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Want to make your child’s visit from the Tooth Fairy extra magical? These genius Tooth Fairy ideas will give you tons of inspiration, including how to welcome her, where to place the tooth, and incredible ideas for what the Tooth Fairy leaves behind (spoiler: it doesn’t have to be money!). Pick a few of these Tooth Fairy ideas and start a new tradition with your kids next time they lose a tooth.

The Tooth Fairy’s visit is a rite of passage in a child’s life – an event that is fun to make extra special, while creating new family traditions in the process.

To help you celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of the most creative Tooth Fairy ideas and traditions so you can make some Tooth Fairy magic in your own home. From teeny tiny letters, to glittery footprints and forgotten wands, these genius ideas will delight your kids, and have them looking forward to their next wiggly tooth.

We’ll answer all your Tooth Fairy questions, from “how do I introduce and welcome the Tooth Fairy?”, to “what should the Tooth Fairy leave?”. Plus, the always burning question: “how much money should the Tooth Fairy bring?”.

We even have non-money Tooth Fairy ideas, and plenty of easy, DIY options too. Oh, and if you’re reading this and the Tooth Fairy has to arrive soon – as in, TONIGHT – not to worry, there are plenty of last minute Tooth Fairy ideas here to relieve that panic!

So, what’s the best way to get started making memories? Read on to be inspired!

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Tooth fairy ideas and traditions
How Do You Introduce the Tooth Fairy?

There’s nothing more exciting than getting your little one stoked for the impending arrival of their first Tooth Fairy visit, even before they ever lose a baby tooth!

If they have their first wiggly tooth in progress, it’s a great time to introduce the fairy into their lives. There are so many fun ways to do so, including reading them a Tooth Fairy book, writing her a letter, and learning how to prep and leave their tooth.

By explaining the Tooth Fairy and including your child in the planning, not only does it get them excited for the Tooth Fairy’s visit, but it can also help them understand the importance of oral health and dental hygiene – so hopefully they’ll be happy to go to the dentist in the future – a total win-win!

Not sure how to explain the Tooth Fairy and where to start?

Check out the following ideas for how to introduce the Tooth Fairy to your child:

Share Memories & Traditions

Do you remember your first wiggly tooth? What were you most excited about, or even nervous about? Tell your kids all about your own Tooth Fairy experiences and memories. Not only will this help ease their nerves, but it will get them excited and create an opportunity for a special bonding moment.

A few questions that your kids would love to hear all about include:

  • How did you lose your first tooth?
  • How did you prepare for the Tooth Fairy’s arrival?
  • Did the Tooth Fairy actually come?
  • What did the Tooth Fairy leave you?
  • Were you excited the next morning?

Read Books About the Tooth Fairy

There are so many amazing books that can teach your child about the Tooth Fairy tradition and losing teeth. Start reading these when your child gets that first wiggly tooth, and you’ll be able to read them time and time again with each lost tooth.

Some of our absolute favorite books about the Tooth Fairy include:

(1) Flight of the Tooth Fairy: This magical story is both fantastical in its storytelling and its unbelievable artwork.

(2) Uni the Unicorn: Tooth Fairy Helper: Even the Tooth Fairy could use a helping hand! Read your child this story about the fairy’s magical tooth helper.

(3) The Museum of Lost Teeth: What happens to all the teeth the Tooth Fairy collects? This book will make you laugh as it explains.

(4) Forever Tooth: This adorable book helps your little one understand and appreciate every little celebration in life.

(5) Bear’s Loose Tooth: If your child is a little apprehensive about losing their first tooth, then they’ll love reading about Bear who’s in the same position, and how his friends help him through it.

(6) Tooth Fairy’s Night: This rhyming Step-Into-Reading book is a great option for kids who want to do the reading, and follows the Tooth Fairy around for a typical night of work.

(7) Fancy Nancy and the Too-Loose Tooth: This character favorite is a great read. Nancy hopes to lose her tooth a certain way; read to see if her plan falls into place!

(8) Peppa Pig: The Tooth Fairy: If your child is a Peppa Pig fan, then this character book is bound to be a winner. Peppa loses her first tooth and then tries to stay up to see the Tooth Fairy…will she succeed?

More Ways to Introduce the Tooth Fairy

Write a Letter

Why not have your child introduce themselves to the Tooth Fairy by sending her a letter? Have them give her the basics; their name, age, tooth care routine, and so on. They can even let her know if they have any wiggly teeth already in progress. This will help them to feel more excited, and a little less nervous.

Draw a Picture

What does the Tooth Fairy look like? It’s fun to speculate! Let your child draw a picture of how they imagine the Tooth Fairy would look. You can hang it on the fridge, or maybe even gift it to the fairy herself.

Do Some Coloring

Not into drawing? Print out a Tooth Fairy coloring page to get them excited and ready for her arrival. We love this coloring page that includes the fairy and some tooth care as well. Also, check out these adorable prints via Freebie Finding Mom.

Ideas to Welcome the Tooth Fairy

What happens after your child loses a tooth? It’s time to take action, of course!

No doubt, excitement will fill the air, so help your little one prep for the momentous occasion with these awesome Tooth Fairy ideas that will not only make your fairy feel welcome, but be the beginning of fun, new Tooth Fairy traditions:

Make a Recipe Fit for a Fairy

(1) What Tooth Fairy wouldn’t enjoy some Fairy Bread covered in rainbow sprinkles?! It only takes a few minutes to make, and it’s easy for your child to do with little to no assistance. It’s just like leaving out milk and cookies on Christmas Eve for Santa Claus – sit it out for the Tooth Fairy the night she’s in flight, and see if she takes the tiniest bite! (via The Spruce Eats)

(2) If you want to make a treat that’s a little more bite-sized for a fairy, then check out this recipe for Fairy Bites: tiny tea party cookies with rainbow nonpareils! (via Pink Piccadilly Pastries)

(3) If you think the Tooth Fairy might prefer a healthier treat (too much sugar can ruin your teeth after all!), then you can recreate these Fairy Bread Bliss Balls chock full of protein so she can have her strength when she flies all night long. (via Naturally Nina)

(4) This glittery Fairy Snack Mix is perfect for the Tooth Fairy. Simply create a trail mix with your choice of cereal, pretzels, dried fruits and nuts, and then add some edible glitter. (via The Toddler Café)

(5) If you’ve got a little extra time and love baking with your kids, your Tooth Fairy will surely get a kick out of these playful Tooth Cupcakes made with marshmallow fondant topping. What a fun way to celebrate the occasion! (via Sweet Tooth)

Make a Welcome Poster and hang it on your door or near your bed – this way, the Tooth Fairy will never have to guess where to stop! Your child can color it to their liking and even personalize it with their name. (via Hold the Magic)

(1) Make and Hang a Tooth Fairy Door: This is one of the cutest, most clever Tooth Fairy ideas, and a great solution to the question, “how does the Tooth Fairy get in?”. If you want to make your own fairy door, you can purchase one and paint and decorate it to match your child’s room following this DIY Tooth Fairy Door tutorial. (via Britches n Boots)

Not feeling crafty? Don’t worry! You can order a Tooth Fairy door that’s all already finished and ready to go. There are a multitude of colors and styles to choose from, and it comes with adorable tiny accessories like a doormat, ladder, and footprints! (via Amazon)

Take a Picture of Your Child with Their New Smile

Your child is growing up fast, and their sweet little smile is a huge part of their changing looks. Document their tooth loss and new grin with these fun ideas:

  • (2) Track Their Smile in a Special Photo Book: Take a close-up photo or headshot of your child with a big smile so they can show off their pearly whites, or lack thereof! Add the date for reference. Print it out and add it to a binder to compare as time goes by. (via Nicole Reaves)
  • (3)Take a Chalk Photo: Never forget your child’s tooth loss by snapping an adorable chalk photo outside. Have them lay down on the sidewalk or driveway, then use colorful chalk to write their age and date. (via @MollyHover on Pinterest)
  • (4) Use a Commemorative Chalkboard: This special chalkboard is made specifically for kids after they lose a tooth. You can mark which tooth has been lost, the date, and their age. (via TheToothFairyBoxShop on Etsy). Alternatively, capture all the details with this adorable chalkboard version. You can even take a photo of your child with it to leave for the Tooth Fairy! (via LoveDesignsShop on Etsy).

(5) Light the Tooth Fairy’s Way with a Glitter Path: Some kids worry that the Tooth Fairy simply won’t find them. If that’s the case, ensure your fairy will arrive by creating a special path to show her the way. Provide them with some Magic Tooth Fairy Dust for them to sprinkle on the lawn, allowing the Tooth Fairy to see the sparkle, even on the darkest night! (via Holly Simoni)

(6) Leave the Tooth Fairy an “Invoice”: Not in the mood to write a letter? No biggie! Send the Tooth Fairy an invoice instead. This little printable gets right down to business! Simply print and fill out their name, date of tooth loss, and amount of money requested. We’re sure that this will get the Tooth Fairy’s attention! (via How Does She)

(7) Document Those Teeth: Fill out this Tooth Chart from Hold the Magic to document each tooth your child loses. It makes a perfect addition to their keepsake box. We also love this version that comes in pink or blue from Hallmark).

Or try this adorable Kids Tooth Passport – it’s such a creative way to let your child do the documenting themselves with space to draw pictures and fill out stories, like where and how their tooth fell out (via Letterfolk).

Create a Keepsake Box: A great activity to help your child prepare for their first Tooth Fairy visit is to create a keepsake box where they can store all of their tooth-related treasures.

Simply grab an empty shoe box, then gather some décor supplies from the craft store such as colorful papers, washi tape, stickers, and flowers. You could even help your child find images of fairies to cut out and use as well. Give them a glue stick and let them go wild decorating the inside and outside of the box.

It’s a fun craft activity to do together, and it makes the perfect place for your child to store anything related to the Tooth Fairy like gifts, trinkets, and letters. It’s also the perfect place to keep a tooth chart to show your child’s tooth-losing progress.

Leave the Tooth Fairy a Handwritten Letter: Tooth Fairies love to get written messages from new friends, and it’s great writing practice too! Your child can place their letter next to their tooth for the Tooth Fairy to read – but make sure to let them know that it might be too heavy for the Tooth Fairy to take with her. This way they can add it to their keepsake box instead of it disappearing to fairyland!

Perform a “Tooth Cleaning Ceremony”: Get that lost tooth good and ready for pickup! Help your child clean their tooth with a toothbrush and toothpaste, then simply pat dry. Place it in position under their pillow (or keep reading for more ideas). This is a great way to establish a good dental hygiene regimen. After all, the Tooth Fairy (and the dentist!) prefer freshly flossed, sparkly clean teeth.

Read a Special Bedtime Story: Add to their excitement and anticipation as you tuck them in for the night. Reading a book before bed, like The Night Before the Tooth Fairy or How to Catch a Tooth Fairy, will help them get psyched for her arrival.

Where to Place the Tooth Ideas

When we were kids, we always placed our lost teeth under our pillows. But it’s risky – what if the tooth gets lost? What if your child is a light sleeper?

Luckily, there are now so many smart options to solve these problems. Whether you purchase a special tooth holder, or make a DIY contraption, we have all the best ideas for where to put that lost tooth!

DIY Storage for Lost Teeth

Whether you’re a Pinterest addict, or simply want a fun craft to do with your kids, the following DIY ideas for making a safe place to store lost teeth will be right up your alley:

(1) Tooth Fairy Pillow: Sure, you can buy a Tooth Fairy pillow, but why not have fun creating your own instead?! Your little one can help out with this DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow craft – simply use the free printable which provides all the shapes you need to cut, and you can either sew or glue them together to create a safe spot for their tiny tooth. (via A Beautiful Mess)

(2) DIY Tooth Fairy Bag: A little light hand sewing is all you’ll need to create your own felted tooth bag. The tooth shaped pocket on the front can hold your child’s tooth, and the Tooth Fairy can leave her gift inside the bag. (via Purl Soho)

(3) DIY Mint Tin Tooth Holder: Have an old Altoids tin lying around? This cute idea uses a small tin to serve as the perfect base for a DIY Tooth Fairy tin. Simply spray paint it the color of your choosing and paint a tooth on top – you can even personalize it if you like. Cut and glue some felt on the inside of the tin so the tooth has a soft place to rest. (via Homemakers Habit)

(4) DIY Tooth Fairy Door Hanger: You can easily make your very own tooth door hanger for your little light sleeper so they don’t wake up when the Tooth Fairy goes searching under their pillow. We love that this is a no-sew project and all you need is some white felt, googly eyes, ribbon, a glue gun, and a black marker. (via The Best Ideas For Kids)

(5) Printable Tooth Fairy Door Hanger: Is your child worried that the Tooth Fairy’s “alert” won’t go off when they lose a tooth? Or maybe they’re questioning how the fairy knows the tooth is ready for the taking. If so, this easy printable is here to help. Simply print, cut out, and hang on your child’s bedroom door. It spells it all out for the Tooth Fairy! (via Mom Dot)

(6) “Where to Look” Letter and Paper Pouch: Just in case there’s any confusion for the Tooth Fairy on where the missing tooth may be, this printable hack will set things straight! Simply print out and place the sign on your child’s door or nightstand, then assemble the paper pouch to safely store their tooth. (via Hellobee)

(7) Tooth Pillow Box: This set of adorable free printables includes a pillow box which can be cut and folded to provide a safe place to keep your child’s tooth. There’s also a printable “oopsie” note to leave for the Tooth Fairy JUST in case she happens to forget! (via Handmade Charlotte)

(8) DIY Tooth Fairy Sleeping Bag: If the Tooth Fairy wants to have a sleepover, or needs a quick place to take a rest, this tiny DIY sleeping bag will do the trick! Your child can even place their tooth inside to keep it safe. And the best part is that you don’t even have to sew: simply use the pattern to cut out your fabric, then stuff and fuse into the coziest, tiniest little sleeping bag fit for a fancy fairy. (via See Kate Sew)

(9) Tooth Jar: It’s a myth that the Tooth Fairy has to come into your bedroom and search under your pillow – she can find a lost tooth just about anywhere! These fun tooth holders are created from half of a plastic bottle, and jazzed up with some white paint and a smile. Let your little one drop in their tooth and place on any countertop – even in their bathroom after they brush their teeth for bedtime. (via pysselbolaget)

Buy Something to Store Lost Teeth

If you’re not feeling crafty, or simply don’t have the time to create, we’ve gathered up the best options for where to put your child’s lost tooth that you can quickly and easily purchase online:

(1) Tooth Fairy Pillow Kit: Getting ready for the Tooth Fairy has never been easier thanks to this kit that has it all! The adorable tooth-shaped pillow holds the lost tooth, ready for the fairy to snag; but the kit also comes with a handy notepad so your child can write their own letter, plus a keepsake wallet that holds a photo and the tooth. (via Tickle & Main/Amazon)

(2) Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow: Your little one will feel extra special with their own personalized tooth pillow. Not only is it a great way to keep their tooth safe and sound, but they can choose from an adorable unicorn, or superhero-themed tooth, all dressed up! (via LetsMakeMemoriesUS on Etsy)

(3) Animal/Monster Tooth Pillows: Tooth Fairy pillows don’t always have to come in the shape of teeth! Check out these adorable animal offerings; or skip the animals altogether and go for a cute and quirky monster instead. (via RainbowSmileShop on Etsy)

(4) Flip Sequin Pillow with Poem and Pocket: We love the interactive design of this Flip Sequin Tooth Fairy pillow. When your child has lost a tooth, simply flip the sequins down for a solid gold look to summon the fairy; then slip the tooth in the pocket. Once the Tooth Fairy arrives and snags the tooth, she will flip the sequins up to reveal that she’s come and gone. (via Amazon)

(5) Tooth Fairy Doll: Does your child love plush dolls? If so, they may prefer a different place to hide their tooth loot. This precious doll has a small front pocket to hold a tooth and serves as a lasting memory long after they’ve out grown it. (via Amazon)

(6) Tooth Box: We simply can’t handle the sweetness of a classic wooden box to hold a lost tooth. This one features a wooden tooth lid and works great when placing the tooth on their bedside table instead of under a pillow. (via Amazon)

(7) Tooth Fairy Jar: How stinkin’ cute are these little Tooth Fairy jars?! They make searching for that teeny tiny tooth so much easier! (via Ktbugs Crafts Shop on Etsy)

(8) Personalized Tooth Fairy Metal Box: Personalization makes everything feel more special and memorable to a little one. This stunning pewter Tooth Fairy box features a darling little tooth wearing a crown that can be customized to include your child’s name. They’ll be so excited to use it every time they lose a tooth! (via CrosbyandTaylor on Etsy)

(9, 10) Tooth Fairy Door Hanger: If your child’s bed doesn’t have a post or a place to keep their missing tooth, then this door hanger is the perfect solution. Not only does it alert the Tooth Fairy, but you can hang it on the inside or the outside of your child’s door – whatever they are more comfortable with. (via Amazon)

And if you prefer a more personalized option, then this custom door hanger is an easy winner. (via HavenPCo on Etsy)

(11) Tooth Storage Case: Keep those precious baby teeth in a place you’ll never forget. This little trinket case places each tooth in its proper space and records the dates they were lost. You just might need to include a note to the Tooth Fairy to ask her to not take each tooth, so you can collect the whole set! (via Amazon)

(12) Personalized Tooth Fairy Dish: Place this beautiful Tooth Fairy dish on your child’s bedside table, and place their tooth in the tiny bowl for easy taking. (via Say Your Piece on Etsy). Or get straight to the point with this simple “let’s trade” tooth dish. (via Della Designs Store)

(13) Personalized Tooth Fairy Bag: Kids love tiny things, and this tiny Tooth Fairy keepsake is no exception. This tooth kit comes with a personalized bag and bottle that they can place their lost tooth in upon waiting for the Tooth Fairy’s arrival. (via DesignedByCharley on Etsy)

(14) Tooth Fairy Stuffed Animal: This cuddly unicorn is an awesome opportunity for little ones to hide their tooth somewhere outside their room if they’re scared of the idea of the Tooth Fairy coming into their room. Simply hang it on the outside of their door instead! It’s also a great option for light sleepers – the Tooth Fairy loot can be left in the stuffed animal’s pouch, so she doesn’t need to lift any pillows! (via Amazon)

What Should The Tooth Fairy Leave?

Contrary to what people might think, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t always have to leave money! While kids get excited to see a shiny coin or glittery dollar bill, we’ve also pulled together some amazingly creative non-money Tooth Fairy ideas.

Whatever your Tooth Fairy decides, the following ideas for little gifts, trinkets and keepsakes are sure to leave a lasting impression on your child.

Special Ways to Give Money from the Tooth Fairy

It’s totally fine for the Tooth Fairy to just leave money under your child’s pillow in typical fairy tradition. But if you’re looking for more creative ways to give the cash, take a look at the incredible ideas below:

(1) Glitter Tooth Fairy Money: The Tooth Fairy’s magic can turn any regular dollar bill into one that’s super sparkly! Making Sparkly Money is simple with this crafty hack: use a sponge to soak up a glue mixture, evenly distribute it over the dollar, then add a little glitter. (via Kids Activities Blog)

Want an even quicker method? You can spray your bills with glitter hairspray, or paint them with glitter nail polish.

(2) Glitter Coins: There are a few different ways to create Tooth Fairy glitter coins, but we especially love the way that coins look coated in sparkly nail polish. Plus, it’s quick and super simple! (via Satsum Designs)

(3) Include a Tiny Letter: Kids just love a personalized touch, and what could be more personalized than a letter from the Tooth Fairy herself? This adorable tutorial has a printable tiny letter and miniature envelope – simply print, fold, glue, then tie a string around the money. (via Boco-Baby)

(4) Or try this tiny letter that even comes with a receipt! (via TegarooDesign on Etsy)

(5) You can even print a tooth-shaped message that’s just as fun. (via HoneyBooPrintables on Etsy)

(6) Tooth Fairy Card Money Holders: This printable money card holder makes a delightful way for the Tooth Fairy to gift money. Simply print out the tooth, accordion fold your money and fluff to form a bow. So cute! You can choose between pink or blue – both are perfect for any little boy or girl. (via ConfettoCoDesigns on Etsy)

(7) Letterpress Kit with Envelope: Your Tooth Fairy money will look oh-so official coming straight from the desk of the Tooth Fairy. This stationery set comes letter pressed on cardstock and even has an envelope you can attach to use as a money pocket. (via ColorBoxLetterpress on Etsy)

(8) Tooth Fairy Check: Have you ever had a child loose a tooth, but didn’t have any cash on hand? We’ve all been there! But you’ll never have that problem again with this Tooth Fairy check printable. It’s an adorable little check written by the Tooth Fairy, so your child can take it straight to the bank, and it’s as good as gold! (via Mom 4 Real)

(9) Gold Coin Printable: Whether the Tooth Fairy is leaving real money coins, or chocolate money coins, this darling printable is the perfect accompaniment. Simply print it out on card stock and use double-stick tape to adhere the coin. (via Hello Wonderful)

(10) Tooth Fairy Receipt: What’s more legit than receiving a progress report straight from the Tooth Fairy? Not only does she leave money for good teeth, but this printable receipt also allows the fairy to report on brushing habits and more – providing some great incentive for your child to keep up with their dental hygiene! (via Kristen Duke Photography)

(11) Alternatively, check out this printable that looks exactly like a real receipt! (via ModernCreatorCo on Etsy)

(12) Create a Money Balloon: Imagine the excitement on your child’s face if they woke up to balloons floating in their room…especially ones with money inside! This is where the Tooth Fairy can get extra creative and “magically” put money inside a balloon instead of under their pillow. Head to Sugar and Charm for the full tutorial.

(13) Origami Money Tooth: If your Tooth Fairy is into the art of folding, then have them surprise your child with some origami art. This truly unique video tutorial shows you how to fold your dollar bill into the shape of a tooth! (via Nprokuda on YouTube)

And if the tooth shape isn’t your jam, you can transform your dollar into just about anything you like. Check out this tutorial for ideas for other shapes. (via Homemade Gifts Made Easy)

(14) “Brush & Floss” Money Envelope: This sweet little printable kit contains a template for a money-holding envelope from the Tooth Fairy herself with a reminder note to “brush & floss”! (via Handmade Charlotte)

(15) Give Special Collector Coins, Silver Dollars, or Rare $2 Bills: If you want to be a little more unique while still gifting money, then why not leave something they’ve never seen before? Gift a $2 bill, silver dollar, or a special collector coin – they’re spendable, but also cool enough to keep!

How much Money Should the Tooth Fairy Bring?

Back in our day, a few coins was all it took to get us excited – but even the Tooth Fairy can’t avoid inflation, which means that we now have to dish out a little more cash for those pearly whites!

While how much money the Tooth Fairy gives totally depends on what your family is comfortable with, a general guide is $1-5 per tooth. Many families decide to give their child’s first tooth and those back molars a higher amount, say $5-10 per tooth.

Just remember, you are setting a precedent for future lost teeth, and future kids – with multiple children and 20 baby teeth each, it can add up quickly!

If the thought of this makes your head spin, there are plenty of fun and exciting Tooth Fairy ideas that don’t involve any money at all. Take a peek at some of the creative no money alternatives below.

Non-Money Gift Ideas from the Tooth Fairy

You might be thinking, “what can the Tooth Fairy leave besides money?”. We’ve scoured the web and pulled together some of our favorite Tooth Fairy gift ideas that aren’t money.

Trust us, your little ones will be just as excited to unveil one of these non-money gifts as they would actual cash!

(1, 2) Special “Faux” Gold Coins: If the Tooth Fairy is looking to gift something similar to money, then these faux coins are perfection. They are heavier and made of iron so they feel more like a real coin; plus they’re imprinted with Tooth Fairy embossing, making them extra magical. You can even get tooth-shaped ones! (via Amazon)

(3) Tooth Fairy Pressed Penny: If you want to use a real coin, but in a special way, order a special fairy-pressed copper penny! This shop features a special Tooth Fairy-certified embossment that will gift your child with an exciting memory keepsake that they can always look back on. (via ThePennyDepot on Etsy)

(4) Bag with Chocolate Coins: If chocolate coins are a staple from the Tooth Fairy in your house, then this darling kit takes it one step further. It comes with a personalized bag that you can leave your child’s tooth in, and the fairy will leave chocolate coins in its place. Choose from a fairy or rocket ship design. (via PinkPineappleEngland on Etsy)

Need extra gold coins? Purchase some here!

(5) Tooth Fairy Wand: What could be more special than waking up to find the Tooth Fairy’s magic wand? Can you believe she left it behind?! Choose from any of these shiny beaded styles that will make the moment extra magical for your child. (via CreateTheBrightside on Etsy)

(6) DIY Tooth Fairy Wand: Create your very own Tooth Fairy wand to leave behind with this no-sew tutorial. All you need is some white felt, stuffing, a wooden dowel, and whatever accessories you’d like to use to fancy it up. Watch to see the delight on your child’s face when they realize they now possess the Tooth Fairy’s wand! (via Sierra L Miller)

(7) Tooth Fairy Necklace: This gorgeous Tooth Fairy necklace serves as her “thank you” for leaving such a sparkly clean tooth. It even comes with a cute poem to explain, and commemorate the special moment. (via Amazon)

(8) Tooth Fairy Bracelet: If your child likes to wear jewelry, then a beautiful rainbow-beaded bracelet with a Tooth Fairy charm is the perfect gift that serves as a reminder of the occasion. (via Minilil on Etsy)

Prefer something personalized? This beautiful name-beaded bracelet with fairy charm and your child’s name is sure to be their new favorite. (vis RosesAndBowsShop on Etsy)

(9) Fairy Dust Necklace: A mess-free glitter situation?! We’re all in! Gift your child a tiny glass vial full of Tooth Fairy glitter. They’ll always feel like they have her special magic with them, right in their hands. (via Make It Love It)

Here is another version of a fairy dust necklace using food coloring with glitter that they’ll love. (via Kids Activities Blog)

(10) Tooth Fairy Reward Tokens: We adore these beautiful wooden tooth reward tokens that feature different rewards your child can enjoy, like “pizza night”, “skip a chore” or “you pick dinner”. You can choose from a prefilled set of 20, or choose to customize them yourself. Such a clever non-money idea from the Tooth Fairy! (via CactusWoodStudios on Etsy)

(11) Happy Teeth Crayons: Your kid will love this special crayon set with dental-inspired shapes like a toothbrush, floss and toothpaste! (via Kages Krayons on Etsy)

(12) Tooth Fairy Crown: Every fairy needs a crown, and your little one is no exception! Maybe the Tooth Fairy would like to leave your child a human-sized crown that matches her own. You can find dozens of special gift options via LikeTheStars on Etsy.

(13) Dental Care Basket: The Tooth Fairy cares about good hygiene, so it’s not out of sorts for her to leave a tooth care basket behind. Fill up a basket with dental floss, a fun new toothbrush, some toothpaste, and even a special note reminding them to brush for two full minutes! (via Cul de Sac Cool)

(14) Tooth Fairy Personalized Gift Box: This whimsical fairy kit comes with a teeny letter scroll and little trinket keepsakes like a feather, magnifying glass and wish bottle. (via TheMossyHare on Etsy)

(15) Tooth Fairy Stickers: Money and sweets not your thing? Don’t worry, the Tooth Fairy can leave all kinds of easy and adorable prizes, including these super festive stickers that younger children especially love. They feature whimsical teeth, toothbrushes, and fairy designs. (via BellaKodaDesigns on Etsy)

You can also grab a bulk pack of tooth-inspired stickers here via Amazon.

(16) Hold The Magic Keepsake Kits: From tiny teddy bears and baby kites to a pocket-sized tea set and mini magnifying glass, the magical little treasures from Hold The Magic are a super easy way to delight your child. Their sets come with a variety of special keepsakes, plus a teeny tiny note from the Tooth Fairy in a sparkly golden envelope, to leave with each one. We highly recommend grabbing a few sets to have on hand for when a loose tooth strikes!

(17) Mini Leaf Envelope: If you’re feeling crafty and want a very realistic touch added to your Tooth Fairy letter, then get wild with nature. You simply need to go outside and pick out the perfect leaf! This tutorial shows you how to create a beautiful leaf envelope in which to store your fairy letter. (via Mother Natured)

(18) Personalized Handwritten Note and Trinkets: Go straight to the source and order a personalized note directly from the Tooth Fairy, written in gold to your child. The listing also comes with other keepsake miniature trinkets like coins and fairy dust to keep them smiling. (via TheMossyHare on Etsy)

(19) Tiny Letters from the Tooth Fairy: Personalize the experience for your child with a super tiny letter. Create a template of your own, use scrap paper and calligraphy, or find a cute template that’s editable. This tooth-shaped one works perfectly for Tooth Fairy notes. (via PrintGlowStudio on Etsy)

(21) Printable Tooth Report: We’re obsessed with this printable tooth report and official envelope set that comes straight from the desk of the Tooth Fairy. It’s the perfect way to let your child know how they’re doing in the oral hygiene department. (via Anders Ruff)

(22) Printable Tooth Certificate: This easy printable certificate offers up details that will keep your memory book up to date. Log when the tooth was lost, the date, which tooth it was, and the payment. (via Mom Dot)

(23) Miniature Letters: This tiny collection of letters from the Tooth Fairy are perfect to have in your arsenal, just waiting for lost teeth. You can have them on hand to pair with any of the gift ideas above for a personalized touch, every time. (via ToothFairyPress on Etsy)

Want to write your own? If so, this mini stationery from Amazon is the perfect solution.

(24) First Lost Tooth Certificate: The first lost tooth is an extra special one! Commemorate the occasion with a certificate to make them feel proud. You can easily create one yourself in a free program like Canva, or purchase one from Etsy and fill in the details. (via TwoTinyDarlings on Etsy)

(25) Scavenger Hunt: Feeling adventurous? Send your little one on a scavenger hunt! Have the Tooth Fairy place the first clue under their pillow so that they have to hunt for their prize. If you’re having a hard time coming up with clues, this printable Tooth Fairy Scavenger Hunt comes with pre-made clues and puzzles! (via OoohGotIt on Etsy).

These tooth-shaped clues are super fun, too. (via RoschsRoom on Etsy)

(26) Wax Seals for Letters:  Any fairy letter instantly becomes much more believable when it arrives with a wax seal. These ones are stamped with a fairy logo that can only come from the real deal…right? (via CustomeByErikaPlum on Etsy)

Handwritten IOU: Don’t have cash for a Tooth Fairy visit? Here’s a last-minute tooth idea. Would you rather give out an experience instead? Simply write a note from the Tooth Fairy in the form of an IOU so they can trade it in for a new small toy, an ice cream cone, or some other kind of special treat!

New Book: If your child is an avid reader, why not leave a great book? Have the Tooth Fairy write a note and place it inside the book cover with a small note that explains why she thought they’d like it.

Evidence the Tooth Fairy Has Come

Just like a visit from Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, children will be looking for evidence of the Tooth Fairy’s arrival the next morning. What type of evidence does the Tooth Fairy leave when she comes? Check out these creative Tooth Fairy ideas for inspiration:

(1) Fairy Dust on Window Sill: There’s no doubt that the Tooth Fairy has indeed come and gone when you see the glitter and footprints she left behind! All you have to do is sprinkle a small pile of glitter on the window sill, then gently press two fingers in it to create the look of tiny fairy footprints. (via Pinterest)

(2) Glitter/Confetti Trail: There’s always an occasion for confetti, and a Tooth Fairy visit is no exception. Check out this super sparkly pink and gold glitter confetti that comes in the shape of little fairies – sprinkle some around where your child left their tooth, and there’ll be no doubt that the Tooth Fairy has been there! (via KissHugDesign on Etsy)

(3) Glitter Footprints: Who can refute that the Tooth Fairy has been when there’s a trail of glitter footprints! (via Honeysuckle Footprints)

Not sure how to do it? Don’t fret! You can purchase a footprints stencil if you like (via FairyTreasuresAust on Etsy), or snag this entire fairy kit (via Silver Gem Fairy on Etsy).

(4) Photo App that Shows Your Child with the Tooth Fairy: Just in case you need some solid evidence and visual proof that the Tooth Fairy has come, all you need to do is take a photo of your sleeping child that night. Then go directly to the phone app “I caught the tooth fairy“. It superimposes an image of a Tooth Fairy into your child’s photo so that you can show them proof that she was there!

(5) Color Changing Potion: This is such a unique Tooth Fairy tradition that will keep your little one excited for evidence. Have them place their tooth in a glass of water on their bedside table. Then, once the Tooth Fairy has come, she magically changes the water to the color of the dress she had on that night! All that’s needed is a little colored dye. (via How Does She)

Fairy Dust Outside: If your child is still skeptical about the Tooth Fairy, then let them go outside and see a glitter trail that she left in the night. Seeing some sparkle on the lawn is not an everyday occurrence!

The Tooth Fairy is a fun and magical tradition that brings joy, not just to children as they lose their baby teeth, but to the parents too!

From creating special Tooth Fairy visits to choosing the perfect gift for the occasion, there are plenty of ways to make the Tooth Fairy’s visit extra special.

So, if your child is getting ready to lose a tooth, start planning now to make the Tooth Fairy’s next visit a memorable one.

And don’t forget to share with us your favorite tooth fairy ideas and traditions in the comments below. Which of these are you most excited to try?

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