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This collection of amazing melted crayon art ideas will bring new life to your old crayons – you’ll be amazed how they can be repurposed!

Wondering what to do with your old broken crayons? By adding just a little heat, you can create incredible things, and we’ve pulled together the best melted crayon art ideas for you to try.

Revive all your favorite colors (or make new ones!) by melting crayons into a beautiful art piece, making jewelry to wear, or crafting a personalized, unique gift to someone special.

Let your creative juices flow as you peruse the following melted crayon art ideas loaded with ways to recycle your old crayons through genius melting techniques.

Please note – because heat is involved in some form for all of these craft projects, your little ones will definitely need adult supervision!

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Melted Crayon Art & Play Ideas

We’re in love with these melted crayon art ideas that transform play time activities into upcycled creations and beautiful works of art.

(1) Recycled Crayons – Watch your kids be amazed at how old crayons can easily be repurposed into brand new shapes and colors. Simply place your broken crayon pieces inside a silicone mold and place it in the oven for 8-10 minutes. Then voila! Beautiful homemade crayons ready for a new life! (via Made to Be a Momma)

(2) DIY Color Block Crayons – Create a super cool double-sided crayon with this simple DIY Color Block Crayon tutorial – once complete, your kids just need to flip the crayon over to switch colors. So neat! (via Say Yes)

(3) Melted Crayon Donuts – Grab a mini donut pan at the dollar store for this fun melted crayon craft. Simply add broken crayon pieces to the individual donut molds, and after baking, you’ll get a colorful mix of donut-shaped crayons that kids can’t resist coloring with! (via Thrifty DIY Diva)

(4) Melted Crayon Wands – Repurpose your broken crayons into a fun, new “wand” shape using a candle warmer and straws. We love how you can mix lots of different colors to get a cool tie-dye look. These make great gifts for back-to-school or party favors. (via Kids Activities Blog)

(5) Melted Crayon Play Doh – This melted crayon art idea is a favorite of both younger children and older children alike! Gather up all your old crayons and a few pantry staples on the stove and stir until a dough forms. Soon you’ll have some soft and colorful dough to play with that’s even better than store bought! (via The OT Toolbox)

(6) Melted Crayon Butterflies – Making these colorful butterflies is so much fun! Print out a butterfly template and fold the paper in half. Place colorful crayon shavings on one side of the butterfly, then fold it in half and iron on the lowest setting. Cut out your butterfly and enjoy! (via Art Bar Blog)

(7) Crayon Heart Suncatchers – Place these beautiful melted crayon hearts near a window and watch the sunlight shine through. It’s a fun family art project that you can make with items you already have at home, including wax paper, and crayons of course! (via Martha Stewart)

(8) Mono Prints – Crayons and sand paper unite in this amazing melted crayon art activity that creates beautiful prints full of texture and color. Kids can let their creativity soar as they make their own design that can then be transferred or “printed” using an iron. It’s a super cool process that brilliantly uses up those old crayons! (via Kitchen Table Classroom)

(9) Melted Crayon Confetti Art – Make some colorful confetti paper for cardstock, gift tags, and more by repurposing old crayons. You’ll need a cheese grater to shave the crayon bits; then sprinkle them over the paper, cover with parchment paper, then iron the “sprinkles” in place – you’ll have the prettiest piece of decorative paper once complete! (via Hello Wonderful)

(10) Crayon Stained Glass – Speaking of that stained glass look, this great tutorial creates a true work of art. Made from pieces of wax paper and cheap dollar store photo frames, this fun melted crayon craft looks exactly like a beautiful stained glass window once complete. (via eHow)

(11) Melted Crayon Art Using The Sun – This melted crayon art canvas requires no blow dryer or hot glue gun. All you need is a hot summer day! Grab your favorite crayons and grate the wax onto a canvas, then watch as your artwork melts into a beautiful watercolor work of art. (via Teaching Ideas)

(12) Starry Night Van Gogh Art Project – Create abstract art inspired by the famous Van Gogh with this easy melted crayon art project. Have your kids recreate his famous “Starry Night” painting with crayon shavings and paint baked in the oven. The outcome is definitely frame worthy! (via Happy Hooligans)

(13) Crayon Luminaries – Creating these luminaries will easily be one of your family’s favorite craft projects. Snag some wax paper bags and iron on melted wax crayon shavings to create beautiful art. Fill with a real or faux candle for a gorgeous display. (via Aunt Peaches)

(14) Melted Crayon Painting – This easy art project for kids will have them experimenting by painting with warm melted crayons! All you have to do is heat up broken crayons in a muffin tin in the oven to melt the wax and make the paint. Then gather some cheap paint brushes and canvases and let your little ones go to town! (via Babble Dabble Do)

(15) DIY Wax Seal with Crayons – This melted crayon wax project offers a new way to send off a letter in style, and it’s easier than you’d think. Melt glue sticks and crayon pieces together in a spoon over a candle. Pour the colorful wax over the envelope point and stamp with an old stamper. Ta-da! A beautiful sealed finish. (via Luna Joy Art World)

(16) Warming Tray Melted Crayon Art – Your child will create melted crayon crafts all day long using this mesmerizing technique. It’s best done with a warming tray, but a heated cookie sheet can work in a pinch. Place a sheet of paper on top of the warm tray and then watch as your crayons melt slightly with the heat – creating a beautiful creamy texture that your kids will love experimenting with. (via Artful Parent)

Melted Crayon Art Ideas: Décor & Gifts

Any one of the following melted crayon art ideas are not only fun to make, but highly giftable. Create beautiful art to hang in the house, make party favors, or discover a memorable way to wrap a present – the possibilities are endless!

(1) Melted Crayon Art on Canvas – How cool is this unique melted crayon technique that uses a blow dryer to melt crayon wax down a canvas?! With minimal effort you can create a beautiful cascading waterfall of color that would look incredible in a playroom, art center or kids’ space. (via The Spruce Crafts)

Take this same method and let your imagination soar – from peacocks and flowers, to lions and hearts, just look at all the creative art projects you can create with this amazing melted crayon technique! (sources unknown)

(2) Melted Crayon Art Using Silhouettes – Using a similar technique to the previous examples, these works of art are elevated even further by adding a silhouette of a figure. (gymnast source unknown; umbrella via OOLA; Elsa via Fiverr)

(3) Melted Crayon Letter Resist Art – These melted crayons canvases use vinyl letter stickers to create a personalized name or saying. Place your favorite colored crayons over the letters and melt with high heat using a blow dryer. You can even melt the colors off the edge of the canvas. Remove the letters and you get a stunning piece of art with a watercolor paint effect that you can hang or gift. (phrase via Cadence and Calliope; names via Pinterest)

(4) Melted Crayon Silhouette Art – Create a true work of art based on any theme with this melted crayon technique. Grab a piece of cardboard and cut out the silhouette of your choosing; there are different ways to do this, but an X-Acto knife works great. Use painter’s tape to adhere the template over your canvas. Then drip wax from crayons over the template. A heat gun is not needed; you can simply use a blow dryer or even a candle! Remove the template to reveal your work of art once it’s cooled. We are loving this seahorse design! (via Instructibles)

(5) DIY Crayon Names – Personalized gifts never go out of style. You can use candy molds or letter ice cube trays to create these homemade crayons that every kid is sure to love. Simply place old crayon pieces into the mold to spell out their name and melt in the oven. These make amazing customized party favors! (via Sprinkled with Paper)

(6) Wax Paper Lantern – With a little wax paper, some popsicle sticks, an iron, and some old crayons, you can make the most adorable wax paper lantern. The process is easy for your little ones to help with, and the finished product looks so pretty all lit up in your home. (via Artsy Fartsy Mama)

(7) DIY Melted Crayon Coasters – In need of some new coasters? You can make them yourself with this simple tutorial using old broken crayons and a few bowls. You’ll end up with perfectly shaped coasters in a cool tie-dye of colors. Perfect for protecting your coffee table, or for gifting to grandma! (via Mom Unleashed)

(8) Melted Crayon Rocks – Create the most unique paper weights ever with this cool technique to paint rocks. Place the rocks of your choosing into the oven, but be careful when you open it up – you’ll have some hot rocks! Carefully lay a crayon on top and watch it melt over the edges of the rock. Repeat this process with desired colors for a rainbow drip effect. (via Red Ted Art)

(9) Melted Crayon Bottle Cap Candles – Have a stash of bottle caps laying around? Buy some candle wicks and gather up your old broken crayons to create these DIY upcycled candles. Simply pour melted crayon wax into the wicked bottle caps. Now you can have candles in every color imaginable! (via Craftsy Hacks)

(10) Crayon Pencil Toppers – These melted crayon heart pencil toppers are especially perfect for Valentine’s Day, and make the perfect small gift or favor. (via Skip to My Lou)

(11) Melted Crayon Wrapping Paper – A great way to use up old crayon pieces is to create your very own marbleized wrapping paper! Simply melt your crayons over a piece of brown paper (or a paper bag) using hot air from a hair dryer. Once completely dry, wrap your gift and finish with a colorful corresponding bow. The result is sure to impress! (via Sisters What)

(12) Melted Crayon Pumpkin – Tired of carving the same old jack-o’-lantern style every year? This technique is fun for the whole family, whether you have young children or teenagers. Using a blow dryer, melt crayon pieces down the pumpkin to create a cascading rainbow effect. It’s such an easy project with a stunning outcome. (via Crafty Morning)

(13) Melted Crayon Easter Eggs – Coloring Easter eggs has never been easier (or more fun!) than using this melted crayon technique. Place crayon shavings on top of your hot, freshly boiled eggs and watch in awe as the colors melt down the sides to create a beautiful rainbow waterfall. (via Clumsy Crafter)

(14) Melted Crayon Ornaments – Of all the melted crayon art ideas out there, this is one of the easiest and most fun. Buy some clear glass ornaments and remove the tops and hooks. Drop in some broken crayon pieces and then blast with a blow dryer. The heat will melt the crayons and create a unique and beautiful bauble for your Christmas tree! (via The Swell Designer)

(15) Melted Shaved Crayon Ornaments – While the process is similar to the previous ornament idea, using shaved crayons, instead of pieces, results in a completely different look that resembles colorful confetti! (via Heathered Nest)

(16) DIY Color Block Crayon Candles – Candles make beautiful gifts or party favors, and this DIY tutorial will teach you how to make a modern color block design that looks trendy and expensive! (via Brit + Co)

Melted Crayon Art: Wearable Ideas

Not all crayon-related projects are what you expect! You can make a lot of cool things from melted crayons including make-up, jewelry and clothing prints. The following melted crayon art ideas definitely involve thinking outside of the crayon box!

(1) Crayon Lipstick – Did you know that you can make lipstick out of crayons? It’s the perfect activity for a girl’s slumber party and makes a great party favor, too! And the cool thing is, you can make any color of lipstick you’d like. So fun! (via Kids Activities Blog)

(2) Crayon Lip Gloss – This recipe for crayon lip gloss is super simple – all you need is crayons and coconut oil! Make them fancy by placing into small pots – you could even add essential oils for a unique scent. (via Gluesticks Blog)

(3) Melted Crayon Art Jewelry – You’ll need a heat gun and some jewelry making supplies to create these pretty pendants and necklaces that have melted crayons inside. They make beautiful statement pieces that you can wear or give as a special gift. (via Color Made Happy)

(4) Crayon T-Shirt Print – Dress to impress with a tee shirt print that you created with old crayons! Color a pattern onto sand paper with crayons, and then you heat press it to your shirt with an iron. Who knew that crayon prints could be made permanent? (via Kitchen Table Classroom – see tutorial video here!)

Now that you’ve gotten tons of inspiration for melted crayon art, there’s one question that comes to mind: Which fun activity with crayons are you going to jump on first?!

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