New Ergobaby ADAPT Carrier. No infant insert required!

Given that so much you’ll buy for your baby will only last for a blink of an eye, we tend to get embarrassingly excited for products that have a long shelf life. We are also big advocates of baby wearing – not only do we love the feeling of our sweet bambino snuggled up close, but let’s face it, sometimes we just need TWO hands to get through the day. We’ve been through the gamut of buying different carriers for different stages, so when our friends at Ergobaby announced they were launching a new carrier that could easily convert to fit babies from 7-45lbs without the need for an infant insert, we brought out the secret candy stash and celebrated.

Sound the horns for the Ergobaby ADAPT Carrier. Within a flash of Velcro, this carrier can adapt to fit a 7lb newborn fresh from the hospital to fit your 4-year old who simply can’t. walk. one. more. step.

New Ergobaby Adapt Carrier. Easy adjustable waistband. No infant insert required.

The secret is in the innovative waistband that features color coded stitching and easy Velcro straps that can be quickly secured on the right setting based on your child’s height. Further adjustments can be made to the ergonomic bucket seat with the front straps that can be cinched in to ensure baby is seated comfortably in the correct natural “M” shape. Good bye infant insert, we loathed you so.

But wait, there’s more. The ADAPT is the first Ergobaby carrier that allows you to criss-cross the shoulder straps on your back and buckle at the front. This means those of us with narrow or wide shoulders can get a comfier fit, and there is no struggling trying to connect the back buckle while wearing a puffy coat (tell us we aren’t the only ones?!)

Other features we go ga-ga over include the cushy, foldable head and neck support, the tuck-away hood to shield the sun or a bystander’s glare, and the extra lumbar support on the waistband. And Ergobaby listened to reviews and brought back the buckle waist closure, because loud Velcro and a sleeping baby just don’t mix.

New Ergobaby ADAPT Carrier. No infant insert required.

The Ergobaby ADAPT has 3 carry positions: front-inward, hip and back. Sadly there are no magical unicorns flying over rainbows, so this carrier cannot carry your child facing outwards. But if that’s important to you, check out the Ergobaby 360

For $145, the ADAPT can adapt (yes, we went there) and grow with your baby for 4+ years. So say sayonara to your rolled up receiving blanket or extra strange pillow insert, and adapt (hey, did it again) to a comfortable, easy-to-adjust carrier you can use for the long haul.

Ergobaby ADAPT Carrier comes in 2 colors – Black or Pebble Grey

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Have you tried this awesome new carrier? What’s your favorite babywearing position? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.



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