10 best gifts to welcome a new baby

You receive the news – your best friend’s baby is finally here. You call your friends to spread the word. You ooo-and-ahh over their first pictures on Facebook. You make arrangements to visit as soon as you can. But the excitement of the news wears off pretty quickly when you realize that you now have to send a gift…and you have no clue what to get.

We know this situation all too well as there has been a baby boom recently amongst our friends, family and co-workers. As a result, we’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect gift to welcome each new baby, and it’s no easy feat.

To simplify the process, we like to follow a few rules:

  1. Assume that this cute new baby already has all of the necessities beautifully organized in their nursery, awaiting their arrival home. 
  2. Assume that they will be gifted plenty of receiving/stroller blankets, stuffed animals and a Sophie the Giraffe (or two).
  3. Whenever possible, personalize. What new parent could possibly resist a gift with their baby’s name plastered all over it?

But exactly what do you get a baby that already has everything before even leaving the womb? This guide will give you some fresh inspiration to make a great first impression.

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Unique Gifts to Welcome a New Baby
Unique Gifts to Welcome a New Baby

PJs    ♥    booties   ♥    book   ♥    towel   ♥    tote   ♥    toy   ♥    chart   ♥    art   ♥    bibs   ♥  



Our Founder, Aly, discovered these magical one-pieces with her 2nd baby, and she says they were a game changer. The last thing you want to do at 2 o’clock in the morning in a sleep-deprived state is mess around with matching up 15 snaps to put PJs back on. Magnificent Baby’s smart-close magnetic fasteners make changes quick and painless – you can rip them open and then snap them shut in 2 seconds flat, so you both can get back to sleep. Any new mom will be thankful for that.

Shop Magnificent Baby here

10 Best Gifts for New Baby - Magnificent Baby Footed PJs



These booties have been our go-to gift for years because they are a.) super cute and b.) the only ones we’ve ever found to actually stay on those tiny baby feet. We’ve been through several pairs each and never once have we lost one in the grocery store (and that’s usually the place they go missing, right?). They keep baby’s feet cozy and the elasticated snap system allows you to adjust around the ankles for the perfect fit. We only wish they made them in adult sizes.

Shop Zutano baby booties here

Zutano Baby Booties



We believe you can never have too many books, and creating a personalized book with baby’s name and photograph will make a unique gift they will cherish. Some book options even allow for further customization with their birth day, vital stats and location. A lovely keepsake baby can pass down to their kids one day.

Shop i See Me personalized books here

i See Me Personalized Book
i See Me Personalized Book



Chances are the new baby you are welcoming already has a few baby-sized bath towels ready-to-go, so upgrading to a full-sized wrap will make this gift one they can use for years to come. This one from Pottery Barn Kids has a great hood to keep them warm after bath time, swim lessons or a day at the beach. Add their name for extra points.

Shop Pottery Barn Kids towel wraps here

Personalized Towel Wrap
Personalized Towel Wrap



With a new baby comes lots and lots of…well, stuff. You go to spend one night at Grandma’s and before you know it, your car is full of, well, you know, that stuff. But this extra-large canvas tote bag can handle it. We can fit a week’s worth of clothes, diapers and bathroom necessities inside with room to spare. They also can double as a great beach bag with plenty of space for towels and floaties. The best feature over other similar totes is the 4 interior pockets, so little bitty baby socks don’t get lost in a big black hole. Have it monogrammed for that extra special touch.

Shop Lands’End tote bags here

ands End Monogrammed Tote Bag



Let’s be honest, this baby won’t be playing with toys anytime soon, but this one will look good while it waits in the wings. Handmade with non toxic paint, this wooden ring stacker can even be customized with baby’s name hand-burned into the wood.

Shop Hill Country Woodcraft stacking ring here

10 Best Gifts for New Baby - personalized wooden stacker toy



A growth chart is a fun way to track your baby’s growth and these whimsical ones from Land of Nod will surely stand the test of time. With plenty of fun, modern designs, you can find one that best fits baby’s style and personalize it to boot!

Shop Land of Nod growth charts here

personalized growth chart
personalized growth chart



I love Minted’s selection of nursery artwork that can be customized with baby’s name, and other birth day details. Their contemporary designs feature clean lines and fun colors, and with a huge array of choice, you’re sure to find a piece that will perfectly match baby’s new nursery.

Shop Minted custom nursery artwork here

 Minted personalized art work
Minted personalized art work



We can’t say enough about these adorable “bibdanas”. They are made with absorbent cotton and lined with a soft fleece to keep even the drooliest baby dry and comfy. Better yet, the modern and fresh designs transform them into a trendy fashion accessory. Perfect for the newest little hipster in your life.

Shop Copper Pearl drool bibs here

10 Best Gifts for New Baby - Bandana Drool Bibs


One thing that no parent will ever regret is having a newborn photo shoot to capture those precious first days. Find a local photographer in your area who specializes in newborns and provide a gift certificate to cover a shoot session. They’ll capture the tiny toes and angelic sleeping baby images that any new parent will treasure for a lifetime.

And lastly, don’t forget something for mom and dad. They are exhausted. So a Starbucks gift card, home cooked meal, or “coupon” for your babysitting services will help get them back on their feet. And remember, having visitors can be tiring, so if you’re lucky enough to visit in person – say a quick hello, have a short baby cuddle, give them your fabulous gift, and then LEAVE!

Do you have a go-to gift we missed? What was your favorite gift you received after your baby’s arrival? Tell us about it in the comments below



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  1. Diapers are always a welcome gift. I like to give a variety pack, so my friends can decide which diaper they like best! A unique gift that everyone has loved!

    1. Thanks Julie – we love your idea of giving a variety pack as there is so much trial and error in finding the ones that are right for your baby!

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