Best easy Elf on the Shelf ideas

We’ve pulled together a list of the best Elf on the Shelf ideas for 2023 that will make moving your Elf a breeze!

Is your Elf on the Shelf about to make his or her return this holiday season? Whether your elf is currently visiting, or still at the North Pole, it’s never too early to start planning your daily elf ideas and activities.

Because we know all too well that prepping for your Elf’s holiday antics can be time-consuming during this hectic holiday season, we’ve pulled together an extensive list of the best easy and creative Elf on the Shelf ideas so you don’t have to stress.

Bookmark this page (or pin below) so you’ll have a quick reference guide to browse through each night. There are set-ups that are quick, funny, clever and down-right sweet – plus tons of printables to add some spice to your Elf’s old tricks.

And you don’t want to miss scrolling to the very bottom, where we highlight some very timely Elf on the Shelf ideas for the pandemic – miniature masks and all!

Are you ready to dive in? Let’s go!

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Best Elf on the Shelf Ideas that are easy

Whether your elf is coming back for the third year in a row, or you’re adopting a new elf into the family, these fun and playful Elf on the Shelf arrival ideas offer countless possibilities to kick off the holiday season with lots of excitement!

(1)  Hot Air Balloon: If you’re feeling a bit crafty, this super fun and relatively easy hot air balloon arrival is a cute and memorable way for your Elf to come back for the season! (via Happy Mom Busy Kids)

(2)  Special Delivery Package: Send your Elf to yourself with a special delivery box full of surprises! (via Eighteen25)

(3)  Present Pop: Wrap a box and pop out your Elf. Print this “special Delivery” sticker to put on the front – super cute! (via Elf on the Shelf)

(4)  Elf Door: How did the Elf get inside? It must have been through the tiny fairy garden door that appeared on the wall! (via My Frugal Adventures)

(5)  Airplane Arrival: Have your Elf arrive via North Pole Express Mail! Learn how to create a super easy paper airplane arrival with minimal supplies. (via Busy Kids Happy Mom)

(6)  Kindness Letter: Encourage your kids to spread holiday cheer by letting your Elf arrive with a Random Acts of Kindness arrival letter. (via Living Locurto)

(7)  Donut Breakfast: Keep your Elf arrival simple with a breakfast that everyone loves: donuts! Pick out some festive treats for your family on arrival day with your elf posed and ready to excite along with this cute donut-themed printable. (via I Think We Could Be Friends)

(8)  Arrival Breakfast: Have your Elf return with a fun, special breakfast for the family to enjoy. (via Elf on the Shelf)

(9)  Arrival Party: Want to bring your Elf in with a bang? Throw a fancy little arrival party complete with sweet treats and your Elf trapped in a balloon! (via Third Stop On The Right)

(10) Hot Cocoa Party: Who doesn’t love a hot cocoa party? Make it simple but cute with the addition of some easy printables to display with the candy canes and marshmallows. (via Sweet C’s Designs)

(11) Brings Gifts: Want your Elf to arrive bearing gifts? Create a festive gift basket to accompany a holiday-inspired breakfast. (via @makingprettymemories on Instagram)

(12) Leaves a Note: Spell out “I’m back” with your Elf’s treat of choice and leave a letter detailing his time away. (source unknown)

(13) M&Ms Writing: Arrive back with a sweet candy note like “did you miss me?” + the Elf on the Shelf story book and Holiday PJs! (source: Instagram @christmaself_2017)

(14) Advent Calendar: When you’re already counting down the days until Christmas, your Elf can bring an advent calendar upon arrival to help the kids’ countdown the days! (via @jack_the_elf_01 on Instagram)

(15) Elf-made Advent Calendar: …or have your Elf make his own advent calendar with little gifts wrapped for each day (via Elf on the Shelf)

(16) Bundle of Balloons: What kid doesn’t love balloons? Have your elf arrive in high-flying style with a bundle of balloons and a fun arrival message. (via Mama Cheaps)

(17) Elf Adoption Certificate: Have a new Elf in the family? This Elf adoption certificate printable is the perfect addition to your jolly friend’s arrival. (via PJs and Paint)


Printables are an easy way to take your Elf on the Shelf ideas to the next level. Simply print, cut and create!

(1)  Elf Phone: Now your Elf can have a direct line to Santa to report back on the daily with this cute iElf Phone printable! (via Living Locurto)

(2)  Elf Games: Everyone loves games! Have your Elf bring a few of these mini printable games, like Bingo, to share with the family. (via Artsy Fartsy Mama)

(3)  Holiday Cookie Baking: Love creating a themed setup for your Elf? There’s nothing cuter than this baking printable set that shows their excitement for Christmas cookie creation. (via Mom Envy)

(4)  Superhero Costumes: Dress up your Elf as your kids’ favorite super hero with these teeny tiny Elf costumes (via Simple Made Pretty)

(5)  Shrinking Machine: Make big cookies into micro cookies! Or make anything appear to be shrinking with the Magic Shrinking Machine printable that’s sure to bring on the smiles. (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(6)  Secret Message: Send your Elf with a Secret Message from Santa and they’ll have to decode it (spoiler alert: it reads “Thanks for being good this week!”)

(7)  Rocket Ship: This free printable rocket ship will get your Elf back to the North Pole in a hurry! (via Sweet Paper Trail)

(8)  Candy Cane Jail: Has your Elf been naughty? Lock him up in a Candy Cane Jail with this free printable from This Mama Loves.

(9)  Elf Kissing Booth: Super creative way to offer your kids a (Hershey’s) kiss. (via Living Locurto)

(10) Hide & Seek: Make finding the elf a game of Hide and seek! These Christmas-y printables leave clues to help the kids find him. (via The Resourceful Mama)

(11) Elf Photo Booth: Grab some small dolls and these miniature printables and have Elfie ham it up for the camera. (via Living Locurto)

(12) Elf Twister: Grab some of your child’s favorite small figures and challenge your Elf to a grueling game of Twister using this mini printable game mat (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(13) Report Card: This printable Elf report card includes a checklist to report back on whether each kid is naughty or nice! (via See Jane Blog)

(14) Doctor’s Note: Running out of ideas to move your Elf? This funny Elf doctor’s note proves that he needs to rest a few days, so he’s not allowed to move! (via A Few Shortcuts)

(15) Dunk Tank: The classic carnival game is sure to be a hit with your kids…but maybe not your Elf! (via This Mama Loves)

(16) Dreaming of Summer Elf: Print the Elf-sized sunglasses and beach towel for your Elf to take an imaginary trip to some place warm. (via Living Locurto)

(17) Elf Outhouse: See if your Elf gets any privacy in this printable outhouse! (via A Little Moore Blog)

(18) Elf Notes: Just print, chose a note, and place in Elfie’s hands…super easy! (via Elf on the Shelf)

(19) Taco Stand: Your kids will be putting in their Taco Tuesday orders when your Elf arrives with his or her very own Taco Stand! (via Sweet Paper Trail)

(20) Basketball Game: For sports lovers, this Elf on the shelf Printable Basketball Game will be a slam dunk!(via Kids Activity Blog)

(21) Secret Mission Cards: Bonus! These top-secret missions include helpful things like “pick up your toys without being asked”. (via Over the Big Moon)

(22) Coloring Sheets: Kids love to color, so have your elf drop off some fun holiday-themed coloring sheet printables that they can decorate with when complete! (via The Simple Parent)


Some of the most fun set-ups for your Elf will involve food. From donuts to marshmallows, candy canes to popcorn, the following ideas will spark your passion for creativity, while satisfying your sweet tooth.

(1)  Minion Bananas: Looks like your Elf got a hold of a Sharpie! We love this quick and easy idea from California Unpublished.

(2)  Trees For Sale: Who knew that a tree farm could be tasty? With this adorable Elf setup, your kids can pick out their own tree treat. (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(3)  Egg Message: Write a message using eggs as your canvas (via Katherine Marie – no link)

(4)  Drawing on Eggs: Or grab a marker and draw some fun pictures on them instead (via Tracy Ramirez)

(5)  Reindeer Poop: Have a Reindeer partner for your Elf on the Shelf? Make the kids laugh with some chocolate candy used as reindeer poop! (via Mama Cheaps)

(6)  Marshmallow Bath: Nothing’s better than a soothing soft marshmallow bath after a long trip to the North Pole. (via Snippets From Suburbia)

(7)  Eating Gingerbread House: Put a little icing on your Elf’s face to prove he snuck a few pieces! (via Simply Organized)

(8)  Orange Juice: A fun bendy straw takes freshly squeezed to a whole new level. (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(9)  Marshmallow Snowmen: Do you wanna build a snowman? The kids are bound to get a kick out of these super easy marshmallow snowmen that the Elf obviously built himself. (via Mama Cheaps)

(10) Drinking Maple Syrup: Your kids can’t help but laugh at their Elf’s “drink” of choice. (via Simple as that blog)

(11) Gummy Bear Christmas Tree: The kids will be pretty excited to eat their Elf’s gummy bear creation! (via Snippets From Suburbia)

(12) DIY Ornament: Make the easiest DIY ornament with this simple idea made with clear ornament bulbs, candy kisses, pretty string, and a tag. (via Mama Cheaps)

(13)  Snowmen Donuts: So simple – just grab an edible marker, some powdered mini donuts and toothpicks to make these snowmen donuts. (via The Sweatman Family)

(14) Cookie Jar: Well I guess this answers the question, “who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?”! (via Pillsbury)

(15) Donut Seeds: Use cheerios as “mini elf donuts” and plant them to grow your own donuts for breakfast the next morning. (via @jack_the_elf_01 on instagram)

(16) Fridge Surprise: Decorate the milk to their cereal and include a fun treat too! (via Just Live Life Happy)

(17) Mini Pancakes: Make a plate of teeny tiny pancakes for your Elf…and don’t forget the butter and syrup! (via Home Stories A to Z)

(18) Marshmallow Jar: The Elf on the Shelf is known to have a sweet tooth, so he can be found near sweets, always! This fun idea shows you how to put the elf in a jar full of marshmallows. (via Smart School House)

(19) Mrs. Claus Cookies: Where’d those cookies come from? Mrs. Claus sent them, of course! (via @elf_on_the_shelf_shaniqua on Instagram)

(20) Toasty Inside: It was cold outside, but your Elves are nice and toasty inside! (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(21) Candlelight S’mores: Have you Elf roasting a mini marshmallow over a candle (we suggest using one with a faux flame for safety). He could even leave some supplies for a fun family s’mores night! (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(22) Caught in the Candy Jar: What can we say, Elf’s love Hershey Kisses! (via Home Stories A to Z)

(23) Magic Seeds: Plant some magic “seeds” (pieces of small candy) into a bowl of sugar, and watch your kids’ faces light up in the morning when they realize the seeds grew into candy canes! (via East Coast Mommy Blog)

(24) Rice Krispies Box: Swap one of the Krispy elves for your own by popping him through the box! (via Jason Glerum)

(25) Angel Rice: Your Elf misses the snow, so have him make “snow” angels with rice! (via Home Stories A to Z)

(26) Crazy Breakfast: Frosting on toast? Green milk? Looks like your Elf was in charge of breakfast! (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(27) Mini Donuts: Dip O’s cereal into chocolate syrup and coat in sprinkles to make these miniature Elf donuts…don’t forget to add a few around your Elf’s mouth! (via Pinterest)

(28) Microwave Popcorn: There’s always time for popcorn! This is the perfect idea if your family is into holiday movie nights. (via @chippy_and_tinsel on Instagram)

(29) M&Ms Message: Spell out a sweet message using M&Ms or other small candies. (via Simple as that blog)

(30) Decorate Gingerbread Cookies: Have your elf bring some pre-baked cookies and all the supplies to decorate them. This would be perfect to do a day or two before Christmas so you have cookies ready for Santa! (credit: Pinterest via Monica Fonseca Bastos)

(31) Gone Fishing: This super fun setup has your Elf fishing with goldfish! It will give your kids a laugh they won’t forget. (via Pinterest – Michelle Rowan)


Integrating your child’s favorite stuffies or games into your Elf’s antics will surely make them smile!

(1)  Flying Slinky: A slinky is the perfect place for your Elf to hide. (via Snippets From Suburbia)

(2)  Jenga Hideout: He’ll be hard to spot amongst the game’s pieces (via Snippets From Suburbia) 

(3)  Playing Cards: Set-up a card game with all your child’s favorite friends. (via Snapshots of a Sweet Life)

(4)  Paper Bag Race: Put your brown lunch bags to good use in an ol’ fashioned paper sack race. (via Snapshots of a Sweet Life)

(5)  Marshmallow “Snowball” Fight: Create a hideout with blocks and pick a worthy opponent for an epic mini snowball fight. (via The Sweatman Family)

(6)  Moving Lincoln Logs: Bring out the classic toy so your Elf can build himself a home. (via Jason Glerum Photography)

(7)  Teacher Elf: With stuffed animal students, your Elf is ready to teach. (via A Small Snippet)

(8)  Army Men Capture: Your Elf didn’t stand a chance against your child’s army! (via Snippets From Suburbia)

(9)  All Tied Up: Use ribbon or washi tape + some LEGO mini figures to capture your Elf. (via Bsquared Photography)

(10) Carried Away: The toy version of a concert mosh pit! (via snippets from suburbia)

(11) Train Tracks: A little tape and your child’s train tracks will get Elfie into quite the predicament!! (via California Unpublished)

(12) Rapunzel: Rapunzel let her long hair down to help your Elf…perhaps he’ll become a prince?! (via snippets from suburbia)

(13) Finishing a Puzzle: Have your Elf start a puzzle and invite the kids to help him finish. (via Shannon Hilton)

(14) Elf Operation Game: Make your own Elf Operation using pieces from the actual game. (via Jessica Manton)

(15) Grinch Capture: Put him in a jar and tie him up…just don’t let the Grinch steal Christmas! (via The Sweatman Family)

(16) Marshmallow Tic Tac Toe: Draw a board, mark some marshmallows and invite your kids to play (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(17) Car Reindeer: Add some pipe cleaners to matchbox cars to create your Elf’s own reindeer fleet (via wmc75 on flickr)

(18) Car Race: Elfie will have to borrow a car, but he’s bound to finish first. (via A Small Snippet)

(19) Doll Clothes Dress-up: Have your Elf do a try-on session in Barbie’s clothes. (via Lil Blue Boo)

(20) Hiding in Toys: Will they ever find him amongst all the stuffed animals?! (via Simple as that blog)


Are you and your Elf feeling crafty? These ideas require a little extra handiwork, but the payoff will be well worth the extra effort.

(1)  Skiing Elf: A little powdered sugar and popsicle stick skis and your Elf is one happy little skier. (via Laura Parker)

(2)  Elf Ball Pit: What child doesn’t love a ball pit? They’ll think this playful idea is hilarious when they see the Elf has created his own with some mini pom poms! (via Pinterest)

(3)  Cutting Snowflakes: Leave some paper and scissors out for your kids to try too! (source unknown)

(4)  Poinsettia: Create a Poinsettia collar and your Elf will blend right in (via Snippets From Suburbia)

(5)  Elf Hammock: Tie some toilet paper, a napkin or scarf onto a closet, curtain or shower rod to make your Elf a comfy lounge spot for the day. (photo credit: Evy Photography)

(6)  Christmas Countdown: Have your elf make a miniature paperchain counting down the days until Christmas (source unknown)

(7)  Perler Bead Portrait: Have your Elf make his own portrait, or bring a Perler beads kit for the kids to try! (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(8)  Elf Club House: Build a special clubhouse for Elfie and his friends. (via Lori Romano)

(9)  Trapped in a Balloon: This little tutorial shows you how to trap your Elf in a balloon! (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(10) Elf Paper Plate: This fun paper plate elf activity shows off your Elf’s skills with a self-portrait—but it also brings the family together for some craft time! Have your Elf leave extra supplies so the kids can make one too. (via Crafty Morning)

(11) Cottonball Igloo: Is your Elf a handyman? Crafting an igloo from plastic and cotton balls is surely the way to see smiles on your kids’ faces. (via Craft Create Cook)

(12) Room Trap: Your child will run into their Elf’s trap when they wake up in the morning (via Rachel Swartley)

(13) Fruit Loops Necklace: Your Elf is getting crafty and making a fruit loop necklace…have your kids’ finish it off for breakfast! (via California Unpublished)

(14) Q-Tip Snowflakes: Elf might miss all the snow at the North Pole, but he can create his own snowflakes with just a few Q-Tips! (via Shannon Hilton)

(15) Candy Cane Sledding: A simple candy cane sled will provide your Elf (and kids!) with lots of joy. (via Jenny Onsager)

(16) Wrapping Paper Outfit: Looks like your Elf wants in on the wrapping fun by making themselves some new clothes! (source unknown)

(17) Elf Ice Fishing: Salt and goldfish make for an “icy” cold fishing trip. (via Danielle Yemma)

(18) Vacuum Rudolph: Turn your vacuum into Rudolph with your Elf at the controls. (via The Keeper of the Cheerios)


Your Elf will be spoilt for choice with this list of daily ideas and inspiration, with plenty that are quick and easy set-ups for those “did you remember to move the Elf?” nights!

(1)  Bubble Gum: Don’t burst your Elf’s bubble – he’ll think the pink balloon is actually bubble gum! (via Elf on the Shelf)

(2)  Clown Noses: Turn your family’s portrait into your elf’s latest joke with red mini pom pom noses. (via Elf on the Shelf)

(3)  Bows Everywhere!: Looks like Elfie got into the gift wrapping bows! (via Elf on the Shelf)

(4)  Elf Grocery List: Your Elf wants you to get a few things next time you go to the grocery store! (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(5)  Piggy Bank Heist: Raid your child’s piggy bank! (via Simple as that blog)

(6)  Lifting Weights: How do you think they help carry all those presents?! (via Snippets From Suburbia)

(7)  Find the Hidden Treat: What a fun game for your kids’ to wake up to…flip the cups until they find a treat! (via Elf of the Shelf)

(8)  Toothpaste Message: From “brush your teeth” to “be kind”, your Elf can get creative with your toothpaste. (via

(9) Find the Ornaments: We love this interactive idea – 4 ornaments have been hidden and your kids have to find them! (via Simple As That Blog)

(10) Shaving: Your kids will wake up to see their Elf following Dad’s morning routine. (via A Small Snippet)

(11) Reading a book: Bring a new holiday book for your kids to enjoy. (via Snapshots of a Sweet Life)

(12) Toilet Paper Swing: We can hear your Elf saying “weeeee”, all day long. (via My Mommy Style)

(13) Floor is Lava: Ahh, the floor is hot lava…whatever you do, don’t touch it! (via

(14) Utensil Drawer: Clear out the knives, Elf coming through! (via Rachel Swartley)

(15) Time Out: If your Elf got into trouble the day before, he could put himself into the Time Out corner (via reading with Mrs. D)

(16) Hiding in the Fridge: Make sure to wrap him up! (via Snapshots of My Life)

(17) Ice Man: Elfie will need to dress warmly for this snowman making mission (via Sybil Brauer on flickr)

(18) Sick Day: Even Elves need to take a day to rest when they’re sick. Craft a bed out of a tissue paper box and a few hand towels. (via Sydney City)

(19) Sleepy Elf: All tucked in under the Christmas tree skirt with a marshmallow pillow! (via Happy Mom Busy Kids)

(20) K-Cup Drink: At least your Elf won’t fall asleep on the way back to the North Pole (via The Keeper of the Cheerios)

(21) Door Handle: Simple but effective…just make sure you leave the door open! (via Snapshots of a Sweet Life)

(22) Toilet Paper Roll: Uh-oh, looks like Elfie got stuck in the toilet paper, and then took a roll! (via Rachel Swartley)

(23) Going Fishing: A little blue food coloring, some Goldfish crackers, a candy cane rod and a seat about the “throne” are all your Elf needs to go fishing. (via A Small Snippet)

(24) Couch Cushions: What random things did your Elf find under the couch cushions? (via Pretty Pursuit)

(25) Flour Snow Angel: Who needs snow when you have flour! (via Jason Glerum)

(26) Toilet Paper Sled: Create a cardboard hill and simple sled for a fun day on the slopes. (via My Mommy Style)

(27) Playing the Piano: He might need a stack of books to reach the keys, but your Elf knows alllll the holiday jingles! (via Simple As That Blog)

(28) Getting into the Presents: Perfect for if there are some gifts under your tree, your Elf will try to sneak a peek! (via Snapshots of my life)

(29) Dry-Erase Marker: That Elf is getting into trouble again…this time taking a dry erase marker to all the (25)

family photo frames. (via Snippets From Suburbia)

(30) Couch Potato: Guess Elfie likes his morning cartoons! (via A Small Snippet)

(31) Wrapping Paper Roll Legs: Your kids are bound to chuckle when they see their Elf’s new “legs”! (via Snippets From Suburbia)

(32) Request to Donate: Inspire your kids to give this holiday season with a note from Santa and your Elf. (via Pretty Pursuit)

(33)  Sunbathing: Elves don’t often experience summer so they’ll be soaking it all in with this fun set-up. (via Sydney City) 

(34) Caught in the Mixer: Use your mixer or a whisk to create a simple Elf trap. (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(35) Stuck in the Blinds: A quick and easy trap. (via Mom vs the boys)

(36) Christmas Tree Zipline: Complete with candy cane grapple hook! (via Simple as that blog)

(37) Request for Cookies: Leave your Elf with all the ingredients for baking cookies + a simple note (via Snapshots of My Life)


Just because we’re in the middle of a pandemic doesn’t mean that your family can’t have some Elf on the Shelf fun. Let your Elf participate in the current events by practicing social distancing and inspiring safety precautions — the kids will get a laugh, and maybe even learn a thing or two!

(1)  Fabric Mask: In the midst of the pandemic, your Elf just may need to wear a mask this year! How cute is this tiny fabric one — it just may help your little ones feel a little more connected knowing that even their Elf is taking safety seriously. (via @stephanieajonas on Instagram)

(2)  Quarantine Coloring Page: Have your Elf bring some toilet paper and these cute coloring pages for the kids to reflect the situation— they can even put their page into a time capsule! (via Living Locurto)

(3)  Pandemic Prep: Have your Elf come prepared for the pandemic complete with masks, hand sanitizer, and toilet paper— it will certainly make for a holiday memory your family won’t ever forget! (via @incredible.huls on Instagram)

(4)  Hand Washing Poem: Are you trying to instill best practices for safety with your kids during the pandemic? This cute idea offers a poem to promote hand washing! (via Enza’s Bargains)

(5)  Stuck at Home Elf Letter Boards: These cute printables pretty much sum up life in quarantine! (via Living Locurto)


It’s always sad to say goodbye, but when it comes time for your Elf on the Shelf to go back to the North Pole, make sure you give him a magical send-off with these special departure ideas.

(1)  Camera Gift: Your Elf wants your family to hold onto the memories of the season. Have him leave a camera for the family to take pictures and record each memory until he returns next year. (via Eighteen25)

(2)  Magazine Clippings: This simple but sweet idea shows your Elf creating a goodbye message for the family with snippets of words from a magazine. (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(3)  North Pole or Bust: Send your Elf off with a “North Pole or bust” sign while sitting on a globe! (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(4)  Farewell Letter: Goodbyes can be a bummer, but this cute printable stationery will allow your Elf to leave a personal farewell letter that your kids can keep. (via Elf On The Shelf; click on “grown ups” to access)

(5)  Emoji Letter: Kids seem to speak in emojis these days, so they’ll love this emoji-themed departure letter with a cute poem on when the Elf will return the following year. (via I Think We Could Be Friends)We hope you’ve enjoyed our mega roundup of the best Elf on the Shelf ideas! You won’t run out anytime soon with this magical mix to inspire and create. We hope that you enjoy making memories with your family this holiday season.

And don’t forget to share – send us your best Elf on the Shelf ideas to and we just may add them to our list!

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Jill C


​Jill is a Creative Director at a marketing agency who also runs her blog, Kentucky Makeup Junkie. She lives in Northern Kentucky with her eight-year-old daughter, four-year-old son, and firefighter husband. She’s a beauty fanatic, fashion lover, and Mompreneur that loves to get her hands on anything creative. Follow along with her on InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest.

Jill C

Jill C

Jill is a Creative Director at a marketing agency who also runs her blog, Kentucky Makeup Junkie. She lives in Northern Kentucky with her ten-year-old daughter, six-year-old son, and firefighter husband. She’s a beauty fanatic, fashion lover, and Mompreneur that loves to get her hands on anything creative. Follow along with her on InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest.

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