Creative pregnancy announcement ideas

Whether you’re looking for a creative baby announcement to tell close friends and family about your new addition, or a unique way to make the official announcement to the whole world on social media, we’ve got you covered with over 100 cute pregnancy announcement ideas to spread the exciting news!

First things first, CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re here, it probably means you’re expecting a baby, and we couldn’t be more thrilled for you and your partner at this special time in your life. And if you’re nearing the end of the first trimester, you’re likely ready to make the big pregnancy reveal, and we want to help you make it perfect.

That’s why we’ve scoured the web for the absolute best, most creative pregnancy announcement ideas, and put them all into one place. We’ve even categorized them, so if you have a specific idea in mind, you can scroll right to that category. They include, pregnancy announcements with:

  • Letter Boards or Signs
  • Older Siblings
  • Pets
  • Baby Onesies
  • Your Ultrasound Photo
  • Props or Special Effects
  • Balloons
  • Chalk
  • Shirts
  • + Holiday themed ideas

You can replicate these ideas, or put your own unique touch on them – either way, your friends, family and followers on social media will be positively thrilled to learn about your new baby on the way.

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Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas


Using a letter board or sign is a fun and simple way to spread the big news. Be direct with the announcement, or go for a laugh with a good pun or play-on-words.

And if you don’t own a message board or aren’t feeling up to crafting an expertly designed flat lay, not to worry. You can easily purchase an online template for many of these options on Etsy!

(1)  Baby Shark: Play off the can’t-get-it-out-of-your-head song by telling everyone when you’re “due due due due due due”. (via @theroxyeffect)

(2)  Mommy Shark: Or take it to the next level by getting into your new role as Mommy Shark! (source: Hailey Hopkins Photography)

(3)  “Had Another”: For those parents with older kids, this sweet sign shows how much love they have for them, and for the impending new arrival. (via @iammadetomother)

(4)  Oh Baby: Incorporate your sonogram photo and a great expression with this short and sweet sign. (via @breannadlucas and @corrielynnphoto)

(5)  Oops, we did it again: Channel your inner Britney Spears with this funny pregnancy announcement message – perfect for growing families. (via The Garcia Diaries)

(6)  Ride of our Lives: No doubt about it, your new babe will start quite the adventure. Take your sign to an amusement park or fair grounds to snap your shot in front of a ride like this beautiful shot from @happilyhitched and @maddywilliamsphotography.

(7)  “Here we Grow Again”: The perfect message for those who already have a kid or two in tow! (via @kristinmarie013 and @abbeylynnphotography)

(8)  Tired of Sleeping In: This letter board message is perfect if you’re a first-time parent – and yes, it’s very true, your days on sleeping in and doing whatever you want will soon be coming to an abrupt halt! (via @abster.o)

(9)  Big Brother: Grab your big brother or sister to-be and have them be the one to reveal the exciting news. (via @maribel.ruthhh)

(10) Plus One Coming Soon: Matching Vans and a “just announced” sign make for one cool reveal. (via @thebigredeffect)        

(11) Shits and Giggles: Need you say more?! (via @theboobieninja)

(12) Last One: If you think you’ve finally completed your family, why not put a humorous spin on your announcement? (via @eelly.rios)

(13) Party of…: Announce your pregnancy by stating how you’ll soon ask for a restaurant table, “Party of…”. (via @picturemethisbylacie and

 (14) Circus Act: If you feel like you already run a circus, what’s one more?! Announce your new act with this fun sign, and don’t forget to include your other little monkeys too! (via J.Luehmann Blog)

(15) Growing by 2 Feet: This cute sign is the perfect accompaniment to a teeny tiny set of baby shoes. (via MamaBee)

(16) Bump Ahead: Use a road sign to say it all! Find a “Bump Ahead” sign like this one from Rose Rock Photography, or a Bump in the road like @courtcourtmuva.

(17) Changing Names: The sweetest message for first time parents-to-be…soon to be Mom and Dad! (via

(18) Time to Spill the Beans: Pour pink and blue jelly beans across your letterboard to create this super sweet letterboard photo. (via @chloenowmummy)

 (19) Stop Asking: For those whose parents and friends have been asking for a while…this letter board message will finally put the question to rest. (via @kimzie_)

(20) “And then there were…”: Fill in the number to coordinate with your growing family. Write it on a simple piece of paper like @krissyisler or go fancy with a custom sign (source unknown)

(21) Adding S’more: Match the number of s’mores to the number of kids you have…and just try and resist eating them after you’ve snapped your pic! (via @fitmommyaubreye)

(22) One More to Adore: Use this darling wooden sign from Lemon Grace Designs to announce your new bundle of joy with a cute stuffed animal and ultrasound pic. (via @keepingup.withkenzi)(23) K-I-S-S-I-N-G: Check off those boxes on the classic children’s rhyme, including the “baby in the baby carriage”! (source unknown)

(24) Pink or Blue We’re Due: If you don’t yet know the gender, this “we’re due” message with coordinating baby onesie is a wonderful way to spread the news. (via @ambarcrystal1)

(25) Adventure Begins: And what an adventure it is! (via @khrystynakv)


You don’t have to be a first-time mom to make a big splash with your baby announcement – in fact, many of the funniest and sweetest pregnancy announcements include older siblings. Whether it’s an only child getting “promoted” to Big Brother or Big Sister, or your whole crew sharing in the joy or surprise, revealing the baby news with them involved makes it that much more special.

(1)  Holding Large Numbers: Cut out large numbers and have your kids hold them…with you holding up the last one against your growing belly. (via @thesouthernishmama)

(2)  Hang Numbers: Alternatively, hang the numbers on the wall above your kids like @ArielCTyson did for her big reveal.

(3)  Number Paddles: Or grab some auction paddles like these from @whatmomslove (yup, that’s our Founder, Aly!)

(4)  Add Text: Don’t want to go to the trouble of creating numbers? Keep it simple and add them in after you take the photo using a simple design program like Canva (via @modernfarmhousefamily)

(5)  Writing on Bellies: Grab a (washable!) marker and write out B-A-B-Y on those cute little bellies (yours included!) (via @life.of.a.sister)

(6)  What’s a…?: Play off your younger children’s sweet innocence with this cute sign that has them wondering, “what’s a brother/sister?” (via @jassagarrett)

(7)  Only Child Expiring Sign: If you have one child, this is a sweet way of announcing your pregnancy by showing that their status of “only child” is nearing its end. (via @jacquelynbphoto) 

(8)  Crying with Sign: Sometimes the real moments are the best ones of all, so don’t worry if you don’t get that perfect smile, a sad expression can capture those mixed emotions perfectly…and make for one funny announcement! (via @swikie10)

(9) New Best Friend: This darling sign tells the world that a new friend is coming for your child. (via Pinterest source unknown)

(10) Eviction Notice: Post an Eviction Notice on your child’s crib, announcing that they must vacate by your due date! Super cute, and insanely simple thanks to this editable and printable sign from Irene Template on Etsy.

(11) Big Brother/Sister Book: Capture your big kid looking at the book “I Am a Big Brother” or “I Am a Big Sister” and let your family and friends put two and two together! (via Caffeine & Cuddles)

(12) Can’t Read: This funny pregnancy announcement reveals the big news to everyone except the kids! (via @ajat_)

(13) I’ve Got the Scoop: Now this is a photo your big kid will be happy to smile for! Set up this custom “I’ve got the Scoop sign” (available here on Etsy) and give them an ice cream cone to enjoy. Easy Peasy! (via Printable Candee)

(14, 15) Big Sibling T-shirt: Grab a cute tee like this crossed out “only child” one, or go simple by stating their new role. Try these similar Big Sister/Brother tees from Anias Collection on Etsy. (pics via @j.coxphotography_ and @tovan_leah

(16) Promoted: Throw a promotion party for your new big brother or sister, complete with sign, t-shirt and confetti! (via @case2991)

(17) Tie Breaker: If you currently have the same number of boys and girls in your family, announce that your new baby will be the tie breaker! Use a sign like this beautiful shot from Amber Enos Photography, or use these cute T-shirts from Lillie Dimple Designs.

(18) Recipe For a Baby: Showcase your child “baking” up a sibling with plenty of sweet ingredients like hugs, kisses and lots of love. Bake until your due date! (via @b.cloin)

(19) Bigger Boat: Already have a handful of kiddos? Grab an inflatable boat, plop them in, and hold up a sign with the classic saying, “We’re going to need a bigger boat!” (via Little Dove Blog)

(20) Been There, Done That: Announcing baby #4? These printable signs are perfect to highlight your youngest child’s new role as big brother or sister. (via Chalking It Up Boards on Etsy) 

(21) Original, Sequel, Finale: For those pregnant with your third (and final) child, these T-shirts and onesies from Shep and West on Etsy make for an epic announcement.

(22, 23) Future Best Friend: It truly is a blessing to have a sibling, so why not celebrate this special connection by announcing a future best friend is expected. Have your child hold a sign (via Stayglam), or stage a little tea party for two, reserving the seat for baby. (via Caitlin Houston)

(24) To Do List: Capture your big kid crossing off a sweet “to do” list, with the last item being “becoming a big sister/brother”. (via Keeping Up With the Morgans) 

(25) Superhero Sidekick: Dress up your big kid as a superhero waiting for his or her sidekick! (source unknown)

(26) Writing on Feet: If your child can withstand the tickling, write the message on the bottom of their feet! (source unknown)

(27) Sibling Training: Put your youngest child into Big Brother or Sister Training, with your older children (or you!) as the teacher. All assignments due before your due date! (via @Susannahkellogg)

(28) New Player: How cute is this baby announcement idea with a video game theme? Player 2 entering the game soon! (via @nelsanellis)


Many parents-to-be describe their dogs as their first babies, so why not get your furry friends involved to spread the special news in a cute, creative way. These funny pregnancy announcements using pets will get both a laugh and a smile!

My Parents Are Getting Me a Human: Hooray for a human playmate! These pets announce the baby news with humor via bandanas and signs.

(1)  2 Dogs with Letterboard (via @nikkihow2fitness)

(2)  German Shepard + Ultrasound (via @dangerclosemedia)

(3)  White Dog + Coming Soon sign (via @lulu_thesamoyed)

(4)  Little Dog with Baby Shoes (via @rachellehucal)

(5)  Guard Dog Book: Stage a shot with your pup reading a “How to Guide” to becoming the best guard dog! (via @ournextchapter2020_bronte)

(6)  Big Brother/Sister Book: Your pet may not be able to read, but this funny pregnancy announcement has them studying a “how to be a big brother/sister book”! (via @jojoowildinterior)

(7)  Custom Signs: Grab some custom signs off Etsy to hang around your pet’s neck, like “promoted to guard dog” or your due date. We love the selection from ZCDGifts.

(8)  Dog Shirt: This has to be our favorite of all – between the dog wearing a shirt, and the scared expression, this makes for one epic new baby announcement! (via @dear.kindred) 

(9)  No Longer the Favorite: When your pet gets replaced with a new baby, they may not be the favorite anymore! (via @vickalyn)  

(10, 11) Big Brother/Sister Bandana: Tie an adorable bandana around your pet’s neck to spread the exciting news (via @kelseykimberlinphoto and @mariaclaire_photograph). Etsy has a great selection of custom options to browse.

(12) Thought I Was Your Baby: This funny announcement features your unsuspecting pooch and a sign that says it all. (@carla_layos)

(13) Custom Signs: Grab some custom signs off Etsy to hang around your pet’s neck, like “promoted to guard dog” or your due date. We love the selection from ZCDGifts.


It’s hard to resist the excitement of shopping for teeny tiny baby clothes, but with these pregnancy announcement ideas, you’ll have a great excuse! These sweet photos use baby clothes (adorable onesies, gah!) as a super cute way to reveal the wonderful news.

(1, 2)  Holding up Onesie: We love this simple pose of the parents-to-be holding up a baby onesie. Customize the onesie however you’d like – with baby’s due date (via @grizzlyphotographyllc), or a saying like “our greatest adventure is about to begin” (via @dejamae)

(3)  Onesie on Clothing Line: Alternatively, hang the onesie on a make-shift clothing line! (via @jessaseewald)

(4)  In Store: Go all out and head to the baby clothing aisle at your local Target and take a humorous pic showing how you’re stocking up! (via @carlinbates98)

(5)  Pair with a Sign: Pair a sweet onesie with a sign, ultrasound photo and cute baby accessories! (via @xoxomissjay)

(6)  Hashtag: Super simple and perfect for social media announcements. Just hashtag the year your baby will be born! (via @marianne_dp)

(7)  Worth the Wait: For those who have struggled in conceiving, this rainbow baby pregnancy announcement is perfection in so many ways. (via @telitha20)

(8)  Spill the Beans: This custom onesie sure does spill the beans! (via @jillmartowska)

(9)  Little Nugget: If you have a favorite fast food restaurant, incorporate it into your big reveal with an “our little nugget” onesie! (via

(10) Baking Something Sweet: Grab this sweet digital file that is customized with your baby’s last name, due date and ultrasound photo…meaning, you don’t even have to take the photo! (via Oh My Cuteness Shop on Etsy)

(11) You Can Stop Asking: For those willing to poke fun at prying parents, this onesie can finally put those nosey questions to rest! (via Lynn and Lee Kidz)


Getting those first ultrasound photos is truly a blessing, and the perfect symbol of your pregnancy to share with the future grandparents and your closest friends. While there are plenty of ways to incorporate your ultrasound picture into your baby announcement, here are a few of our favorite ideas:

(1)  Looking from behind: This artsy pose lets your friends and family see your ultrasound photo from your perspective – make sure the focus is on the photo, with lots of good blur in the foreground! (via @montannaphotocollective)

(2) Holding it out: This sweet pose gets even sweeter with a hand-made heart on the belly. (via @estour_)

(3)  Lying on bed: We love the set-up of this shot, lying side-by-side holding hands. (via flicksbysarah)

(4)  Piggyback: A simple piggyback ride will take your baby announcement to the next level. Literally! (via @lindsayantenucci)

(5)  With your baby photos: Display your baby photos and year of birth with your ultrasound pic and due date in front of your growing belly. (source unknown)

(6)  With family: Get the whole family involved in the reveal with kids holding the ultrasound and super cute expressions! (via @whatdoesnotexist)

(7)  Kissing: A kiss, belly hold and ultrasound pic makes for a romantic, classy announcement. (via @naommybalcan)

(8)  Throwing Confetti: Share your sheer joy by holding up your ultrasound photos and throwing confetti! (via @katiebcreative)

(9)  Overlay on Belly: This fun shot shows the sonogram pic right where it came from…your belly! (source unknown)

(10) In back pocket: Tuck the ultrasound pic in a back pocket for this cool reveal pic. (via @beautifulyou_bybriana)

(11) At Disney World: They don’t call it the happiest place on earth for nothing! Share your big news with Mickey and Minnie by bringing your sonogram pic to one of your favorite spots in the park. (via @everydaybay)


From mugs, to books, to custom cookies, these creative ideas to announce your pregnancy need just a few simple props. We’ve also thrown in some super unique ideas that require some basic Photoshop skills to pull off (although read on, as some are easier than you think!).

(1)  With Books: Let a book do the talking by picking the right cover like this pic from Life Lutzurious featuring the classic What to Expect When You’re Expecting and the funny, Dude, You’re Gonna be a Dad! 

(2)  At a Bookstore: You could even hold your photoshoot in a bookstore! (via Brooke Kelly Photography)

(3)  Bicycle + Tricycle: This simply adorable photo shows that you’ll soon have a little buddy to tag along on your bike rides. (source unknown)

(4)  Mugs: These custom mugs reveal your new names to family and friends…Mom & Dad! (via Ashley Fisher Photography)

(5, 6) Pregnancy Test: Use a positive pregnancy test to share the news – either with a funny reveal (via A. O’Brien Photography) or a sweet kiss (via @sosageblog)

Bun in the Oven: This literal take on the classic saying can be a fun way to reveal your pregnancy:

(7)  Sticky Bun: Make it more modern by using a sticky bun and scripted card. (via @andi_byletrasbonitas)

(8)  Retro: or go for a retro themed shoot like these shots from Brooke Kelly Photography.

(9)  Eating for Two: Use a dry-erase marker on a bowl, make a huge sundae, and enjoy! (source unknown)

(10) Ice, Ice Baby: Let the Vanilla Ice song help guide your photoshoot. All you needs is 2 big bags of ice! (source unknown)

(11, 12) We’re Prego: This funny pregnancy announcement had us laughing. Grab a jar of Prego sauce and style an Italian dinner with lots of clever details – like Ginger Ale for you! (via Mamabee; via Sunflowers and Stilettos)

(13) Baking/Flour: Get messy with this fun announcement by writing in flour. (source unknown)

(14) Coffee Cups: Take your Starbucks obsession to the next level by labeling Venti, Grande and Tall sized cups! (via Your Tango)

(15, 16) Custom Cookies: How incredible are these custom cookies to make your big announcement?! (via @mayaandcocookies and @shore_sweets

(17) With blocks: Grab some classic alphabet blocks and spell out B-A-B-Y! (via Perfectly Beautiful Things)

(18, 19) Writing in the sand: Heading to the beach? Write your message in the sand like @ktoro26 and @gemazarina.

(20, 21) Plants: This clever idea shows how your baby will be growing, just like your favorite plants. (via @blessencephotography and My Well Loved Life)

Movie Poster: Creating your own movie poster is an epic way to announce your new arrival…coming to “theaters” soon! But not to worry if you don’t have the Photoshop skills, there are plenty of easy digital templates available on Etsy.

(22) Party of… (via @blankfamilyadventure)

(23) Pregnant (via @beup1015)

(24) Here We Grow Again (via @djcalical)

(25) Scrabble MessageTry and get a Triple Word Score while announcing you’re expecting! (source unknown)

(26) Wine Glass: For the wine loving couple, this funny pregnancy announcement makes light of the 9-months of no drinking until baby arrives! (source unknown)

(27) Baseballs: Sports fans? Write your due date on baseballs (or match to your sport of choice) and display them for the camera. (via Brooke Kelly Photography)

(28) Nursery Coming Boxes: Announce that you’ll be making space for a nursery soon with a cute display of moving boxes and baby items. (via @datingdivas)

(29) Boxing Gloves: Play on being “Knocked Up” with a fun boxing themed shoot. (source unknown) 

(30) Belly Shadow: Use the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop to have your shadow reveal your pregnancy. So creative! (via Like Mother Like Daughter)


We have to admit, we are a sucker for balloons, and they can sure make for an epic, eye-catching “we’re expecting” reveal. These pregnancy announcement ideas incorporate all different kinds of balloons, from oversized numbers to cute phrases.

“Baby” Balloon: One simple word is all you need to get your message across loud and clear: baby!

(1)  Script “baby”: This pretty script balloon is perfect for a boho styled shoot. (via @roseandlock)

(2)  Jumping for joy: This cute version has one parent jumping in the background while holding the balloon. (via @carlasearcyphotography)

(3)  Individual script letters: These individual script letters are so pretty, and easy for kids to hold. (via @kristencombo)

(4)  B-A-B-Y: Or opt for big separate letters, add helium and let them float up behind you! (via @mrsrachelmurray)

(5)  Epic location: Take them to an epic location for an over-the-top reveal. And you got to love that “OMG” balloon at the end! (via @chnael_)

(6)  Small Letters: Or grab some more manageable small letters and string them together. (via Southern Mama Guide)

(7)  Lying Down: Another option is to place them on the ground and go for a bird’s eye view shot! (via XO, Mrs. Mitchell)

Number balloons: We love this idea to incorporate your older kids, counting them off with balloons! There are so many creative ways to personalize the concept for your family, take a look at these examples:

(8)  Whole family with kids holding balloons (via @missaliss22)

(9)  Large balloons above kids (via @shoplavendercrush):

(10) Line-up with small balloons & Letterboard (via @modernfarmhousefamily)

(11) Unique location (via Expresso Ever After)

(12) Oh Baby: Whether you’re letting your husband in on the good news, or posing for a pic to share with friends and family, these “Oh Baby” balloons do all the talking! (via @navigatingparenthood) 

(13, 14) Jumbo Balloon: How pretty is this oversized balloon announcing your baby and due date?! And if you know the gender, you can incorporate a pink or blue tassel like @brandiwatfordphotography.

Or get your older kids involved to reveal that they’re becoming a big sister or brother. (via Stephanie Menally Photography)

(15, 16, 17) Big Bro/Sis: Use small balloons to spell out “Big Sis” or “Big Bro” and capture a candid moment! (sources unknown)

(18) Expected to Pop: If you’re looking for a funny baby announcement, we love this “bubble gum” message! Either place the text on the photo using an easy design program like Canva, or use a Sharpie and write the message on a small balloon before shooting! (via @happylensphotography) 

(19) Taco Bout a Baby: Add a little Mexican flair into your reveal, with this Taco-themed reveal message. (via To Little Arrows – Etsy)

(20) We Made a Human: Spell it out and be proud of your accomplishment! (via @babyprepping)

(21, 22) Candy Heart Balloons: These custom Candy Heart Balloons from Etsy shop Creative Custom Studi will make your pregnancy announcement extra sweet!


We love that a simple piece of chalk can take your pregnancy announcement to the next level of fun and creativity. Whether you use your driveway, or a chalkboard, it’s a great way to surprise everyone with the exciting news.

(1)  Chalk Belly: We can’t get over the creativity of this sweet reveal with a faux chalk belly! (via Instagram Gypsy Jones) 

(2)  Oversized chalk board: Draw what’s inside and hold it up for a fun and creative reveal. (via bored panda)

(3)  You’ve got a friend in me: Your current child is getting a new friend, and this message makes it quite literal! (via Anita Laura Art)

(4, 5)  Chalk Balloons: Display several messages with chalk balloons, from sibling promotions, to your due date like these examples from Jessica Lynn Writes and @bronwyn__t.

(6)  Big Sister/Brother: You don’t have to get overly fancy with your chalk art, a simple message in rainbow chalk is just as impactful. (via Johnson’s First Comes Love)

(7)  Years/Weeks: Use chalk to label your kids with their age, and your belly with your baby’s age. (via Rebecca Whitney Photography)

(8)  Rainbow Baby: Celebrate your baby after loss with this rainbow themed chalk art and due date.

(9)  Coming soon: This top-down shot captures your due date, and even a tiny pair of baby shoes. (source unknown)


With these custom designed clothing pieces, you’ll be able to announce your pregnancy without saying a word. From funny T-shirts, to “Mom” and “Dad” hats, just slip them on and snap some great photos to tell everyone you’re expecting!

Baby Shoes: A teeny tiny pair of baby shoes can say so much. Incorporate them into your reveal in these special ways:

(1)  Hanging baby shoes (via @memorypreservationist)

(2)  Holding baby shoes together (via @alexandrapapanaga_studio)

(3)  Holding hands (via @jagjit_studio_photography)

(4)  Over belly (via @cassidycophotography)

(5)  1+1=3 (via @bfranci89)

Family Shoes: You could also incorporate a pair of shoes to symbolize you and your partner, like these fun reveals:

(6)  Sneakers & heels (via @doublem_yzg)

(7)  Converse + birth year (via Stay Glam)

(8, 9) Mom/Dad Hats: Let your head do the talking with these cute “Mom” and “Dad” hats (via @_peruvianusa_). We also love these collegiate ones from Little and Bee on Etsy. 

(10) Baby On Board Hat: Opt for a super stylish message a top a wide-brimmed hat. (via @biancaftyler) We found plenty of options for similar ones on Etsy, like this one from Mod Party.

Dad/Mom Jackets: Announce your pregnancy in style with these custom jean jackets:

(11,12) Varsity Letters: Create your own jackets with iron-on varsity letters. You can even get the new big bro or sis in the mix like @ivadolce.

(13) Custom Jacket: Or get jackets custom made like these from A Lil Somethin Chicago on Etsy.

(14) Baby Jacket: Alternatively, hold up a mini-sized leather jacket with “baby” on the back! (via @janeemcclain). We found these cute custom painted ones from Once Upon A Lauren on Etsy. Or go with these personalized varsity style jean jackets from Shop Silver Stars.

(15) Mama/Dada Sweaters: These precious vintage-vibe sweaters are perfect for any pregnancy announcement photo shoot. (via Threads and Needles CHI) 

Custom T-Shirts:

(16) Sports Jerseys: Celebrate the arrival of your little sports fan with these personalized custom jerseys. (source unknown)

(17) Mic Drop: These cool family shirts from KaAns Designs tell everyone that the final “Mic Drop” is on its way!  

(18) Baby/Beer (via Print & Arrow)

(19) Bun Maker/Baker (via Pacific Print Co)

(20) Ice Ice Baby (via NG Blue Design)

(21) Always Read the Fine Print – it says “I’m Pregnant” in the fine print! (via Nunu Tee Design)

(22) Mic Drop (via KaAns Designs)

(23) One + Two = Three (via Love Lulu Bell)

(24) Dad/Baby Loading Ts (via Givo Store)

(25) Friends “The One Where…” (via Crystal Apparel USA)


If you’re announcing your pregnancy around a big holiday, why not play into it and create a holiday themed reveal. We pulled together some the best baby announcement ideas around all the big ones like Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day. These also work well if your due date happens to fall on a holiday as well!

Fall + Halloween

(1)  Pumpkin Spice (via @lilacandlucystudio)

(2)  Growing Our Patch (via @drkatesavoie)

(3)  Numbered Pumpkins (via @sarahlit)

(4)  Thanksgiving Turkey Shirts (via Zoeys Attic)

(5) Baby Pumpkin Inside (source unknown)

(6) Baby Carved into Pumpkin (via TDCJason)

(7) Trick or Treat, 2 Tiny Feet (via @_cinthelijah)

(8) Skeleton Family (via @paula_luna_photography). Grab the shirts here from Epic Tees 4 You.

(9) Lil Pumpkin (via Happenings of our Home)

(10) Don’t Eat the Pumpkin Seeds (via @kaylasadamphotography)

(11) Colorful Message Pumpkins (source unknown)

(12) It’s No Trick Sign (via Printable Candee)

(13) No Trick, Just a Treat letterboard (via Irene Template)

(14) Chalk Speech Bubble (via ten7six)

(15) Kissing Pumpkin Belly (via @its.kayla.wallace)

(16) Year of Birth Pumpkins (via @ls_texas)

(17) Something Spooky is Coming (via The Nims)

(18) Thing 1, 2 & 3! (via Journey of Parenthood)


(1)  Elf Reveal (via Dan McGinty)

(2)  We’ve Been Naughty (via Life as Meghan)

(3)  Stockings (via @laurahanes_xx)

(4)  Santa I.O.U (source unknown)

(5)  All We Want for Christmas Is You (via Kenia Lauriano)

(6)  Santa Not The Only One (via @_tiffanyphotography)

(7)  Wrapping Belly (via @elizabeth_klimberley)

(8)  The More the Merrier (via @lindseyshooter)

(9)  So Long Silent Nights (via @Samantha_Knuth)

(10) Real Baby (via @valley_girl_keto)

(11)  Candy Cane Heart (via Perfectly Beautiful Things)

(12) Tis the Season T-Shirt (via @whitneymariephotographyllc)

Easter + Valentine’s Day

(1)  Hatching Egg (via Mother and Baby)

(2)  Easter Basket (via @amberyanovichphotography)

(3)  Our little Valentine Sign (via Chalking It Up Boards)

(4)  Roses are Red Letterboard (via @herfamilydotie)

(5)  Ultrasound with Candy Hearts (via Caitlin Houston Blog)

(6)  Roses are Red sibling sign (source unknown)

New Year’s

(1)  New Year’s Poppin Bottles (via The Samantha Show)

(2)  We’re Expecting Onesie (via Minny Prints)

(3)  Best Year Yet (via Milestone Post)

4th of July

(1)  Sparkler Due Date (source unknown)

(2)  Red White & Due Onesie (via @ashlandandco)

(3)  Red, White, Blue & Baby #2 (via Casual Claire)

(4)  Another Firecracker (via Maries Digital Designs)

(5)  Explosive News (via @christinewood)

(6)  Little Firecracker Letterboard (via Mom Life Digitals)

Amongst all these amazing ideas, we hope you found just the right one for your own pregnancy announcement.

And when you’re ready to reveal the gender, we’ve got you covered there too with 75 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas Worthy of your Big Announcement.

Which pregnancy announcement idea did you choose? Let us know in the comments below!



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