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These fun name activities will help teach your toddler, preschooler or kindergartner how to recognize, spell and write their name.

Helping your child learn their name doesn’t have to involve boring worksheets and repetitive lessons. We’ve pulled together an epic list of creative activities that can teach your preschooler or kindergartner to not only recognize their name, but spell and write it as well.

These name activities are perfect for hands-on learning, and many incorporate other areas of development like fine motor skills, gross motor skills, science and art. And with most of them rooted in play-based learning, your child won’t even realizing they’re been “taught”, because they’ll be having so much fun!

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Teaching your child to recognize their name is not only practical for doing things like finding their belongings at school, but it also sets the foundation for early literacy. It gives them a link between letters and sounds, and something meaningful to them (their name!).

Below you’ll find over 60 of the best name recognition activities on the web – select a few to try each week, and your child will be well on their way to moving onto the next set of activities, where they’ll work on spelling and writing their name.

(1) Painted Name RocksPainting rocks is a fun craft to do with your child, and now it’s even better by sneaking in some name practice! (via Mama, Papa, Bubba)

(2)  Leaf Names: As the seasons change, leaf collecting is a memorable past time. Save some from a nature walk for this name recognition craft. (via Simple Play Ideas)

(3)  Fizzy Sidewalk Paint: This DIY sidewalk paint fizzes when sprayed, so use it to write your child’s name and then let them spray away! (via Hand on as we Grow)

(4)  Ladybug NameThese ladybug names are another engaging way to use nature and rock painting to help your child recognize the letters in their name. (via Here Come the Girls Blog)   

(5)  Name Art with Sticks: Head outside and pick up sticks to make this unique name sculpture your child can hang in their room. (via How Wee Learn)

(6)  Outdoor Name Art: Doing this large-scale name art outside makes it instantly more fun. (via Busy Toddler)

(7)  Name in a JarA combination of a scavenger hunt and practice of phonics, this game is an excellent way to set the foundation for reading skills. (via How Wee Learn)

(8)  Plant Your Name: Your child can watch their name grow and trim it with scissors too! (via Ceres Childcare)

(9)  Spray Your Name: This one’s a kid favorite…it involves a spray bottle! (via Toddler Approved)

(10) Block NameTake out those Legos and blocks to help your child recreate their name on a large scale! (via Normal Life Mom)

(11) Toy Car Name ActivityAny car loving kids out there? Use your child’s name as the racetrack and help them trace and/or race through each letter. (via Buggy and Buddy)

(12) Marshmallow NameGrab a bag of marshmallows and some construction paper for this sweet activity for name practice. (via Fun A Day)

(13) Straw Names: Kids can cut and glue straws to build their name. (via Childcare Land)

(14) Tape Your Name: With this activity your child can become more familiar with their name, plus work on their fine motor cutting skills. (via @happytotshelf)

(15) Pipe Cleaner Names: Sometimes it’s the simplest of craft items that can create the most powerful tactile experience for kids. Pipe cleaners are always a go-to! (via Parents)

(16) Crayon Names: Talk about easy set-up! Just grab some paper and crayons to help your child learn their name. (via Happily Ever Mom)

(17) Dot Names: Write your child’s name and have them use Do-A-Dot markers to “trace” the letters! (via Pre-k Pages)

(18) Pom Pom Name: This is a great cost-friendly project that requires very little prep, just lots of pom poms! (via Keep Toddlers Busy)

(19) French Fry NameWhat kid wouldn’t love this craft that involves one of their favorite foods?! (via 123 Homeschool 4 Me)

(20) Name CaterpillarsAny hungry caterpillar fans out there? Couple this name recognition activity with the book to further build literacy connections. (via The Inspired Tree House)  

(21) Duplo Build Your Name: Grab some Duplo LEGO and a dry erase marker, and you’ve got an easy way for your child to learn how to build their name. (via No Time for Flashcards)

(22) My Name Flower GardenThis craft is perfect for spring – and makes a cute art piece to put on the fridge for daily reminders. (via Tot Schooling)

(23) Name Poster: Write your child’s name in big block letters and then let them color, trace and decorate! (via @dayswithgrey)

(24) Ice Cream NameThis activity comes with an easy template and is sure to spark some creativity while they build and learn their name. (via Tot Schooling)

(25) Name Rockets: This simple craft will blast your child’s learning into outer space! (via The Inspired Home)

(26) Clothespin Name: Grab those extra clothespins laying around and create this interactive tool that will surely help your child remember their name. (via Play Teach Repeat)

(27) Textured NamesCheck out this interactive craft where your child can use different art supplies or household items! (via In the Playroom)

(28) Sticker Name Recognition Activity: This activity is a great use for stickers, and it’s mess free! A win all around. (via Busy Toddler)

(29) Rainbow Name Puzzle: If your child knows their colors, this rainbow puzzle will be a wonderful addition to practicing their name. (via Still Playing School)

(30) Name Recognition SoupSee if your child can scoop out the letters in their name from a bowl of alphabet soup! (via Play Teach Repeat)

(31) Name Train: Choo choo, all aboard the name train! This fun activity will introduce your child to the letters in their name is a fun and engaging way. (via Toddler Approved)

(32) Cotton Ball Names: This activity has 2 engaging parts – gluing the cotton balls, then making them colorful! (via Happy Toddler Playtime)

(33) Paper Chain Name: Have your kids link their letters in this fun twist on the classic paper chain. (via School Time Snippets)

(34) Foaming NamesThis engaging science activity is sure to connect with your STEAM learners. (via Fun A Day)

(35) Letter Tile Names: Kids will learn to recognize their letters as they repeatedly glue letter “tiles” to their name. (via Stay at Home Educator)

(36) Dot Sticker Activity: This activity not only helps strengthen their name recognition skills, but develops their fine motor skills too. (via Fun Learning for Kids)

(37) Foam Name Stamps: Make your own name stamp using a few simple materials – your child can then stamp and learn! (via My Bored Toddler)

(38) Tape Resist Name ArtThis simple craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, and makes a pretty keepsake! (via Learn with Play at Home)

(39) DIY Name Bracelet: Not only will your kids have fun making these names bracelets, but they’ll be reminded of the letters in their name every time they look at their wrist. (via Stir the Wonder)

(40) Pop That NameCheck out this genius way to use leftover bubble wrap! (via Coffee Cups and Crayons)

(41) Crack an Egg: Put those plastic Easter eggs to good use with this easy name recognition game. (via Days with Grey)

(42) Letter RaceIf you’re child loves a good competition, this activity will surely help them practice their name and write out each letter… quickly! (via School Time Snippets)

(43) Dinosaur Name Printing: Use your child’s favorite plastic figurines to leave footprints on their name! (via Happy Toddler Playtime)

(44) Sticky Letters Busy BagLetter matching is more fun with foam letters that they can peel and stick! (via Best Toys 4 Toddlers)

(45) Hot Glue NameA little cardboard and hot glue is all you need to create a fun, tactile way for your child to explore their name. (via Stay at Home Educator)

(46) Crystal Names: Part name-learning, part science experiment, the end result of this fun learning activity is quite stunning. (via Playdough to Plato)

(47) Fingerprint NamesWho doesn’t love finger painting? This is a great tactile way to learn – just be sure to wear your painter’s clothes! (via Happy Toddler Play Time)

(48) Post-it Names: Incorporate Post-its with this simple way of helping your kids identify the letters that make up their name. (via Busy Toddler)

(49) Name Recognition Sensory BinSensory bins are a wonderful way to incorporate other senses as you practice fundamentals. (via Creative Family Fun)

(50) Name Sensory Bin: Use letters and dry pasta to create this engaging sensory bin activity. (via NurtureStore)

(51) Sorting Names: This activity includes a printable that can be used two different ways. (via Simply Kinder)

(52) Shell Name Game: Collect some pretty shells on your next trip to the beach and create this clever fine-motor game. (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

(53) Find your NameGrab a marker and some butcher paper and tell your kids to go hunting! (via Days with Grey)

(54) Pool Noodle Game: Have any extra pool noodles? Check out how you can use them to create an inspiring name recognition game. (via Preschool Inspirations)

(55) Name Search: Use this activity’s hands-on free template to create a fun name search. (via Fun Learning for Kids)

(56) Beaded Heart Names: Have beads at home? String up their name and practicing name recognition with ease. (via Preschool Powol Packets)

(57) Egg Carton Name Practice: An egg carton and some cut-out letters are all you need to set-up this activity for name practice. (via Structured Play)

(58) Name HockeyHere’s an active way for your child to practice their name while getting some energy out! (via How Wee Learn)

(59) Resist Art: Use dab markers and an easy resist art technique to create these bold name trains. (via The Educators Spin on It)

(60) Name Mobile: Make a name mobile using simple materials like paper plates and string. They can hang it in their room too! (via Ceres Childcare)

(61) Letter Tree: This super easy and fun craft allows your child to identify their letters and personalize their craft in the process. (via Pre-K Pages)


Once your child can identify their name, it’s time to move onto spelling and writing! At this point, many kids will be able to recognize the letters of their name, but may not be able to put them in the right order, or pick-up a pencil and write it. The activities below will help teach your preschooler or kindergartner the letter sequence of their name (how to spell it!), and also build-up their fine motor writing skills – all in a fun and engaging way.

(1)  Post-It Note Name Building: These 2 fun activities involve letter sequencing using Post-it notes. (via Days with Grey)

(2)  Magnetic Rainbow Name Busy Box: Create this beautiful busy box for your child to take name practice on-the-go. (via Mama Papa Bubba)

(3)  Parking Garage: For the vehicle-obsessed, creating a fun parking garage with the letters of their name will equal lots of extra spelling practice! (via Frugal Fun 4 Boys)

(4)  Pick Up Sticks Name Game: This classic game will help your child put the letters of their name in the right order. (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

(5)  Mystery Name: Put your detective hat on as you uncover secret messages with this mysterious way to practice name writing. (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

(6)  Photo Name Puzzle: Follow this step-by-step guide to make beautiful photo name puzzles. (via Make Take Teach)

(7)  Building Names: Kids love this fun fill-in-the-blanks name game, especially when you super size it with large paper! (via Busy Toddler)

(8)  Paper Cup Names: Paper cups and an oversized roll of paper is all you need to set-up this activity to help your child learn to spell their name. (via Happy Toddler Playtime)

(9)  Sticker Names: Need help with fine motor skills? This game is simple but effective in preparing for name writing. (via Busy Toddler)

(10) Post-It Note Name Building: Combine Post-it notes and some kraft paper for this name sequencing activity. (via Days with Grey)

(11) Sensory Squishy Bag: This is a fun, mess-free way to easily practice writing skills. (via Learning 4 Kids)

(12) Rainbow Name Painting: Foil and paint take rainbow writing to a whole new level of fun. (via Kindergarten Connection)

(13) Rainbow Name: This is a colorful way to help your child write their name while creating a cute keepsake. (via Buggy and Buddy)

(14) Watercolor/Salt Names: Here’s a fascinating salt, glue and water color experiment that helps teach preschoolers how to spell their name! (via Happy Hooligans)

(15) Playdough Imprints: This fun game involves stamping playdough and matching letters. (via 123 Homeschool 4 me)

(16) Kinetic Sand Name Spelling: Reach for your kinetic sand and letter cutters for this interactive 3D name building activity. (via Fun Learning For Kids)

(17 & 18) Playdough Name Activities: Use playdough tracing, rolling and stamping to help your child spell their name – they’ll be having so much fun playing, they won’t even realize they’re learning! (via Growing Book by Book)

(19) Push Pin Letters: With a little help from a parent, use a giant push pin to poke holes in their name! (via Play to Learn Preschool)

(20) Flower Petal Name Art: Use flower petals to create these stunning works of art, and help reinforce the spelling of their name at the same time. (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

(21) Pasta Names: Who knew pasta would be the key ingredient for this spring themed craft? (via Fun a Day)

(22) Ping Pong Push: All it takes is some ping pong balls and basic household materials to make this interactive activity. (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

(23) Letter Pad Name Spelling: Grab some foam letters and a big paper pad and you’ve all you need to set-up this simple name spelling activity. (via Toddler Approved)

(24) Bottle Cap Name Puzzle: Have any extra bottle caps lying around? Grab a few to create this unique puzzle. (via Early Learning Ideas)

(25) DIY Name Puzzle: Help your child learn the order of the letters in their name by creating this super simple Name Puzzle using cardboard. (via The Mama Workshop)

(26) Magnetic Sensory Bin: Up the fun with rainbow rice and a magnetic wand + letters! (via Powerful Mothering)

(27) Clothesline Names: Enjoy this inexpensive method to help with letter recognition and sequencing. (via Pre-K Pages)

(28) Giant Car Track Name: Looking for a life-size way to work on writing and spelling? This activity will not disappoint! (via Adventures and Play)

(29) Water Balloon Name Game: This one is perfect for a hot summer day and incorporates play, learning and water balloons! (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

(30) Sidewalk Chalk Names: Grab some sidewalk chalk and have your child trace their name – easy peasy! (via Bare Feet on the Dashboard)

(31) Flower Name Hunt: All kids love a good scavenger hunt! In this one, they’ll have to find the letters of their name. (via Toddler Approved)

(32) Go Fish Your Name: All you need is a little imagination, construction paper, and a fishing rod to have loads of learning fun. (via Fun Learning for Kids)  

(33) Slide Unscramble: Kids can send the letters of their name soaring down a slide, then work to unscramble them – fun! (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

(34) Name Hop: This gross motor exercise will get your child moving, while learning how to spell their name. (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

(35) Salt Tray Name Practice: All you need is salt, a tray, and your finger for this clever way to practice writing your name. (via Early Learning Source)

(36) Name Stamping: Kids can stamp out their names using alphabet stamps to help them learn the letter sequencing. (via Pre-k Pages)

(37) Playdough Stamping: Or use playdough and stamps to create a name imprint! (via Growing Book by Book)

(38) Glue Names: A wonderful name sensory activity that assists with fine motor skills and multiple materials. (via Preschool Professional)  

(39) Glitter Names: If you’re feeling daring, pull out the glitter pens for this activity. (via Messy Little Monster)

(40) Tactile Name Writing Book: Or make this clever book – kids love running their finger over the puffy letters! (via Preschool Inspirations)

(41) Missing Letter Worksheet: Create your own worksheet for your child’s name and remove a letter with each row for your child to fill-in. By the end, they’ll be writing their complete name! (source unknown)

(42) Bubble Wrap Name Game: Alternatively, grab some large-scale bubble wrap and they can learn the sequence of their name, helping them spell it out in a super fun way. (via Fantastic Fun and Learning)

So that’s over 100 creative ideas to help your child learn their name! Let us know which one you’re most excited to try in the comments below.

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