Extra Gum packet with money gift printable

Looking for a creative way to give money as a gift? This free printable makes it super easy to pull off a unique presentation that’s particularly perfect for teens!

Buying a gift for teenagers, college kids, or anyone else that already “has it all” is tough, and often comes with so much unnecessary stress. So instead of worrying about buying them the “perfect” gift, give them some cash so they can get exactly what they want. It’s a win-win for you both!

But instead of just stuffing some bills into a card, turn your money gift into a fun, unexpected present using our free Extra gum printable. It’s a totally unique way to give cash, and will make a lasting impression on your recipient. And as a bonus – they’ll get some gum to chew as they decide where to spend their money!

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Creative Money Gift Tutorial

To put together this fun money gift, you’ll first need to go to your local grocery or convenient store and grab a pack of Extra gum. The supersized pack of gum “sticks” works especially well, or the “Refreshers” in the pop-open plastic container – but you can attach the printable tag to any of the regular packs too and tuck some cash inside.

Grab the Free Printable:

Next, download the free printable PDF of the “Something a Little Extra” tags by entering your information into the box below:

The PDF will be sent right to your inbox. Open it up and print. We’ve provided you with plenty of different color options so you can match the occasion. Red and green for Christmas (makes a perfect stocking stuffer!); blue, yellow and black for Graduation; blue & white for Hannukah, or pretty pastels for any other celebration from birthdays to baby showers.

Cut out your desired tag, and use a hole punch on the small white circle at the top. Thread a ribbon or string through, and tie around your gum pack.

For the supersized pack of gum, take a dollar bill of any denomination and wrap it around one of the gum sticks then tuck it back into the pack. Repeat until all of the sticks at the front of the pack have been wrapped.

For the “Refreshers” container, fold some bills and hide them inside the container (you might have to take out a little bit of the gum depending on how much you include).

And that’s it! A super easy but creative way to give money as a gift that anyone would love to receive, from tween and teenagers, to graduates and new homeowners. Give it a try the next time you’re looking for a fun money gift!

If you haven’t already, download this super fun way to gift money right here:

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