Best Shoes for Kids Tsukihoshi Review

Every now and then we come across a brand that we fall completely head over heels for, and get so giddy to share our experiences with our loyal readers (yup, that’s you mama!) so you can benefit too. Because really, what fun is it to keep all the good stuff to ourselves?! Everyone likes to share their “secret” finds, and we’re no different.

So are you ready for it?

Well first let us say that it has to do with one of the most important purchases you make (often every few months) for your children.

Yup, shoes.

And although the brand we’ve been lusting over has been around for over 140 years, it’s one that you might not be very familiar with: Tsukihoshi.


Although it may be difficult to pronounce, Tsukihoshi (ski-ho-she) is one of Japan’s most highly renowned shoe brands, and we’re thankful that they’re now readily available online (Amazon and Zappos carry most styles) so we can reap the rewards of their centuries-old craftsmanship, technologies and designs.

Children’s feet are not just a miniature version of a grown-ups, they need different characteristics in a shoe that will support and promote the healthy development of their feet. No one understands this more than Tsukihoshi, whose mission is clear: make comfortable, fun shoes that give your children’s toes the freedom to move.

Sounds like something we can all get behind, right?

Well we put Tsukihoshi shoes through the ringer. We tested them on kids of different ages and stages, from toddler to big kid. We had our testers wear these shoes to the playground, to school, to sports practice and beyond. We ran these shoes into the ground (and through the washing machine numerous times!) in order to give you a no-holds barred review of our exciting, new find.

Before we get into some of the reasons we, as parents, love this brand. First let us give you a few of the glowing reviews from the people that really matter, the ones that actually have to wear the shoes, our kids:

“My feet feel so light, like I’m a fairy flying around…”

“I like that I can put them on easily by myself so I don’t have to ask my mom to help all the time” (editor’s note: yaaas to this!)

“My shoes are really comfortable…I never want to take them off”

“I like that they’re fun, bright colors and I can run really fast in them”

So they clearly passed the kid-test with flying colors. Now on to the grown-up stuff.

TOES’ FREEDOM TO MOVE: All Tsukihoshi shoes are made with a generous fit in the front so that toes are free to spread out, stretch and wiggle naturally. As a result, your child’s toes can maintain a better contact with the ground, enhancing their grip and balance as they are developing.

FIRM HEEL STABILIZER: Although there’s room in the front of the shoe, Tsukihoshi added extra support in the heel and the foot arch to provide additional stability and protect against over-pronation.

LIGHT & FLEXIBLE SOLES: Tsukihoshi’s “Flex-Joint Outsoles” help your child’s feet to flex – promoting natural movements, while being super comfy. You’ll be shocked at how light-weight these shoes feel, and our kid testers immediately felt the difference when they tried them on for the first time too…no more heavy, clumpy weights on their feet!

ANTI-BACTERIAL INSOLE: All of Tsukihoshi’s shoes come with this genius removable anti-bacterial insole that is infused with natural green tea extract that helps fight germs and that sweaty foot stink. We noticed a definite difference vs. our kids’ regular sneakers, so high fives all around for this technology!

MACHINE WASHABLE: Now even with the anti-stink insoles, let’s face it, there comes a point when your kids have run through muddy puddles enough times that you need to give them a good clean. With Tsukihoshi there’s a simple solution: just throw them in the washing machine! They come out looking brand-spanking new. (editor’s note: My youngest daughter is now wearing a pair of hand-me-down Tsukihoshis from my older daughter…I’ve washed them countless times, and they have held up incredibly well…my little one thought I had bought them from the store they looked so good! #momwin)

EASY ON & OFF: As moms we are all familiar with the “MooOOooom I need help” coming from the back door when you are already 5 minutes late getting out of the house. Well these shoes open incredibly wide – many styles have a special tongue that is attached to one side but not the other, so it moves over to create an easy-access opening and the tongue can’t get all jammed up (which is what often happens with younger kids who can’t properly keep it up themselves). They also have closures that don’t need any threading so they’re easy for kids to put on and close up all by themselves. Hurrah!

VAST SELECTION OF STYLES & SIZES: Tsukihoshi is known for their large selection of fun color combinations – we’re partial to their bright (yet tastefully done) designs, but they also have great neutrals. You can start your toddler wearing them from size 4 all the way up through big kid size 7.

And they offer styles for all seasons – from quick-dry technology for spring and summer (including our most favorite Marina and Mako) to water-resistant and waterproof boots perfect for damp fall and cold, snowy winters.

We’ve highlighted a selection of our top picks for Fall and Winter for you here. Feast your eyes on these incredible styles:

Top to Bottom; Left to Right:

Neko in Navy/Green   *   Neko in Purple/Berry   *   Kaz in Fuchsia/Lt.Blue   *   Kaz in Charcoal/Sea   *   Replay in Graphite/Royal   *   Replay in Purple/Lavender   *   Grid in Charcoal/Orange   *   Star in Silver/Pink   *   Rainbow in Fushia/Sky   *   Storm in Silver/Lime   *   Speed in Purple/Mint   *   Frost in Ice/Green   *   Frost in Ice/Pink   *   Dash in Blue/Green

So next time your child goes on a sudden growth spurt, add Tsukihoshi to your list of shoe brands to consider. We proudly give them our What Moms Love seal of approval, and with their incredible assortment of styles and colors, plus superb functional benefits (hello, washing machine!), both you and your kids will surely approve as well.

Have you ever bought a pair of Tsukihoshi shoes before? Tell us your experience in the comments below! And head to our Instagram page to enter for a chance to win a pair of your choice – hurry, contest ends 11/21/17.

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