rolling pin covered with money and edible cookie dough with cash and printable gift tag

Use this clever idea and free printable to give money as a gift for those hard-to-buy-for friends and family members – it’s perfect for any occasion!

If you’re looking for a creative way to give money as a gift, turn it into some “dough” with our free printable gift tags. You’ll create a truly memorable (and much appreciated!) present that is far more unique than handing over a card with cash.

Try hiding the money in a package of edible cookie dough, or gifting a rolling pin covered in dollar bills – both money gifts will be received with a laugh and a smile, and can be used for special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, graduation, or a housewarming gift.

The extra effort you take putting together this fun money gift will result in a thoughtful and meaningful present. Scroll down for the full tutorial and to download the free printable “extra dough” money gift tags.

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Unique Money Gift Idea: “Extra Dough” Tutorial

Download the Free Printable:

Simply enter your information into the box below and the free printable PDF of these fun “dough” tags will be sent directly to your inbox:

Once you have the PDF, open it up and print. We’ve included several different color combinations so you can choose your favorite or match the occasion.

Cut out your selected tag, punch a hole at the top and thread a piece of ribbon or string through the tag. Now you’re ready to assemble your unique money gift!

Rolling Pin Money Gift Idea

We love the clever play-on-words of this unique money gift idea – and the fact that your gift recipient also gets a useful kitchen tool!

You’ll first have to purchase a rolling pin, and we suggest a high-quality marble one with a small stand, like the one pictured here.

Wrap the rolling pin with dollar bills of any denomination, securing them with a small piece of tape at the back. To complete the presentation, attach the free printable “Enjoy Rolling the Dough” tag around the rolling pin. A useful and super unique way to give money!

We think this money gift idea is especially fitting as a housewarming gift, for newlyweds, or anyone who loves to bake.

Cookie Dough Money Gift Idea

For this fun money gift idea, you’ll need to pick up some cookie dough from your local grocery store. You can opt for the refrigerated roll of dough and secure a few bills by tying the tag around it, or grab a bag or container of edible dough, empty the contents, and re-fill with cash!

Attach the “Thought You Could Use A Little Extra Dough” tag and you’ve got one hard-to-resist money gift that’s especially perfect as a “gag” for teenagers, college students or graduates.

(editor’s note: the edible cookie dough you see in the pictures here was purchased from Joann)

Combine both ideas for the ultimate creative money gift!

If you haven’t already, grab the free printable “dough” tags below – it makes the best gift!

Happy money gifting!

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