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Create a unique celebration with one of these creative baby shower themes. We’ve got 50+ ideas for gender-neutral baby showers, plus those catered to girls and boys.

If you’re looking to plan an unforgettable baby shower to welcome your little one, you’ve come to the right place!

Every mom-to-be wants her baby shower to be a standout event, filled with family, friends and beautiful memories. And one of the easiest ways to make a baby shower truly unique and memorable is by tying everything together with a cohesive theme.

A baby shower theme will help guide your party planning decisions, from color schemes and party décor, to invitations, food and activities. It will ultimately create a seamless, one-of-a-kind experience that you and your guests will remember for years to come.

Finding the perfect theme can be tricky, but we’ve made it easy by pulling together the best creative baby shower themes for you to choose from. Most of these themes are perfect for gender-neutral baby showers, but we’ve also included some unique ideas if you want to celebrate a baby girl or a little boy.

Whether you’re looking for a more classic baby shower theme, or something totally unique with a modern twist, get ready to be inspired with our list of creative baby shower themes.

With the right theme and a little imagination, there’s no doubt you’ll create a truly unforgettable baby shower celebration.

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Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

If you want a themed baby shower but don’t want to center it around the sex of the baby, opting for a gender-neutral theme is the way to go. These baby shower themes are perfect if you don’t know if you’re having a baby boy or girl, or if you just aren’t ready to let the cat out of the bag!

Groovy, Baby / Peace, Love & Baby

Step back in time and with a super groovy 70’s vibe baby shower. Incorporate bohemian flare with peace signs, daisies, disco balls and lava lamps to transport guests back to a bygone era of free-spirited fun, creating a celebration that’s far out and totally unforgettable.

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One of our favorite baby shower themes is inspired by the bohemian spirit, resulting in a serene and natural atmosphere that celebrates the pure beauty of motherhood. Adorn your venue with dreamcatchers, macramé hangings, pampas grass and muted rainbows to create a whimsical and enchanting ambiance. Soft, earthy tones and natural materials like wood and jute set the foundation for a bohemian oasis. Set-up a DIY flower crown station or a pregnancy-friendly yoga session to add a touch of relaxation and mindfulness to the gathering. A boho-themed baby shower invites guests to celebrate the imminent arrival of your baby in a harmonious and tranquil setting – what could be better than that?!

Photo source & inspiration links: Style Me Pretty, Inspired By This, Oriental Trading, Little Party Bohemians, Kelsie Kristine, Shan Fourie, @bain_marie_studio

Stay Wild My Child

Unleash your adventurous spirit and celebrate the wildness of childhood with a “Stay Wild, My Child” baby shower theme. Use a boho style to guide your décor, with lush greenery, wooden accents, and plenty of natural elements. Invite your guests to make their own dreamcatcher with a DIY activity and let the spirit of the wild guide this stunning celebration of new beginnings.

Photo source & inspiration links: 100 Layer Cake, Inspired By This, Style Me Pretty, 100 Layer Cake-let

Little Cutie

Looking for a cute theme for your baby shower? It doesn’t get much cuter than this “Little Cutie” citrus-inspired celebration. We love the bright and cheerful energy it evokes, with vibrant mandarin-inspired decorations, fresh fruit centerpieces, and a menu filled with citrus-infused food and drinks. Pure sweetness!

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Tea for Two / Tea with Mommy to Be / A Baby’s A-Brewin’

Come have tea with the mommy-to-be at an elegant tea party baby shower. Transform your space with pretty floral arrangements, vintage teacups and lace tablecloths, all with a soft pastel color palette. Of course you’ll have to have a selection of teas on hand – from classic English breakfast, to herbal blends. You could even set-up a fun tea-sampling station. Pair the tea with small finger sandwiches, scones with jam, and delicate pastries. Enjoy the cozy gathering celebrating your baby “brewing”!

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Baby in Bloom

You only need one element to create a spectacular “Baby in Bloom” themed baby shower: flowers. And lots of them! Layer them in the center of your table for a showstopping centerpiece, cascade garlands around your food set-up, and decorate your cake with fresh blooms. You can even create a DIY flower crown station, or a “Bloom Bar” where guests can make a bouquet to take home.

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A New Chapter Begins / Books & Brunch

What better way to celebrate the beginning of your new journey as parents than a book-themed “New Chapter” baby shower. Transport your guests into a literary wonderland, showcasing beloved childhood stories and classic tales. Cover tables with vintage books, or use them as centerpieces. Ask guests to bring a copy of their favorite childhood story in lieu of a card, and set-up a bookmark station for them to create a special keepsake for your little one.

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Poppin’ Bottles

If you want a truly unique baby shower theme, this chic yet playful “Poppin’ Bottles” party is perfection. A timeless color palette of black and white with metallic accents sets a sophisticated tone, while serving milk and cookies in baby bottles adds a touch of fun.

Photo source & inspiration links: Oriental Trading 1 & 2, Kara’s Party Ideas, Graciously Saved, Pop It When She Pops, Minted Designs

Mama’s Main Squeeze

Delight your guests with a vibrant “Mama’s Main Squeeze” lemon-themed baby shower. Combine a color palette of sunny yellow, with pops of greenery and lots of fresh lemons. Serve a variety of homemade lemonades, from classic lemonade to creative twists like sparkling citrus spritzers. Have fun with the menu by tying in zesty treats like lemon bars and lemon-flavored cupcakes. It’s such a refreshing and unique theme where everyone can celebrate your new “main squeeze”.

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A Baby is Brewing

This tongue-in-cheek theme takes the idea of a “baby brewing” and links it to, you guessed it…beer! Personalize your own brewing “company” and use playful beer-themed signage and rustic shades of amber, deep greens, and warm browns, reminiscent of a cozy brewery. You’ll of course have to serve beer – you could even set-up a beer tasting station where guests can sample different brews. Just don’t forget to offer one that’s non-alcoholic! Continue the playful theme with beer-inspired food, from beer-infused cheese dips to beer-battered onion rings, and honor the expecting parents with a special toast.

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We Can Bearly Wait

Celebrate the eager anticipation of your bundle of joy with a “We Can Bearly Wait” teddy bear themed baby shower. Use a neutral color scheme featuring plush teddy bears, rustic wood accents, and lots of balloons. You’re sure to get plenty of “awwws” at this cute theme celebrating your little bear’s arrival.

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Here Comes the Sun / Our Ray of Sunshine / You Are My Sunshine  

Radiate warmth and happiness with a joyous sun-themed baby shower. Incorporate vibrant decorations like golden sunbursts, whimsical sunflower arrangements, and soft gold accents. Guests won’t be able to stop smiling at this sunny party to celebrate your little sunshine.

Photo source & inspiration links: 100 Layer Cake, Inspired By This 1 & 2, The Party Teacher, Green Wedding Shoes, @everythingsweetbyd

Rainbow Baby

Celebrate the gift of your little rainbow after a storm with a vibrant and uplifting baby shower, symbolizing hope, resilience, and the promise of new beginnings. Whether you pick bold and bright rainbow colors, or opt for more pastel hues, you can easily create a stunning space with cascading ribbons, whimsical clouds, and colorful food. It will be a shower filled with love, hope, and the rainbow colors of a miracle that will forever light up your life.

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French Market

Get ready to say, “bonjour bebe”, with this unique French market inspired baby shower theme. Transport your guests to the streets of France with rustic baskets overflowing with colorful produce, charming bouquets of flowers, and whimsical signage displaying French phrases. Tie-in the menu with French favorites like baguette sandwiches, croissants and a charcuterie board featuring a large assortment of artisanal cheeses. Send guests home with a French treat (macarons or madeleines would fit the theme perfectly) as a way to say “merci”.

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Farmer’s Market / Locally Grown

Plan a farmer’s market themed baby shower to celebrate your “locally grown” babe! Decorate with rustic crates overflowing with vibrant fruits and vegetables, burlap table runners adorned with wildflowers, and hand-painted signs directing guests to various “stands” and activities. Include a fun DIY herb garden station, where guests can pot their own herbs to take home, and organize a recipe swap where everyone can share their favorite farm-fresh recipe for your little one to try in the future!

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Ready to Pop (Balloons)

At this point in your pregnancy, you likely feel “Ready to Pop”, so why not celebrate with a playful balloon-themed baby shower? Decorating couldn’t be easier – simply layer eye-catching balloon garlands in vibrant hues.

Ready to Pop (Popsicles)

Alternatively, take the “Ready to Pop” theme a completely different route, by focusing on the delicious frozen treat: popsicles! This fun baby shower theme is perfect for a summer celebration, and a great way to cool down with a popsicle bar featuring an assortment of flavors. Yum!

Photo source & inspiration links: Hostess with the Mostess 1 & 2, Project Nursery, Everyday Reading, @genietmetlyd

Mother to Bee / Little Honey Bee / Oh BaBEE / Sweet as can BEE

We love a good pun, and whichever one you choose, this charming honey bee-themed baby shower will have everyone buzzing! Decorate with honeycomb patterns, hives, and honey bees of course. Soft shades of yellow and pops of black and green bring the theme to life and create a cheerful ambiance. Send your guests home with a small jar of locally-made honey as a party favor.

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Taco Bout A Baby / Let’s Fiesta, Baby!

If you’re looking for a festive and vibrant baby shower theme, why not plan a Fiesta! Incorporate plenty of southwestern flair in the party décor with bright colors, cacti, and flowers. Entice guests with a taco bar, margarita station and churro topped cupcakes. It will surely be a baby shower that everyone “taco ‘bout”s!

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Transport your guests to a desert oasis with one of the most unique baby shower themes: cactus! Use a color palette of soft greens and earthy tones and showcase an array of real cacti to match the theme. Serve cactus-shaped cookies and prickly pear punch to tie-in to this modern desert celebration.

Photo source & inspiration links: Inspired By This 1 & 2, @jen_b220, Mami Talks


Create your very own mini music festival for your baby shower, complete with bohemian-inspired elements, and a joyful, carefree vibe. Incorporate dreamcatchers, flower crowns, and whimsical signage inspired by the iconic Coachella festival. Consider creating cozy lounge areas with pillows and blankets for guests to relax and soak up the festival atmosphere. Music would play a central role, with a playlist featuring upbeat tunes and live performances from local musicians, or perhaps even a karaoke session!

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Baby on Board                      

Organize a “Baby on Board” surf-themed baby shower for a laid-back celebration inspired by the sun, sand, and waves. This fun baby shower theme is perfect for an outdoor beach or pool party, with surfboards, palm trees, and waves creating a gnarly ambiance. Incorporate seashells and starfish into the table settings and centerpieces to add to the coastal vibe. Beach-inspired food like fish tacos and fruit skewers would pair perfectly with tropical mocktails or fruit-infused coconut water. Surf’s up little dude!

Photo source & inspiration links: Staying Home Sawyer, Hostess with the Mostess, Inspired By This, @lovejessmarie, Pinterest, Honey Design Store

Llama Mama / Llama Llama Baby Mama          

Hey baby mama, come celebrate with llamas! Forget the traditional themes, this llama-themed baby shower scores high on the creativity scale, and gets an A+ for cuteness. Add in a touch of southwestern flair by incorporating cacti and pops of vibrant colors, and of course, plenty of adorable llama decorations.

Photo source & inspiration links: Mama Bird and Tribe, Thistle and Lace Designs, 100 Layer Cake, Jennaye, Zazzle


If you’re looking for something a little different than your traditional baby shower theme, we highly suggest this unique succulent-themed celebration. Decorate with succulent centerpieces, and reflect the natural tones of these stunning plants with soft shades of green and earthy browns. Send your guests home with their very own succulent that they can watch grow, just like your little one!

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Some Bunny So Loved

How adorable is this bunny themed baby shower?! With a delicate color palette of cream and green, it’s perfect for a gender-neutral celebration – or add pops of pink or blue if you know the baby’s gender. Scatter bunnies throughout the space, and treat guests to bunny-shaped finger sandwiches and carrot-cake cupcakes to get everyone excited for the arrival of your precious little bunny.

Photo source & inspiration links: Mattye Woodcook, Momo Party, Magnolia Event Design, Catch My Party, Kara’s Party Ideas, Pinterest, @chicfromchicago,

Over the Moon / Love You To The Moon

Take your baby shower to celestial heights with this dreamy moon theme. Transform your space with soft hues of blue, silver and gold, then add twinkling string lights, fluffy clouds and crescent moons. Guests can indulge in heavenly treats, from moon-shaped cookies to star-studded cakes, and can write wishes for the baby on paper moons.

Photo source & inspiration links: Inspired By This, The Details Duo, Catch My Party, Pinterest, JunkyardgirlByLaura

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Transport your guests to a celestial wonderland filled with shimmering stars, fluffy clouds, and star-themed treats. A soft color palette of gold, white and cream paired with twinkling fairy lights will create a mesmerizing starry ambiance – perfect for the impending arrival of your future little star.

Photo source & inspiration links: Hostess with the Mostess, Inspired By This 1 & 2, Pizzazzerie, Mr and Mrs Powell, Isn’t That Charming

Oh the Places You’ll Go / Our Greatest Adventure

You’re about to embark on your greatest adventure yet, so why not celebrate with a travel themed baby shower? Decorate with fun details like maps as tablecloths, globes for centerpieces, and vintage suitcases galore. From “boarding passes” to custom passport invitations, this theme truly encourages guests to embrace the exciting journey that lies ahead for your little explorer-to-be.

Photo source & inspiration links: Studio Xtine, Kara’s Party Ideas, Jillian Harris, Jac n Jules, @ea_sweettreats

Up in the Clouds / On Cloud 9

Float away on a cloud of pure bliss with an “Up in the Clouds” baby shower theme. This whimsical and dreamy concept will take your celebration to new heights, creating a heavenly ambiance with soft fluffy clouds and pastel colors. All your guests will truly feel like they’re on Cloud 9!

Photo source & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas 1 & 2, Inspired By This, @ashleymercado_design, @escandiaeventos, @partywithlex, @yariscakes, @breesweetsnthings

Baby Jedi / The Child is Coming

Calling all Star Wars fans to a galaxy far, far away for a Baby Jedi themed baby shower! Plan an intergalactic celebration that pays homage to the beloved Star Wars franchise while celebrating the arrival of your little Jedi-to-be. Transform your venue into a scene straight out of the movies, with starry backdrops, lightsaber decorations, and iconic character cutouts. Guests can indulge in Star Wars-inspired treats, from Wookie cookies to Death Star cake pops. May the Force be with you on this incredible journey of parenthood!

Photo source & inspiration links: Laura’s Little Party, Oriental Trading, Twinkle Twinkle Little Party, Sweet as Pi Designs

A Little Peanut is on the Way

Prepare for an adorable gathering with a “Little Peanut” elephant-themed baby shower. Inspired by the gentle and lovable nature of elephants, this theme creates a sweet atmosphere with soft shades of blue, pink and gray, sprinkled with elephant motifs and peanut accents. This cute baby shower theme is truly unique and is the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of your own little peanut.

Photo source & inspiration links: @luxe_events_lincolnshire, Catch My Party 1 & 2, @twoofuseventplanners, Zazzle, Shop Mini Bisous

Little Pumpkin

If you’re having your baby shower in the Fall, this darling “Little Pumpkin” theme will capture the essence of the season. Autumnal colors, rustic décor and pumpkins of all sizes will help set the stage, while serving treats like pumpkin spice cupcakes and apple cider donuts will make for a cohesive (and delicious!) celebration.

Photo source & inspiration links: 100 Layer Cake, Two Came True, Top This Party Co, One Sweet Nursery, Zazzle, @sugarcowestchester

A Baby Is Brewing (Halloween)

Get ready for a bewitching celebration with a Halloween themed baby shower where your “Baby is Brewing”! This spooktacular theme is a great gender-neutral option, and allows you to go all out with cobwebs, caldrons, witch’s hats and eerie decorations. It’s a truly unique baby shower theme where guests can celebrate your newest addition in a delightfully haunting and fun-filled atmosphere – costumes optional!

Photo source & inspiration links: Parties with a Cause, @collectivekinds, Great Owl Creations, Catch My Party, Sweet Gum Ln Creations, Beth’s Custom Cookies

A Little Boo is Due

Get ready to spook and delight your guests with an enchanting “A Little Boo is Due” Halloween-themed baby shower. This hauntingly adorable theme is perfect for both little boys and “ghouls” and can be pulled together quickly with a black, orange and white color scheme. Add in some ghoulishly delightful treats, and plenty of ghosts, bats and pumpkins to create a magical atmosphere where guests can revel in the excitement of your new arrival, while embracing the spooky spirit of the season.

Photo source & inspiration links:  Oriental Trading, @blown.outof.proportion, @sugarbuzzcookieco, Great Owl Creations


Fire up the grill and get ready to celebrate with a “Baby-Q” BBQ themed baby shower. This laid-back theme is perfect for an outdoor party and doesn’t need to be super fancy. Set-up some picnic tables with checkered tablecloths and fresh flowers, and serve all the classic BBQ favorites, from tangy ribs to savory barbecue chicken. Lawn games like cornhole or frisbee can add a touch of fun and entertainment. It will be a flavorful celebration that will have everyone asking for seconds!

Photo source & inspiration links: Inspired By This, Catch My Party, Pinterest & 2, @JordynSleek, Play Party Plan,, @dessertsbydanna


Capture the beauty and tranquility of the forest with a woodland-themed celebration. Combine soft earth tones with lots of lush greenery, woodland creatures, and rustic elements like wooden signage and tree stump centerpieces. Guests can enjoy sweet treats inspired by nature, like acorn-shaped cookies or “birch tree” pretzel rods. It’s a popular choice for an outdoor baby shower and works well for celebrating both baby boys or girls.

Photo source & inspiration links: Baby Chick, Parties 365, Kara’s Party Ideas, Catch My Party 1 & 2, The Flour Shoppe Cookie Co, @jadesballoondesigns

Born to Be Wild / Wild About You

Your guests will go wild for a lush safari themed baby shower. Decorate with tropical foliage, animal prints and a color palette of earthy tones. Don’t forget to include plenty of African animals to turn your party into a real-life safari!

Photo source & inspiration links: Catch My Party 1, 2, 3 & 4, Kara’s Party Ideas, Inspired By this, Sweet Wood Creative Co, @sugarshida , @cakesbytinakclcc , @aldayeventdecor_design

Winnie the Pooh / A Little Hunny Is On the Way

Create your very own Hundred Acre Wood with a nostalgic Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower. There are so many adorable ideas that can be pulled from the iconic characters, from storybook centerpieces, to honey pot party favors. Dessert and drinks are easy to tie-in too, with treats like honey-infused cupcakes, Pooh-shaped cookies, and a honey-inspired beverage station. It’s such a sweet theme that celebrates the spirit of friendship that Winnie the Pooh embodies.

Photo source & inspiration links: 100 Layer Cake, Catch My Party 1, 2 & 3, Inspired By This

Where the Wild Things Are

Plan a wildly enchanting “Where the Wild Things Are” baby shower, inspired by the beloved book and the magical world of Max and his adventures. Provide crowns for your guests to don as they arrive, and a feast fit for wild things. Don’t forget the drinks so the rumpus can start!

Photo source & inspiration links: Inspired by This 1 & 2, Camille Styles, Style Me Pretty, @sylviebearcookie, @lakemichiganbaby, @rowlyndough,, @anahyspartydecor

Tutti Frutti

Guests will go home happy after celebrating at this cheerful “Tutti Frutti” themed baby shower. Mix vibrant oranges, yellow, greens and pinks with tropical-themed decorations, and a fruit-inspired menu. Set-up a DIY smoothie bar or serve a variety of homemade fruit-infused water or spritzers. One of the sweetest baby shower themes!

Photo source & inspiration links: Hostess with the Mostess, Sprinkle Some Fun, Pineapple Paper Co, Kara’s Party Ideas, Pinterest

Noah’s Ark

Watch the animals march two-by-two at this darling baby shower inspired by Noah’s Ark. Include charming centerpieces featuring mini ark replicas and decorate with plenty of animal cutouts or stuffies.

Photo source & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas 1 & 2, Pretty Please Design

Peter Rabbit

Put a modern twist on the classic tale of Peter Rabbit, with a beautiful celebration inspired by the beloved children’s tale. Transform your venue into a garden wonderland, with soft pastel colors and lush greenery. Use vintage-inspired tablecloths, floral centerpieces, and small pots of carrots as a nod to Peter Rabbit’s favorite snack. A soft color palette of blues, pinks, and greens will reflect the storybook illustrations and create a soothing environment to chat with guests, and munch on themed treats like cucumber sandwiches, carrot cake cupcakes, and fresh garden salads.

Photo source & inspiration links: Oh It’s Perfect, Style Me Pretty, Kara’s Party Ideas 1 & 2

You Donut Know How Much You’re Loved / Donuts & Diapers / Sprinkled with Love

Everyone loves donuts, so why not incorporate them into your baby shower with one of these fun and playful donut themes. Create a sweet haven with giant donut balloons and sprinkle-filled mason jars. Invite guests to create their own donut creations at a “decorate a donut” bar, where they can choose from an assortment of tasty toppings and satisfy their sweet tooth while showering the guest of honor…you!

Photo source & inspiration links: Zazzle, Amusingly Katie, Oriental Trading, 100 Layer Cake, Kara’s Party Ideas, @milos_events

The Apple of our Eye

Create the wholesome feeling of being at an apple orchard with this unique apple-themed baby shower. Use rustic decorations, crates of fresh apples and leafy garlands to decorate your space, and create a fun themed menu of apple-inspired goodies like apple cider donuts, apple pie, and refreshing apple cider. Baby shower games could be incorporated into the theme as well, with an apple bobbing challenge and apple toss. Everyone will love this sweet shower celebrating the apple of your eye!

Photo source & inspiration links: Kara’s Party Ideas 1 & 2, Modern Moments Design, Sweet Setups, Perfect Printable Co, @togetherllc

Sweet Little Peach                  

Transform your venue into a peachy paradise, with soft pastel colors and peach-inspired decorations with this darling “Sweet Little Peach” theme. Include a fun pie bar with an assortment of delectable peach-infused treats, such as peach cobbler, peach pie, peach Bellini mocktails, and fresh cut peaches.

Photo source & inspiration links: Catch My Party, Zazzle, Kara’s Party Ideas 1 & 2, Sweet Setups, Pinterest, Ellie’s Party Supplies

Creative Baby Shower Themes for Girls

If you know that you’re having a girl and want to celebrate with a more personalized, girly theme, we’ve pulled together a little inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing. From a fancy ballerina bash, to a fierce girl power party, these girl baby shower themes are perfect for your future little princess.

Bonjour Baby / Oh Bebe

Bring a touch of French flair to your baby shower with an elegant Parisian-themed soirée. A soft pink and white color palette with pops of black will create a sophisticated look, and guests will enjoy indulging in French pastries and sipping on sparkling champagne while celebrating the joie de vivre that comes with the imminent arrival of your baby girl.

Photo source & inspiration links: Bonjour Fete, Inspired By This, Zazzle

Baby, You Give Me Butterflies / Butterfly Kisses & Baby Wishes

Celebrate your little princess with a super girly butterfly-themed baby shower. Pick a soft pink or purple color scheme with pops of gold and plenty of butterfly motifs throughout the space. Ask guests to write well wishes for your baby girl on paper butterflies for when she’s ready to spread her wings and fly.

Photo source & inspiration links: Catch My Party, Alice Wang, @createandinflateevents, Parties on Purpose, Bee Loved Cookie Co, FettiLane

Girl Power / Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A Girl Power themed baby shower is an empowering and inspiring way to celebrate the limitless possibilities that await your little girl. Pick vibrant colors, empowering quotes, and symbols of female empowerment. It’s a great theme that will make your guests say, “you go girl!”

Photo source & inspiration links: Inspired By This 1 & 2, Kara’s Party Ideas

Tiny Dancer / Twirl, it’s a Girl / We’re Tutu Excited

We’re tutu excited about this super sweet ballerina theme for a girl baby shower. Decorate with lots of tulle, twinkling lights, soft pinks and ballet slippers. Consider adding classical music to your playlist and serve dainty finger foods fit for a budding ballerina.

Photo source & inspiration links: Momo Party, Baby Shower Ideas 4 U, Pretty Please Design, Be Happy Printable

Creative Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Having a boy and want to customize your baby shower theme accordingly? These baby shower themes for boys will do the trick – incorporating plenty of manly inspiration, shades of blue and an adventurous spirit – perfect for your future prince.

Oh Boy!

We love the playful take on the common saying, “Oh Boy!” for this boy themed baby shower. Using a color palette of blues and creams will pull the theme together, and it perfectly captures the feeling of the expectant parents….anxious, but excited!

Photo source & inspiration links: Catch My Party 1 & 2, The Sweetest Thing, Zazzle, The Dreamery Events, Le Rustic Chic, @createandinflateevents, @pictureperfecteventsllc, @dontworrycookieco, @harbeevents

Houston, We Have a Boy!

Take your guests on an intergalactic adventure with a space-themed baby shower perfect for your future astronaut. Use shimmering stars, rocket ships, planets, and cosmic decorations with a color palette of deep blues, purples, and silver. 3, 2, 1…blast off!

Photo source & inspiration links: Zazzle, Fluffy Penguin 17, Pinterest 1 & 2, Catch My Party, Kara’s Party Ideas

Little Man

When it comes to celebrating the arrival of a baby boy, a “Little Man” themed baby shower is a fun way to play up his future gentlemanly charm. Decorate with bowties, mustaches, and vintage-inspired decorations, creating a space that exudes timeless style. Activities could include a diaper-changing competition where guests can showcase their “little man” skills, or a creative station where they can design personalized bowties.

Photo source & inspiration links: Catch My Party, Baby Shower Ideas 4 U, Natasha’s Kitchen, Kara’s Party Ideas, Pinterest

Ahoy, it’s a Boy!

Welcome aboard as this nautical-themed baby shower sets sail to celebrate your first mate. Create a seaside oasis with nautical flags, anchors, and sailor-inspired decorations in navy blue, white and red. Challenge guests to a fun knot-tying competition, and ask them to decorate a toy sailboat for your future little sailor.

Photo source & inspiration links: One Celebration at a Time, Catch My Party, @chelsealantzy,  @nedordecor, @danyscakesbydanylind, @aurassweetcreations, @amadordeparties, Lovely Templates Co

Born to Rock / Boys Rock

This Rock ‘n’ Roll baby shower theme will celebrate your future rock star in style. Make it memorable with bold decorations like electric guitars, vinyl records, music notes, and the symbols of your favorite bands. Blast the rock classics, or better yet, invite guests to partake in a fun karaoke session where they can belt out their very own rock anthems. Adding an air guitar contest would be a hilarious way to celebrate the arrival of your little rockstar, who is destined to rock your world.

Photo source & inspiration links: Catch My Party, Oriental Trading, Fairy God Mother, @maicottiscookies,

Here Comes the Son / Our Little SON-shine

Put a creative twist on the traditional sunshine theme, with a groovy pun-filled “Here Comes the SON” bash. This cheerful theme works well with bright yellows and shades of orange, with pops of blue to tie-in with your baby boy. You’ll radiate joy as everyone celebrates the SON-shine about to enter your life!

Photo source & inspiration links: @mjayne_balloons, @chloesconfectioneryco, @its_brand_creations, Inspired by This

Blue Jean Baby

Bring a touch of casual charm and rugged style to your baby boy’s shower with a unique “Blue Jean Baby” theme. Inspired by the iconic lyric from Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer”, this theme screams for denim-inspired decorations: blue jeans, denim jackets, and a mix of deep blue fabrics. It’s a creative, down-to-earth theme that will celebrate your little “blue jean baby” in style.

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Put a modern twist on the traditional shower theme of camping by turning it into a lumberjack themed gathering. Picture lots of plaid, flannel and rustic wood accents to create a warm and outdoors-inspired environment. Set-up a “make your own Trail Mix” bar, and if you have a fire pit available, invite guests to roast marshmallows for s’mores!

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Le Petit Prince / Little Prince

Inspired by the classic story written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a “Little Prince” themed baby shower is a timeless way to celebrate your baby boy. Use a color scheme of royal blues, soft golds, and dreamy pastels to reflect the magical illustrations, and send every guest home with a copy of the book as a reminder of your little prince.

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Well, there you have it – more than 50 creative baby shower themes and party inspiration for you to choose from. As you make your decision, think about what best suits your personality and interests, but remember that the most important part of any baby shower is the love and joy that will be shared in anticipation of your growing family.

Whether you pick a modern gender-neutral baby shower theme, a sweet pink soiree for a little girl, or a wild and adventurous party for a baby boy, your special event is sure to be an unforgettable celebration you will forever cherish.

What was your favorite baby shower theme? Tell us in the comments below!

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