Origami Stars

Creative ideas, inspiration and step-by-step tutorials for how to make a variety of crafts in a star shape – including paper stars, star ornaments, decorations and more.

Looking for star craft ideas? We’ve got you covered! We’ve pulled together the best star crafts from across the web that are perfect for kids (including preschool and toddlers) and adults alike.

There are endless creative ideas to make with star shapes, and we love that they are perfect for everyday crafting, or for special occasions like Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, Fourth of July, or even birthdays and weddings!

Whether you want to learn how to fold 3D paper stars, create star ornaments as an inexpensive holiday decoration, or make a perfect star wand for imaginative play, this list of star crafts covers a multitude of ideas to get you inspired.

Happy star crafting!

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Paper crafts are well-loved because the possibilities are endless. Whether you want to teach your kids origami techniques, or simply recycle your newspapers into something pretty, these paper star crafts ideas will provide hours of crafting fun.

(1)  3D Paper Stars: These simple yet beautiful Kirigami (origami with minor cutting involved) stars can be made in any color, and for any occasion! Craft them in red, white, and blue for Independence Day, or color match them to use as décor for any holiday. (via Red Ted Art)

(2)  3D Cutout Stars: These simple cutout stars will allow your little ones’ imaginations to run wild. They can decorate with paints, markers, or even glitter. Add a strand of beads to turn them into a fancy ornament! (via Artful Parent)

(3)  Paper Star Ornaments: Whether you re-create the five or seven-point stars, they look so festive when adorned with buttons and yarn. (via Craft & Creativity)

(4)  Newspaper Stars: Use paper straws to craft these unique stars, or check out the full tutorial on how to make your own paper straws and create the stars from scratch! (via Red Ted Art)

(5)  Paper Star Gift Toppers: These gorgeous pleated cutout stars are not only fun to make, but look absolutely stunning atop any gift for Christmas, birthdays, and beyond. (via Martha Stewart)

(6)  Cut and Fold Paper Stars: These multi-dimensional paper stars are a bit more complex, but worth the time, as they’re so beautiful. Hang them from strings in different sizes from the ceiling, or create a gorgeous garland. (via Mini Eco)

(7)  Origami Paper Star Bowl: This star is so unique because it’s hollowed out like a bowl! Place on a holiday table with some individually wrapped candies for an extra sweet adornment that also serves a functional purpose. (via Red Ted Art)

(8)  Woven Paper Stars: These 8-point interwoven stars resemble a quilted look when created with colorful printed patterns. (via My Poppet Makes)

(9)  Origami Paper Star Cards: Grab some colored cardstock and deck the halls for the holidays or New Year’s Eve with these 3D stars, or add them to the front of a personal greeting card! (via hello, Wonderful)

(10) Origami Stars: If you love an array of different folding techniques to make all of your origami stars look truly unique, then you’ll want to give this a glance. Add in a myriad of colors for even more variety. (via Bloomize)

(11) Fold & Cut Origami Stars: The meticulous folding and cutting of this unique paper star is worth the time. Use vibrant colors for extra pop. (via Pink Stripey Socks)

(12) Paper Bag Stars: Let the kiddos color some paper bags, and then use this technique to create these beautiful fan-like stars to adorn your home for any occasion. (via Pink Stripey Socks)

(13) Post-it Note Paper Stars: Grab Post-Its in every color, because you’ll be excited to create these stunning stars – only scissors and glue sticks are needed to achieve these twisted spirals! (via Babble Dabble Do)

(14) Origami Stars: Check out this super fun and simple origami star for endless possibilities, including mini tree toppers, when strung as garland, or even as a baby mobile! (via Red Ted Art)

(15) Easy Origami Star: Love origami but need a beginner’s tutorial that’s easier for kids (and yourself)? This is a great place to start. Use patterned papers for an extra special addition to your holiday décor. (via It’s Always Autumn)

(16) 5-Point Origami Star: If you’re into folding, these easy folding paper stars are easy to take on for any skill level and look great in both solid colors and prints. (via Homemade Gifts Made Easy)

(17) Printable Star Glasses: Let your little one shine like the star they are with this printable template for glasses that they can decorate for the holidays, Fourth of July, or just because! Add some glitter for true Hollywood vibes! (via Pickle Bums)

(18) Paper Star Snowflakes: These snowflake-inspired stars can be made with glue sticks or even staples. Craft them with red, green, white, silver, or gold for some true holiday vibes to hang on the tree. (via Red Ted Art)

(19) 3D German Paper Stars: These gorgeous and unique stars are known as “Fröbelsterne” in Germany and are found at Christmastime! They are so dimensional that they look like bows and are often found as the topper for beautiful packaging as well as a decoration. (via Craft Ideas)

(20) Scrunched Paper Stars: Scrunching tissue paper is so much fun! Let your littles choose from multiple tissue colors to glue onto stars for a pom pom look! (via Crafts on Sea)

(21) Printable Paper Stars: Print out this easy star template and craft together some Christmas ornaments by adding yarn, string, and beads for a fun, homemade vibe. (via Pickle Bums)

(22) Paper Cut Stars: These classic folding paper stars can be as simple as you like, or made with some unique scissor cuts to mimic a snowflake! (via First Palette)

(23) Puffy Paper Stars: Stuff your stars with shredded paper or stuffing for a fun and unique take on paper bag art. This is one the kids will surely love. (via Art Bar)

(24) Paper Bag Stars: These gorgeous stars can be made in any color and hung on some string or fishing line for high-design DIY décor that works great for holidays, weddings, or even baby showers! (via Red Ted Art)


Some of our most beloved occasions include a star as the symbol. Create beautiful hand-crafted star ornaments, tree toppers, string garlands, and more to brighten up your Christmas or Hanukkah traditions, or make beautiful Americana-inspired art for Memorial Day or Independence Day!

(1)  Gold Clay Stars: These air-dry clay stars involve adding gold gilded flakes pressed into them before they dry for a truly shimmery gold finish. (via Gathering Beauty)

(2)  Foil Shining Stars: All it takes is some foil or disposable aluminum pans to cut out shapes, and then use push pins to poke patterns into these shining silver stars! (via Parents.com)

(3)  Twig Stars: These darling star ornaments are made from twigs found in your backyard and adorned with inspiring words made of bendable metal wires! (via U-Create Crafts)

(4)  Stained Glass Ornament: With a little help of colorful tissue paper and aluminum foil, these unique stars easily resemble stained glass when complet. (via Happy Hooligans)

(5)  Pipe Cleaner, Straw & Bead Stars: If you have some straws lying around, then you already have the base for these colorful stars! Just dress them up with beads or gems to your liking. (via Parents)

(6)  String Star Ornaments: Simply use white string and/or jute to craft these gorgeous rustic stars that make for a beautiful addition to a country-inspired Christmas tree. (via EY to ZEE Creative)

(7)  Embossed Clay Stars: These truly beautiful and unique stars are made from rolling out air-dry clay, cutting the stars with a cookie cutter, and then pressing stamps or textured patterns into them before they dry! (via Gathering Beauty)

(8)  Wood Bead Stars: These Scandinavian-inspired stars are so beautiful and made with only wooden beads and the string of your choice. (via Gathering Beauty)

(9)  Wood Bead Ornament: These gorgeous Scandinavian-inspired ornaments are crafted from wooden beads and crafting wire that can be twisted to achieve your desired shape. (via Alice & Lois)

(10) Star Salt Dough Decorations: A little salt dough transforms these fun and easy cutout stars into pretty ornaments. Simply let dry as is and decorate, or you can paint them as well! (via The Best Ideas for Kids)

(11) Crystal Star Ornaments: You will have to grow some borax crystals for this star, but the colorful and sparkly outcome is SO worth it in the end. (via One Little Project)

(12) Pipe Cleaner/Yarn Stars: Made with pipe cleaners outlined by a cookie cutter, these smart stars are then wrapped with colorful yarn and adorned with a playful pom pom in their center. (via Small for Big)

(13) Button Star Ornaments: Perfect for beginning sewers, these adorable stars are filled with little bits of stuffing and adorned with buttons while using colorful embroidery floss. (via Red Ted Art)

(14) Painted Star Garland: This simple garland involves decorating newspaper stars with watercolor paints and then gluing to string for the most whimsical, colorful garland, perfect for any time of year! (via Pickle Bums)

(15) Glitter Pen Stars: Glitter pens are a fun and easy way to add sparkle to any DIY craft. Simply create stars with craft sticks and glue, then adorn with a glitter pen, and voila! (via Powerful Mothering)

(16) Star Garland: Cut out some floral foam stars as your base, and then wrap with colorful yarn to make this playful garland even more fun. (A Girl and a Glue Gun)

(17) Clay Star Garland: Stamp out some polymer clay with mini star cookie cutters, then dip in glitter, and glue back-to-back on string or twine for the prettiest garland ever! (via Delighted Momma)

(18) Glowing Star Garland: Make the most magical garland using cardstock star cutouts, and then stringing Perler beads on LED lights. Such a fun way to brighten up any décor, and great for kids’ rooms, too. (via Minted)

(19) Shooting Star Banner: This adorable banner features an accordion paper base and is perfect for a special birthday decoration or as a greeting card. (via hello, Wonderful)

(20) Bead Stars: These colorful stars are made from Hama/Perler beads for a colorful finish, and are a great idea for the littles to keep them entertained for hours. (via Red Ted Art)

(21) Wooly Twig Stars: Head to the backyard to get started with these stars! Snag up some twigs and then wrap with a multitude of pretty yarns for a gorgeous rustic update. (via The Craft Train)

(22) Popsicle Stick Gem Stars: All you need are craft sticks and a glue gun to create these pretty stars, but add a little paint and some sparkling gems for a truly whimsical finish. (via Happy Hooligans)

(23) Cinnamon Stick Star Ornament: Not only are these stars adorably rustic and easy to create, but they’ll have your house smelling like Christmas in no time at all! (via Red Ted Art)

(24) Peppermint Candy Stars: Create simple stars (or any shape, really) with this fun and easy idea. Simply place peppermints inside cookie cutters and bake in the oven for a perfectly-shaped finish every time. (via Hello Homebody)

(25) Yarn Wrapped Ornaments: These stars are not only adorable, but they help kids work on their bilateral coordination. Simply cut out stars with cardstock, and wrap with colorful yarn! (via Inspired Treehouse)

(26) Cardboard Yarn Ornaments: These unique stars almost have a snowflake-inspired vibe thanks to the unique cardboard wrapping technique which allows you to really use your imagination. (via Tauni Everett)

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Although some of these ideas involve sewing, you don’t have to be an expert crafter to create these star crafts made with fabric. And bonus – they all make for beautiful home accents or gifts!

(1)  Star Glitter Tee: Make a star cutout on paper and use as a stencil to paint stars all over a tee shirt — add some glitter for an extra dose of fun. (via hello, Wonderful)

(2)  Star Softies: Glue together some white fabric or paper, then stuff with polyfill and decorate these little star cuties to your heart’s desire! (via hello, Wonderful)

(3)  Felt Star Garland: This beautiful garland is crafted from felt-cut stars with a button center, and sewn onto a piece of string or twine—perfect for Christmas tree décor and more! (via Songbird)

(4)  Star Pillows: Who doesn’t love throw pillows? Use fun and colorful fabrics in a bold star shape, then stuff with polyfill for some celestial throws that would look great in a playroom or on the kids’ beds! (via Buzzmills)

(5)  Soft Star Ornament: Perfect for Christmas crafting, these stuffed felt stars are sewn together to make the perfect adornments for your tree. (via Apple Green Cottage

(6)  DIY Magic Wand: This wand involves some sewing, but it’s worth the time involved! Stuff some felt stars and sew sequins on, and for an especially magical touch, create an outer pocket for hiding little notes! (via Heartmade)


The following star-centered ideas really take your crafting to the next level! From salt dough creations to sun catchers, they’ll not only keep your kiddos busy and having fun, but some of them also open up their imaginations to expand on their science and math skills, too!

(1)  Star Sun Catchers: This golden suncatcher is literally the “star” of the show! Create one using cellophane paper and glitter for extra pop. (via Crafts on Sea)

(2)  Shooting Stars with Chalk Pastels: Colorful and bright chalk pastels really make a bold impact on black paper, so these shooting star designs are sure to impress. (via Projects With Kids)

(3)  Drinking Straw Starbursts: Zip-tie some colorful straws together for a truly unique starburst decoration that’s sure to stand out on your Christmas tree. (via Aunt Peaches)

(4)  Star Stamping: Have some star-shaped cookie cutters lying around? If so, then turn them into stamps easily with a little paint on paper. (via Mrs Plemon’s Kindergarten)

(5)  Q-Tip Star Art: Using Q-tips to paint stars is not only less messy than fingers, but it also makes fun little round shapes when you paint – kids love it! (via Mess for Less)

(6)  Craft Stick Stars: Made with popsicle or craft sticks and tissue paper, these colorful stars make beautiful sun catchers. (via Red Ted Art)

(7)  Star Wreath: This adorable red, white, and blue wreath can be used every Independence Day! Craft with a paper plate base and some cutout stars for the most festive finish. (via The Resourceful Mama)

(8)  Frozen Stars Fizzy Baking Soda Science: Just a little baking soda, water, and ice cube trays can make hours of summer fun with this little science experiment that makes these stars fizz! (via Little Bins for Little Hands)

(9)  Thumbprint Stars: These works of art are so fun and festive for the Fourth of July. Create red and blue thumbprints around a white star-shaped paper background to make those proud colors pop! (via A Dab of Glue Will Do)

(10) Star Stamp: Kids LOVE stamps, but have you ever made your own? All it takes is a few pipe cleaners! (via The Educator’s Spin on it)

(11) Star Fairy Wands: Mix up your prettiest pony beads and bake inside a star-shaped cookie cutter for the most magical fairy wand yet. (via the Artful Parent)

(12) Star Spin Drums: Ring in the new year with these darling spin drums that are not only NOT super noisy, but they’re so fun to decorate. (via No Time for Flash Cards)

(13) Mosaic Wishing Wand: These beautiful wands are made with colorful small bits of paper glued onto a star for a collage inspired by a mosaic look. (via Our Kid Things)

(14) Glitter Star Mobiles: Make a dreamy mobile using painted cardboard stars, a hanger, colorful yarn and beads. (via Art Bar)

(15) New Year’s Wishing Wand: Crumpled paper never looked so pretty! Simply crumple small pieces of colored paper, then glue onto a star shape with a popsicle stick – and voila! – you have the perfect wishing wand. (via Life over Cs)

(16) Star Wands: These star wands are made out of beads and pipe cleaners and are so magical. You can also make some bubble mix and turn them into bubble wands! (via Red Ted Art)

(17) Math Stars: Use a protractor to create standout white patterns on pretty brown craft paper stars. (via NurtureStone)

(18) Star Glitter Crayons: These are made just like regular star crayons with a mold, but adding a little glitter to the mix sure makes these crayon stars shine! (via Martha Stewart)

(19) Coloring Wooden Stars: Snag some wooden stars from the craft store in multiple sizes and simply color or adorn with the markers of your choosing. (via Leigh Laurel Studios)

(20) Tangle Stars: Let the creativity truly flow with these sectioned-off stars – you can use markers to create mixed patterns and prints inside each angle for a true work of art in each star creation. (via The Artful Parent)

(21) Salt Dough Suncatchers: These salt dough beauties involve adding transparent pony beads as the colorful center. (via Home Grown Friends)

(22) Foil “Stained Glass” Stars: Wrap aluminum foil around a star-shaped cardstock cutout for a fun take on a stained-glass look. (via Exploring More)

(23) Evergreen Star: While the instructions may not be in English, the idea of this evergreen-covered star is easy to see through the images and requires just popsicle sticks, stars and some tree sprigs. (via Julia to the Fullest)

(24) Star Crayons: Wondering what to do with those old broken crayons? Grab a star mold and make some new star-shaped crayons! They make for awesome homemade gifts! (via Red Ted Art)

(25) Star Art Weaving: Make a new year’s tradition by crafting these symmetrical woven star designs out of colorful yarn and cardboard. (via Christ Church City Libraries)

Star crafts are not only fun to create, but are a great way for making memories and spending time creating together with your family and friends. Which star crafts do you plan on incorporating into your family traditions this year?

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Jill C

Jill C

Jill is a Creative Director at a marketing agency who also runs her blog, Kentucky Makeup Junkie. She lives in Northern Kentucky with her ten-year-old daughter, six-year-old son, and firefighter husband. She’s a beauty fanatic, fashion lover, and Mompreneur that loves to get her hands on anything creative. Follow along with her on InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest.

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