild and wacky flavors – some good (tutti-frutti, strawberry smoothie) and some bad (stinky socks, dead fish)! Guests spin the wheel on the package, eat the color it lands on, and hope for the best! The looks of their faces as they try to figure out if it’s the good flavor, or the bad are laugh-out-loud funny!

Classic Games

You can’t go wrong with a classic. These game options are a sure-fire hit, and you likely won’t have to waste any time explaining the instructions!

(1) Play Hide-and-Seek or Sardines: Play classic hide-and-seek or the modern take called “Sardines” where the game is played in reverse. One person hides, and everyone else tries to find them. When a person finds the “hider” they join them in their hiding spot. The last person to find the group loses.

(2) Play Charades: Charades is a super fun game to play with a large group. Split into 2 teams and act out words or phrases without speaking. Set a time limit and if the acting team doesn’t guess correctly before time runs out, the other team can steal the point. Happy Mom Hacks has a great list of printable word lists to make it super easy to set-up.

(3) Play Blob Tag: Blob tag starts the same way as classic tag, with one person being “it”. However, once they tag another person, that person is also “it”, and they must join hands forming a blob. The blob keeps tagging people and adding them to the group until only one person remains who is deemed the winner.

(4) Play Bingo: These creative versions of Bingo make it even more fun for teens and tweens:

  • Emoji Bingo: This themed bingo board from Catch my Party features all familiar emojis on the game board and is perfect for tech-savvy teenagers.
  • Sleepover Bingo: This themed Bingo board from Butterscotch Design has the cutest sleepover-themed icons like sleep masks, popcorn, and pillows!

(5) Sleep Over Mad Libs: This fun word game features fill-in-the-blank action words and then tells a story that cannot be told without laughing! The sleepover theme is perfect for the occasion.

(6) Play Twister with a Twist: If you don’t mind getting messy, then shaving cream Twister is a blast! Place colored shave cream on the dots and watch as the mess unfolds! This one is best suited for outdoor play. (via Maddibarone.weebly.com)

Play Cards: There are so many fun games you can play with a simple deck of cards. Play your favorites, or learn a few new ones.

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Sleepover Drawing Games

You don’t have to be an artist to have a blast playing these super fun drawing games:

(1) Draw on Your Back: Give two guests a pencil and a piece of paper each. One person stands behind the other and starts to draw on the paper on their back. The other person has to try and mimic what the person drawing on their back is drawing, based on how it feels! (via buzzfeed.com)

(2) Play “Exquisite Corpse”: This drawing game is silly fun. A piece of paper gets folded into thirds, and then each guest takes a turn drawing their third of a character – either a head, body, or legs, but they don’t get to see the other parts when they draw. At the end, you get a rather funny masterpiece! (via The Artful Parent)

(3) Blind Portraits: Blindfold a guest and have them draw a portrait of another guest while everyone else giggles at their less-than-perfect creation. Each artist gets 2 minutes to draw.

(4) Blind Van Gogh: Divide players into pairs, and one of the players in each pair is blindfolded. Set a timer for two minutes and show the partner (who can see) an object. The seeing partner then describes the object without saying what it is while the blindfolded player tries to draw it with a pencil on a piece of paper. To make it fair, each team should have the same object. When time is up, take the blindfolds off and let the “artists” see how if their drawing looks anything like what they were supposed to draw!

Sleepover Nighttime Games

Some games are just more fun in the dark! Once the sun has set, head outside and try one of these exciting nighttime games:

(1) Play Flashlight Tag: Make “tag” more fun by playing outside at night. Give the person deemed “it” a flashlight and have the other players hide. If the light is shined directly on you, you’re out of the game. The round ends when “it” has found everyone hiding.

(2) Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag: This classic game takes the chase to a whole new level when it’s played in the dark with a glowing flag!

(3) Glow-in-the-Dark Frisbee: Divide into teams and play ultimate frisbee with this cool one that glows in the dark!

(4) Make Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles: It’s super easy to make these glow-in-the-dark bubbles yourself, just use 1 cup of water, 1 teaspoon of dish soap, and a squirt of glowing paint. Then go outside and have a ball running and popping them! (photo via Frugal Fun 4 Boys)

More Fun Sleepover Party Game Ideas

Minute-To-Win-It Games: Inspired by the game show, “Minute To Win It”, try setting up some of these fast-paced games for your guests to try. There’s tons of great variations to try at PlayPartyPlan.com.

Pass the Story: One guest takes a piece of paper and begins a story by writing down a sentence. Then, they pass it to the next guest who continues writing. The catch is that once a guest writes their line, they fold the paper so the next guest can only see that line, and not the previous ones! It typically ends in a hilarious storyline that is read out loud by the final guest.

Play “Celebrity”: “Celebrity” starts by each guest adding a celeb’s name into a basket. Guests then take turns drawing a name out of the basket and performing to try and get the other players to guess their celebrity. There are 3 rounds of play, and for each the rules are slightly different. For round 1, the guest is allowed to talk (but obviously can’t say the name of the celebrity that they chose!). In round 2, all the names go back into the basket but now guests are only allowed to use a single word before other players try and guess. In the 3rd and final round, guests cannot speak, but must instead act out their celebrity Charades-style.

Cool Down with Water Games: Great for summer time sleepovers, this list of outdoor water activities is full of fun sleepover activities that can keep you cool on hot summer nights. Just be sure to tell everyone to pack a bathing suit and a spare set of clothes since they will get wet. Remember to provide some sunscreen too.

Play Balloon Stomp: To start, each guest ties an inflated balloon around their ankle with a short piece of string. Then, without using any hands, guests try to stomp on and pop each other’s balloon without getting their own balloon popped in the process! Whoever has the last inflated balloon is the winner. Guests get huge laughs from this one. We do recommend not wearing shoes so toes aren’t hurt.

Sleepover Games Printable Party Pack: This fun Sleepover Printable Pack from Nicole Printable Co. makes setting up games a breeze with scavenger hunt ideas, MASH, “Would You Rather” questions, and more.

Sleepover Party Craft Ideas

Getting together with friends is a great time to let the creative juices flow. These craft ideas are perfect for your whole slumber party group to create together, and will provide them with a memorable party favor to take home.

(1) Create a Pillowcase: Have each guest create their own personalized pillowcase. Fabric paint or fabric markers work well for their very own work of art that they can sleep on at the party. (via PaisleySweetB0utique on Etsy)

(2) Craft a Sleep Mask: Have each guest make their own sleep mask with some felt, elastic, and a hot glue gun. They can even use them that night to help them sleep! (via blog.birdsparty.com)

(3, 4) Make Friendship Bracelets: Have each guest make their own friendship bracelet, or partner up and create a special bracelet for a friend. All you need is embroidery floss in a multitude of colors for each guest to choose from. For a younger group, these Chinese Ladder bracelets are super simple to learn – get the full instructions here. DIY Paracord bracelets will also be a hit, especially with boys. (via Happiness is Homemade)

(5) Create a Slime Station: If you’re extra brave and don’t mind a mess, set-up a station for your guests to create their own slime. We recommend covering a table with a throw-away table cloth. Tweens go wild for this colorful unicorn poop slime (via momdot) and this cool heat sensitive color changing slime is super fun to play with. (via Left Brain Craft Brain) 

(6) Make Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters: All you need is cardboard to cut out letter shapes, yarn for wrapping, and tape or glue to make these pretty personalized letters. (via ArtBarBlog.com)

(7) 10-Minute Donut Soap: These cute donut soaps take only 10 minutes to make and look exactly like the sweet treat, complete with sprinkles! (via HappinessIsHomemade.net)

(8) No-Sew Duck Tape Zippered Pouch: Make a super cute “zipper” pouch out of a Ziploc bag and some pretty patterned tape to stash all your belongings. (via HappinessIsHomemade.net)

(9) Monogrammed Sharpie Mugs: Grab some Sharpies and some cheap dollar store mugs and get to work on these beautiful mug creations. (via FeelingNifty.com)

(10) Create a Custom Photo Frame: Grab some unfinished wood photo frames and provide paint, brushes, gems, stick-on letters, etc. so kids can decorate and customize. Send them home with the frame with a printed picture of the group from the night.

(11) Bath Bomb Fun: Have guests create their own bath bombs – these ones are made with sprinkles and kid-safe essential oils. (via CountryHillCottage.com)

(12) Have a Paint Party: Provide a canvas for each guest, plus paint and paintbrushes. Set-up a few fun objects for guests to paint as a still-life, or let them free paint. (via GluesticksBlog.com)

(13) Tie-Dye: Guests of all ages will love making and wearing tie-dye shirts. Lots of great tips and fun styles to try (like the rainbow pictured here) at this post from DoodleCraft.

(14) Create DIY Dreamcatchers: This craft will hopefully ensure that each slumber party guest has sweet dreams! (via artbarblog.com)

(15) Make Personalized Sun Glasses: All you need is a hot glue gun and some fun beads to personalize a pair of cheap sunnies. Add your name or a cute saying! (pics via Kids Kubby & Arrows & Awe)

(16, 17) Create Lip Glosses: It takes 15 minutes and only 2 ingredients to make these Kool-Aid Lip Glosses from I Don’t Have Time for That. Or check out this more nourishing lip formula from Happiness is Homemade.

(18) Custom Flip Flops: Purchase cheap flip flops and playful ribbon/trim and let guests decorate their own pair. (via TheClassyChapter.com)

(19) Make a Paint Chip Name Garland: Use your old paint chips to create these colorful name garlands that each guest can take home to decorate their room. (via SmallForBig.com)

Fun Sleepover Party Food Ideas

It wouldn’t be a sleepover without lots of delicious food! From an ice cream bar, to a build-your-own pizza station, we’ve pulled together some epic slumber party food ideas that are bound to leave your guests with full bellies and big smiles!

*note: Please make sure to check with guests regarding any food allergies before their arrival so you can plan food accordingly.

Sleepover Dinner Ideas

Before you break out all of the sweets, feed your guests a hearty dinner. But a special sleepover dinner shouldn’t be boring! These savory food ideas are not only super creative, but delicious too:

(1) Pizza Party: Throw a pizza party and offer loads of toppings so guests can build their own personal pizza. Or give them each a ball of dough to create from scratch. (via LaurenConrad.com) 

(2) Hot Dog Board: Everyone loves this easy-to-make, all-American favorite. Plus, they’re the perfect complement to chips and dip. (via ReluctantEntertainer.com)

(3) French Fry Board: Who doesn’t love French Fries?! Create a tray full of crinkle, sweet potato and waffle fries + lots of fun dips. (via 312food.com)

(4) PBJ Board: Cut up some classic peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to create this fun help-yourself board. (via TheBakerMama.com)

(5) Chips & Dips Board: What better party food can there be than chips and dips? This decadent spread is just as pretty as it is delicious. (via ReluctantEntertainer.com)

(6) Cheese & Crackers: Kids love finger foods, so make a kid-friendly cheese tray complete with fruits, nuts, and crackers. (via TamingTwins.com)

(7) Create an Indoor Picnic: Go simple with sandwiches, chips and watermelon but set-up a picnic blanket and eat on the floor to make it extra fun!

Sleepover Sweets ‘n’ Treats

No slumber party is complete without its fair share of sugar! Delight your guests with these fun dessert ideas:

(1) Decorate Cupcakes: Provide the cupcakes and have guests decorate with different frostings and toppings. We love the idea of using paint palettes to give everyone an individual serving of different sprinkles. (via Love Laugh Mirch)

(2) Make S’mores: Step outside before you slumber and enjoy s’mores around the bonfire (or use the microwave!). Set-up a fun station so your guests can make all sorts of different varieties, including nut butters, fruit, and yummy chocolate treats. (via What’s Gaby Cooking)  

(3) Chocolate Fountain: Create an over-the-top chocolate fountain that’s perfect for snacking and satisfying any sweets cravings! (via Fantabulosity.com)

(4) Popcorn Bar: Create the ultimate snacking station with a popcorn bar, full of sweet and savory toppings. (via MintEventDesign.com)

(5) Ice Cream Sundae Station: Let your guests deck out an ice cream sundae any way they please with a fully stocked sundae station (via bhg.com). Or try playing the Roll-a-Sundae Game where each ice cream topping corresponds with a number on the dice. Each guest gets a bowl of ice cream and then takes turns rolling the dice and adding the corresponding toppings before they dig in! (via Making Life Blissful)

(6) Candy Charcuterie Board: Warning! This ultimate sleepover charcuterie board may result in a sugar high! Display a selection of candy on a platter for guests to indulge in all night long. (via Cutefetti)

Sleepover Specialty Drinks     

Why not offer some special drinks to go with all the fun snacks! Whether hot or cold, these delicious beverages are sure to please:

(1, 2) Make a Mocktail: Create a fun mocktail drink for everyone to sip and enjoy like this sparkling Gummy Bear Mocktail from Simple Seasonal, or this simple Sunrise Mocktail from Eats Amazing.

(3) Make Smoothies or Milkshakes: Provide a blender and ingredients like fruit, milk, yogurt and ice, and then let your guests create their own healthy smoothies or delicious milkshakes. (via Bird’s Party)

(4) Hot Cocoa Bar: Make some delicious hot chocolate that guests can complete with tiny marshmallows, whipped cream, peppermint sticks and more! (via Farmer’s Almanac)  

“The Morning After” Food Ideas

Make breakfast time just as memorable as slumber time with one of these scrumptious “Morning After” food ideas:

(1) Waffle Station: Finish off the perfect slumber party with a waffle station to reminisce about the fun night. (via NiftyMom.com)

(2) Parfait Bar: For a lighter breakfast, set-up a fun yogurt parfait bar. Consider both dairy-free and regular yogurt options to accommodate any food allergies. (via SweetAndSavoryByShinee.com)  

(3) Pancake Board: Make guests their own short stack that they can eat with the sides of their choosing, like bacon, sausage or fruit. (via ValentinasCorner.com)

(4) Simple Cereal: Providing individual cereal boxes is always a hit, and it’s a super easy way to feed your guests breakfast. Let guests pick their own, and wrap them with a cute spoon and ribbon. (via hwtm.com)

(5) Create a Cereal Bar: Alternatively, make quite the spread with a variety of yummy cereals in giant jars, fruit toppings, fresh milk, and fun spoons. (via TamarasCameraBlog.com)

We hope you found tons of fun things to do at your sleepover with our list of memorable games, activities, crafts and food ideas. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, or just looking to spend quality time with friends, it’s time to tackle your guest list and get planning!

Which of these fun sleepover ideas will you incorporate into your next slumber party?

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