5 unique and easy ways to take your baby's monthly milestones photos


If you have young kids, I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase a hundred times. But it’s true – in the blink of an eye, your tiny little newborn is crawling, then walking, then talking…then talking back! Because it happens so quickly, it’s fun to document your baby’s growth with monthly milestone photos – that way you can look back and see their amazing progression from baby to tot. And you’ll think, boy, that went by so fast.

Milestone headband


We adore this idea for baby girls – place a sticky number corresponding to their age on a cute headband and snap away. ZoZu Baby offers an adorable bow with a set of interchangeable glittery numbers that can be placed on top to mark each month. The best part: they can wear the fantastic headband in between shoots!

Milestone baby headband from ZoZu Baby. Super cute baby via Lattes & Laughter.

monthly milestone banner


One of the more challenging aspects of taking monthly photos is when baby gets a little older and wants to turn any props you’ve been using into playtime. Stickers are torn off, signs are chewed and baby doesn’t want to sit or lie down anymore. Make it easier on yourself and try taking your monthly photos in front of a beautiful banner. With no props to worry about, your focus can be on getting that coveted smile instead.

We go ga-ga over this botanical garland from Rifle Paper Co. and the photos taken with it via je adore

humorous baby milestone stickers


Instead of taking monthly photos on your baby’s specific birth day, capture the excitement of their “firsts” using milestone cards. Take a photo of your tot with the card that announces their new accomplishment, then write down your baby’s age and any other fun facts about the memory on the back of the card. Save the cards in a memory box or add to a scrap book. Whether it’s sitting up, crawling, trying food or saying their first word, there is much to celebrate during their first year and these cards will make sure the moment will be remembered forever.

We love these mod black and white ones from Leni + Co

We also can’t resist these humorous milestone stickers from PeanutsCards. It doesn’t get much more real than: “Slept all night. Don’t get used to it.”


If you don’t think you can handle setting up props every month (and we don’t blame you), then give the Baby Story app a try. It is a favorite at what moms love as it turns your average photo into a professional-looking visual memory board. Simply upload a pic from your phone and then adjust it with filters, add hand-drawn illustrations and custom text. After you’ve created your pièce de résistance, save your image and then share it with your friends, family or social network. If you use this app throughout your baby’s first year, all you’ll need to do is compile your Baby Story pics into one photo book and you’ll have a fast, easy and unique record of all their milestones.

Download the Baby Story App from itunes for $0.99

Did you do anything creative for your baby’s monthly photos? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!



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