Gift Guide Best Princess Toys and Gifts

Looking for the best gift ideas for the princess-obsessed? We’ve got all the top-rated princess toys right here.

Greetings! We’re so glad you’ve landed on one of our incredible What Moms Love Gift Guides for Kids. If you’re in the midst of frantically searching for the perfect toy for your child (or niece, or nephew, or friend’s kid, or…well, you get the picture) you can breathe a sigh of relief, because this is where you’ll find it. The gift that will not only get gasps of excitement when opening, but one that won’t be relegated to the bottom of a deep, dark storage bin.

In case you’re not familiar with our guides, we work year-round testing toys with kids of all ages and stages, and feature only the ones that repeatedly knocked their socks off. We arrange these gems in our different guides based on a child’s interests because we asked parents how they typically shop, and the overwhelming response was that they search for what their child is currently obsessing over – you know, that one “category” they just can’t get enough of. 

For you, you must be on the hunt for that perfect Princess gift for your wanna-be royal majesty, yes?

Well the magical world of princesses is all fun and games until you go searching for a princess themed gift. Then you’re hit with thousands of choices, with overpriced cheap plastic leading the charge.

Luckily, our guide will navigate you through it so your princess gift will be fit for a, well, princess. We’ve found all the princess gems in categories like princess dolls and doll houses, arts and crafts, building toys, imaginative play and books. There are no duds on here, only gifts that will be played with, worn, or used from “once upon a time” all the way to “the end”.

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Gift Guide Best Princess Toys and Gifts for Girls

*recommended ages are from manufacturers

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


You can’t help but smile at these stunning 3 ½” Princess Peg Dolls, and they’re so unique that we had a feeding-frenzy of little girl toy-testers trying to play with them. Hand-painted and sealed with non-toxic paint, these remind us of the wooden Fisher Price Little People (that were actually little!) we played with as a child. They’re the perfect size for any doll house (check out our recommended picks for Princess Castles in the next section), and the simplicity of them is oh-so refreshing – not a sequin, sparkle or petticoat in sight. These make a one-of-a-kind gift that will be treasured by any young girl. (editor’s note: I can’t wait to give these to my daughter for Christmas!)

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


The Disney Princess Toddler collection features all your child’s favorite princesses as younger toddler versions of themselves. These dolls really attract the 3-5 year olds with their larger-than-life reflective eyes (although we’ve seen 8 year olds happily playing with them as well), and if your child will fit into a size 3T-4T make sure to get the Disney Princess Doll and Dress Combo, which comes with a matching princess dress.

Another favorite in this collection is the Disney Frozen Snow Glow Elsa Singing Doll. Press Elsa’s magical necklace and she’ll recite popular phrases from the movie like “Do you wanna build a snowman”, or raise her arm to hear her sing “Let it Go” and watch her dress light up. This one takes a leap of faith from mom (luckily the song lasts only 32 seconds, but that can seem like an eternity on the 45th time around…and sorry, there’s no volume control!), but the look of amazement and sheer joy on your little girl’s face as she looks into those big Elsa eyes may just be worth it.

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


Another must-have for any wannabe princess’ collection, are the Barbie-style Disney princess dolls, which come in this amazing Disney Princess Royal Collection. It includes 11 classic princesses (you’ll unfortunately have to buy Anna, and Elsa separately), and the sheer size of the box makes for a really, really impressive gift!  

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


If you’re looking for something a bit more huggable – perhaps for a younger girl, or someone who likes to take their princesses to bed – we’ve found these 20” Disney Princess Plush Dolls to be a total hit. They are the perfect size for picking up and twirling around, and this is exactly what our testers did, pretending they were at the royal ball together. Grab your child’s favorite like AnnaElsaBelleAriel or Rapunzel.

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


Now if your child doesn’t mind her princess being the non-Disney variety, we absolutely adore these handmade soft princess dolls from the Etsy shop La Loba (in fact, we featured them in our Best Babies, Dolls and Doll Accessory Guide too!). Each 19″ doll comes with a removable crown, and a fun double-sided printed fabric cape and removable skirt. You can even do a custom order to make the doll resemble your child or add a personalized name patch. Extra outfits including skirts, tops and PJs are also available for dress-up play.

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Best Princess Gifts for Girls


We absolutely love when we find toys that are multi-functional and can offer kids different play options, which is why Teamson’s Dual Theme Ice/Princess Castle was a clear winner to make our “best of” list. On one side you’ll find a sunny and warm castle, fit for the finest princess, and on the other there’s an icy cold palace that will elicit major smiles from “Frozen” fans.

Each side has 3 levels of play, includes several pieces of furniture, and is made to fit 12” (Barbie sized) dolls – although we found that smaller figures also found themselves right at home.

It’s the perfect gift for siblings as they can easily play at the same time…with separation as needed!

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


Playmobil is known for their high-quality themed playsets with lots of great details (if you have boys, their City ActionKnights and Pirates collections are awesome!), and they certainly don’t disappoint with their Princess Fantasy Castle. With a gilded entrance gate, velvet-lined staircase, spinning dance floor and the tower’s secret hideout, our testers were exploring every detail for hours. This is a toy that can turn any ordinary figurine into a Royal, and will spark loads of creative and imaginative play.

For extra fun, add on some of their additional characters and furniture packs. The Royal Bed Chamber with Cradle (includes the elusive baby!) and Royal Banquet Room (includes a smaller Prince and Princess) are the ones to pick.

Best Princess Gifts for Girls

This awesome Color Me Princess Cape gives you two presents in one: a detailed coloring project, and a fun prop for imaginative play. The cape comes printed with outlines of fairy-tale images (crowns, castles and unicorns, oh my!) that your child can bring to life with the 8 included permanent markers (yes, permanent, so keep that in mind when buying for younger children).

It has a velcro closure at the neck for easy on and off, and can also be reversed to show the pink satin lining if they want to go for a more elegant look. A super fun project that all the girls we had working on it desparately wanted to take home. (And psst – there’s also awesome Fairy and Superhero versions)

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


The Royal Palace is hands-down the best Play-Doh set for princess lovers. It has tons of cool features and will keep them engaged for long chunks of time (you may even be able to sit down with a hot cup o’ Joe). It comes with Cinderella and Ariel figures and 2 dress molds that can be squeezed around them to create magnificent sparkling ball gowns (thanks to the included Sparkle ‘Doh).

Your kids can embellish them using the little molds on the castle, and then twirl the princesses on a platform to show off their creations. You can also press out a long stream of Rapunzel’s “hair” from the top of the tower which kept our 4-year testers completely fascinated.

Best Princess Gifts for Girls

 A few other Princess-themed Arts & Crafts sets that got high-ratings with our royal cherubs were:

Best Princess Gifts for Girls

If you can get your hands on last year’s Duplo Disney Princess Collection for a reasonable price, it is an incredible Lego set for any Princess lover. It comes with not one, not two, but THREE different princesses and their coordinating homes (Cinderella and her castle, Ariel and her grotto, and Snow White and her Cottage). Ariel’s undersea world includes a great slide which really ups the play-factor, and your kids will love bringing the princesses around to visit each other’s home. The sweet spot for this set would be ages 3-5, although even those kids who have moved onto the smaller Legos will still enjoy this one.

If it’s not available (quantities were limited when we released our updates in late September), then we’d opt for the much loved Sophia the First Magical Carriage set which had great playability with our testers thanks to the inclusion of Sophia’s horse Minimus, which can carry her, or pull the carriage. 

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


This beautifully crafted set of wooden Fairy Tale Blocks is one of the toys that our little princesses keep going back to again and again – and the creations they made were truly out of a fairytale. The 35-piece set also includes a prince, carriage and 2 horses which can be put together to cart the prince around. We added in our most-favorite 60-piece Melissa & Doug Wooden Block Set and the castles got even bigger and more complex – amazing open-ended fun!

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


Is it a puzzle? Is it a dollhouse? Yes and yes! This incredible Pink Palace 3D Puzzle becomes a useable dollhouse (with figures, furniture and a carriage) when assembled. Our detail-oriented 6-year old was able to follow the instructions to fit together the 100+ cardboard pieces (which are all color, shape and number coded) with no glue, scissors or Mom required!

And after they’re done building, they are so proud of the incredible play house they created. Sure it won’t last forever (although ours is still going strong), but for under $10 (yep, you read that right) you will certainly get your money’s worth.

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


If you’re looking to buy one larger Lego set, have it be this one, the Arendelle Castle Celebration. For one, it’s from Frozen, which automatically gets you Ooos and Ahhhs. And once it’s built, it doubles as an amazing dollhouse for the included Elsa, Anna and Olaf figures with separate bedrooms and living spaces with incredible details and yep, a slide!

Two other Lego Princess sets we love for their playability are from their awesome Juniors line:

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Best Princess Gifts for Girls

Just watch your kids’ faces light up after building this fun castle, fit for any little princess or Knight in shining armor. They will need a little help with the assembly, but it’s quick and simple to do, and with the locking tabs and thick cardboard, it actually turns out to be quite durable. (editor’s note: we’ve had an Easy Playhouse for over a year and it is still going strong…and it’s held up to some rough and tumble play!)

Not only do they get a “fort” perfect for princess tea parties and sleepovers, but they actually get to decorate it as well. The set comes with 4 markers (but you can use any ol’ Crayolas) and just enough pre-printed details to spark their creativity. This one will keep them “locked up” for hours on end, and we’ve found it’s the first thing used during play dates.

There’s also a fun Gingerbread house and Garage too!

Best Princess Gifts for Girls


Every little girl needs this Disney Princess Dress-up Trunk. It will transform them into the most beautiful of princesses with 21 pieces that includes shirts, skirts, headbands, bracelets, rings, earrings and a necklace – which can be tucked away in the Princess-decorated storage trunk when dress-up time is over. Sized to fit kids in the 4-6 range, we think this is the perfect gift for any 3-6 year old.

Add on the Melissa and Doug Dress-up TiaraShoe and Wand sets for even more excitement.


Not much is better after a long day of princess-play then snuggling up at night to a good book about, you guessed it, princesses!

Best Princess Gifts for Girls

If your little girl wants to hear new tales about all her favorite characters like Cinderella, Belle and Rapunzel, this beautifully illustrated book of 5-minute Princess Stories (which they are, we timed them!) is a perfect way to drift off into their royal slumber. There’s also a 5-minute Frozen Stories for those that just can’t get enough of Anna and Elsa.

Best Princess Gifts for Girls

We love this empowering princess book so much, we want to give it to every young girl we know. The story centers on a Princess who becomes a hero when she rescues her kidnapped Prince from a Dragon. But when she gets an unruly response from him regarding her messy appearance, she does something that we would hope our daughters would do in this situation: gives him a piece of her mind! This modern tale teaches an important lesson about relationships and will leave you and your daughter saying “you go girl”!

Best Princess Gifts for Girls

We love this series so much we highlighted it in our popular post 7 Read-Aloud Chapter Book Series to Successfully Introduce Your Kids To Chapters (And Have Them Begging For “Just One More…”). The books feature Princess Magnolia, who you think is a typical princess in a pink puffy dress, but really she’s the Princess in Black – a caped crusader who fights off monsters and hungry bunnies! The books include full-color illustrations and provide a great message: you can be girly but still kick some serious butt.

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Best Princess Gifts for Girls

Check out a few of our other favorite Princess books that have strong positive messages for girls. These should all be required reading and make a great gift!

Best Princess Gifts for Girls

We are in serious love with these unique Disney Princess prints from Marco Friend via Etsy. They are the most tasteful representations of the Disney princesses we’ve come across, and we’d actually be happy to hang them in their rooms (that kiddy poster, not so much).  They can be printed on white canvas or burlap in a variety of different sizes (and will even take custom orders). We showed these prints to groups of girls ranging in age from 3 to 13, and they all gave the same response: “I want those for MY room!”

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