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Easy DIY Easter Lamb Cake Tutorial – A Simple Yet Stunning Dessert You Can Really Make!

Easy DIY Easter Lamb Cake Tutorial – A Simple Yet Stunning Dessert You Can Really Make!

These simple steps will show you how to make a cute sheep cake (without a mold!)

We love getting creative with desserts for special occasions, but with a million other balls being juggled around a holiday, we’re always looking for ideas that are relatively simple (yet produce stunning results!).

Well, whether you’re looking for the perfect easy, feed-a-crowd dessert for Easter, or a spectacular birthday cake for your mini, this Sixlet Lamb Cake quite literally takes the cake.

It can be whipped up in no-time with as much or as little baking as you’d like (we went with a boxed cake mix for ours!), and you don’t have to have any experience with cake decorating in order to receive plenty of “you made that?!”s.

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What You’ll Need
Step 1 – Bake your Cake

Bake your cakes following your favorite cake recipe, or the instructions on your boxed mix. Have no shame if you go the boxed route!

Let your cakes cool on a wire rack before removing them from their pans. We love using these springform cake pans as they easily open up to release the cake, without you have to dig them out.


Step 2 – Level the Cakes

Your cakes will likely have a domed top which will make it tricky to stack and decorate. Use a serrated knife to make a fresh horizontal cut at the top of each cake so you have a nice, flat surface to work with.

Since discovering this incredible tool, we get perfectly straight cake layers every time. Seriously worth the small investment!


Step 3 – Make the Frosting

Make your favorite buttercream frosting (this one from Two Sisters is our go-to) or opt for the canned stuff. Again, no judging here.


Step 4 – Assemble the Layers

Grab your first cake layer and place it on your cake plate (cut side up). Using your offset spatula or butter knife spread a layer of frosting on top, about a 1/4-1/2” thick. Place your second cake layer on top (we recommend cut-side down)

Put a small dollop of frosting in the middle of your cake plate before setting down your bottom cake later. This will help the cake stay put and not slide around as you frost and decorate.

Step 5 – Frost, frost, frost

Place a large dollop of frosting on top and spread evenly to the edges. Place more buttercream on the sides and holding your offset spatula or butter knife vertically, cover all the sides with a thick layer of frosting (we recommend ½” thick so the Sixlets will have enough frosting to be pushed into).

Note: the best thing about this cake is that you don’t have to worry about your frosting skills – remember, you will be covering up most of it. Aim to have a smooth surface on top, and don’t worry as much about the sides! 

Step 6 – Add the Ears

Grab 2 Milano Cookies and push one into either side of the cake, about ¾” from the top. These will be the lamb’s ears!

Step 7 – Add the Sixlets

Starting at the base of your cake, push the Sixlets about half-way into the frosting until you’ve made a full circle all the way around the cake. Offset your next row and keep working your way up. Grab your kids to help (Editor’s Note: my 5-year was our assistant with the one you see here!).

Add 2-3 additional rows on the top layer, with extra Sixlets coming down at the “hairline”.

Step 8 – Add the Details

Using these simple Gel Decorating Tubes you can find online or at your local grocery store, squeeze on the eyes, nose, mouth and inner ear details.

If you’re able to find these smaller white pearl sprinkles, add some at the top to soften the edges.

And voila! A simple, yet stunning, Lamb Cake  that will leave your guests thoroughly impressed!

Let us know how your Lamb Cake turned out – share your photos by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook @whatmomslove.

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