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Introducing Scrub Bugs: The One Simple Tool You Need To Keep Your Kids Healthy

Introducing Scrub Bugs: The One Simple Tool You Need To Keep Your Kids Healthy

Keeping our kids safe and healthy is at the top of every parent’s lengthy to-do list. Few things zap the happiness in our homes like getting a flu or stomach virus (especially when that bug takes you down along with it).

But let’s face it, our kids aren’t exactly lining up at the sink to wash their hands to keep these germs at bay. So how can we avoid our kids catching the latest bug that’s making the rounds in their classroom?

Well, you fight bugs with bugs – Scrub Bugs, that is! We’ve discovered this incredible new product that can help you stand up to schoolyard germ bullies once and for all.

We were lucky enough to get our hands on a few Scrub Bugs before their recent launch and the change in our homes was immediate: our kids actually wanted to wash their hands (editor’s note: I didn’t have to nag my kids “did you wash your hands?” every time they came out of the bathroom…totally amazing!), they spent longer doing it and their fingernails have never, ever been so clean.

Need proof? Watch these real kids putting Scrub Bugs to the test.

We sat down with Kelly Stuart, mother of two and inventor of Scrub Bugs, to get the scoop on this 3-times more effective (and totally adorable), germ-busting product.

Along with all the dirt on Scrub Bugs, Kelly is also giving us an EXCLUSIVE PROMO CODE to use on your Scrub Bugs purchase! See the end of this article for all the details.

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Kelly, tell us about Scrub Bugs! What inspired you to create this amazing product?

Kids are notoriously bad hand washers! My kids are no exception and when they get sick, we all get sick, sending our lives into temporary chaos. I knew from all the education out there that hands are the #1 carriers of sickness causing germs, so I set out to create a way to help kids learn to wash their hands effectively, to stop the spread of germs before it starts.

What makes them so powerful at busting germs?

There are two main reasons why Scrub Bugs are over 3 times more effective than ordinary hand washing.

The first is that they are inspired by the scrub brushes that surgeons (the best hand washers in the world!) use to clean their hands. Scrub Bugs have a contoured surgeons sponge that lathers soap for better contact with our skin, as well as soft scrub-up bristles that create a gentle friction on kids’ hands and easily get into tricky areas like small grooves and under nails. This combination results in a much better clean.  

Plus, they are fun to use! And that means kids wash their hands longer. When it comes to kids’ hygiene if it’s not fun, it’s not done and Scrub Bugs cute, kid-friendly design definitely makes hand washing more fun.

Why do you think kids, normally not hand-washing fans, love Scrub Bugs?

Kids love using tools to get things done. Any task tends to be much more engaging to kids when they have a tool to do it.

Just as colorful and fun toothbrushes help encourage kids to clean their teeth, Scrub Bugs will help encourage kids to wash their hands. They take the chore out of hand washing and make it fun and they are much more effective. What’s not to love?   

How does it feel to have created something that could help so many families?

It feels great. I have always had a huge passion for bringing new products to life and have done it professionally for almost 20 years at companies like Gillette and Procter & Gamble. However, when you do it on your own, it is a hundred times more rewarding.

Developing a product that will truly help keep kids healthier gives a lot purpose to my work. In fact our mission at Scrub Bugs is to empower kids to lead happy, healthy, hands-on lives – no more sitting on the sidelines because they are sick. Launching and trying to grow a product that can truly make a difference in kids (and parents) lives is the best feeling ever.  

And finally, how can we get our germy hands on them?

Visit our site,, and use promo code WMLFREESHIP at checkout to get free shipping (US and Canada) and some fun Scrub Bugs stickers with your purchase!

Excited to snag Scrub Bugs to help keep your kids healthy all year long? Don’t forget to use our promo code at checkout, and feel free to thank us when you no longer have to bug (sorry, last one!) your kids to wash up.

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  1. Oh my gosh — these could be a game changer! My kids are 8 and 3, and it is a daily chore to get them to wash their hands well. I know they would love these. So excited to find them today.

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  4. Wonderful! These are perfect for little ones (and big ones who act little, too!).

  5. how cute do these look! so perfect for little ones as their hands do get filthy don’t they!

  6. These look like such a fun little product. My boys would actually want to wash their hands with these.

  7. So interesting! Looks like the kids would have a blast using these.

  8. I NEED one of these! We came down with the stomach bug — TWICE! — a few weeks ago. I will do ANYTHING to keep it away!

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  10. I love that they’re useful and brighly colored and fun!

  11. I was just joking with my husband about how we have to remind the kids to wash their hands… ALL THE TIME. Even for very routine situations. We would love to try this out to see if it makes a difference in the habit. I’m pretty optimistic, though, because things like swapping out for more fun toothbrushes has made a difference.

  12. What a cute practical toy/cleaning-device 🙂


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