This free printable will serve as a time capsule for your kids, and a great homeschool activity while you’re stuck at home social distancing from the COVID-19 pandemic

There’s no doubt that these are unprecedented times, and a period in our lives that we will all remember, for better or worse. Our kids will likely not remember every detail of this pandemic, but the stories from it will surely be passed down to the next generation. We love the idea of capturing their feelings and documenting this unique time in their lives, with a Quarantine Time Capsule.

And with the help of this amazing FREE printable COVID-19 Time Capsule, you can not only preserve their memories, but help them work through their feelings about coronavirus.

Quarantine Time Capsule Printable Pages for Kids

This Quarantine Time Capsule was created by Natalie Long of LONG Creations, who wanted a keepsake for her own kids, but it went crazy viral, and has now been used by kids all over the world.

She has granted us permission to share it on our site, so even more children can have access to creating their own piece of history.

The printable includes 11+ pages for your child to complete by coloring, drawing, filling in blanks and more. These include:

  • Family Portrait
  • All About Me
  • How I’m Feeling
  • My Community
  • What I’m Doing at Home
  • Family Handprints
  • How We’re Celebrating Special Occasions
  • Letter to Myself
  • Interview for the Parents
  • Letter from the Parents
Quarantine Time Capsule Printable Pages for Kids

Plus some additional bonus pages like “The Year They Closed My School”, and specialized ones for Grads, New Parents, Birthdays, and more!

Quarantine Time Capsule Printable Pages for Kids

To download the printable, simply head to Long’s Facebook page. It makes for a wonderful homeschool activity, and will be something they can keep to show their grandkids one day!

Quarantine Time Capsule Printable Pages for Kids

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