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The Secret to Less Baby Stuff. These 10 Multi-Functional Baby Products Will Grow With Your Child and Last For Years.

The Secret to Less Baby Stuff. These 10 Multi-Functional Baby Products Will Grow With Your Child and Last For Years.

For being so tiny, babies sure need a lot of stuff. And with such rapid growth, it becomes a constant cycle of outgrowing and purchasing more. So when if comes to buying things for your baby, it’s smart to think ahead. We’ve found some really clever, multi-functional baby products that will grow with your child and last for years, instead of months. You may spend a little bit more upfront, but over time, you’ll not only save money, but you’ll save space and sanity too. Holla!

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LittleBig Bikes - a convertible bike that will grow with your child.


We’re big advocates of balance bikes – they teach your child the fundamentals of coordination and balance, making the transition to a pedal bike a breeze. But let’s be real, they are expensive, and you’ll soon need to purchase that first bike as well.

Enter the LittleBig: a convertible 3‑in‑1 bike that can grow with your child. The LittleBig starts as a pedal-less balance bike for kids age 2+, but can transform into a bigger balance bike with a higher seat and longer arm reach.

And when your child is ready for the next step, add the pedal and crank attachment, and you’ve got a proper pedal bike suitable for kids up to age 7. That’s one bike, 7 years. Genius.


Rocky Convertible Bed - a bed that will grow with your baby


by Jäll and Tofta

There are plenty of cribs out there that convert into a toddler bed, but the Rocky from Jäll and Tofta takes this idea one step further, adjusting for 4 different stages of use. Rocky begins as a baby cradle combined with a parent rocking-chair. You can sit and rock your baby, and then simply plop them down in the cradle, while continuing to rock as you are sitting down. The sitting down part – that is life changing!

As your baby grows, Rocky can be flipped over and turned into a full-size crib. Once they’re ready for a toddler bed, Rocky can be flipped back to provide a bed with a built-in safety rail. The final transformation removes the bedrail.

In addition to its amazing multi-functionality, we love Rocky’s modern, sleek design that would look amazing in any nursery. And we can totally see our kids using the bottom area as a secret hide out…does that make it a 5‑in‑1?


Buy less baby stuff with these multi-functional products. Mini2go scooter from Micro Mini.


by Micro Kickboard

We love this product from one of our favorite scooter companies, Micro Kickboard. The Mini2Go starts as a fun ride-on toy with a de-attachable drawer that slides out so your toddler can bring all their favorite possessions with them on their adventures.

It can then convert to a stand-up scooter with a back brake and an extendable T‑bar that can further grow with your child. The Mini2Go features Micro’s simple lean-to-steer maneuverability, and non-marking wheels so it can be used indoors if you are brave!


Buy less baby stuff with these multi-functional products. 4Moms Breeze converts from changing table to bassinet to travel crib to play yard


by 4moms

The Breeze is aptly named; it opens or closes in one simple step – push down, or pull up. That’s it, really, it’s a…well, breeze. Its primary use is meant as a travel crib, for which it gets top ranking for its convenient travel bag and easy set-up. However, with the included removable bassinet and waterproof changing pad, it can also function as a changing table, bassinet and play yard. This product can save you a ton of frustration, space, and best yet, cash!


Buy less baby stuff with these multi-functional products. Mishidesign grow-up converts from a walker to a ride-on toy to a shopping cart.


by MishiDesign

This innovative, solid-wood 3‑in‑1 toy will bring your child years of enjoyment – from their first steps, until age 6+. It starts out as a sturdy walker then easily converts to a ride-on toy with a wagon. Finally, it can be transformed into a play shopping cart/toy stroller. All configurations allow a child to tote along their most treasured belongings, making the Grow-Up a truly unique toy they will love at all stages.


Buy less baby stuff with these multi-functional products. Oribel Portaplay Activity Center Exersaucer and Activity Table.


by Oribel

Oribel’s PortaPlay Activity Center is a beautiful, modern version of the exersaucer. It doesn’t have any lights or music (parents rejoice!) but can hold a baby’s attention with the thoughtful and engaging toys that surround it. The seat turns 360º and integrated elastic bands in the fabric pad allow baby to bounce and engage their muscles. The legs adjust vertically to accommodate your growing child, and also fold-in so it can be easily stored when not in use.

But if you weren’t already sold, here’s the kicker – when your child has outgrown the seat, the PortaPlay can convert into an activity table for drawing, building or snack time. Love!


Buy less baby stuff with these multi-functional products. 4moms Mamaroo - a bouncer and swing in one.


by 4moms

We love 4moms, and their Mamaroo infant seat is definitely swoon-worthy. The idea behind it is simple – to make a seat that moves like you do. So the Mamaroo was developed with 5 unique motions that mimic the movements we make when comforting our babies. Our favorites: tree swing, kangaroo and the wave.

You can recline the seat so baby is lying back to sleep, or sitting up to engage. With 5 speeds, 4 built-in sounds and MP3 player connectivity, baby fussiness doesn’t exist in this seat.

It’s now Bluetooth enabled so you can control the motion, speed and sound all from the palm of your hand. And at ½ the size of a traditional swing, the Mamaroo is a stylish, space-saving product everyone will appreciate.


Buy less baby stuff with these multi-functional products. Rokii 3-in-1 Rocker and Ride-on by Bower and Beyond.


by Bower and Beyond

Designed by an Australian mother of 4 kids under 5, the Rokii embodies multi-tasking and functionality. The rocking egg with quilted cotton liner can be laid in a flat position for newborns, and then adjusted to become more upright as your baby develops.

Once your child has outgrown the seat, simply attach the Rokii animal on top of the egg and get rockin’! Attach the removable wheels and get rollin’. The box it comes in even converts to a sweet little home to park your Rokii animal – designed by a mom indeed!


Buy less baby stuff with these multi-functional products. Land of Nod Adjustable Activity Table converts from train table to activity table to desk.


by Crate&kids

One of the staples your child will use as they grow-up is a good, solid table that is proportionally sized for their height. The problem with this, of course, is that their height is constantly increasing, but your budget for kid stuff is not. Luckily, there is a solution: an activity table with 3 sets of legs that allows you to adjust the height of the table as your child gets taller.

Use the 15” legs for use as a train table, the 23” legs for use as an art table, and the 30” legs for a desk suitable for homework (because that time will come!). There’s no question, this table will get years of use, making it worth every penny.


Buy less baby stuff with these multi-functional products. Ingenuity Baby Base can be a support seat, high chair and booster seat.


By Ingenuity

The Baby Base is a smart convertible seat that can be used from the time when your baby is learning to sit, all the way until they are a toddler using a booster seat at mealtime. Better yet, it’s a great space saver for those who don’t want a full-sized high chair clogging up their kitchen.

Start using the Baby Base as a floor seat to provide added support for your new sitter – a wipeable foam insert and 3‑point harness keeps baby comfy and safe. Once they are ready for food, the Baby Base can be secured to a dining chair and the included tray used for their first meals. The tray can even be stored beneath the seat for easy travel use.

Eventually the foam insert can be removed which converts it into a booster seat for your toddler. With a retail price less than $40, that’s a lot of bang for your buck.


What are your favorite multi-functional products? Let us know if you’ve tried any on our list by leaving a comment below.

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