Creative Maternity Photoshoot Ideas | Inspiration for pregnancy photos including poses, locations, outfits and more.

Looking for some incredible maternity photo inspiration? We’ve got over 300 maternity photoshoot ideas that are super creative, sweet, powerful, and even funny, to commemorate this special moment in your life. 

Whether you’re expecting your first child, or your fifth, being pregnant is an incredibly exciting time. And we strongly believe that this life-changing event deserves to be captured and celebrated even before your precious baby arrives, with a maternity photoshoot that will show off your growing belly, and provide you with pictures that you can treasure for years to come.

Regardless of if you decide to hire a professional photographer, or go the DIY route, we’re here to help you plan for your special maternity session. We’ve pulled together some of the best maternity photos on the web to inspire your own pregnancy photoshoot. By looking through these images you’ll be able to get a sense of the type of photography you prefer – do you like dark and moody, or light and bright? Candid moments, or polished poses? Flowy gowns or t-shirt and jeans?

Take note of what you gravitate towards and show your favorites to your photographer, or try to recreate them yourself. Plus get tons of inspiration for maternity poses, outfit ideas, locations, props and more!

We’ve broken the photos down into categories to make it easy to scroll through – you’ll find:

  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for Couples
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Family/Siblings
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas at Home
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas on the Beach
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in Winter
  • Unique Outdoor Locations for Maternity Photoshoot
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Pets
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Flowers
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas using Silhouettes
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for your Rainbow Baby
  • Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Props
  • Funny Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Keep in mind that the best time to schedule a maternity photoshoot is sometime between weeks 28-34 of your pregnancy. During that timeframe you’ll have an adorable baby bump to show off, but you’ll still be relatively mobile and comfortable enough to be moving around and trying different poses. You can then use those final weeks of your pregnancy to relax and make final preparations for your baby, without worrying about an upcoming photo shoot – which can be a nerve-wracking event for many mamas-to-be!

You’ll never regret taking maternity photos, and we hope that with these photoshoot ideas, they’ll turn out just as perfect as you envision.

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Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for Couples

Although you may be the one with the growing belly, if you have a partner with you on this parenthood journey, getting them involved is a must. It’s a wonderful opportunity to capture some beautiful intimate images of the two of you. If you’re expecting your first child – these may be the last pictures you take together for a long time, because once baby arrives, you’ll no longer be the star of the show!

So grab your partner, look through these maternity photo ideas for couples, and find some different poses you like so you’re ready to go on shoot day.

(1) By the end of your photoshoot you’ll welcome a break to sit, so cuddle into your partner’s shoulder and you’ll get a beautiful, natural looking shot like this one from photographer Yana Matosian.

(2) Loosen up and have your partner twirl you around to capture your playful side. (via @littlebrownrabbitphotography)

(3) Lie down for this intimate portrait while gently caressing your partner’s face – stunning! (via @triciavictoriapresets)

(4) Both look down at your growing belly and think about the incredible power of creation. (via Kate Nelle)

(5) Take a break from standing and lie on your back with your head in your partner’s lap so your photographer can capture your pretty profile. (via Yana Matosian)

(6) We love this sweet pose: stand with your body facing the camera then tilt your head until your foreheads touch. Dreamy! (via Yana Matosian)

(7) A soft kiss and belly hold from behind makes for a touching photo. (via Helena Goessens Photography)

(8) Create a laid-back vibe by leaning back on your partner (we also love the slouchy sweater off the shoulder!). (via Yana Matosian)

(9) Rest your head on your partner’s shoulder as they stand with their back to the camera to recreate this sweet couple’s pose. (source unknown)

(10) You don’t need to be embracing to create a memorable maternity moment. Holding hands from afar can be just as powerful. This pose can work anywhere, but we especially love the open road as the background. (via @naziamoraniphotography)

(11) Stand back to front, profile to camera, while looking off into the distance like this stunner from Amber Fillerup.

(12) Another sweet pose that really lets mama shine! (via Yana Matosian)

(13) Make a statement with this simple and stoic pose. (via Inspired by This)

(14) Sometimes the best photos are taken from a distance – this candid kiss not only showcases the couple’s love for one another, but also the cool stormy sky and scenic road. (source unknown)

(15) This simple pose makes you want to say “aww”. A gentleman’s kiss on the hand results in a super classy maternity photo. (via @melissataylorphotos)

(16) Get candid by walking away from the camera with your partner in the lead like this beautiful shot from @jennoterophotography.

(17) Or try walking together with his arm draped over your shoulder – bonus points for going in for the kiss! (via @em_otx)

(18) We love how this husband only has eyes for his wife while she rests her head on his chest. A great pose for those couples with a big height difference! (via @crhphotographyy)

(19) You can feel the love and excitement pouring out of this photo – try recreating it by going forehead-to-forehead with a double-handed face hold! (via @309_weddings

(20) Try not to laugh as you go face-to-face upside down while lying on your back – you’ll see your natural joy shine through like this shot from

(21) Sit on your partner’s lap and try to feel the baby kick to capture a cute candid moment. (via @jessichiarello)

(22) A great way to get a natural, relaxed shot: lie down and rest your head on your partner’s leg. Feels good too! (via Inspired by This)

(23) Lay with your head on your partner’s chest and shoot from behind to get a photo with beautiful movement and shapes. (via Kate Nelle)

(24) Look into each other’s eyes while reaching up to bring him in for a kiss, like this photo from @dusktildawnmedia.

(25) We adore this creative idea to shoot into a mirror to reflect your image. (via @kanisphotography)

(26) Share an intimate moment with your significant other while looking at your baby’s ultrasound. (via @lisbettemarie)

(27) Cuddle up on the couch for a kiss on the cheek to recreate this candid at-home shot. (via @adylainaciophoto)

(28) If you both have the guts to go shirtless, the end result is well worth it! (via @sandralaricqphotography)

(29) Have your love make a heart with their hands right on your belly with this swoon-worthy pose. (via @marcusduerellphotography)

(30) Zoom in to capture a tender moment with a kiss to your belly. (source unknown)

(31) This couch kiss is not only super sweet, but comfortable too! (via @deboraleone_fotografia)

(32) We love how real this image is – it shows how beautiful everyday moments can be. (via @gabivillasfotografia)

(33) Forget the fancy maternity dress! Match your partner in a simple white tee and jeans for this darling belly hugging moment. (via @arynnjacyphotography)

(34) Between the shoulder kiss, belly hold and loving smile, this maternity photo is simple perfection. (via Inspired by This)

(35) The best way to get relaxed, candid shots is to crack a joke and get a genuine laugh. This mid-kiss moment from @racheltokarskiphoto has us seriously swooning.

(36) This gorgeous close-up of a couple holding hands proves that you don’t always need to be turned towards the camera and smiling to get a memorable photo. (via @sallytbcphotographer)

(37) Go for the classic belly hold with your partner joining in from behind like this couples’ pose from Vanessa Wyler.

(38) No need to stress over what maternity dress to wear – your partner’s white dress shirt can make just as much of a statement – if not more! (via

(39) The side-by-side head nuzzle never fails to produce a great photo. Loose yourself in the moment and close your eyes like this couple photographed by @_kelseycarterphotography.

(40) This classy close-up of a belly kiss gives us all the feels! (via @mandafrankie)

(41) Between the beautiful lighting, sweet forehead kiss, and gentle baby bump hold, this image from @klaudynawolf.fotografia is one worthy of your mantle.

(42) Look into your partner’s eyes during your photo shoot so your photographer can capture your true connection, like this passionate gaze on Inspired by This.

(43) How visually stunning is this image?! We love the contrast of the elegantly draped dress with the natural stone wall. Bravo Natalie Buck Photography!

(44) Even though this couple is standing in opposite directions, their gaze at each other gives a powerful sense of connection. (via Jennifer Prisco Photography)

(45) A creative idea to capture a truly candid moment during your photo session is to start dancing! This twirl shot from Jennifer Prisco Photography is pure magic.

(46) Take the lead at your pregnancy photo shoot by grabbing your partner’s hand and guide them towards the camera. (via @firstcryclicks)

(47) If you plan on wearing a flowy dress, try this couples’ dramatic pose on a bench or set of steps. (via @agikormos_photography)

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Family / Siblings

If this isn’t your first baby, consider including your other children in your maternity shots. Not only is it a great opportunity to have some new family photos taken, but you’ll be able to capture your kids’ excitement for the arrival of their new baby brother or sister.

Take a look at these beautiful maternity pictures with older siblings for inspiration:

(1) How darling is this hand-holding pose with your child in the middle, happily gazing at their baby brother or sister to be? (via @jenniferhymanphotography)

(2) This simple pose takes our breath away. Shoot from overhead, lie down on your bed, and ask your child to cuddle in close. (via The Brandographer)

(3) Go for the double-kiss – one from your partner, and one from your child. So lovely! (via @marcellew)

(4) Ask your big brother or big sister to listen to your belly, then zoom in on their candid reaction. (source unknown)

(5) Wow! Try this high-flying thrill shot for a truly unique photo. (via @emilyjoyphotography)

(6) A cute way to keep your little one entertained during your maternity photography session is to play blanket peek-a-boo! (via Lennon Photography)

(7) Give your toddler a boost to include them in this beautiful close-up pose. (via @racheldenisephotography)

(8) All hands on deck! Have all family members touch your baby bump like this zoomed-in capture from Dani Adams Barry Photography.

(9) Have your partner give the big brother or sister a shoulder ride, then both go in for a kiss. The result is ever so sweet. (via @ck_photography_india)

(10) All snuggle in tight for a semi-candid family shot with your pregnant belly as the star. (via Click Love Grow)

(11) Grab a blanket or sheet to create a makeshift swing for your first-born – just be careful not to strain yourself! (via Stand Out Photography Ohio)

(12) We call this pose “now everyone run and hug mommy” – works every time! (via Eliza Jane)

(13) If you have 2 or more kids, holding your youngest creates a more balanced visual, and allows them to have a greater connection with you and your partner. (via @throughhereyesphotography)

(14) We love how the dad in this photo is crouched down to join in on the special moment. (via @shoresphotography)

(15) Another mom-hugging moment worthy of your family album. (via Captured Happiness Photography)

(16) If you have clingy little ones, you probably won’t have to try too hard to recreate this adorable leg-hugging pose! (via Dani Adams Barry Photography)

(17) Connect with both of your babies through a loving gaze and a gentle hold like this touching capture from @racheldenisephotography.

(18) We adore this tender moment between this mama and her son, especially that sweet little chin lift! Add it to your list of poses to try, especially if you have an older child. (via Eliza Jane)

(19) Have a large family? Hold hands and walk in a line to create a striking photo like the one shown here from @nichole_niffeneffer_photography.

(20) If you have a mini-me or two, try a twinning look in matching outfits like this adorable photo from @sarah_lit.

(21) Capture the pure joy of those sweet little faces connecting with their future baby brother or sister by having them stand in front of you and then turn towards the camera. (via Crab Apple Photography)

(22) A great way to keep your kids involved in your maternity photoshoot without getting bored: have them run circles around you! Makes for such a darling image. (via @tealacravy)

(23) Opt for a more comfortable, laid-back photoshoot by inviting your photographer into your home. You’ll be able to capture real-life shots like this family cuddling up together on their couch by Caitlyn Motycka Photography.

(24) We love the composition of this pose as the bridge leads your eye right to this adorable family. (via Katya Vilchyk)

(25) Line up your brood by height for a unique maternity family photo. (via @mrsjessicaroberts)

(26) Make your child the star of the show by putting them in front, but your belly can still play a supporting role with a soft focus in the background. (via @michelleelisephoto)

(27) If you have a toddler, sitting them on top of your bump is a must-take shot! (via Inspired by This)

(28) Monkey in the middle! Nestle in close and go nose-to-nose with your big boy or girl like this gorgeous image from Yana Matosian.

(29) Holds hands and go for a walk for a real, unposed moment. (via Yana Matosian)

(30) Another must-have sibling pose to capture: the snuggly belly hug. (source unknown)

(31) We’re all for incorporating some more posed shots into your maternity shoot, especially when they turn out as perfect as this family’s, featured on Inspired by This.

(32) Give your littlest one a piggyback ride for a guaranteed smile. (via Em for Marvelous)

(33) You can’t go wrong with a profile baby bump hug from your little cutie. (via Kaitlin Olah)

(34) Have your partner give your little one a shoulder ride for some variation in your family group shots. (via Erica Schneider)

(35) This touching pose melts our heart – definitely worth re-creating at your own maternity photoshoot. (via Yana Matosian)

(36) Another charming family pose with your toddler riding high! (via Inspired by This)

(37) Is there any better place to be than snuggled up on your bed surrounded by those you love? (via Caitlyn Motycka Photography)

(38) Have your child walk in between you and your partner while holding hands for a natural-looking photo with lots of movement. (source unknown)

(39) This beautiful photo from Caitlyn Motycka Photography proves that capturing your child’s belly cuddle from the front can be just as stunning as the classic profile shot.

(41) Have your child lie down with you and shoot from behind to capture your candid connection, and a great shot of your belly. (via @olivetreephotography)

(42) Simple clothes (it doesn’t get more real than unbuttoned jeans!) and a tiptoe kiss make this photo feel warm and oh so sweet. (via @jenny.grimm)

(43) Give your little one a boost by using a crate or step stool and fill the room with natural light by standing close to a window like @be.autifulcreationsphot.

(44) Lift up your toddler for a kiss and click away to create this darling profile shot. (via Beth Wade)

(45) Sit your child on your lap facing you and have them explore your baby bump – so darling! (via Miranda North Photographer)

(46) Head to the open water for a dip with your child, and rest them on your belly for a truly unique maternity photo. (via Beth Wade)

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas at the Beach

If you live near a beach, or can somehow pull off a photoshoot on a babymoon beach vacation, you’ll be rewarded with stunning maternity photos with a serene and calming vibe. Whether you pose on the sand or frolic in the waves, all of these photo ideas are sure to capture the beauty of your pregnancy at beach.

(1) How incredibly peaceful is this photo by Erin Wallis Photography? If you’re willing to get a little wet, the result will be well worth it.

(2) Between the beautiful colors, powerful pose and amazing reflections, this tranquil beach shot has it all. (via Jessica Lynch Photography)

(3) Capture the sunlight highlighting your baby bump like this gorgeous close-up from @lindaverhoeffotografie.

(4) A simple kiss is elevated with this unbelievable beach background. (via @jessicaboltmanphotography)

(5) Hold your dress up to keep it from getting wet as your wade into the water to capture a real-life moment like this one from Jennifer Prisco Photography.

(6) Take a seat on the sand and shoot with the water behind you to create an ultra-serene image. (via

(7) Plan to wear a shorter maternity dress so you can walk in the water without worrying about getting it soaked. (via @thehikedoc)

(8) Alternatively, bring a change of clothes and plan to walk right in! Hold the camera as close to the water’s surface as possible to capture a peaceful image like the one shown here from Lennon Photography.

(9) Don’t shy away from a pier or old dock – pose under it for a visually interesting shot. (via Inspired by This)

(10) Take advantage of the golden hour right before the sun sets and go for a walk down the beach to recreate this pretty shot from @zenlifephotography.

(11) Use the breeze to your advantage and let your dress flow! (via @mollyhemingway_productions)

(12) Don’t discount posing on a large rock or jetty at the water’s edge – the contrast is really beautiful. (via  Jessica Lynch Photography)

(13) Turn your face towards the sun to light it up and get that golden glow. (via Johanna Dye Photography)

(14) Get playful in the foamy waves – just leave this for the end of your shoot as you will get wet! (via  Maddison Rose Photography)

(15) Dance with your partner on the sand or walk hand-in-hand like this couple captured by Alyssa McAlinden Photography.

(16) Lay in your partner’s arms on the sand and shoot from above for a sweet shot like the one here from Kristy by the Sea.

(17) Alternatively, try these gorgeous poses with your partner – the side belly snuggle and bump kiss! (via Jennifer To Photography)

(18) As the sun is setting, capture it peeking through your bodies as you rest back-to-back – incredible! (via Maddison Rose Photography)

(19) Look away from the camera out to the water and think about this special time in your life. You’ll end up with a tranquil shot like this one from @jessicatonyaphotography.

(20) Walk towards your photographer so they can capture a candid close-up. (via Jennifer Prisco Photography)

(21) We love the perspective of this bump shot – ask your photographer if they can recreate it for you. (via @couplecrewphotography)

(22) Bring along your little one for the beach fun, and ask them to run towards your partner. That little peek of their outstretched arm in the foreground tells such a sweet story. (via Mamas Got Plans)

(23) Grab your bathing suits and splash around in the water for some playful shots. (via Lennon Photography)

(24) If you’re wearing a flowy dress, spread it out in front of you for a dramatic look. (via @shravya__sree)

(25) A beautiful lace dress and beachy waves create a laid-back vibe for your photoshoot at the beach. (via Aspyn Ovard)

(26) Write how many weeks pregnant you are in some hard sand, then pose beside it like @filipajackson.

(27) Don’t be afraid to shoot into the sun, especially when it’s setting and you can get those beautiful glares off the sand. (via Maddison Rose Photography)

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas in Winter

If you’re planning your maternity photoshoot in winter, don’t head straight for the inside studio! The snow-covered trees and white “blanket” on the ground can provide a beautiful neutral backdrop where you and your belly can really stand out. If you can brave the cold, it will be well worth it!

(1) If you have a location this picturesque nearby, what are you waiting for?! Bundle up and snap an epic maternity pic! (via Erin Wallis)

(2) Wear a dark colored dress to really pop against an icy backdrop. (via Alisa Messeroff Photography

(3 & 4) Or channel your inner Elsa and opt for a light blue gown. (via Art of You Photography)

(5) Peek out from behind a snowy branch like this gorgeous wintry shot from Lauren Ashley.

(6) Bring a blanket to keep yourselves warm and wrap it around you and your partner to create a heart-warming moment. (via Vanessa Wyler)

(7) Or use the blanket to sit on. Drape it on some rocks and take a seat, similar to this pic from @allthingstracy.

(8) Bring your kids along for the winter fun – they’ll love playing in the snow, and snuggling into your belly to keep warm! (via Ester Knowlen)

(9) Who says you can’t wear white in the winter?! We love this monochromatic look from Just Gaba.

(10) A faux fur blanket will provide a warm spot to pose if the ground is snowy. (via Just Gaba)

(11) Have your partner keep you warm with a sweet from-behind embrace. (via @kristenscottphotography)

(12) Have some fun during your winter maternity photoshoot – throw some snow up into the air! (via @johnna.elyse)

(13) Transform yourself into an ice princess with a pale colored maternity dress and fancy updo. (via @art.maternity)

(14) A snow covered frozen lake is a perfect backdrop to highlight your growing bump. Wear a dark colored maternity dress to really stand out. (via @momentsinasnapphotography)

(15) Take a walk through the snowy woods for a candid winter moment. Pro tip: wear a long dress with snow boots…you’ll never be able to tell and they will keep your feet nice and toasty! (via Vanessa Wyler)

(16) Bare trees can look just as beautiful as those covered with snow, as proven here with this gorgeous image from Jennifer Prisco Photography.

(17) A little snow blurred out in the foreground of your image can create a cool wintry frame. (via @sabrinadayphotography)

(18) Don’t want to freeze during your maternity photo session? You can still show off your bump while dressing for the elements with faux fur, a hat and boots! (via Ester Knowlen)

Unique Outdoor Locations for Maternity Photos

Want to stand out in the sea of maternity photos taken by the ocean, in a pretty field, or scenic overlook? Forget the typical photoshoot locations, and opt for one of these unique outdoor locations instead:

(1) Head to your local fair or carnival to inject some fun and color into your images like these from Oh Happy Day.

(2) If you can find a waterfall to pose in front of, you’ll end up with some epic maternity pics! (via Chelsea Haworth Photography)

(3) A pretty gazebo offers a peaceful place to pose. (via Yousee Photography)

(4) How unique is this idea to pose in the back of your car?! Works especially well if you have a cool vintage vehicle. (via Bojana Korach Photography)

(5) Capture your photos at the most magical place on earth: Disney! Head to the park early to avoid the crowds in the background. (via Today’s Mama)

(6) Live in the city? Show it off by featuring its skyline behind you. (via Stefanie Cole Photography)

(7) We love the idea of posing in front of (or on!) a traditional carousel. Not only are the colors and details beautiful, but it’s totally unique and fun. (via Larissa Jean Photography)

(8) Ask your maternity photographer if they know of any interesting houses you could pose in front of – even the greenhouse type! (via Kristal Bean Photography)

(9) Hit the streets of your city to find some cool colored houses to pose with. (via Evie Grace Photography)

(10) Or head to the top floor of a tall building to capture the city (and your bump) from up above. (via Amber Fillerup Clark)

(11) A beautiful fountain at your local park can add lots of visual interest to your images. (via Photography by Asiya)

(12) Talk to your photographer about finding a creative location and see if they know of any hidden gems near you – even something as simple as this stone arch draped in flowers can make a unique statement. (via Olia Luis Photography)

(13) Or how about these massive doors for a statement – wow! (via Olia Luis Photography)

(14) The perfect location is often right outside your front door. Pose in front of your very own house to really put a personal spin on your maternity photos. (via Erin Rose Photography)

(15) If your city has a famous landmark, consider using it as the backdrop for your pregnancy pics. (via A Tale Ahead Photography)

(16) Take a walk on some pretty side streets to get a vibrant urban feel to your photos. (via Yama Matosian)

(17) Even something as ordinary as a brick building can be turned into an extraordinary backdrop! (via @em_otx)

(18) Travel slightly away from your city so it can be captured in the background like this beautiful shot by Bella Wang Photography.

(19) Who needs a fancy location when the middle of a city street will result in a stunning photo like this! (via Eliza Jane Willey)

(20) A disheveled setting like an abandoned warehouse building can still be made beautiful while providing a unique edge to your maternity photos. (via Stefanie Cole Photography)

(21) Head for your local farm and find some interesting old barn doors to pose with like this stunner from Stefanie Cole Photography.

(22) Channel some secret garden vibes by choosing an old greenhouse as your location. (via Sharla Martin Photography)

(23) Rent out your local museum during off-hours for a truly unique photoshoot experience! (via Water Bear Photography)

(24) Find a graffiti wall to liven up your photos! We especially love the juxtaposition of the street vibe with a fancy, luxe outfit. (via Megapixels Media Photography)

(25) A colorful railing or building coupled with a bright outfit will make your maternity photos stand out from the rest. (via @jojohnsonoverby)

(26) Or skip the graffiti and opt for a more polished piece of wall art. (via All the Little Stories Photography)

(27) Alternatively, a solid wall in a bright color will really make your baby bump stand out. (via Kaitlyn Mahoney Photography)

(28) This lively carnival shoot is one of our favorites – pregnancy is an adventure, and this setting is too! (via Oh Happy Day)

(29) Forget the trendy milk bath, how about a ball bath?! (via Zorz Studios)

(30) A pool and some bright balloons are all you need to inject some fun into your maternity pics, like this awesome shot from Kaitlyn Mahoney Photography.

(31) Soak in the sun from a peaceful dock – we love the symmetry in this pregnancy pic taken by Kaitlyn Mahoney Photography.

(32) Wow! This epic shot should make you consider heading to your local aquarium for your maternity photoshoot! (via Ashleigh Wells)

(33) Dive under the water’s surface for a once in a lifetime underwater pregnancy photoshoot. You’ll need to hire a trained professional for this one! (via Eye Wander)

(34) Another option for an underwater maternity shoot – instead of a pool, Christi Allen Curtis shot in a river!

(35) You’re sure to start singing “Sittin’ on the dock of the bay” if your location is as pretty as this photo from Kelsie Lynn Photography.

(36) Or launch from the dock in a simple canoe to capture some serene images like this one by Zorz Studios.

(37) A vast, calm lake is the perfect, tranquil spot for a maternity photo session. (via Blue Hippo Photography)

(38) The contrast between the elegant lace dress, and hard rock waterfall takes this photo over the edge (quite literally!) (via Portrait Pretty Photography)

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas At Home

While we love all of the gorgeous scenery the great outdoors provides, a photoshoot at home can be just as beautiful. By bringing the camera inside your home, you’ll capture authentic images in a familiar environment where you can really relax and be yourself – ultimately leading to more intimate, real photos that truly represent you and your family.

Here are some of our favorite maternity photo ideas to take at home:

(1) The classic “waiting for baby” photo in your nursery is a must! (via Jessica Lynch Photography)

(2) We love the composition of this image – it feels like we’re peeking in on a private moment between mama and baby. (via Inspired by This)

(3) This slouchy chair pose is spot-on! (via Jennifer Skog)

(4) Shoot from behind to capture your reflection in a mirror. Such a sweet moment with a creative twist. (via @keridanskyephotography)

(5) Put your feet up and lie against your partner for a real-life pregnancy moment. (via Caitlyn Motycka Photography)

(6) Examine your baby bump in the mirror while your photographer shoots away. (via Maren Elizabeth Photography)

(7) Sometimes the unposed poses are the best, like this sweet breakfast exchange kiss from Jennifer Skog.

(8) Connect with your partner in the baby’s nursery like this tender moment from @alanareneephoto.

(9) Lounging on the couch with your partner is a great way to get some natural looking shots. (via Magdalena Studios)

(10) Bring the photoshoot into the kitchen with this on-the-counter cuddle. (via Jennifer Prisco Photography)

(11) Look into your partner’s eyes by your baby’s crib for the ultimate “we’re waiting for you” shot. (source unknown)

(12) This couple’s pose is so beautiful – you can feel the love exuding from them. (via Tressa Wixom)

(13) This gorgeous bath shot is taken from behind to highlight the baby bump. (via @krysephoto)

(14) Drape yourself over your couch arm and face into the light to recreate this stunner from @visionphotomi.

(15) Shooting by a large window lets the light shine in and highlight your pregnancy glow. (via Upstate Mama)

(16) Sitting on your kitchen floor is an unexpected location for your maternity photos, but somehow works! (via @cocunphotography)

(17) This close-up belly shot captures one of the complexities of pregnancy: unbuttoned pants! (via

(18) A beautiful maternity pose doesn’t need to be overdone, as proven here by this simple belly hold by @heymeganreed.

(19) Try siting against a wall for a laid-back pose – bonus points if it’s by a window or door! (via @giuly_ska_photography)

(20) Make sure your photographer intends to capture images from a close-up angle in addition to the typical wide shots, otherwise you’ll miss out on tender moments like this one from @mamasaurasrex.

(21) Peek out the window to shine some natural light on your face and baby bump. (via @bloom_maternity)

(22) Play baby peek-a-boo for a too-cute shot. (via Tressa Wixom)

(23) Don’t have the nursery ready? Pose with your baby’s bassinet instead. (via @everything_lace_hire)

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas With Pets

Looking to include your first “baby” in your maternity photos with you? Grab your dog, cat, horse or other furry friend, and be inspired by these adorable maternity photo shoot ideas that let your pets feel like part of your growing family too.

(1) How insanely adorable is this little dog pawing at the baby?! (via Inspired by This)

(2) A little peanut butter on your belly might help you pull off this “aww” inspiring puppy kiss! @djemyphotographie

(3) Let your dog use your baby bump like a pillow and the end result is pure magic. (via Jo McVey Photography)

(4) Lie down on the bed with your family (pup included!) and shoot from overhead to capture a real-life snuggle session. (via Bella Wang Photography)

(5) This gorgeous silhouette shows that your dog is anxiously awaiting the baby’s arrival too. (via Hailey Lauren Photography)

(6) Dogs aren’t the only pets that are part of the family – your horses deserve a spot in your maternity photos too…especially when they turn out as stunning as this one from @charlestonmagnoliaphotography.

(7) Same goes for your cat! Have them explore your bump too! (via Kara Additon Photography)

(8) Cuddle with your dogs on the couch for an absolutely adorable photo. (via Tiffany Wayne)

(9) Try a stoic profile pose with your equine bestie. (via @annaelainephotography)

(10) Grab your dog a “big brother” or “big sister” neck scarf to show off their new role in the family (via @sekrittheater)

(11) Shoot up close in black and white to recreate this unbelievable shot of man’s best friend. (via Crab Apple Photography)

(12) Hang out with your dog like you usually would for a down-to-earth image of everyday life. (via Jennifer Prisco Photography)

(13) If you have a little pup, you have to recreate this sweet pose with your partner – we can’t help but smile! (via Meg Perotti)

(14) Keep your dog by your side during your maternity photo shoot to capture candid moments like this one featured on Inspired by This.

(15) Or keep your pooch on a leash and take him for a stroll. (via Southern Tailwinds)

(16) This horse belly nuzzle is incredible! (via

(17) Your dog is part of your family, so include them front and center in your posed shots too. (via @jivan_photography)

(18) We love this inquisitive “what’s in there?” angle from Jessica Neumann Photography.

(19) Sit down and relax with your dog for some casual close-ups. (via Paige Walker Photography)

(20) Bring your pups to the beach and have them play in the water with you. (via Studio Freyja)

(21) If you have a small dog, lift them up and smile! (via Katya Vilchyck)

(22) How sweet is this casual couch pose? Definitely worth recreating! (via @alexandreagarza)

(23) Capture a little puppy snooze against your baby bump by shooting from overhead. (via Bojana Korach Photography)

(24) Anchor the photo with a standing pose, while your partner kneels with your dog. (via Southern Tailwinds)

(25) Make your pup the star! Put the focus on your dog at the front of the photo, with a soft blur to you and your partner in the background. (via Yana Matosian Photography)

(26) Let your bunny in on all the photoshoot fun…they’re perfect for hopping up your belly! (via Eliza Jane)

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas With Flowers 

Celebrate the beauty of your changing body with another thing of beauty: flowers! Whether you stand in a flower field, hold a bouquet, or wear them in your hair, flowers can elevate your photos to the next level. Here are some of our favorite maternity photoshoot ideas using flowers:

(1) This gorgeous overhead shot is definitely one to try – you’ll just need an extra set of hands to place the flowers on and around you! (via

(2) If your bushes are in bloom, hide between them and match their color palette with your dress like this dreamy maternity photo from @jojohnsonoverby.

(3) Let your bare belly shine while you cover your top with pretty florals. (via @alexandra_m_photography)

(4) If you have a sunflower field nearby, don’t miss your chance at beautiful captures like these by Petite Cherie Photography.

(5) Even just a simple flower crown can really elevate your maternity photos. (via Shoott)

(6) If Cherry blossoms are in bloom, grab your photographer (or a tripod and self-timer) and run! The flowers only last in peak bloom for 4-7 days. (via Natalie Buck Photography)

(7) No need for a fancy location when you have a backdrop of gorgeous flowering bushes. (via Just Gaba)

(8) That being said, if you have flower fields near you, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to shoot in them! (via Shan Cait)

(9) Spice up your simple maternity dress with a bright flower crown and blooms peeking out of a straw tote. (via Inspired by This)

(10) Drape yourself in greenery with a gorgeous floral garland. (via Jennifer Skog)

(11) Source some pretty flowers from your local florist (peonies and roses work well) and arrange them around your beautiful bump. (via Jennifer Prisco Photography)

(12) Set-up a floral milk bath with floating blooms and your maternity photos will not disappoint! (via Neva Michelle Photography)

(13) Even holding a small bunch of flowers can make a statement. (via Jennifer Prisco Photography)

(14) Lay down in a field of flowers for a naturally pretty backdrop. (via @mossandmountainphotography)

(15) Some strategically placed petals create an ultra-dramatic image. (via Zorz Studios)

(16) Cover your chest with a flower bouquet will letting your belly shine. (via @jaggededgeimages)

(17) Create a gorgeous floral necklace to add a pop of color to your outfit like this one worn by The Ashmores Blog.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas using Silhouettes

A beautiful way to show off your amazing pregnant body is with a simple silhouette. Just look how incredibly powerful these maternity photos are, using the light from a window or sunset to highlight mom’s belly. Stunning!

(1) This photo is the perfect trifecta: flowing dress, beautiful sunset, and profile silhouette. (via Julie Irene Photography

(2) Capture the sun setting in between your bodies – it draws your eye towards your baby bump! (via @marcraffaele_photography)

(3) Frame your photos with an archway or tunnel like this stunner from Rachel Friedman Photography.

(4) You can’t go wrong with a long white dress in front of a big window. (via Kelly Bell Photography)

(5) Get fancy and throw on a pair of high heels, then head to the window to strut your stuff. (via

(6) Use your hands to make a heart to show your love for your sweet baby. (source unknown)

(7) Include your first born by lifting them up in the air – even though you can’t see all the details, the emotion still exudes through the silhouette. (via Jennifer Prisco Photography)

(8) Let your belly loose and stand proud for a powerful profile portrait. (via @aroseportraits)

(9) This wintry outdoor shot shows that you don’t have to use a window to get the perfect silhouette shot. (via The Lady of the Lens)

(10) We love the way the light hits this mama’s face, but her black dress makes a beautiful outline. (via @melaniepattersonphoto)

(11) Grab your partner for a sweet belly kiss silhouette. (via @kanisphotography)

(12) The composition of this family shot by Jennifer Prisco Photography is perfection!

(13) A beach sunset with cloudy skies offers the opportunity for an epic maternity photo like the one here from @soulfulmemoriesbyps.

(14) How can you beat that rainbow sky and sweet belly touch?! (via Jennifer Prisco Photography)

(15) Don’t end your shoot just because the sun has set – the radiant golden light can produce a beautiful soft glow. (via Jennifer Prisco Photography_

(16) A belly kiss at sunset from afar makes the most gorgeous shapes. (via @moonandback_mnb)

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for your Rainbow Baby

If you know the heartache of loss and want to celebrate your rainbow after the storm, consider these touching maternity photo ideas for a Rainbow Baby:

(1) Set off a rainbow of smoke bombs and place your hands on your belly in the shape of a heart to both remember and celebrate. (source unknown)

(2) Hold a brightly colored rainbow umbrella like this beautiful shot from Cheetah Design Studio.

(3) You’ll need some help putting the rainbow of flowers in place, but this stunning milk bath shot is worth the extra effort. (via ute-christin Photography)

(4) Paint a rainbow on your belly for a colorful bump close-up. (via Maiso Photography)

(5) Play with the train of your rainbow maternity dress and wrap it towards the camera for this piercing photo. (via Felicia Saunders Photography)

(6) The tranquility of this beautiful float-in-the-water image from Ann Norment is off the charts.

(7) Create a rainbow of flowers around you and shoot from above like this unbelievable shot by Water Bear Photography.

(8) While a little photoshoot magic from your photographer might be necessary to get the perfect dress flare, the resulting image speaks volumes. (via Jennifer Prisco Photography)

(9) A rainbow flower crown and maternity dress tell a story in this tender moment caught by Jeanita Kennedy Photography.

(10) While you may get lucky with a real rainbow, ask your photographer if they can add one in afterwards while editing. (source unknown)

(11) Plan for this shot ahead of time so you can reach up towards the natural light, then let your photographer work their magic in post. (via Meredith Struebing Photography)

(12) Another rainbow smoke bomb beauty emerging from the storm into the light. (via Zorz Studios)

(13) The closed eyes and little smile give off a hopeful vibe in this painted belly pic. (via Moth & Moon Photography)

(14) Shoot yourself in the middle of a rainbow of smoke with the help of a drone (and a talented photographer!). (via Kansas Studios)

(15) Keep it subtle with a pretty rainbow sash you can drape over your baby bump. (via Natasha Brooke Photography)

(16) Or opt for a pretty floral one. Dress in white to really make the colors pop. (via Monica Alman Photography)

(17) Another great way to incorporate a rainbow in your photos is to photoshop one on your belly after your shoot. (via Wishing Well Photography)

(18) Wow is all we have to say about this rainbow body glitter shot by Nicole Dehoff Photography. Wow!

(19) Get the whole family involved and paint tiny rainbows on your hands to remember the storm that came before your rainbow. (via Jenny Grimm)

(20) Alternatively, dress your kids in rainbow dresses and have them hold a sign making the happy announcement. (via Sixteen Roses Photography)

(21) Hold up a woven macrame rainbow together like this powerful shot by Sydney Payne Studio.

(22) Use a letterboard to spell it out like Sexy Mama Maternity.

(23) A rainbow of balloons and a white dress are all you need to recreate this maternity pic from Omente Photography.

(24) Grab a small wooden rainbow (your baby will be able to play with it one day!) and place it in your palm in front of your bump. (via Mersadi Olson)

(25) For a subtle nod to your previous loss, ask your photographer to make a rainbow shadow and show them this amazing image from Felicia Saunders Photography as an example.

(26) Celebrate by shooting out rainbow confetti like this epic shot from The Ashmores Blog.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Props

Bringing a few props with you to your photoshoot will ensure you get a variety of poses and can help you tell a story that will shine through in your photos. From adorable teeny tiny baby shoes, to sweet name reveals, you’ll find plenty of creative ideas for pregnancy photo props here to consider:

(1) Peek out from behind a baby book – these Mama and Dada ones are perfect! (via @dmargherite)

(2) If you or your partner are musically inclined, bring your instrument for some candid playing (and dancing!) (via Inspired by This)

(3) Hold a pair of baby shoes as a tiny clue of what’s to come. (via Inspired by This)

(4) Let out all your emotions by writing a letter to your baby and include it in a few of your maternity shots. (via Inspired by This)

(5) Put the focus on your child and have them hold your ultrasound, as you pose in the background. (via @yourcandidmemories)

(6) Line your sonogram photo up with your belly – a must take! (source unknown)

(7) Alternatively, have your partner help you hold it in front of your bump. (source unknown)

(8) Make some small signs that label you as the “mommy” and “daddy to be”. (via @uvphotography)

(9) If you have a special stuffed animal from your childhood, or you have a new one ready for your baby, why not include it in a photo or two? (via @weefanphotography)

(10) Create a playful vibe by blowing some bubbles during the shoot – like you, they’re just about to pop! (via @jit_forever_photography)

(11) Use a cool chair to expand your range of poses. (via @aleksandra_whiting_phc)

(12) Your baby is one of the most precious gifts you’ll ever receive, so wrap your belly up with a bow! (via Crab Apple Photography)

(13) Use your maternity shoot to announce your baby’s due date or name with a simple letterboard. (via Casey & Hubs)

(14) Hold these milestone blocks corresponding to how many months pregnant you are. BONUS: they can be reused! Photograph your baby with them as they grow each month. (source unknown)

(15) Dress up your swing and rock back and forth softly for a playful capture. (source unknown)

(16) How cool is this vintage van?! Hop in the back and you’ve got an instant winner. (via Bojana Korach Photography)

(17) Use a small bunch of balloons to match the gender of your baby, or opt for a neutral color if you’re keeping it under wraps. (source unknown)

(18) Spell out your baby’s name with these classic alphabet blocks and balance them on your belly if you can! (source unknown)

(19) Or just grab the first letter of their name to pose with – that is, if you’ve come to a decision of course! (via @olhar_sobre_a_lente)

(20) Use a pretty floral garland to wrap around your body and frame your bump (and no, it doesn’t have to be real!). (via Jennifer Skog)

(21) Have a quote or saying you feel connected to? Hold it up for the camera to see. (source unknown)

(22) For football fans, this accurately portrays how us mama’s feel at 30+ weeks! (via Lauren Davidson Photography)

(21) Bring an umbrella with you to your shoot – not only will it keep you dry if it rains, but it can create beautiful silhouettes too. (source unknown)

(22) This creative idea uses a letterboard to announce “I can’t wait to…” and then sticky notes to fill in the blank. (source unknown)

(23) Place small alphabet beads on your belly to spell out your baby’s name or a sweet message. (source unknown)

Funny Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Perhaps the typical hold-your-belly-and-look-off-into-the-distance photos just aren’t your thing and you’d rather make people laugh instead. Poke fun at your changing body and insane cravings with these hilariously funny maternity photoshoot ideas:

(1) Got a certain pregnancy craving? Grab your stockpile and reenact this cute shot from @mrsjessicaroberts.

(2) Your partner sporting a fake belly is always good for a laugh! (via @brevanderson)

(3) This silly shot uses fruit to poke fun at mama’s growing body. (via @_janthima)

(4) This creative maternity photo by @quickcatch uses perspective to trick your eye – so clever!

(5) If you can find a “Bump Ahead” road sign near you, you can’t pass up the opportunity to pose beside it! (source unknown)

(6) Bring your maternity photoshoot to one of your favorite places during pregnancy…the grocery store! This unique shoot from Studio 154 Photography made us laugh – from the shot grabbing the pickles, to eating the ice cream right out of the carton, and needing some Tums, it’s quirky, cute and truly memorable!

(7) Take a washable marker and write on your belly how much it’s “loaded” so far. (source unknown)

(8) Make light of your husband’s matching beer belly with a cute bump-to-bump shot. (via @pankajmakhija_photography)

(9) Another fun way to poke fun at your husband’s growing belly! (source unknown)

(10) Get buried in the sand but leave that beautiful bump alone! (source unknown)

(11) Anyone home?! Ask your child to give your belly a check-up and click away to capture their hilarious curiosity. (source unknown)

(12) Celebrate your future “little nugget” with a Chick-fil-A themed shot. (source unknown)

(13) The classic head swap! This hilarious hide behind a tree pose really makes it look like your partner is the pregnant one! (via River Wynn Photography)

(14) Become one with your craving and rest your vice on your belly for a real-life capture like this pic from @sarah_lit.

(15) This funny letterboard says hello to your third trimester, but goodbye to those toes! (source unknown)

(16) Never has there been a more true statement. (via @saracelinaa)

(17) This hilarious letterboard and duct tape watermelon belly had us laughing out loud. (via @MayaVorderstrasse)

(18) Almost there! (via @mostthingsmom)

(19) Channel your inner Britney Spears by putting a pregnancy twist on her famous song. (source unknown)

(20) Get real with your food cravings like this funny maternity shot. (source unknown)

(21) Getting close to your due date? Blow a bubble and announce that you’re ready to pop! (source unknown)

We hope you found plenty of pregnancy photoshoot ideas here that will guide and inspire your own maternity photos. Whatever location, outfit and poses you decide upon, just remember the most important thing: capturing this special moment in time before your life changes forever. Good luck and congratulations!

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