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Free Printable Father’s Day Booklet. A Homemade Gift Sure To Melt Daddy’s Heart.

Free Printable Father’s Day Booklet. A Homemade Gift Sure To Melt Daddy’s Heart.

Get ready to melt Daddy’s heart with this incredible free printable Father’s Day book and keepsake.

Simply print, fold, add a little glue and then hand it over to your kids – they’ll add their heartfelt creativity and adorable “they say the darnest things” responses.

Talk about a win-win: you’re off the hook for a meaningful gift, and Dad gets a special keepsake written by those who love him most.

And not to worry, we haven’t left Grandpa out in the cold, there’s a version all for him too!

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OK, first things first, you’ll need to print out the downloadable PDF (both Dad and Grandpa designs are on 1 easy-to-print file) which we’ll send straight over to your inbox once you’ve filled in your email below. As a bonus you’ll also gain access to our whole library of exclusive resources including our popular 10 Screen-Free Toys For Guaranteed Quiet TimePrintable Holiday/Birthday Coupon Book for Kids and 35 Food Subs & Swaps for Healthy Family Meals.

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Alrighty, now you have the file, go ahead and print it on regular paper or some heavier card stock. Take a peek at some of the inside pages…there’s fun prompts for drawing, cute fill-in-the-blanks and a set of coupons for Dad…pretty awesome, right?!

If you’re a stickler for detail, go ahead and cut off the thin white edges (scissors, an X-acto knife against a ruler or one of these easy-peasy paper trimmers will get the job done super quick).

Now fold the pages in half and grab some form of glue – we used both a regular ol’ kids glue stick and a spray adhesive and both worked well.

Put the front/back cover page to one side and then organize the other pages back-to-back with the “I love my dad/grandpa because he…” checklist page in the middle. Like this:

Free Printable Fathers Day Card | All About Dad or Grandpa Book for kids to make - includes fun questionnaire, coupons for dad, and space to draw and color. The perfect DIY homemade card - super easy!

Use your glue to stick them together and then grab that cover. Wrap it around the interior pages and secure with more glue.

And voila, your card is now ready for your kids’ creativity!

(PS – if you really don’t want to go the glue route, simply fold the pages and place them inside each other for a single-sided booklet (use the blank sides for more kiddo drawings!). Staple the outside edge to bind together. You can even cover the staples with a strip of washi tape if you happen to have any.

Take a peek at our tutorial video if you need any additional assistance:

If you didn’t download the printable file earlier, fill in the form below and we’ll send the easy-to-print PDF to you instantly (if you don’t see it come through right away, take a peek in your junk mail):

Where should we send your printable Father’s Day Booklet?

You’ll get the link to download instantly.

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And if you’re up for another DIY creation, pair this card with our Shrink Film Personalized Keepsake Keychain for the ultimate meaningful gift.

Megan Gallimore

Megan Gallimore

Designer Spotlight:

Megan is an Art Director and Designer living in Massachusetts with her husband and two kids. She’s always on the hunt for inspiration, good ice cream, and lost binkies.

Check out more of her incredible designs at

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  1. I loved the mother’s day booklet you created, and I think this one is great, too! I love the colors and understated design…it doesn’t limit itself to dads that are sporty, or love golf, it’s just manly. 🙂

  2. This book is so adorable! I love how personalized it is and helps kids be able to express their feelings towards their Dads.

  3. This was so exciting to create with my lil guy!! He had so much fun and bless his heart, he was soooo patient with me! I have to work hard to be ‘crafty’, creative (it took me about 45 minutes to figure out how to fold it! and 3 printed cards to get it folded and glued correctly!!). Thank you so much for sharing this!! Without a doubt, his daddy will get a little emotional!! <3

    • We’re so happy it all turned out — tag us in a pic on FB or Instagram after you give it to him so we can see all your hard work!

  4. Where is the link to download this?

    • Hi Sarah — there is a box that says “where should we send your printable Father’s Day booklet?” — enter your email address there and it will be sent to you to download. Please let us know if you have any issues by emailing

  5. For some reason I am not getting the email.

    • Deanna — shoot us a quick note to info@whatmomslove and we’ll make sure you get it right away (take a peek in your junk mail too)

  6. Thank you!! These books are so cute!!



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