Swurfer - Cool Outdoor Swings and Hide-Outs for Kids

Do you ever find that there comes a time every summer, where kids are just kinda over being outside? That’s when the “I’m borrrrrred”s start to happen. And that’s when you try to shoo them outside while your reminders that they won’t get this free time come September falls on deaf ears.

So how about a pre-emptive strike to the “I’m borrrred”s by setting up your backyard with some ridiculously cool contraptions that your kids will want to play on (or in) all summer long. They’ll never want to go back inside. Like, ever.

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Best Summer Activities and Boredom Busters For Kids | Cool Outdoor Swings and Hideouts To Keep Your Kids Outside!
Cool Outdoor Swings for Kids - Swurfer


If your little surfer dude (or dudette) likes to surf, skateboard, snowboard or simply feel like they’re flying, they’re going to love the Swurfer. Sure you can sit on it like a regular swing, but when you stand up and grasp the handles, that’s when the real fun begins. Attach it to your swing set, under a deck or from a tree and swurf away. Totally radical.

Recommended for ages 6+; holds up to 250lbs

Cool Outdoor Swings and Hide-outs for Kids | Summer Activities and Boredom Busters for Kids

Hugglepod Hangout

We’ve seen the magic of these HugglePods first hand – they seem to have a powerful force field that pulls kids inside, levitates them, and captures them for hours. With a comfy bottom cushion, 3 porthole windows, flap door and LED lights inside, we’d never want to leave either! Hang it from their favorite outdoor spot over a sturdy tree branch or pole, or from the HugglePod Crescent Stand.

Recommended for ages 4+; holds up to 250lbs

Cool Outdoor Swings for Kids | Summer time activity and boredom busters


End the squabbles over who gets to swing first with the Skycurve, an awesome curved platform swing that can support 4 kids (yes, miracles do happen). Pile them on and they can sit, stand or even lie down for an Aladdin-style magic carpet adventure.

Recommended for ages 5+; holds up to 400lbs

Cool outdoor swings for kids - Slackers Zipline | Summer activities and boredom busters

Slackers Zipline Hawk Series

Would your kids like to have an amusement park ride in their own backyard? Ours too. With 2 strong trees and this zipline kit, they can come pretty darn close. Your kids can zip through the air with their feet just a few feet off the ground, while you sit back with your feet up too.

Recommended for ages 8+, holds 250lbs

Cool outdoor swings for kids - Hanging Lounge Chair by Hearthsong | summer activities and boredom busters

Hanging Lounge Chair

Tell your kids to “take a breather” on this floating chair and they’ll actually listen. Designed to fit the natural curves of their body, they’ll love hanging out (quite literally) on it, or taking it for a swing.

Recommended for ages 4+, holds 200lbs

Cool outdoor swings for kids - Monster Web Swing by Swing-N-Slide | Summer Activities and boredom busters to stay active

Monster Web Swing

Is your backyard play set getting a little stale? Hook up this spider-web like swing and watch it come back to life. Kids can ride on their bellies for a thrilling ride, sit up for a leisurely swing, or simply relax on the comfy netting. Up to 3 riders at a time means more inclusive-play and less fighting.

Holds up to 250lbs

Cool Outdoor Swings for Kids - Club Fun Hanging Rope Hammock Chair | summer activities and boredom busters

Hanging Rope Hammock Chair

Just looking at this cozy hammock chair makes us want to curl up with a good book outside in the sunshine. It will have the same affect with your kids – they won’t ever want to get out, which means you may have to buy more than one. Hang it on an airy porch or from your swing set.

Holds up to 265lbs.

Cool outdoor swings and hide-outs for kids - Cacoon


Come on, how cool is this?! Inspired by the hanging nests of the Weaver bird, the Cacoon creates the perfect hide-away for kids to play, swing, read or hide from their younger siblings (or parents for that matter). It comes in 3 sizes and is made from weather-proof fabric. Hang it from your favorite sturdy tree, or use one of their special Cacoon Tripods. Would also make a pretty awesome seat for you to use while you watch your kids play outside (or perhaps to hide from them?)

Holds up to 440lbs

Which one of these incredible products will your kids be hanging out in this summer? Let us know your favorite in the comments below.

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  1. Ok I started to say:
    I wish my kids were little so I could buy and / or make some of those swings. But They can’t be just for kids too…Because I need one in my life! Great roundup.

    1. Thanks Christine! We encourage those of all ages to have a good swing every once and a while 😉

  2. These all look like so much fun! We had a tire swing which went out over a lake and a hammock at a cousins house. My kids love the monster web swings at the parks we go to, probably their favorite play equipment.

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  4. This post was so fun…the caccoon chair was my favorite but I think my kids would love the surfer swing. Thanks for linking to Talk It Up Thursday.

  5. These are such awesome swings! My boys would just LOVE to have them in our backyard! I’ve see a few similar versions at parks and my kids just loved them.

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  7. There are a lot of great and creative options here. My kids would definitely love them, and I think I want the lounge chair swing for myself!

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