Last year when I shared what I was getting my kids for the holidays, I got such a great response that I thought I would do it again. Hopefully some of these ideas will be perfect for your kids as well, or they’ll help provide inspiration and spark new thoughts.

If there’s nothing that matches up for your child, a quick browse through our Toy and Non-Toy Gift Guides should lead you in the right direction.

We spend all year testing products with parents and kids for potential inclusion. There’s no junk, no kitchy fads, just the stuff that will be played with over and over again. Last year these gift guides were used by almost 2 MILLION parents who trusted our recommendations for their children, so we promise you are in good hands!

2-4 year old

These are some of the gifts I’ve selected for my 2.5 year old daughter, but they would make great presents for any child between the ages of 2 and 4.

(1)  EzyRoller Mini

I got my 5-year old daughter the EzyRoller classic for her birthday and it was a huge hit.

ALL my kids always want a turn, including my youngest, but she can’t quite reach the foot rest just yet. So she’ll be thrilled to get the EzyRoller “Mini” (for ages 2-4) as her “big” present, and I know she is going to just love it.

You simply push your feet back and forth to propel yourself forward and to steer. There is a simple hand brake, and you can make sharp turns – it’s pure fun! And anything that will get my kids outside and active is a huge win for me too!

If you have older kids, I definitely recommend the EzyRoller Classic for 4-10 and the Drifter X for ages 6-14.

(2)  Boogie Board Magic Sketch

I love these magical Boogie Boards for keeping in the car or in my bag to pull out when entertainment is needed. This one reveals rainbow colors and comes with a few fun tools to experiment with + learning and games activity cards. With the press of a button the screen is wiped clear and they can start fresh.

(3)  Cute Stone Sink

This play sink was the biggest hit of last Christmas for my then 1.5 year old. It includes a spout where the water recirculates so they can pretend to wash dishes, or anything else they choose (my daughter like to use little plastic figures of babies and animals and give them a bath!). Ours recently took a hard fall on the floor and the water spout stopped working, so I’m going to replace it with a new one. She was so upset it broke so I know she will be SO happy to unwrap it! 100% worth the money for this!

They also have a new version that includes a little kitchen stove.

(4)  Montessori Climbing Triangle

I’ve been contemplating getting one of these Montessori Climbers for a while, but the concern of where to keep it (given that it takes up a decent about of space) always stopped me from pulling the trigger. Then I saw this beauty from Lily and River that folds flat for storage and I was sold.

It will be great for getting energy out inside over the winter, and kids can do so many different variations with the climber + reversible ladder/slide (not only climbing, but using it for fort building and imaginative play). It’s going to be a joint gift to my 2 youngest kids (2 and 5).

(5)  The Story Orchestra Books

My daughter is just enthralled with these beautiful, interactive The Story Orchestra books which all feature stunning illustrations and a retelling of a classic ballet story. But the unique element is that on each page you can press a button to hear the sound of an orchestra playing Tchaikovsky’s or Vivaldi’s music that corresponds with that scene.

We have “Sleeping Beauty” and “Swan Lake”, but I’ll be wrapping up “The Nutcracker” for her to open on Christmas morning.

These would be suitable for older kids too!

(6)  Poke-a-Dot Books

If you’re looking for another book idea, take a look at the new Poke-a-Dot books from Melissa and Doug, which feature plastic pop-up “dots” that your child can pop down on each page. They are not only highly entertaining, but also help your child’s gross motor skills and counting! I scooped up this Night Before Christmas version!

(7)  Alphabet Legends Books

I could not love these Alphabet Legends books more – not only can your child learn their ABC’s, but they can also learn about famous legends from sports, history or current events. We already have Lady Legends and Basketball Legends but will be getting Sports Women Legends to add to our collection.

5-6 Year Old

This is a fun age to buy for, as there’s such a wide selection available, and they’re still very much into playing with toys and crafts. I picked these for my 5.5-year old daughter, but most would fit both genders in the 5-6 age range.

(1)  Karaoke Microphone

If you don’t have one of these Bluetooth Karaoke Microphones, I highly recommend them. Yes, you may need to buy a pair of ear plugs, but they really inspire dramatic play. My oldest daughter has one and my 5-year old is always trying to “borrow” it, so this purchase will not only entertain her, but also help keep the peace!

(2)  Lap Desk

This is another gift my older daughter previously received that is highly coveted by my 5-year old. It turns your lap into a desk, with a hard writing surface on top, and a cushy bottom to rest on your legs. With remote learning, I know she will use it a ton!

(3)  Art Cart with Ooly Art Supplies

I got one of these 3-Tier Rolling Carts to hold our remote learning supplies, and I love that it can be rolled out of the way when school is not in session. As my daughter loves drawing, coloring and creating, I’ve decided to get another cart (in this fun teal color!) and turn it into a dedicated Art Cart, stocked with new art supplies.

I recently discovered Ooly and they’ve quickly become one of my go-tos for kids’ art supplies – they have a huge selection of creative products like color changing markersscented glitter gel penspretty paintswatercolor gel crayons, plus coloring books,  stickers, and more. Just take a browse through their selection on Amazon and I promise you will find something great for your child!

(4)  Wall Sticker Dollhouse

This idea is pure genius. A massive paper dollhouse that you can attach to a door or a wall that your child can then fill with the accompanying people and furniture stickers. Getting 3 of these for all my girls!

(5)  Young, Wild & Friedman Sensory Kits

I am totally obsessed with this mom-run company, that makes the most magical sensory playdough kits. Each kit has its own theme (a few of our favorites include “ice cream”, “fairy”, “construction” and “pirate”), and comes with 3 balls of homemade, non-toxic playdough, and the most amazing little accessories. I love how it gives your child an invitation to play and create, and lets their imaginations go to work.

Last Christmas I got my daughters the Unicorn kit, and it was one of the most played with gifts (and still is!).

There are so many themes to choose from (geared to both boys and girls), but this year I chose a holiday one where they can decorate a Christmas tree!

7-8 Year Old

My oldest daughter is 8 and loves crafts and creating so many of her gifts will focus on fostering her creativity.

(1)  LEGO Dots

One of the top things on my 8-year old daughter’s list this year are LEGO Dots. This new line from LEGO encourages creativity by providing small “dot” pieces to decorate and design the things you build. And they’re useful things too, like this Pencil HolderJewelry Stand, and Mini Photo Frames. I’ll be putting a bracelet and extra “Dots” in her stocking too!

(2)  Swirl & Style Tie Dye Studio

My daughter is big into the make-your-own Tie-Dye shirts and this kit I got her for her birthday was a big hit. HOWEVER, we did it outside to contain the mess, and she stained quite a few items of her clothing in the process. So when I saw this new self-contained tie-dye system, I thought it would be perfect! You tie up your white shirt and then place it inside a ball where you can then squirt in your dye. The reviews are great and I’m going to gift it with a few long sleeved white Ts from Target.

note: hurry on this one – it seems to be selling out fast and isn’t currently available on Amazon until January!

(3)  Amazon Essentials Fleece Sweatshirt

These zip-up style fleece sweatshirts are the only style my daughter will wear these days, so she’ll be getting a few new colors in both the Polar Fleece style, and the high-pile Fleece. They’re soft and cozy, and a great value. Also available in boys too!

note: order a size up in these, these definitely run small

(4)  Fortune Teller Kit

The 90’s girl in me loves that my daughter finds these Fortune Tellers (or “Cootie Catchers” as some call them) so fun. They’re perfect for making and playing with friends or siblings, and although you don’t need any fancy supplies to create your own, I found 2 sets that I know she’ll love. This one includes colorful papers, stickers, and a secret reveal pen, while this one from Usborne has some designs with messages already written + some to create your own.

(5)  Aquaponic Fish Tank

If your child has been begging you for a pet, but you’re not quite up for a dog or hamster, try a fish! We got my daughter this 1.4 gallon Aquaponic Fish Tank for her birthday, and I can’t say enough good things about it. It doesn’t have any plugs, lights or bubbles, it’s just a simple tank that has a place to put a plant on top that creates a symbiotic environment.

The waste generated by the fish acts as a food source for the plant. In turn, the plant filters the water to provide the fish with clear and clean water. We do have to change about 25% of the water every week or so, so it is very low maintenance!

We planted a few stalks of bamboo, and bought a betta fish – but you could use other indoor house plants and get a goldfish, tetra or white cloud minnow. Easiest pet ever!

(6)  Roller Blades

Back in April when we were deep into our quarantine, we cleaned out our garage and got my 2 big kids rollerblades to get them outside and learning something new. My daughter really took to it, and I’m going to upgrade her pair of blades to these from Rollerblade which will last her another few years (they’re adjustable!), and pass down her current pair to her younger sister. (they also come in a more boy-friendly red/black color). 

If you do decide to gift a pair, make sure you include a full set of pads, including wrist guards!

9-10+ year old

This is a tough age to buy for, but I’m focusing on screen-free fun, for indoor fun and outdoor adventures.

(1)  Gabb Wireless Phone

This was one of my favorite finds that I previously shared, it’s the first smartphone made for pre-teen kids that has all the essentials they need, but nothing they don’t.

Gabb Wireless Z2 includes:

  • texting
  • calling
  • gps
  • ability to take photos/videos (including the ever-popular selfies)
  • calendar
  • + music, contacts, calendar, clock, voice recorder, FM radio, file manager & settings

…but has NO ability to:

  • browse the Internet
  • access the App store
  • use social media apps

It’s a real smart phone where you swipe up to access all the included apps, and gives your child the freedom of having a phone, without the constant worry of them accessing things they don’t

There’s NO contract, you pay month-to-month and can choose between 2 service plans. 

SPECIAL DEAL: Gabb is currently offering 20% off their phone + you can stack our special discount for an extra $10 off using this link and code: ALY10

(2)  Ramp Set

Our neighbor has these bike ramps and the kids play on them every single day, both with bikes and scooters. It comes with 2 sturdy ramps which you can use separately, or you can join them together with the flat connector piece. They’ve even used them in the snow to create jumps for their sleds. I’m getting him his own set so they can create even more fun set-ups with double the jumps.

(3)  Tech Deck Finger Skateboards

These finger skateboards are one of the only “toys” my son asked for, so he’ll be getting a few for his stocking, plus this mini skatepark which includes some ramps and jumps. You can set them up and then “skate” using your fingers on the board. He’s already designed a whole skatepark with cardboard and tape so he’s so excited to get the real deal.

(4)  GraviTrax

These GraviTrax sets are the future of marble runs. The Starter Set comes with everything you need to create your own tracks, and you can add on fun accessories that will launch your ball, speed it up, or flip it in the air. I’m always looking for screen-free toys that will keep my kids engaged, and think this is going to be a big hit for my son who has always love to build.

(5)  Yvolution Y Fliker Drifting Scooter

These drifting scooters are super fun – they have 3 wheels, and you place both feet on separate pads, and then push back and forth to make it propel forward. Then you adjust your weight on the foot pads to make it turn and drift. If your child likes a regular scooter, they’ll love these Y Flikers!And if you didn’t find the perfect idea for your child with these suggestions, not to worry, we’ve got hundreds more in our Gift Guides for Kids, including:

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