Free Easter Printable Activity Book | Fun activities including coloring pages, indoor/outdoor scavenger hunt, iSpy and active movement games. Perfect for children of all ages - toddler, preschool and beyond | Great to use in the classroom too! Super easy DIY, simply print on 8x10 paper.

This free printable Easter Activity Book is loaded with fun activities your kids will love, including coloring pages and active games!

Easter is one of our favorite holidays – not only does it signify that Spring has officially sprung, but it’s full of fun family traditions that don’t involve quite the same stress as a visit from Jolly ol’ Saint Nick.

After the excitement of the Egg Hunt is over, we’re often busy preparing an Easter feast, and while the kids are entertained for a short while with their Easter Bunny “loot”, there inevitably comes a time when the Ham is still to be cooked, but your little lambs are ready to frolic around!

Enter our free printable Easter Activity Book – bursting with Easter-themed fun for your kids, including both quiet activities, and more active work-off-the-sugar-high-from-those-chocolate-bunnies ones.

Print out some copies to have on hand for the inevitable “down time” during your Easter celebration, or you could even include it in your child’s Easter Basket (we love non-candy, no junk Easter Basket ideas…take a peek at our huge list of over 250 ideas here too!).

Keep scrolling to see what’s inside, how to access the printable (it’s free!) and assemble these fun Easter Activity Booklets.

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First, let’s take a peek at all the fun activities packed inside this booklet.

The Scavenger Hunt sends your kids on an adventure to find as many of the Easter-themed items on their list as possible. Pair up younger kids with older kids if you have non-readers, or join in on the fun yourself! You could even set a time limit if you wanted to make it more challenging.

The iSpy game will have your child quietly working as they try and count how many of each item they can find on the game board. Kids really love this one!

Next is the Match ‘n’ Color Eggs where your kids can first match-up the intricate eggs, and then have fun coloring them in (again, another great quiet activity!)

And finally, we get your kids up and moving again with an Easter-themed Movement Game. There are several ways to play, but first try cutting out all the cards, and placing them face-down in a pile or in a bowl. Have each child take a turn picking a card and performing the movement listed. Our kids couldn’t stop giggling doing these!

Alternatively, place these cards in plastic Easter Eggs and hide them throughout your house. Once they’ve all been found, have them act out all the cards they collected one-by-one.

And don’t forget, they can color in the cover too!


All you need to put together these Easter Booklets is a printer, some paper and a glue stick. Easy peasy, right?!

First things first, you’ll need to grab the printable PDF which we’ll send right directly to your inbox once you fill out the form below. Simply enter your email address and click the “SEND NOW” button:

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Now check your inbox and you should have the email with the downloadable PDF file waiting for you. Simply print it on regular paper, or some heavier card stock if you so choose.

You can trim off the thin white edges if you’d like, but it’s really not necessary.

Now fold all 3 pages in half and grab your glue stick.

Put the “iSpy” from page 2 and the “Match ‘n’ Color” from page 3 back-to-back and glue these halves of the pages together. Like this:

Now take the cover and wrap it around these interior pages. Spread some glue on either side of the cover then press together to complete.

Ta-da! Your Easter Booklet is complete.

(PS – you could also just fold all the pages and place them inside one another for a single-sided booklet…tell your kids the blank pages are for drawing something Easter-y…then staple the outside edges to bind together).

If you didn’t enter your email to get the printable file earlier, fill in the form below and we’ll send it right along (if you don’t see it come through, check your junk mail box!)

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Happy Easter to you and your family from all of us at What Moms Love.


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