Austlen Entourage Stroller Review

Can you imagine a stroller that can haul 150lbs, transform to 30 different configurations, easily fold (compactly!), and be drop-dead gorgeous? Neither could we – until, that is, we met the hot new set o’ wheels that is going to completely revolutionize the stroller market, the Austlen Entourage.

Now taking pre-orders and set to launch before the end of the year, the Austlen Entourage will tout the highest versatility, convertibility and storage capacity of any stroller on the planet. We’re talking numero uno. Giving parents the flexibility they need to enjoy everyday situations, and the ability to adapt to their child’s development and growth of their family.

Before we dive right into the incredible features (‘cause there are tons!), we think it’s important to note the story behind this innovative stroller, because it certainly hit home with us. The Entourage has been a labor of love for Leslie Stiba, a mom of twins and former Dell product designer, for almost a decade. She saw a gap in the market for a stroller that could essentially double as a pack mule – strong enough to carry groceries, suitcases or any combination of gear needed for family outings and vacations. Leslie teamed up with a former engineer from baby gear giants Graco, Aprica and Teutonia, creating a power team that has used their strengths to morph luxurious design with intuitive (and darn genius) operation.

So yea, let’s get to that darn genius operation shall we?


The most unique feature of the Entourage is its telescoping frame that can expand to 3 different positions. Now many times when a product is “convertible”, it’s a royal pain in the ol’ behind to make the actual conversion, so much so that you never end up getting your money’s worth out of the feature. But that is certainly not the case here – with the simple push of a button, the frame expands forwards or backwards. No extra latches, switches, or crazy foot-levers necessary. And the cherry on top: your child does not even need to get out of the stroller (designed by a mom indeed)!

Austlen Entourage Stroller Review Unique Expanding Frame

This incredible frame expansion allows you room to tote over-sized items you would never be able to carry with a regular stroller. Imagine going to the beach and fitting in your large cooler, umbrellas and beach chairs. Or walking to the grocery store and buying a bag of dog food, paper towels and 12-pack of seltzer. Or going to the airport and instead of struggling to push your child and pull your suitcase, you simply place the suitcases ON your stroller. Blown away yet?

There’s still so much more!

Austlen Entourage Stroller Review. Huge Storage Capacity.

The Entourage comes equipped with a nifty “basket” they call the Market Tote that sits between the handlebar and seat. In no-expansion mode it’s a great place for your keys, cell phone and drink. But the real magic happens when the frame is extended, allowing the Market Tote to expand to fit up to 35lbs worth of stuff. And you can simply lift it on and off the frame, so you can fill it up with groceries at the store and then place it right onto the cashier’s belt. So. Darn. Cool.

Austlen Entourage Stroller Review. Expandable Market Tote.

Remember we said the Entourage is set to become the most versatile stroller on the market? Well that’s because its telescoping frame allows it to covert to 30 different configurations. Thirty! This includes variations with a single seat + car seat, 2 car seats, 2 single seats, and a single seat + sit/stand jumpseat. Phew. That is a heck of a lot of flexibility – perfect for growing families.

Austlen Entourage Stroller Review. 30 Configurations.

The Entourage’s seat has a simple one-hand recline lever that adjusts to 5 different positions. The furthest recline is safe enough for an infant, allowing you to use it from birth to 50lbs. There’s also an adjustable leg support, and a sun canopy with pop-out visor and magnetic-close peek-a-boo mesh window.

The optional 2nd seat is suitable for 6 months to 35lbs and also has a recline with 3-postions. The part we love best: when your toddler decides he wants to walk, you can fold up this seat, and decrease the size of the frame with the press of a button. When those little legs get tired, simply pop the seat and frame back out, and presto, meltdown diverted.


On a stroller with this level of technical features and convertibility, you’re probably thinking that folding it has got to be a total hassle, right? Well, we’re happy to report that it doesn’t involve any complicated yogasque moves, because the folks at Austlen have thought through every single aspect of this stroller to ensure it is easy to use.

So no cumbersome fold here, you don’t even have to remove any of the secondary seats and it will fold down to the same compact size. It has a handy auto lock feature and is self-standing. You can even wheel it behind you like a suitcase.

Austlen Entourage Stroller Review. Easy compact fold.

Austlen hasn’t focused entirely on function with the Entourage and forgotten about beautiful design. Oh no no. I mean, look at this thing! The leather (yes it’s faux, but still totally lux) wrapped belly bar and height-adjustable handlebar, and the classic styling inspired by classic American automobiles from the ‘40s and ‘50s is something that has yet to be seen on a stroller.

The removable and washable seat fabrics are available in Black Denim (with black frame) and our personal favorite, Navy Denim (with silver frame), which can be dressed up even further with the striped seat liner accessory.

Austlen Entourage Stroller Review

So you’ve been waiting for this right? Thinking that all of this superb engineering and state-of-the-art design has to come at a hefty price.  Well, in the world where luxury strollers can easily start at $1,000 – the Austlen Entourage will be priced at (drum roll please…) $849, including the frame, seat, belly bar and expandable market tote.

For the amount of functionality and flexibility it will give your family (and the number of years you will use it across multiple children), it really is a fair price for an expertly designed and well-constructed stroller. Plus, just look at all these insane features:

Austlen Entourage Stroller Review. Available Features.

The Austlen Entourage is now accepting orders for pre-sale through our affiliate, PishPoshBaby. Order yours here before they are sold out!


There are a plethora of extra accessories you can add onto your Entourage to further pimp your ride:

Austlen Entourage Stroller Review. Additional accessories.

 To find out more about this amazing stroller, or to purchase, head over to our affiliate PishPoshBaby.



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  1. Holy cow, that is SO fancy. If I ever become a mom I’m totally getting one of these bad boys!

  2. wow!! i have to say, i’m actually upset we’re basically passed the stage of needing a stroller. this thing is GENIUS!! honestly, if my kids were any younger, i would be all over this.

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