Best Toys Gift Guide For Kids

Our Gift Guides have been viewed millions of times and have helped countless parents choose the best toys for their kids. Read on to find out how they work!

Are you looking for a gift for your kids that you want to end up at the back of a cluttered, dusty closet? Perhaps something they’ll use just once or twice? Or maybe something that won’t even make it out of the packaging?

No way, right?!

Well, you’ve landed in the right place, because we’ve been working day in and day out on our amazing Toy Gift Guides to make certain that every single recommendation is a homerun. Not only will these toys elicit wide eyes and squeals of joy upon opening, but they’ll also be the ones they return to play with for weeks, months and even years down the line.

There are no duds here, nah-uh.

How can we be so sure? Well, glad ya asked.

At What Moms Love, our job is to make your busy life easier, so we do the research and leg work for you. This involves year-round testing of toys with kids of all ages and stages, buddying up with local toy shops to get their real-time feedback and recommendations for the “hot” new toys, and bugging every parent we know about their kids’ favorite toys.

We’re pretty sure we get just as excited as our kid-toy-testers when we find the gems – and we can’t wait to share them with you in our guides.

Now, a little bit about how the guides work. We’ve broken each guide down by INTEREST (rather than age), because when we asked parents how they usually research or shop for their kids’ presents, they overwhelming said that they search based on their latest obsession – whether that be Princesses, Trucks, Legos, Star Wars or magical-stuffed-unicorns-with-sparkles-and-rainbow-hair.

These interests are what ultimately drive the gift decision and getting them something that they’re passionate about automatically puts your gift in the winning circle. Pair that with our research for the best picks, and your gift is guaranteed to be the victor.

Bookmark, print, and PIN this guide so it’s always handy when a gift-giving occasion arises!

Best Toy Gift Guide For Kids - Holidays Birthdays

  So let’s get to it shall we, presenting the What Moms Love Gift Guides For Kids

And we’re always working on more guides (coming soon: The Best Personalized Gifts for Kids).

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And if that’s not enough, if you’d prefer to gift something that isn’t a toy but rather an experience that will stay with them for a lifetime, an educational present that can expand their horizons, a fun practical item that can be used every day, or a sentimental treasure with deeper meaning, head over to our Unrivaled Guide To Non-Toy Gifts. 200+ Presents For Kids Of All Ages (That Aren’t Toys!)

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This ultimate guide includes 8 parts:

And if you can’t find the perfect gift with all these guides, well…no, actually, that’s not even impossible. Instead we’ll high-five you for finding the one where your child will run and hug you while saying, “this is just what I wanted!” Happy shopping!

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