Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Siblings - Where the Wild Things Are

Need a Halloween costume idea for siblings? We’ve got tons of fun ideas to coordinate your whole crew!

Halloween may be all about the candy for your kids, but for us moms, can we admit that it’s one giant photo op (where your kids are actually excited to participate!)? And if you’ve got more than one child, they are a prime target for a fun themed costume where the sum is greater than the parts. We mean, what’s Batman without Robin, Ketchup without Mustard, or Milk without Cookies?

But we’re all busy mamas, and making our own DIY costumes takes time, energy and sewing skills that we often don’t have. That’s why we’re coming to your rescue with 40+ creative Halloween costume ideas for siblings that you can easily obtain with just one click. No trips to the craft store or needle threading required. And hey, if you’re handy enough to make something yourself (major kudos to you!), these ideas can serve as the inspiration for your DIY masterpiece.

Then all that’s left is taking that killer photo with your costume-clad children, happily smiling away. Happy Halloween to all!

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Creative Sibling Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies, Toddlers and Big Kids
Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Mary Poppins and Penguin


Who can forget those lovable penguin waiters from Mary Poppins, singing and dancing their way into our hearts? Recreate that special feeling with this amazing handmade Mary Poppins costume from Heavenly Things For You, and add on an adorable lil’ Penguin sidekick (or two!). Halloween will be a “Jolly Holiday” indeed!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Sugar Candy Rush


What do you get when you mix candy, donuts and kids? A crazy sugar rush that no mom wants to encounter at 8 o’clock at night. But luckily for you, these super fun Sprinkle DonutCandy Fairy and baby Cupcake costumes aren’t the real deal  – you’ll just have the Halloween candy to deal with instead!

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Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Nutella and Banana


We can’t think of a better combination than a creamy spread of Nutella over a sweet Banana. Whether it’s in a crepe, sandwich or on top of ice cream (if you haven’t tried it, you need to!) this combo is insanely delicious. And this costume combo? Insanely adorable.

Creative Sibling Halloween Costumes Ideas - Where the Wild Things Are


Ok, how incredible are these handmade costumes from Boo Bah Blue from the classic storybook, Where The Wild Things Are? Dress your littlest as Max, the boy with the extraordinary imagination, and your oldest as the leader of the “Wild Things” who crowns him king.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Rain cloud and Rainbow


Bring together sunshine and rain to make an epic rainbow in these weather-themed costumes. Go for the duo from The Costume Cafe or buy individually like this super cute rainbow from Pottery Barn Kids. The forecast for these costumes is clear skies with plenty of smiles ahead!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Ringmaster and Lion


Step right up, step right up, the Halloween circus is coming to town! And who better to lead the charge than your big boy or girl as Ring Master, and little bro or sis as the “mane” attraction, the Lion! This show is sure to be a sellout.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Sushi


It doesn’t get much cuter than this folks. These handmade costumes from The Wishing Elephant will turn your cuties into tiny sushi rolls no one can resist. Featured on The Martha Stewart show, they are high quality with great details like a side of wasabi and pickled ginger! And you don’t need twins to pull this off, the costumes come in sizes from newborn to 24 months, and 3 varieties: salmon, tuna or shrimp!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Gnomes


These garden gnome costumes (for girl and boy) are ev-ery-thing. Sit them in your own garden for an unbelievable photo that is sure to be a “framer”. 

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Astronaut and Alien


If your child is outer space obsessed, turn their astronaut dreams into a paranormal fantasy with the addition of an adorable alien (that just might be lurking on their Halloween mission).

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Snow White and Apple


Instead of the classic pairing of Snow White and the dwarfs, how about a more unique approach and presenting her with the magical apple instead? This hand crocheted apple hat from Handmade Baby Love is so sweet (and SO easy to slip onto a sleeping newborn), how can Snow White possibly resist a little nibble?

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Nemo and Dory


With the recent success of “Finding Dory”, Nemo mania is back in full swing, and what better way to embrace your children’s love of these new Disney classics than dressing them as the dynamic duo. This Dory costume is the prettiest one we’ve seen, while Nemo will stay cuddly and warm on Halloween night.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Pokemon Go


With the Pokémon craze still in full force, your kiddos will be thrilled to transform into Ash, the Pokémon trainer, or another favorite character in their Pokédex. Go for the classic Pikachu, fun Charizard or the oh-so-cute Eevee.  

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Fisherman and Fish


This Fisherman and Fish costume duo is a real catch. And side-by-side they’ll be reeling in the Halloween candy hook, line and sinker!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Tortoise and Hare


The beloved story of the slow and steady Tortoise, beating the too-confident Hare is a mainstay in children’s literature, so everyone will connect with this costume pairing depicting the 2 main characters. But we’ll be telling our kids “slow and steady wins the race” while they are upwrapping their Halloween candy, whether they wear these costumes or not!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Ghostbuster and Ghost


Coming off a remake of the popular ’80s movie that people love to watch over and over again, this sibling costume is perfect for those kids’ who want a cool accessory “weapon” (as the Ghostbuster) and a little one (or mom!) who just wants to keep it simple (as the Ghost). Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Winnie the Pooh


Turn up the “aww” factor by dressing your brood as these treasured storybook characters. These Winnie The PoohTigger, and Piglet costumes are all plush and soft, so your kids will stay comfy and warm throughout their Trick or Treating adventures.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Elephant and Peanut


This fun combination is sure to get a chuckle from your neighbors as you make the rounds Halloween night. A cuddly elephant for your toddler or big kid, and a little peanut for, well, your little peanut.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Little Red Hiding Hood, Wolf, Grandma


“My Grandma, what big teeth you have!” Reenact this classic fairytale with these incredible costumes inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. The girls’ version of the wolf costume is so fun (those boot covers!) and still girlie while providing ample coverage (you know what we’re talking about, right mom?!), and the boys’ version from Boo Bah Blue is so darling and comfy. And if you’ve got a 3rd kid to throw into the mix, may we suggest this incredible handmade yarn wig from Yum Baby for an amazing Grandma!

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Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Magician Rabbit


While your little magician many not be able to pull his sibling “rabbit” out of a hat, it’s a classic combination that can still put the “trick” back into Trick or Treat.

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas for Siblings - Salt and Pepper Shakers


Turn your littles into the most darling Salt and Pepper shakers with these custom onesies and hats from The Wishing Elephant. They’re available in sizes newborn-24 months, and short or long sleeves. They’re sure to add a little spice to your Halloween!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Princess and Frog


If your little girl dresses up like a princess every day, then there’s not much guess-work involved in what she’d like to be for Halloween. But add a unique twist to her traditional costume by pairing her with a frog-clad sibling, making for a fairytale photo op.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Peter Pan, Hook, Tinkerbell


This costume trio is the perfect mix for a boys-and-girl sibling crew – it’s got the adventure and magical powers of Peter Pan, the cool villain “weapon” of Hook, and the fairy princess poof of Tinkerbell. A winning trifecta for sure.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Monkey Banana


Monkey’s can’t resist bananas, and you’ll find it hard to resist this cute pairing of your own little monkey‘s favorite sweet treat.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Dalmatian and Firefighter


These incredibly made Dalmatian and Firefighter costumes from Pottery Barn Kids not only make a super sweet Halloween pair, but will last for the long haul as dress-up costumes for make believe play.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Football Player, Ref, Cheerleader


Choose 2 or more of these pigskin inspired costumes for a great Fall classic. Whether you chose the football player and (insanely adorable) football, or referee and cheerleader, any combination is bound to end in a Halloween touchdown!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Chef and Lobster


What’s better than lobster? A baby dressed up as a lobster of course. And paired with a hungry chef, well, let’s just say things could get dicey.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Star Wars


This is a sibling costume trio from a Star Wars galaxy far, far away. Go with Luke for your light-saber loving guy, Rey for your strong and independent gal, and who can resist this hand knitted hat and cocoon for a teeny tiny Yoda. Halloween we love.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Caterpillar and Butterfly


Turn one of nature’s most incredible transformations into an incredible Halloween pair. It’s a winning combo for everyone: little caterpillar gets to stay cozy and warm, while Ms. Butterfly gets the pretty tulle and wings she’s always dreamed of.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Milk, Cookies and Cookie Monster


This costume set of milk and cookies, is perfect for an easily thrown-together sibling look. And if you have one more in your crew, the Cookie Monster adds that extra cherry, or err, chocolate chip, on top.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Knight and Dragon


If you’ve got a sword-loving tike who loves to save the day, dress them as  your knight in shining armor, and watch them as they team up with a medieval princess to try and defeat the sleepy dragon. And come on, look at that sleepy dragon (with swaddle wings!)?! Doesn’t get much cuter.

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Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Wizard of Oz


We must admit, this is one of our favorite group costume ideas of all time. Each character from the Wizard of Oz can come to life in its own unique way – with Dorothy, the Scarecrow and the Tinman all so different, yet when together they form a wonderful homage to the classic movie. Follow the yellow brick road and perhaps it will lead to candy land!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - peanut butter and jelly sandwich


Every child’s favorite sandwich combo is larger than life with this fun Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich costume set – perfect for throwing on over their regular clothes for an easy costume (especially for older kids who may be “over” all the bells and whistles and are just out for the candy!)

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Peanuts


Take your pick from these lovable characters from the Peanuts comic strip: the oh-shucks leader Charlie Brown, cuddly puppy Snoopy, best bud Lucy, or even fuzzy Woodstock. Your Peanuts clan is sure to get plenty of “good grief!”s (in a good way!) on Halloween night.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Little Bo Peep


Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep, but luckily you know right where to find him (or at least we hope!). Your little girl will love all the frills and fluff of this classic nursery rhyme costume, and that sheep has got to be one of the cutest costumes we’ve seen for a baby or toddler. 

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Breakfast Favorites


The Costume Cafe is one of our favorite places to go for unique (and adorable) handmade costumes, and this combination of Breakfast Favorites does not disappoint. You can pick different sizes for each costume (from newborn to adult), and we just love the added touch of the Butter Hat with the Stack of Pancakes, and the bacon hat with the Sunny Side Up Egg.

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Burger and Fries


Another genius costume from The Costume Cafe are these super sweet Hamburger and French Fries – complete with pickle hat and squirt of ketchup! They are soft and easy to fit over regular clothes – just make sure to put in your order early!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Diner Waitress and Waiter


Order’s up! These unique retro costumes for a diner waitress and waiter are simple and fun, and can be amped up with some play kitchen food that’s sure to be hanging around your house. And how amazing would they be paired with the burger and fries or Breakfast Favorites costumes above?!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Hot Dog and Ketchup


Another classic food combination comes to life with a hot dog toddler and his sidekick condiment: ketchup. And this ketchup costume is perfect for a little one who isn’t yet on-the-move…they’ll stay warm and snug in their packet, all night long. Squeezes required!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Robber, Cop and Convict


This is a super fun costume trio (that can easily be a duo too) that combines a pesky robber with a no-nonsense cop, and a convicted felon! Hopefully the streets will be safe on Halloween night with this crew running around!

Halloween sibling Costume ideas - trolls


Hair up! If your kids were big fans of the Trolls movie like ours, then they’ll love these fun dress-up versions of Poppy and Branch. Snatch them up before the Bergens do!

Creative Halloween Costumes for Siblings - Jake and Neverland Pirates


Got a Jake and the Neverland Pirates devotee? This handmade Jake costume from Heavenly Things For You is the sweetest we’ve seen, and exceptionally well-made. Add in a cute lil’ pirate, and you’ve got a swashbuckling pair ready to pillage for some loot!

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