Wondering how to decorate your front porch for Halloween? Try these fun tips and ideas to spruce up the outside of your house.

Can you believe that Fall is here already?! I’m slowly coming to terms with the cooler temperatures and leaves turning red (that I will soon have to rake, ugh!), but I’m looking forward to cozy nights by the fire, and one of my favorite holidays…Halloween!

Every year I buy a new Halloween “decoration” to spookify our front yard, but this year I decided to go all out and decorate my entire Front Porch instead.

I’m soooo happy with how it turned out and wanted to share some inspiration and tips so you can do it too!

I partnered with my local At Home store (a massive home décor superstore) and they had so much selection it was crazy. I left with 3 shopping carts overflowing with amazing stuff! With it I was able to turn my front porch from drab…to this fab Halloween entrance:


(1) Pick a Color Scheme: This clearly isn’t rocket-science for Halloween, but I decided to take a slightly more modern approach, and focus on Black & White, with a few pops of Orange. This helped guide me as I navigated my way through the store.

(2) Explore the Store: Although At Home had a huge Fall/Halloween section, I browsed the whole store and was able to find additional items (check out the lanternscrates and accent rugs) that complimented the Halloween-specific décor.

(3) Layer your Mats: For Halloween you’ve got to have a fun doormat! Layering some decorative rugs underneath it can help tie-in your color-scheme, while creating a more dramatic entryway. Because I have a fairly wide porch, I bought 2 of the same striped rug and placed them side-by-side to better fill the space.

(4) Vary Heights: Make sure you grab some taller items that you can mix in with your pumpkins to create a more visually balanced look. At Home had some amazing tall signs, glittery trees and large lanterns, but I also found some great wooden crates that I used to elevate shorter items.

(5) Have a COVID-friendly Plan: If Halloween in your area calls for social distancing, leave a large sign on your front steps with a cauldron full of candy. I picked up this fun chalkboard sign and wrote the special “Take Two” message using Chalk markers.

(6) Have Fun! Halloween is meant for smiles (and screams!), so grab a few fun or spooky items to finish off your look. I got these spiders to guard my front door, and how amazing is this posable Skeleton?!

Do you decorate your front porch for Halloween? Tell us your ideas in the comments below!

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