We’re all accustomed to protecting our kids’ skin with sunscreen before they head out on a hot summer’s day, but we often don’t think to protect their eyes. Kids’ eyes are more sensitive than adults, and prolonged exposure to UV rays while they are young can increase the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration later in life. So it’s important to invest in a good pair of quality sunglasses that provide 100% UV protection, and can act as sunscreen for their eyes.

But getting your child, especially older kids and teens, to actually wear them is the tricky part. We’ve found that they are more likely to wear their sunnies if they pick them out themselves (doesn’t hurt to call them a cute name too, right?) So share these styles with them and see what they gravitate towards – they all offer full sun protection so you can feel good about their choice, while they get the trendy look they’ll never want to take off.

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Function meets fashion with our 6 favorite sunglasses for your tween or teen. Lose the glare, keep the flare!

Sunglasses for Tween and Teens. Aces Navigators.

Aces Navigators

Aces are the older sibling of Babiators, the company that brought the cool-factor to unbreakable baby sunglasses. Their Aces brand is geared for kids aged 7-14, but still features their flexible rubber frames that won’t break no matter how hard they try. Mirrored lenses provide 100% UV protection and up the cool factor kids are clamoring over. They also come with Babiators ultimate guarantee – if you lose or break them in the first year, they’ll replace them for free. So if your child is prone to “misplacing” things, these offer the perfect solution.

Recommended for ages 7-14
Shop Aces Navigators here 

Best Sunglasses for Tween and Teens. Julbo Naomi

Julbo Naomi

The Naomi is a fashionable style for girls with a hip ‘70s vibe. The large wrap-around lenses provide full UV protection and shield the skin surrounding their eyes from damage (oh how we wish we’d had these as a young girl, maybe our crow’s feet wouldn’t be quite so pronounced?!) A thoughtful detail is the cord attachment holes at the end of the arms which allows you to easily add a please-don’t-lose-these strap.

Recommended for ages 6-10
Shop Julbo Naomi here 

Best Sunglasses for Tweens and Teens. Under Armour Nitro L

Under Armour Nitro L

Under Armour seems to have a strong hold on athletic wear for the tween/teen group, so persuading them to wear their favorite brand’s sunglasses should be relatively simple. The Nitro L is a great choice with its full UV protection, lightweight frames, strong lenses and sporty style perfect for summer-time sports.

Available in boys’ one size – recommended for age 10+
Shop Under Armour Nitro L here 

Best Sunglasses for Tweens and Teens. Julbo Reach and Reach L


The Reach will please youngsters and teens alike, getting high marks for comfort and a look that will never go out of style. These sunnies are constructed with curved temples and deep lenses for a secure fit, and kids will love the fun, bold colors and mirrored lenses.

Reach is recommended for 6-10 year olds
Reach L is recommended for young teens

Shop Julbo Reach here and Reach L here 

Best Sunglasses for Tweens and Teens. Real Kids Shades Fly

Real Kids Shades “Fly”

We love this sized-down version of the classic aviator. The sleek styling will make your kids feel really grown-up, while offering 100% UV protection. Spring-loaded hinges make these frames a bit more forgiving, allowing for that extra wear and tear these are sure to get this summer.

Fly is recommended for young adults
Shop Real Kids Shades Fly here

Best Sunglasses for Tweens and Teens - Jbanz


From the makers of BabyBanz, the top-rated baby sunglasses, JBanz offer a variety of sleek styles with polarized lenses, offering high sun glare reduction in addition to 100% UV protection. They come in their own color coordinated neoprene zipper case and are available in lots of colors to suit both girls and boys.

JBanz are recommended for ages 4-10 
Shop JBanz here or here

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