Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’ve rounded up some of the best Thanksgiving Crafts for your kids to make. These simple, easy craft ideas range from turkeys to table settings, and also include fun food ideas, gratitude activities, kids’ table décor, and much more!

You’re sure to find something sweet and memorable for your kids to make, and keep them busy while you tackle the Thanksgiving Day menu!

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Gobble, gobble! These incredible turkey crafts are just the thing to help get your kids excited for Thanksgiving. You can’t go wrong with any of the adorable crafts we’ve highlighted below:

(1)  Squeeze Art Pumpkin Turkey: Use common items from your craft supply to turn a pumpkin into a colorful turkey. (via Hello, Wonderful)

(2)  Turkey Corner Bookmarks: This simple craft is the perfect origami project for kids, and it will also encourage them to read…bonus! (via Printables Fairy)

(3)  Paper Bag Turkey Puppets: We love that this is an easy, low-mess craft that even your littlest ones can help with. (via No Time for Flashcards)

(4)  Unicorn Turkey: This magical twist turns an ordinary paper plate turkey craft  into an extraordinary one that is sure to shine all season long. (via Hello, Wonderful)

(5)  Paper Plate Turkey with Leaves: This craft requires you to get some fresh air and collect pretty fall leaves that your kids can then turn into the Turkey’s feathers! (via Easy Peasy and Fun)

(6)  Turkey Balloons: Turkey balloons are a creative decoration idea for your Thanksgiving set-up, and  super fun for your kids to make. (via Hello, Wonderful)

(7)  Turkey Finger Puppet: Check out this easy paper turkey puppet that is very low-mess and great for imaginative play. (via Red Ted Art)

(8)  Turkey Handprint Craft: Get your kids’ creativity flowing and work on their tracing and scissor skills with this fun handprint craft. (via Simple Everyday Mom)

(9)  Paper Plate Turkey Craft: This craft comes with a free downloadable template so the results are quite professional! (via Simple Everyday Mom)

(10) Turkey Cork Craft: This simple craft is a great use of leftover wine corks, and the fun feathers will add a pop of color to your Thanksgiving Day. (via Craft Create Cook)

(11) Bubble Wrap Turkey: This one is a huge hit with kids because they get to combine bubble wrap, a roller and paint! (via Crafty Morning)

(12) Paper Plate Turkey: Red Ted Art shows how to blot paint to make this adorable paper plate turkey, perfect for preschoolers.

(13) Handprint/Footprint Turkey: Turn your kids’ handprints and footprints in an incredible turkey! It makes a great keepsake. (via A Little Pinch of Perfect)

(14) Turkey Windsocks: These adorable turkey windsocks are made from a recycled tin can, ribbon, Elmer’s glue, and crafty odds and ends. (via Happiness is Homemade)

(15) Paper Strip Turkey: Work on your little one’s fine motor skills to create a textured paper strip turkey. (via Housing a Forest)

(16) Turkey Bead Pin: All you need are beads and safety pins to make these pins that your kids can proudly wear on Thanksgiving day. (via Rockabye Parents)

(17) Egg Carton Turkey Craft: Using simple materials from home your kids can make this cute egg carton turkey! (via Crafty Morning)

(18) Bottle Cap Turkey Puppet: An easy craft idea to make with your kids that is also a great pretend play toy! (via The Joy of Sharing)

(19) Paper Roll Turkeys:  This craft makes use of your old toilet paper rolls, and incorporates your kids’ handprints. (via Artsy Fartsy Mama)

(20) Turkey Glove Puppet: This simple, no-sew feathered turkey puppet glove will keep the kids entertained. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

(21) Coffee Filter Turkey Craft: With just a little painting, cutting, and gluing + a coffee filter, you’ve got a colorful decoration for Thanksgiving. (via Buggy and Buddy)

(22) Dot Marker Printable & Craft: Dot markers are all fun and no mess. This is a great activity for the kids’ table from Two Pink Peonies.

(23) Photo Turkey Craft: Turn a photo of your child into a colorful Turkey name card. It also makes a special keepsake. (via Made With Happiness)

(24) Pinecone Turkey:  Decorate your Thanksgiving table with this feathered pinecone turkey. (via Dream a Little Bigger)

(25) Pine Cone Turkey: Grab some felt to dress up your pinecones with these realistic looking creations. (via Lia Griffith)

(26) Turkey Weaving Craft: A perfect activity to practice fine motor skills as kids weave yarn in and out of sticks. (via The Growing Creatives)

(27) Cardboard Painted Turkey: A fun and simple art project that gives your kids lots of creative freedom. (via Hello, Wonderful)

(28) Turkey Noise Maker: This adorable noisemaker is a great activity which only needs a few supplies. (via I Dig Pinterest)

(29) Tie-Dye Turkey Craft: How pretty are these tie-dye turkeys?! Very easy and perfect for preschoolers. (via The Play Based Mom )

(30) Pom Pom Turkeys: These pompom turkeys are an easy craft that can be pulled out to display for years to come! (via Little Miss Kate)

(31) Dish Brush Turkey: Use an old dish brush and some paint to create a neat turkey-feather-effect. (via Crafty Morning)


While the Turkey might be the official “symbol” of Thanksgiving, the history of the holiday is about so much more. Teach your kids more background about why we celebrate, with these non-turkey crafts.

(1)  Paper Plate Pilgrim: This paper plate pilgrim craft from All Kids Network is a fun way to teach them about history.

(2)  Paper Bag Pilgrims: Or use paper bags to create these  darling pilgrims, that can then be used as puppets! (via Our Kids Things)

(3)  Cereal Box Mayflower: Can you believe this Mayflower boat is made from a cereal box?! (via Crafts by Amanda)

(4)  Thanksgiving Bookmark: Kids of all ages can enjoy coloring these Thanksgiving bookmarks, and as a bonus, they will encourage reading as well. (via Artsy Fartsy Mama)

(5)  Pumpkin Pie: With just tissue paper, a paper plate and glue, your child can make this piece of pumpkin pie. Best part…it’s calorie free! (via A Night Owl Blog)

(6)  Pie Banner: What’s Thanksgiving without a little pie?! Whip up a batch of these yummy “to look at” pies with some felt, and keep the kitchen CLEAN! (via Creatively Beth)

(7)  Make a Mayflower: Little pilgrims will love making a mini Mayflower using paper and straws. (via Raising Arizona Kids)

(8)  Thanksgiving Banner: This is an easy last minute craft you can do with your whole family – have everyone pick a different letter and make it their own masterpiece, then string them together and hang to display. via Pink Stripey Socks)

(9)  Colorful Corn: Dress up your home with these cheery colorful corn for kids. (via Woman’s Day)

(10) Handprint Wreath: Kids will love to help you create this one-of-a-kind leaf handprint wreath. (via KiwiCo)

(11) Eye Dropper Corn Craft: Kids can practice fine motor skills by using an eyedropper to decorate corn in this colorful craft. (via Paper and Glue)

(12) Corn Craft: Learn about harvest time and decorate corn stalks with this fun roller activity. (via Artsy Momma) 


Check out these festive crafts that you can actually eat! They’re perfect for the days leading up to Thanksgiving, or the big day itself.

(1)  Turkey Waffles: This turkey breakfast is so easy, and it’s a great way to get your kids to gobble up some extra fruit in the morning! (via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons)

(2)  Turkey Cinnamon Rolls: Start your Thanksgiving morning with a sweet and salty combo: gooey cinnamon buns and crunchy bacon “feathers”! (via

(3)  Acorn Donut Holes: These easy acorn donut holes are a perfect fall treat to serve to family and friends who need a little something sweet to munch on. They’re fun to make and even more fun to eat! (via Southern Simple)

(4)  Donut Turkeys:  Watch your toddlers and preschoolers work on their fine motor skills as they place the “O” cereal on toothpicks to make an adorable turkey donut. (via Messy Little Monster)

(5)  Turkey Fruit Tray: Get kids involved with this cute cracker and fruit tray. This is a perfect idea for them to snack on while you’re getting last minute details done for Turkey Day. (Via Hello, Wonderful)

(6)  Turkey Cheese Sticks: Making turkey cheese sticks is a great idea to do in a classroom or with a small group of kids. It’s easy and the kids will love the snack treat at the end! (via Frugal Coupon Living)

(7)  Turkey Treat Bags: These Turkey Treat bags from Artsy Fartsy Mama can easily be customized by your kids and given to teachers, friends or as a Thanksgiving Day favor.

(8)  Turkey Treats: Or use these Turkey Treats to decorate the Thanksgiving table, give them for little hostess gifts, or create a bunch for some cute Thanksgiving class treats! (via Clean and Scentsible)

(9)  Popcorn Turkeys: Another idea that’s perfect for class parties or a simple Thanksgiving treat. (via Mommy Musings)

(10) Tee Pee Dirt Cups: Introduce your kids to the various types of shelters used by nomadic Native American tribes with this innovative Tee Pee dessert! (via I Can Teach My Child )

(11) Indian Corn Thanksgiving Favor: Stamp the tags of these creative favors with words of Thanksgiving or put your guests’ names and use as place cards! (via Shaken Together Life)


Gratitude is pausing to notice and appreciate the things that we often take for granted, like having a place to live, food, clean water, good friends, and family. These gratitude crafts will help kids gain a greater understanding of what it means to be grateful, and help them learn what they’re most thankful for.

(1)  Thankful Turkey: This activity adds a new feather each day, with things your kids are grateful for. By Thanksgiving Day they’ll have a beautiful Turkey displaying all of their thanks. (via Busy Toddler)

(2)  Preschool Gratitude Leaf Garland: This gratitude activity is just the right combination of messy, crafty art making and a solid lesson on what it means to give thanks and why gratitude is important. (via Stay At Home Educator)

(3)  Thankful Tree: This thankful tree printable will show your kids how thankful you are for them in a very creative way. (via Highlights Along The Way)

(4)  Toilet Paper Gratitude Craft: This turkey toilet paper roll is a fun gratitude activity that kids can make by themselves all while learning to be thankful for what they have. (via Honey and Lime)

(5)  Gratitude Kindness Notes: Help your kids focus on why they’re grateful for the people in their lives by writing one of these Gratitude Kindness Notes. (via Coffee and Carpool)

(6)  Gratitude Tablecloth Decor: This Thanksgiving tradition from The Holy Mess is something absolutely everyone could start this year. It requires just a few minutes of your time and the rewards will last decades.

(7)  Gratitude Pumpkin: A pumpkin and a Sharpie are all you need to display all of the things your family is grateful for – make it an after-dinner activity where everyone can contribute. (via Coffee and Carpool)

(8)  Gratitude Cootie Catcher: Gratitude or thankfulness is a skill that can be learned through repetitive behavior and kids love these fun folded paper cootie catchers / fortune tellers! (via Bren Did)

(9)  Thankful Tree: A DIY thankful tree is a fun and interactive Thanksgiving family tradition. Kids of all ages can help fill the tree and reflect on everything they are thankful for all year long. (via Twitchetts)

(10) Thankful Banner: This pretty banner is a special way to show off your family’s gratitude. (via Carina Gardner)

(11) Paper Gratitude Pumpkins: This beautiful craft can become a tradition of gratitude for years to come. (via KiwiCo)

(12) Thankful ABC: Use this printable worksheet to remind your kids they have plenty to be thankful for. (via Written Reality)

(13) Thankful Jar: Keep up with thankfulness all year long with this Thankful Jar. (via Mama Miss)

(14) Thankful Printable: This printable set not only comes with super cute napkin rings, but simple “I am Thankful for…” writing and drawing pages. (via Projects With Kids)

Free Printable Thanksgiving Activity Book for Kids

And don’t miss our very own FREE Printable Thanksgiving Gratitude Booklet that will prompt your kids to take some time and think about the people and possessions that they might regularly take for granted.

Use it as a teaching tool, or print out copies and put them on the kids’ table on Thanksgiving Day with pens/crayons as a fun activity for them to complete while they await the feast.

There are fun fill-in-the-blanks, games to play and sweet gratitude cards that they can cut out and give to friends and family (including prompts like “I am thankful for the fun we have together”, “I am thankful for the food you make me” and “I am thankful for the love you give me”…cue the tears!).

To get the PDF sent right to your inbox, simply complete the form below. And head to our full post to get the simple assembly instructions (involves just a few folds and a glue stick!)

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Make your Thanksgiving table look extra festive with these adorable kid’s table crafts. From hats to placemats, there are tons of ideas to get your kids involved and help you decorate for the holiday.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Activity Book for Kids

(1)  Pilgrim Hat Crayon Cups: All it takes to make these functional crayon holders is black cups, scrapbook paper, buttons, and rick rack. (via Lil Luna)

(2) Turkey Crayon Box: These DIY crayon boxes are perfect to pair with a thanksgiving coloring sheet. (via Love The Day)

(3) Turkey Drinking Cups: Using paper and a few other supplies, kids can turn a basic cup into a decorative turkey. (via Get Creative Juice)

(4)  Felt Crayon Holder for the Table: This felt turkey crayon holder will not only make the children’s Thanksgiving table festive, it will help keep the kiddos busy! (via Skip to My Lou)

(5)  Turkey Juice Box Covers: Jazz up a basic juice box with just a few common art supplies to create these fun Juice Box Turkeys. (via Fun Squared)

(6)  Thanksgiving Treat Bag: Customize these DIY Thanksgiving treat bags with your own thankful message, use them to decorate your kids’ table, and then send them home as a party favor. (via I Heart Crafty Things)

(7)  Cutlery Holder Turkey: Your kids will love helping to make these felt cutlery holders to display on the big day. (via Party With Unicorns)

Free Printable Thanksgiving Activity Book for Kids

(8)  Printable Turkey Hat Craft: Have your kids pitch in to help make one of these colorful Turkey hats for each child at the kids’ table. (via Kids Craft Room)

(9)  Paper Plate Turkey Hat: It’s time to paint, cut, and glue with these adorable paper plate turkey hats. Most of the items you probably already have on hand. (via Honey and Lime)

(10) DIY Brown Paper Tablecloth: This fun brown paper table “cloth” is full of hand-written activities. It will make the adults wish they were sitting at the kids’ table too! (via Meaningful Mama)

(11) Printable Thanksgiving Hats: These Thanksgiving hats are easy crafts to keep your kids busy while they wait and can be reused as table decorations after they are done wearing them. (via Printables Fairy)

(12) DIY Pilgrim Hat: Easily crafted with just a few folds, these paper hats get kids into character as Pilgrims on Thanksgiving Day. (via Martha Stewart)

(13) Napkin Ring Craft: These napkin rings are an adorable way to personalize your holiday dinner table. (via Organized 31)

(14) Bottle Top Napkin Rings: Made out of bottle caps and paper towel rolls, this is the ultimate recycled craft that kids will love to help make! (via The Country Chic Cottage)

Free Printable Thanksgiving Activity Book for Kids

(15) Kids Thanksgiving Placemats: Print these Thanksgiving placemats at your local printer and let the kids color them while they are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to begin! (via Sister’s Suitcase Blog)

(16) Give Thanks Centerpiece: This is a totally cute and festive centerpiece for your turkey table that kids can create with not a lot of assistance. (via

(17) Thankful Printable: This printable set not only comes with super cute napkin rings, but simple “I am Thankful for…” writing and drawing pages. (via Projects With Kids)

(18) Thanksgiving Placemats: Here are 3 beautifully designed digital downloads that you can print for the kids to color at the table. (via Ella Claire Inspired)

(19) DIY Turkey Votive: These cute Turkey Votive holders will lighten and brighten your kids’ table. (via Creatively Beth)

With so many amazing Thanksgiving crafts to choose from, the hardest part will be selecting which one to do first!

From our family to yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. And we’d love to know which crafts you end up creating – tell us in the comments below!

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