4moms high chair review. 3 color options.

Feeding time can often be a battle of epic proportions – spaghetti sauce carnage covers your child, wounded utensils lay paralyzed on the floor, and your one-handed fight with the high chair tray leaves you utterly defeated. Well the genius folks at 4moms have arrived with our knight in shining armor: the 4moms High Chair. Packed with clever and inventive features, this chair will revolutionize meal time with your little one, giving you a fighting chance in the eating crusade.

We’ve highlighted our favorite features below:


Ever try to take off a high chair tray with one hand while holding your starving wiggly worm? Well, the struggle is real. But 4mom’s went on a mission to solve this problem, and their solution was magnetic. Literally. Powerful magnets guide the tray into the right position, snapping into place without having to line it up with built-in slots. To remove the tray, simply press on the button underneath and it pops right out. Look ma, one hand!

4moms high chair review - easy magnetic tray

But wait, that’s not all. 4moms also designed a line of eating accessories (bowls, plates and utensils) that adhere to the magnetic tray top. This means no more Cheerios flying onto the floor – ultimately helping your child to learn self-feeding, and reducing your mess to clean.

4moms high chair review - magnetic bowls, plate and utensils

Each high chair comes with one large bowl and lid. Additional accessories are sold separately.


4moms designed their high chair with some great adjustable features so it can keep up with your child’s rapid growth. The 3 tray positions allow the tray to always be the perfect distance from your little one, the strap height can be altered, and the chair can quickly transition from a 5-point baby harness to a 3-point toddler harness.

The height of the chair can also be adjusted to 3 different settings – the lowest allows you to push the chair under a kitchen table, so an older child can truly feel like part of family mealtime.

4moms high chair review - height and tray adjust


To us, every highchair needs to pass the spaghetti and meatball test. That is, can you easily get the chair clean after your child eats/throws/smushes this meal? The 4moms high chair passes this test with flying colors. There is a removable tray liner that can be washed quickly or thrown in the dishwasher. The cushy foam insert is easily wiped, or can be removed to hose down in the sink, and we couldn’t find any hidden food traps where you’ll find moldy mac ‘n’ cheese from last month’s dinner.

4moms high chair review - easy to clean

Top all of this gloriousness with a modern, clean design, and you have yourselves a high chair victor. Three cheers for 4moms.

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