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Whether you call it “Crazy Hair Day” or “Wacky Hair Day”, we’ve got the most creative hairstyle ideas for short hair, long hair, and even super easy last-minute styles too. Keep scrolling to see all of the craziness!

Got a “Crazy Hair Day” coming up at your school, camp or community event? This fun spirit day is often incorporated into Red Ribbon week, or tied into celebrating a holiday or other exciting school event. It’s all about getting creative, being silly, and showing off your wild side with the most wacky hairstyles.

While it’s definitely a kid-favorite spirit day, it’s often dreaded by parents who wonder, “what in the world can I do for crazy hair day?!”

That’s where we come in to help. We’ve pulled together the most massive list of Crazy Hair Day ideas on the web – complete with pictures for inspiration, and links to instructions and tutorials wherever possible.

We’ve organized all of the amazing ideas into categories for easy browsing, including:

  • Crazy Hair Day Ideas with Food and Drinks
  • Crazy Hair Day Ideas with Animals and Creatures
  • Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Girls with Medium to Long Hair
  • Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Boys and Short Hair
  • Crazy Hair Day Ideas for the Holidays & Halloween
  • Easy Last Minute Crazy Hair Day Ideas
  • Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Teachers

From simple hairstyles that won’t take much time, to more elaborate creations that might need some planning ahead, you’re bound to find the perfect wacky style for your son or daughter (or hey, maybe yourself!) with our list of epic Crazy Hair Day ideas.

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Crazy Hair Day Ideas with Food and Drinks

From cupcake buns, to ramen curls and ice cream braids, integrating your favorite food or drink into your Crazy Hair Day style gets you points for being extremely inventive, while showing off your personality.

Take a look at these Wacky Hair Day ideas inspired by edible delights.

(1) How adorable is this Sundae bun?! Simply cut a hole through a small paper cup, create a bun inside, and top with a “cherry” (a pompom and pipe cleaner work great!). Stick in a plastic spoon and add some sprinkles for extra effect! (via

(2) Check out this easy tutorial from HanDIY Tutorials showing your how to create the classic Soda Bottle hair pour – it’s easier than you think!

(3) You’ll need long hair to create this Messy Bun Ice Cream Cone, but the how-to video via On Hair With Erin shows that it’s a relatively quick and simple style to pull off.

(4) This tea kettle pouring into a tea cup is one of the most unique crazy hairstyles we’ve seen. Bravo @wonderfacepainting!

(5) These cherry buns are such a cute idea, and an easy hairstyle to whip together at the last minute – you’ll just need a little red hairspray, a green pipe cleaner, and some construction paper. (via @tayla.teaches)

(6) Grab some of your child’s play food, and use it to create this amazing hamburger hairstyle, substituting the meat patty for a hair bun! (via @hairtodream)

(7) A little pink and green hairspray plus some black felt “seeds” and you’ve got an epic watermelon ‘do! (source unknown)

(8) Turn your child’s hair into a pot of instant Ramen noodles by sticking it through an empty container. Don’t forget the chop sticks! (via @2candy_land)

(9) If you look closely, you’ll see that this darling upside-down ice cream bun even comes with a cherry on the side. Amazing detail @jennifernozz!

(10) This hair pretzel is truly a work of art. In fact, it looks good enough to eat! (via Rainbow Road Trip)

(11) Put those mini cereal boxes to good use with this super fun Wacky Hair Day style. The detail of the colored elastic bands acting as the Fruit Loops is pure genius! (source unknown)

(12) Create a whole breakfast on your child’s head by crafting a donut bun through a paper plate, and adding a coffee cup! (via @aprendiendoconmary)

(13) If your child has dark brown hair, this Hershey’s Syrup bottle “pouring” onto a sundae is Crazy Hair Day perfection. (via @kim_visitacion)

(14) Create an apple for your teacher, complete with leaf and worm! (source unknown)

(15) Another take on the upside-down ice cream cone – we love the colored bobby pins poking out to look like sprinkles! (via Rachel Edwards)

(16) This incredible donut on a plate is actually a simple style to create. To get the perfect round donut it does help if you have a bun maker, but you could make do without. Follow the easy tutorial at Make It Love It.

(17) Anyone else a huge Ferrero Rocher lover? With a simple folded construction paper wrapper + golden sprayed hair, you can turn your child’s hair into this beloved hazelnut chocolate. (via @milkmom86)

(18) Taste the rainbow with this colorful Skittles hairstyle. Cut a slit in the bottom of a Skittles box and slip it over your ponytail elastic, then wrap colorful pipe cleaners around pieces of the ponytail to look like the candy spilling out. You could even hot glue the actual candies onto them before wrapping! (via @shan.n)

(19) Tease the hair in a high pony tail, spray it pink, then add a paper cone to create this delicious looking Cotton Candy hairstyle. (via Danita Hickson)

(20) These adorable cupcake pigtails don’t require much effort, but make a big statement. Cut a small slit in cupcake wrappers, and pull the hair through. Secure a bun inside, use colored hairspray for the frosting, and add in a cherry (hot glue a pompom onto the top of a bobby pin) for that final touch. (source unknown)

(21) Alternatively, go for one cupcake and serve it on a fun paper plate! (via @hobbiesbyheather)

(22) Create a long bubble braid for this fabulous triple-scoop ice cream…the longer your hair, the more scoops you can make! (via @amazbraids)

(23) Sew together a candy crown like this one from @ina_stroemsnaes.

(24) Is your child a big mac and cheese lover? Grab one of the small single-serving containers, and use it to create this unique Crazy Hair Day style! (via @danielagibi)

(25) Hot glue some real popcorn on the top and side of a small popcorn container, then slide through your child’s ponytail for a delicious looking snack. (source unknown)

(26) Turn your daughter’s hair into a veggie garden with braided rows of tiny vegetables! (via Bee in Our Bonnet)

(27) All you need is a paper bowl, plastic spoon, napkins and a few felt “meatballs” to create a full entrée where your hair is the spaghetti! (via Pinterest)

(28) Boys can rock the spaghetti and meatballs style too – it works especially well with curly textured hair. (via Diana Jimenez)

(29) Got milk? Use an empty milk bottle or craft your own for this crazy hairstyle. Use white temporary hair color to pull together the look. (via @sageandsienna)

(30) Hats off to this Crazy Hair Day idea for insane creativity – a ramen noodle bowl, complete with hair noodles and chopsticks! (via imgur)

(31) Another fun way to create a Ramen style: use a ramen container and pull a ponytail through. Curl and spray your hair if it’s not already blonde like Kerstin Rollins.

(32) Or add some sushi to your noodle bowl like Andrea Park.

(33) If your special spirit day is in the Fall, this wacky apple tree ponytail will fit in with the season perfectly. Make a high pony and wrap the base with plenty of brown elastics to form the trunk. Tease the top, add some mini apples and spray with green hair color. (via @jehat)

(34) Turn a messy bun into a fire pit roasting marshmallows! Spray the bun an orangey red to represent the fire, then add some sticks and a toasted ‘mallow or two. Super unique! (source unknown)

(35) Pair the classic donut bun with a latte – top with some cotton balls for the whipped cream! (via Candice Littlefield)

Crazy Hair Day Ideas with Animals and Creatures

These crazy hair ideas are all inspired by an animal or creature and range from cute and cuddly (those panda buns!), to slimy, scary, and even mythical (hello, rainbow unicorn!).

Show these pictures to your child to see which one they want to transform into for Wacky Hair Day:

(1) Who said Crazy Hair Day couldn’t be cute?! These incredible Panda buns are one of our all-time favorite ideas. You’ll just need a bun maker, some white hair color, and a little bit of crafting power to create the features (some felt, pom poms and googly eyes should do it). Well done @alisonlarwoodhairandmakeup!

(2) Another top choice on our list – this elegant flamingo bun by LaundryandLipgloss.

(3) If your hair is long enough, create a fun bee hive with a pile of braids, and twist in some thick yellow yarn. Attach the bees with pipe cleaners and wait for honey! (source unknown)

(4) Turn the back of your child’s head into a cute and cuddly dog with a few carefully placed hair accessories. (source unknown)

(5) Leave some hair out of your top bun and create 8 small braids acting as Octopus legs! (via imgur)

(6) If your hair isn’t long enough for the braided legs, opt for this simple Octopus style that uses blue pipe cleaners instead. (via One Creative Mommy)

(7) Add some colored hair spray and braid with a pipe cleaner so you can twist up those tentacles! (via peekaboo photos)

(8) Calamari anyone? This squid ponytail is a super simple Crazy Hair Day idea – craft a squid head out of felt or paper, then use mini elastics around small sections of hair for the tentacles. (source unknown)

(9) This Lizard braid had us laughing out loud, and is sure to amuse your classmates and teachers too! (source unknown)

(10) Turn your ponytail into an elephant’s trunk with this relatively simple hairstyle. (source unknown)

(11) A simple bun and some craft materials you probably already have at home is all it takes to create this darling bunny hairstyle. See the full tutorial at Simple As That.

(12) What little girl wouldn’t want to be transformed into a rainbow unicorn with a magical horn?! Follow the easy tutorial from Lou Lou Girls to learn how.

(13) A messy high ponytail can easily be turned into any kind of monster with a little colored hairspray and a few strategically placed facial features. (via Pinterest)

(14) You don’t need to perfectly replicate these intricate braids to be inspired by this Medusa-esque hair style. Pin some simple braids around the crown of your head and thread through some small plastic snakes. Really cool! (via Pretty Hair is Fun)

(15) Create a vivid butterfly garden on your child’s head with some green hair color, white fencing, faux florals and of course, butterflies! (via @knsaunde)

(16) This spider bun is one of the most simple Crazy Hair Day ideas – all you need is a pom pom, some googly eyes and a few black pipe cleaners. Get the full instructions at Simple As That.

(17) Learn how to make these adorable braided cat ears by following the easy tutorial from Cute Girls Hairstyles.

(18) Alternatively, make a cute kitty with a bun maker on the back of your head like this one via @gray_bean.

(19) Or substitute your ponytail as the cat’s tail with this unique cat idea. (source unknown)

(20) Look at this awesome frog hairstyle, complete with outstretched tongue and caught fly! (via Pinterest)

(21) Create a bird’s nest with a braid and add some furry friends. (via My Imaginary Blog)

(22) Or simply just attach an existing bird’s nest into your teased hair. (source unknown)

(23) This crazy hairstyle works wonders with shorter hair – just add a little blue hair chalk and plenty of undersea creatures. (via @lovemytinytwo)

(24) Watch this tutorial to learn how to do a 3D pull-through braid, then pin in some wings and eyes to create a super cool Dragon! (via @jehat)

(25) If you have some braiding skills under your belt, try your hand at making this amazing Braid Snake! (via @Stephanie Anwar)

(26) Whether it’s Thanksgiving or not, this Turkey made with paper feathers and pipe cleaner legs will gobble up the Crazy Hair Day competition. (via Elissa Prentice)

(27) Alternatively, use colorful pipe cleaners for your turkey’s feather like Babes in Hairland

(28) Wow, can you believe those bunny ears are made from hair?! Follow along this video tutorial from NickALive! to learn how to do it at home.

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Girls with Medium to Long Hair

If your child has shoulder-length hair or longer, these Crazy Hair Day ideas should work like a charm. From rainbows to princesses, there are so many unique ways to make a wild or fun statement with your hair. Browse through this best-of-the-best list and get inspired!

(1) Create a mini hairnet for tiny balloons with this super wacky style. (via Diana Daves)

(2) You’ll need a rainbow hair extension for this pretty wrapped style, plus some cotton balls to act as the clouds. (via @rainy_doos)

(3) We’re dying over this creative cactus hairstyle! Head to Girl Loves Glam for the full tutorial.

(4) Tie on some helium balloons to your braids for this completely uplifting ‘do! (via @clairegrace_)

(5) Transform into Ariel with this simple Crazy Hair Day idea that uses your braid as a mermaid tail! (via @luckatch)

(6) Create a pretty flower bun that acts as a landing pad for bees and butterflies. (via Macey Fitzgerald)

(7) Some twisty pipe cleaners wrapped around high pigtails is a great last minute idea for your school’s Crazy Hair Day. (via Artsy Fartsy Mama)

(8) Make your wacky hairdo stand out from the crowd (quite literally!) by securing glow sticks into your style. (via Hair for a Princess)

(9) Turn your daughter’s hair into some colorful flowers with this creative flower pot idea. (via @thecordcrew)

(10) This sweet style only requires a little hair chalk and a few green leaves. (via @miguelina)

(11) While it may take some time to cut out all those petals, the overall hairstyle to make this beautiful sunflower is relatively simple to pull off. (via Kim Rosselli)

(12) Head to your local craft store to pick up some miniature fairy accessories to put in your hairy Fairy House! (via Jennifer Wiggin)


(13) This colorful mohawk of ponytails is perfect for any Rainbow Dash enthusiasts. (source unknown)

(14) A rainbow ponytail perfect for St. Patrick’s day, or your school’s spirit week. (via @tezberb)

(15) Use a bevy of rainbow-colored elastic bands to wrap a small half ponytail, then secure to a lower pony with bobby pins. Too cute! (via @flippinavery7)

(16) Braid the hair in 2 pigtails then twist it together. Finish off the look by coloring them like a rainbow with hair chalk. (via @dog_mom_15143)

(17) Or keep the individual braids separated and secure them along the back of their head following the instructions from Lou Lou Girls.

(18) Yet another way to make a rainbow with your hair? Wrap it with colorful pipe cleaners! (source unknown)

(19) Full the video tutorial from hair4littlegirls to create this fun Rainbow Crown Braid.


(20) Craft a castle from a toilet paper roll and thread through your little princess’ own braid to act as Rapunzel’s. So clever! (source unknown)

(21) Wrap your hair around a rectangular shaped box (a candy package works well) and spray yellow and blue. Add on some Minion details for this movie-inspired super crazy hairstyle. (via peekaboo photos)

(22) Channel your inner Poppy with this hair-raising Trolls style. The secret is to cover a small water bottle  with your hair, securing at the top! (via Goodwill NCW)

(23) This unique crazy hair style is inspired by the classic book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Use several bun socks to create a caterpillar body, and don’t forget to include some of his famous foods at the back! This one is perfect for other spirit events like Read Across America and literacy week too. (via @cassidy.c.clark)

(24) Use your hair as Barbie’s skirt with this creative crazy style from @lalollycakes.

(25) If you want to know exactly how the Barbie hairstyle is created, watch this tutorial video.

(26) Bring your Lego Friends to school with you by attaching them to a swooped back half-pony with mini elastics. (via @oak_mps)

(27) Create a cute set of Minnie Mouse ears with just 2 simple braids. (via Pretty Hair is Fun)

(28) Turn your ponytail into a palm tree with a toilet paper roll (or paper towel roll if your hair is super long), some colored hairspray, and a few beachy accessories. (via The Keeper of the Cheerios)

(29) This eye-catching ‘do is a Crazy Hair Day classic. Simply place an empty plastic bottle atop of your head, gather up the hair, and then tie an elastic around the neck of the bottle. (source unknown)

(30) Alternatively, use 3 bottles, some bows and add a crazy color! (via Bee In Our Bonnet)

(31) Turn your hair into a Fidget spinner with a simple cardboard cutout and 3 buns. (source unknown)

(32) Or anchor your spinner in the middle with a bun and have it actually spin! Check it out in action on @cynsuet’s feed.

(33) This easy crazy hair idea only requires a golf tee, ball and a little green hair color. (source unknown)

(34) How unique is this tightrope hairstyle featured on Babes in Hairland?! Use 2 plastic cups to create the hair mounds, then braid one end and secure to the other. Add on a plastic figurine and you’ve got yourself a Crazy Hair Day winner!

RELATED: Want some simple, everyday hairstyle ideas for girls? Check out these creative Easy Girls Hairstyles for Toddlers, Tweens & Teens.

(35) A few mini elastics is all you need to create this intricate net for a small basketball. (via Catherine Piorkowski)

(36) A tall messy bun can very easily be sculpted into an epic Poop emoji! (via  Girl Loves Glam)

(37) Grab some paint brushes and a homemade artist’s palette and stick through a simple bun – such an easy Crazy Hair Day idea! (via Julie Keegan)

(38) Talk about creative! Turn your hair into a clothes line, complete with miniature clothes! (source unknown)

(39) Another variation of the clothes line idea, this time with wire braids sticking out instead of up. (via Evelyn Gibson)

(40) Put your Easter Eggs to good use by integrating them into your wacky hair ‘do! Create little nets with tiny elastic bands to keep them in place. (source unknown)

(41) This Crazy Hair Day idea is truly dynamite! Simply slip your pigtails through a roll of red paper marked “TNT” then tease the ends and add a few glittery pipe cleaners for some added sparks. (source unknown)

(42) Turn your ponytail into a hilarious man with a long moustache! (source unknown)

(43) Weave your hair into this incredible Easter Basket by following the video tutorial by On Hair with Erin.

(44) Forget the typical crazy hairstyles on top your head and opt for this truly unique hair beard instead! (via  @jessicaguernsey)

(45) Make a volcano where your hair becomes the hot lava! (via Abby Rose)

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Boys or Short Hair

Girls needn’t have all the fun on Crazy Hair Day, there’s plenty of incredible ideas for boys too. Take a look at these amazing wacky hairstyles for boys – you’ll be surprised at how much creativity you can inject into a few short tufts of hair!

(1) Yellow and green hair paint plus some strategically placed lines (you can create a simple stencil and spray paint over it) make for a super cool Pineapple! (via Bored Panda)

(2) If your son has shorter hair on the sides, spike up the middle, paint on some paws and attach a construction paper head to craft an amazing wiener dog! (via Janayna Brockner)

(3) Add onto your crazy monster hair with a little face painting to make an even crazier look. (via Deborah Lane)

(4) One of our favorite Crazy Hair Day ideas for short hair: bugs in grass! Spray your whole head with green hair color then add in some small plastic creepy crawlies. You can superglue them onto clips so they stay in place all day at school. (via Bee in Our Bonnet)

(5) Make waves with this creative rubber duck bath hairstyle from @mely_ad.

(6) Another favorite idea for boys – the faux-hawk wave, complete with surfer and “wipe out” message on the back. Surf’s up dude! (via Bee in Our Bonnet)

(7) Use gray and black hair paint to create the Death Star and an epic Star Wars battle on top. (via

(8) This fun palm tree can easily be pulled off at the last minute – all you need is an elastic and a little hair color. (via  @howe4homes)

(9) Spike up your son’s hair and use hair paint to turn it into an amazing lizard. (via Janayna Brockner)

(10) You can add on googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs too! (via Dare to be Used)

(11) Turn your hair into hay with some yellow hair spray, then secure a small tractor using bobby pins. (via Katja Boumans)

(12) A lot of hair spray, plus some color and googly eyes turns your locks into a cool Sea Monster. (via @amazbraids)

(13) If your son is a big baseball fan, some white and red hair paint can show off his passion on Crazy Hair Day. (source unknown)

(14) This spider web hair style works well even on super short hair. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

(15) Create a construction site on your head with some grass and boulders, and a dump truck to do the heavy lifting. (source unknown)

(16) Paint on some leopard spots for this cool animalistic effect. (via Janayna Brockner)

(17) Fore! Stick a golf tee onto a hairband, then disguise it with lots of green hair grass! (via Di Sweeney)

(18) This Crazy Hair Day idea is out of this world! A cool space themed style complete with galaxy colors and cut-out planets. (via White Oak by Amy)

(19) Secure some monster eyes on top of your head and wrap them with your hair. Makes for a cool, creepy hairstyle! (via @moto_mody)

(20) Turn your head into an ocean, complete with all kinds of sea creatures. We love this version using a shark and turtle via @magycalstorm.

(21) Beep beep, coming through! A Cars-themed race track around your hair is certainly wacky! (via @_jenn5280_)

(22) These easy monsters require a little hair color, googly eyes and some hand-drawn arms. (via @a_dela0)

(23) Spell it out with a tongue-in-cheek “Crazy Hair” stencil. (via @jenmathisonhair)

(24) Attach googly eyes to a hairnet and then place over your hair for a crazy simple idea. (source unknown)

(25) While we’re not quite sure how this zipper stays attached to your head, if you can figure out a way, it looks pretty darn cool! (via Janayna Brockner)

(26) Now this Crazy Hair Day idea requires commitment! Shave down one side of your son’s hair, then place a miniature lawn mower on top to look like it’s cutting the “grass”. LJ 🙂

(27) While the Pokémon craze comes and goes, this cool Pokéball hairstyle stays crazy enough for Wacky Hair Day! (via Stacey Smernes)

(28) The classic mohawk made even more crazy by adding in a rainbow of color. (via Babs)

(29) Make your son’s head a battleground by attaching a bunch of Army guys! (via @holliepoore)

(30) Hot glue some matchbox cars and road accessories to hair clips an make an awesome car scene. (via @rondiwolf)

(31) Section off your hair and secure each part with a mini elastic. Spray each row a different color to make it even wackier! (via @randipivec)

(32) Spray one side of your hair blue to represent ice, and the other side red to look like fire. Then attach a Lego fireman to help put out the flames! (via @burlap_and_glitter)

(33) An alien invasion on top of your head? That is crazy! (via @clubinhodolipe)

(34) Replicate a soccer pitch with hair grass, mini net and tiny soccer ball attached to a string so you can actually try to score. Neat! (source unknown)

(35) A paper plate, red and white hair color and a lot of gel combine for this crazy Cat in the Hat hairstyle. (via Jerilynn Stephens)

(36) Turn your head into a globe by painting it with land and water. (via Meghan Schock)

(37) Embrace your son’s bedhead and turn it into a messy hair nest, complete with baby eggs! (via @ocean_and_earth_souls)

(38) For Captain America fans, craft your own stencils then spray paint on the stars and stripes logo. (via The Loveland9)

(39) Or maybe Spiderman is more your style? A little spider webbing and a Spidey figure will do the trick. (source unknown)

(40) Minecraft lovers can turn themselves into a Creeper using green hair paint and a simple stencil. (via KB Florida)

(41) Go patriotic for Crazy Hair Day with a red, white and blue mohawk. (via @langer_415)

(42) Roast some S’mores over your hair fire with this fun camp inspired look. (source unknown)

(43) Yellow, orange and red hair color can turn your short hair into realistic looking flames! (source unknown)

(44) No need to turn your whole head blue to create an ocean – just a center wave will do! (via @laurenshayallen)

(45) Gel your hair into a faux-hawk to become a motorcycle ramp. (via @jehat)

(46) This construction site style can work for any length hair – we love the caution tape detail! (via @amy.kies)

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for the Holidays

Is your wacky spirit day close to Christmas? Or perhaps you just want a festive hairstyle to wear to school or a special event. If so, we’ve got you covered, with over 20 of the best holiday themed hairstyle ideas to deck the halls!

(1) How cool is this Christmas Tree Pull Through Braid?! Follow the tutorial video by Babes in Hairland to create (and trim!) your own festive ponytail tree.

(2) With just a few simple craft supplies you can turn your bun into a cute little reindeer. (via Simple as That)

(3) This darling holiday wreath is a pretty way to keep your hair out of the way during a holiday celebration. Head to Princess Piggies for the how-to instructions.

(4) This is one of the easiest festive hairstyles – simply wrap your bun up with ribbon! (via @jehat)

(5) Talk about Christmas spirit! The ol’ bottle in the hair trick makes a perfect Christmas tree, and spraying it green and adding decorations takes it to the next level. (via Paint the Moon)

(6) Stack 3 buns down the back of your head and then dress them up like a snowman like this creative holiday hairstyle from Princess Piggies.

(7) Or try stacking those buns on top of your head to make a super realistic looking snowman! Follow the tutorial from Babes In Hairland for best results.

(8) Another uber creative Christmas hairstyle from Babes in Hairland turns your ponytail into a Santa hat!

(9) This pull-through braid by @simplystranded uses a few pieces of red and green ribbon to create a Christmas tree.

(10) Thread green ribbon through 2 braids to make these amazing Christmas trees, then decorate! (source unknown)

(11) A sweet little snowman crafted out of a simple bun. (via Sweet Lil You)

(12) A crown braid can be easily turned into a holiday wreath with a green ribbon and red bow. (via @jehat)

(13) Get in the holiday spirit by wrapping some small LED lights around your hair like @curlypuds.

(14) Follow the instructions from Princess Piggies to make this fancy looking Christmas Tree.

(15) Add some temporary green hair color to your pull-through braid and decorate for the ultimate Christmas Tree. (via @magic.maker)

(16) Twist in a red and white pipe cleaner to create this cool Candy cane look. (via @jethat)

(17) Instead of using a regular bun maker, try wrapping your hair around a small gift box (cut a hole through it to thread through your ponytail), then wrap with a pretty ribbon. (source unknown)

(18) We love this simple holiday hairstyle, a Peppermint Candy bun! Add red and white ribbon to your bun, then wrap it with plastic wrap. Tie the ends into the wrapper shape with more ribbon. So cute! (via Cynthia Cadina Katch)

(19) Or turn your bun into a snowflake with a foam cutout and a few glittery pipe cleaners. (via Sweet Lil You)

(20) Turn yourself into Rudolph with these light-up hair antlers! (via @janellekanara)

(21) Create a “Holibraid” with some green hair color, some faux greenery and a red bow. (via @magic.maker)

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Halloween

Crazy Hair Day often falls in October, and if that’s the case for you, these Halloween themed wacky hair ideas combine the 2 fun events. These inventive hairstyles could also work as part of a Halloween costume!

(1) Create your own Pumpkin patch with some strategically placed buns, ribbon and pipe cleaners. Follow the instructions at Princess Piggies.

(2) How amazing is this “Bun-kin” from @magic.maker?! A bun maker, orange hair paint and some greenery from your local craft store is all you need.

(3) This creepy hairstyle threads bones and snakes through a pretty braid. (via @prettylittlebraids)

(4) Braid a plastic bat into your hair for this spooky Halloween style. (via @prettylittlebraids)

(5) These super simple pumpkin buns are made from ribbon and a sprig of leaves. (via @jehat)

(6) Tease out a bubble braid to turn the sections into a whole pumpkin family! (via @littlemisstiffyfaith)

(7) Add some faux webbing and creepy spiders to make these spooky Halloween braids. (via @memorieswithmeg

(8) Make an intricate spider web using small braids, then add some plastic spiders! (source unknown)

(9) Use your ponytail to mummify a mummy! (via Princess Piggies)

(10) A bun up top and 2 flowy braids create this crazy bat ‘do! (via @bonitahairdo)

(11) Grab some plastic Halloween-themed rings and follow the how-to from Princess Piggies for this Crazy Hair Day style.

(12) Turn your bun into one giant eyeball – creepy cool! (via Princess Hairstyles)

(13) Eek! Plant some spooky hands at the base of your braid as if they’re reaching up to get you! (via @ice_braids)

(14) This spooky white pumpkin is perfect for short hair and only requires some temporary hair color. Make a stencil for the facial features to get nice crisp lines. (via @ycorner.yvonne)

(15) Weave a thick white ribbon between 2 braids then add some googly eyes to create this fun Mummy style. (via @jehat)

(16) Another way to make a “bun-kin”, wrap ribbon through them and then add some faux leaves. (via @blondhairncurls)

(17) This crazy, spooky hairstyle turns your ponytail into a ghost! (via Babes in Hairland)

(18) Some intricate braids and fake webs turn this hairstyle into a creepy spider nest. (source unknown)

(19) Watch the video tutorial to create this classy Halloween hair ‘do from Babes in Hairland.

(20) A super simple spider bun could be an easy last minute Crazy Hair Day style. (via Simple As That)

(21) Twist your hair into a pretty pumpkin crown. (via @jehat)

Easy Last Minute Crazy Hair Day Ideas

Looking for a super easy Crazy Hair Day idea that can be pulled off at the last minute? (we’ve totally been there!). These hairstyles don’t take any forethought, and can be whipped together with hair accessories or household items you already have at home.

(1) Grab some plastic straws and tie them around small messy buns. (via Kimberlee Simpson)

(2) Our favorite easy Crazy Hair Day style: the high elastic ponytail! Simply keep wrapping elastic bands or scrunchies around a ponytail to make it stand straight up. (source unknown)

(3) Do the best French braid you can and then slip through pencils or markers. (via @sweetchic.tracy)

(4) Find your clip collection and go to town! Load up your child’s head with as many as you can! (via @susichilders)

(5) Create a crazy Bun Mohawk by making small buns down the middle of your child’s head. (via Cute Girls Hairstyles)

(6) Got a Slinky lying around? Thread it through pigtails for this wacky hairstyle. (via @shel.by_dancer)

(7) Or how about a Curl ‘hawk? Pin some big curls (or wrap hair around rollers!) starting at the front of their head, and work your way back. (source unknown)

(8) You’ll need a good strong gel to pull off this spikey mohawk! (via @meggieneon)

(9) If you have some hair color handy, spraying pigtails 2 different colors makes an easy Crazy Hair Day style. (via @randipivec)

(10) Mix some glitter into your hair gel and then apply to your child’s style to add a little extra crazy! (source unknown)

(11) Tie lots and lots of ribbons onto different sections of hair for this Raggedy-Ann inspired look. (source unknown)

(12) Butterfly clips and mini ponytails make for an insanely easy Wacky Hair Day style. (via @mysha_moments)

(13) One of the easiest Crazy Hair Day styles for boys: tiny ponytails all over!

Crazy Hair Day Ideas for Teachers

Kids aren’t the only ones celebrating Crazy Hair Day with wacky hairstyles – teachers love to get in on the fun too! Here are some simple ideas for teachers – many that are school-themed.

(1) Hide some school supplies in a messy bun and attach a cute “I love to teach” note with a clothes pin like @belleofteaching.

(2) If you have long hair, try wrapping your hair around a plastic bottle for an uplifting style that will surely get your students talking! (via @talk_school)

(3) Incredibly easy, but still qualifies for crazy – these scrunchie pigtails are colorful fun. (via @misstoews)

(4) Teachers are known for having a coffee handy, so why not incorporate it into your Crazy Hair Day style with these cute Starbucks buns! (source unknown)

(5) Stick some paintbrushes in your hair and add some paint on your face – perfect for an elementary or art teacher. (via @vantinke)

(6) This one wins our Best Teacher Style award: a “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” palm tree. Genius! (source unknown)

(7) “Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your long hair…” Tell your students the classic princess story with the help of your crazy hairstyle. (via Breann Sai)

(8) A simple Scrunchie Pony gets the job done. (via @dashintokindie)

(9) Another fun way to integrate a teacher’s love of coffee. (via Nicole S)

(10) Using toilet paper rolls as hair rollers…totally crazy! (via @iammissfilo)

(11) A great last minute idea for anyone: pencils stuck through a bun! (via eileenccampos)

(12) Make Crazy Hair Day a learning moment by sticking some foam letters throughout your hairstyle. (via Simply Kinder)

(13) Stick a few drink umbrellas into your ponytail for a tropical take on Wacky Hair Day. (via @cwildnewman)

(14) Love to knit? Show off your passion with knitting needles and yarn balls atop your head like piperknitz.

(15) Whether it’s the holidays or not, this Christmas Tree hairstyle will surely brighten your student’s day. (via @counselor_tomley)

(16) Grab some old school curlers for this easy style. (via Pinterest)

(17) Get your students buzzing by styling your hair into a bee hive shape and adding some plastic bees. (via Kel-Z)

(18) Follow this simple tutorial from Twist Me Pretty to make a cool unicorn horn your students will adore!

With over 200 Crazy Hair Day ideas to choose from, we hope you found the perfect wacky hairstyle for your fun spirit day!

If you created a unique crazy style of your own, send us a photo at and we may just add it to our list!



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