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Wondering what to do with old crayons? Try these creative crayon crafts that will not only entertain your kids, but use up all those broken pieces, and turn them into art, décor, gifts and more!

No doubt, crayons are a classic. But there’s so much more you can do with them besides just coloring!

This extensive list of crayon crafts and art projects will show you unique ways to use this classic art supply, teaching different techniques (melting, crayon resist and transfer to name a few!), while offering tons of inspiration for crayon art, and upcycled gifts.

You’ll be shocked with all the things you can do with this humble coloring tool!

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Creative Crayon Crafts
Crayon Crafts: Art & Play

Crayon crafts can be an easy rainy-day project to pull together for your kids, but they can also offer a great learning experience. The following ideas provide a unique spin on playtime while helping little ones develop their fine motor skills and get creative. Let their imaginations run wild with these crayon craft projects!

crayon crafts and activities for kids

(1) Scratch Art with Crayons – Every kid loves a fun art project, and creating your very own crayon scratch art definitely qualifies. Have them cover a paper with colorful wax crayons, then use black poster paint to cover the entire paper. Once dried, they can use a bamboo skewer or popsicle sticks to scratch away a beautiful drawing that reveals rainbow colors underneath. (via Kids Activities Blog)

(2) Easy Crayon Leaf Rubbings – There are so many fun things to do in the fall, and creating crayon leaf rubbings is a tried-and-true classic. Go hunting for your favorite leaves, place a piece of paper over them, and then rub a crayon on its side to transfer the leaf veins. Simple yet beautiful! (via Kitchen Table Classroom)

(3) Texture Rubbings – Kids of all ages will appreciate these easy crayon art texture rubbings. Simply rub crayon bits of any color over a paper that’s layered over something textured. Think a leaf, cardboard, something ribbed, etc. Then you’ll get a defined look of texture that actually feels realistic too! (via Deep Space Sparkle)

(4) Crayon Car Drawing – Need a fun way to keep younger children entertained? All you need is a paper bag, tape, some car toys, and crayons. Tape a crayon to the back of a toy car and let your kids drive them around on a flattened paper bag. They will be amazed at the fun artwork they’re drawing as they play! (via Fumbling Through Parenthood)

(5) Coloring Mixing – This easy crayon craft involves a short supply list and is a great way to teach your kids how to mix colors and learn positive and negative shapes. Start with a black sharpie marker to draw overlapping shapes, and use primary crayon colors to fill in. Where shapes overlap, color with a double layer, creating a secondary color. It makes for beautiful abstract art. (via Kitchen Table Classroom)

(6) Crayon Slime – What kid doesn’t love making slime?! This super simple recipe involves gathering all your old broken crayons, turning them into shavings, and creating colorful confetti specks for your slime. (via Crayons and Cravings)

Crayon Crafts: Resist & Transfer

This crayon technique is truly beautiful, and never ceases to amaze! Little ones and older children alike are sure to be proud of their masterpieces when they create these crayon crafts with the resist and transfer method.

crayon art resist

(1) Classic Crayon Resist – Use a white crayon to draw a design over a sheet of white cardstock paper, then paint over it with watercolors to reveal your “hidden” design! (via Dabble Dabble Do)

(2) Crayon Resist Space Art – Crayon art and craft projects are so fun, but this one’s out of this world! Use white cardstock paper and draw the solar system, stars, the moon, a rocket – anything from outer space. For the next step, you’ll color over it with black watercolor paint and gently wipe away excess with a paper towel. The result is a beautiful crayon resist art piece that kids will love. (via Crafting Chicks)

(3) Crayon Resist Spray Bottle Art – This is one of those craft projects that’s great for hot summer days as it involves both art creation and water play! Have your child draw a picture on white cardstock with a white crayon, then spray water bottles filled with food coloring on their print to create a crayon resist masterpiece. (via The Crafting Chicks)

(4) Crayon Wax Transfer Art – This crayon craft is nothing short of magic! Kids love to watch in amazement as they transfer crayon color from one piece of paper to another, simply by using a pencil. (via Craft Whack)

(5) Crayon Resist Tie Dye – Yet another crayon color resist project, this one is created by tracing over swirl lines with a heavy hand in bold colors with crayons. Then you go over it with black watercolor to make it pop in a tie dye look! (via Miss Yong’s Art Room)

(6) Leaf Rubbing Watercolor Resist – Even older children love this art project with crayons and how beautiful it turns out. It puts a modern twist on old fashioned leaf rubbings, and the end result is a stunning piece of art. (via Kitchen Table Classroom)

Crayon Crafts: Décor & Gifts

The best way to give a gift from the heart (and stay on budget!) is by making them yourself from supplies you likely already have…like crayons! The following crayon crafts are perfect for sprucing up your home, or for gifting to teachers and parents, and will for sure tug on those heartstrings.

crayon gift ideas

(1) Crayon Monogram – Creative ways for gifting often involves personalization, and this monogram crayon art is just the ticket. Place crayons into the shape of your desired letter (use a cardboard cut-out of the letter to help like this pic featured here) and secure with a hot glue gun. Tack into a picture frame and add words or embellishments as you desire. (via Confidence Meets Parenting and Crafty Morning)

(2) Crayon Wreath – You don’t have to be super crafty to pull-off this cute and colorful wreath. All you’ll need is a foam wreath, some new crayons and a hot glue gun. Add a ribbon to hang, and embellishments as you see fit. How cute would this be as a teacher gift for their classroom!? (via I Can Teach My Child)

(3) Scribble Card – This super easy crayon craft makes a sweet card that even the littlest kids can help with – all they need to do is hold a crayon and scribble! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or to accompany any heartfelt gift. (via Lines Across)

(4) Crayon Photo Frame – Another great craft to gift to a teacher or parent of a little one is to dress up a picture frame with some crayons. Add your favorite photo for a personal touch. (via Felt So Cute)

(5) Personalized Wall Plaque – This unique take on a personalized gift is perfect for a teacher. Spell out their name on rulers to create an adorable plaque they can display in their classroom. (via Crafty Morning)

Melted Crayon Art Ideas

One of the best ways to reuse broken crayons is to melt them! These creative crayon crafts involve different heat sources and may require adult supervision, but they are always a kid-favorite. Make gifts, party favors, beautiful canvas art and more with these exciting melted crayon ideas.

And if you’re looking for even more melted crayon crafts check out Melted Crayon Art Ideas. 40 Genius Projects For Old Crayons which explores projects like melted crayon ornaments, color block candles, crayon play dough, melted crayon rocks, crayon lip gloss, and so much more!

melted crayon art

(1) Melted Crayon Canvas – This stunning melted crayon art makes a statement in any space. Simply use a hair dryer to melt crayons on a canvas, creating an amazing rainbow drip effect. (via Meg Duerksen)

(2) Lego Crayons – Recycle your old broken crayons into these fun stackable Legos that can be used for coloring or play. These make great stocking stuffers or party favors. (via Messy Little Monster)

(3) DIY Crayon Heart Garland – This melted crayon garland makes a beautiful sun catcher with a stained glass effect. The secret? Wax paper, crayon shavings, and an iron! (via Evermine)

(4) Melted Crayon Art – Making this beautiful upcycled artwork is just as easy as it is gorgeous! Create colorful crayon shavings by using a cheese grater or a peeler, then sprinkle over white cardstock. Place wax paper over it and then heat with a blow dryer. Once cooled, remove wax paper and reveal the colorful crayon wax abstract art, ready to frame and hang. (via Barley and Birch)

(5) Watermelon Suncatchers – How cute are these watermelon sun catchers?! This summery-themed decoration involves a bit of paint, some old red and greens crayons, wax paper and an iron. Hang on the porch while you’re sipping lemonade under the sun. (via Crafts by Amanda)

(6) DIY Melted Crayon Magnets – If you’re looking for a great idea to use up old crayons in a creative way, then look no further. Melt crayons in silicone molds and once they cool, all you have to do is glue on a magnet, and voila – adorable fridge magnet! These also make great gifts. (via Musely)

(7) Melted Crayons Fabric Art – This is the perfect way to use up old broken crayons and any fabric scraps. It’s an easy process that involves crayon shavings and the heat from an iron. Hang your finished piece on the wall, or get creative and use an old T-shirt so you can wear it! (via Oh Creative Day)

We hope you’ve enjoyed this compilation of creative crayon crafts and art projects. They truly are a wonderful way to keep the entire family entertained. Which project are your kids most excited about trying first?

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