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Easy Girls Hairstyles For Toddlers, Tweens & Teens

Easy Girls Hairstyles For Toddlers, Tweens <span class="amp">&</span> Teens

Want to up your hair-game? We’ve pulled together the best girls hairstyles that are not only easy to do, but will work for any age, from toddler to tween and teen.

When you think about being a girl mom, it’s hard not to get excited about doing the “girlie” things, like playing dress-up and doing their hair. But styling hair can be easier said than done!

Whether you’re preparing for your first baby girl, or have a house full of girls – we’ve rounded up over 100 hairstyles to help spark your creative “hairdo juices”. From braids to buns, and pigtails to ponytails, we’ve picked the cutest styles that are easy to recreate, even for a novice hairstyler. There’s so many choices perfect for toddlers to tweens and teens that we just know your special girl will love!

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best hair styling tools

Before we dive into the styles, it’s important to have the right “tools” on hand. We’ve tested countless hair products doing our girls’ hair over the years and have included only the very best on our “must have” list:

Spray Bottle: Styling hair is easier when hair is damp, especially toddler hair which tends to be more fine and slippery. We love this spray bottle which can be used at any angle (even upside down) and shoots out a continuous fine mist.

Detangling Spray: A detangling spray can make a HUGE difference when brushing out your child’s hair, but many of them are full of unnecessary chemicals. This one from Shea Moisture Kids is made from natural ingredients like coconut oil and organic raw Shea butter (so it smells good, although the scent doesn’t linger), but doesn’t contain fragrance, or other harsh, irritating ingredients.

Wet Brush: Don’t let the name fool you, this brush is not just meant for wet hair. If your daughter complains “it huuurts” every time you brush her hair, you will both LOVE the Wet Brush. The bristles on the brush are super flexible which means less tugging, pulling and breaking of their hair. (editor’s note: As a mom of 3 girls, this brush has been a life-saver – highly recommend!).

Combs: After brushing through your girl’s hair, you’ll often still need a comb for styling. These long tail combs are great for making parts and sectioning off hair, while these 2‑width combs are best for making hair lie nice and smooth.

Clips: Often you’ll want to clip back sections of hair so they don’t get in the way while styling. These are our go-to clips as they work well on thick, fine, wet and dry hair.

Elastic Bands: For larger buns and braids we suggest our favorite Goody Ouchless Elastics – they come in a variety of colors from neutrals, which can be matched to your daughter’s hair color, to fun brights to stand-out. We’ve found these ones don’t snag the hair, and won’t stretch out.

Small Elastics: For finer hair or smaller styles, we recommend these small rubber elastics. The clear ones are great to go unnoticed, or opt for these colorful ones to make them a feature.

Topsy Tail: This is a total blast-from-the-past, but the Topsy Tail is still a simple, but effective tool for creating clean hair “flips”.

Bobby Pins: These bobby pins are great for giving a little extra hold to certain styles, especially buns where they can be used to tuck in any flyaway hairs.

Hair Balm: Speaking of flyaways, if you want to tame those pesky rogue hairs, smooth on some Hip Peas Hair Balm. It not only adds hold to their hair, but is completely safe for all ages as it is plant based, hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals or sulfates.



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We hope you love these styles as much as we do. Let us know in the comments which ones you try on your little princess. Happy styling!

Cammeo Murray

Cammeo Murray

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