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The best, easy pumpkin decorating ideas that don’t involve carving!

One of our favorite parts of Halloween is decorating the front porch. But whether you choose spooky spiderwebs and scary witches, or a perfectly designed black-and-white palette, one thing is a must: pumpkins!

If you want decorative pumpkins without having to pull out the knife (or deal with the slimy stuff!), then we have some fun, no-carve pumpkin decorating ideas that you can do with kids of all ages.

From painting to nail polish, these creative no-carve pumpkins may require a trip to your craft closet, but won’t come with the stress (sharp objects around kids!) or the mess.

Scroll down to see 70 easy, no-carve pumpkin ideas and enjoy getting into the spirit of the season!

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70 creative no-carve pumpkins

Between costumes, fun treats and decorations, our favorite characters are all around us during Halloween season. These easy, no-carve character pumpkins are a fun way to celebrate your kids’ favorite TV and movie characters, with far less work than carving!

(1)   All you need is paint and craft foam to create these adorable Mickey/Minnie Mouse Pumpkins. (via Sarah in the Suburbs)

(2)  These My Little Pony Pumpkins are easy to make with a free printable face template. (via One Little Project)

(3)  Bring your favorite emojis to life with yellow paint and craft foam on these Emoji Pumpkins. (via Cutefetti)

(4)  Use a variety of pumpkin heights and sizes to create these Angry Bird pumpkins. (via Creations by Kara)

(5)  Add a bit of frosty magic to your Halloween with these Elsa and Anna Pumpkins, with tiaras and lots of sparkle. (via Housewife Eclectic)

(6)  This Forky Pumpkin brings the popular Toy Story 4 character to life with modeling clay and pipe cleaners. (via The Farm Girl Gabs)

(7)  These Star Wars Pumpkins give a bit of galactic flair to your porch with spray paint and paint markers. (via DIY Candy)

(8)  Use the bottoms of Coke cans to create funny goggles for these Minion Pumpkins. (via Crafty Morning) 

(9)  Make your little LEGO fans happy with these Lego Head Pumpkins, made with plastic lids and yellow paint. (via Handmade Charlotte)

(10) Do you want to build a snowman this Halloween? This double stacked Olaf Pumpkin can be done with real or fake pumpkins. (via Yesterday on Tuesday)

(11) This Pigeon Pumpkin, inspired by Mo Willems popular character, is created with a foam ball, a paper towel roll, and construction paper. (via Sarah in the Suburbs) 

(12) These spray-painted Troll pumpkins bring the characters from the movies to your front porch, with brightly colored hair and accessories. (via Craft Create Cook)

(13) Use pieces from the popular children’s toy to create this Mr. Potato Head Pumpkin. (via Hands on as We Grow)

(14) All you need to create this Pikachu pumpkin is acrylic paint, cardstock, and glue dots. (via In the Playroom)

(15) Give your porch a superpowered boost with these Superhero pumpkins created with acrylic paints. (via Delicious By Dre)


Add a little spookiness to your home with these “scary” no-carve ideas. From witches to monsters, there are lots of different ways to easily spookify your your front porch!

(1)  Wrap pumpkins with kitchen twine to create these spooky Spider Web Pumpkins. (via Woman’s Day)

(2)  This super simple Googly Eye Pumpkin is an easy and silly way to decorate your porch. (via She Wears Many Hats) 

(3)  Poster board bats and glue dots are all you need to make this stunning Flying Bat Pumpkin. (via It All Started with Paint)

(4)  This Witch Pumpkin doesn’t require many materials: just a pumpkin, hat, and some paint. (via My Suburban Kitchen)

(5)  Light up Halloween night with these brightly colored Glow in the Dark Pumpkins. (via I Love to Create)

(6)  Glue tiny plastic spiders all over your pumpkin to create this creepy Spider Pumpkin. (via The Kim Six Fix) 

(7)  Use your Cricut machine and some Duct tape sheets to create these simple Duct Tape Pumpkins. (via Creating Really Awesome Fun Things)

(8)  This flower covered Moon Pumpkin uses a drill and fresh flowers to make a beautiful night themed pumpkin. (via The Merrythought)

(9)  Create your own not-so-spooky monster with this cute Frankenstein Pumpkin. (via My Little Slice of Bliss)

(10)  Kids will love using toilet paper to create this funny Mummy Pumpkin. So easy! (via Everyday Reading)

(11) All you need to create these Ghost, Eyeball and Skull Pumpkins is your thumbprint, some paint, and a little creativity. (via Handmade Charlotte)


Let creativity shine by decorating pumpkins with your favorite art and craft supplies. This list of crafty no-carve pumpkins uses all kinds of colorful, glittery, and familiar supplies to create imaginative works of art.

(1)  These Sticker Pumpkins use colorful stickers to create fun patterns. This would be great fine motor practice for kids too! (via Handmade Charlotte

(2)  These String Art Pumpkins use embroidery floss and nails to create brightly colored works of art. (via Hello, Wonderful)

(3)  Take unwrapped crayons and a blow dryer to create colorful works of art with these Melted Crayon Pumpkins . (via Crafty Morning)

(4)  Add some 90’s flair to your Halloween with these Painted Pattern Pumpkins. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

(5)  You can use all kinds of pom poms to create fun patterns on these Pom Pom Pumpkins. (via Design Improvised)

(6)  All you need to create these Squeeze Paint Pumpkins is paint, squeeze bottles, and a bit of imagination. (via Hello, Wonderful)

(7)  Raid your nail polish collection to create these beautiful Marbled Nail Polish Pumpkins. (via Better Homes & Gardens

(8)  This Galaxy Pumpkin is created using an old toothbrush, brightly colored paints, and a power drill! (via Dream a Little Bigger)

(9)  Use oil pastels to create beautiful patchwork patterns on these Oil Pastel Pumpkins. (via Aunt Peaches)

(10) Bring some sparkle to your Halloween with these Glitter Pumpkins. (via HGTV)

(11) These glam beauties just need some paint and some strategically placed brushstrokes. (via The Merrythought)

(12) Add color and shimmer to your porch with these Rainbow Rhinestone Pumpkins. (via The Swell Designer)

(13) Use up leftover tissue paper and practice cutting circles to make these Tissue Paper Confetti Pumpkins. (via Young House Love)

(14) Tissue paper and Mod Podge are the secrets to these Happy Hued pumpkins. (via Fresh American Style by Annie Selke)

(15) Brighten up your doorstep with these easy to make Neon Paint Dipped Pumpkins. (via A Night Owl)

(16) This chic and classy Sequin Pumpkin uses loose sequins and craft glue to add some bling to the holiday. (via Sugar & Cloth)

(17) A handful of crayons and a white pumpkin allows kids to use their imagination to create their own Crayon Scribble Pumpkin. (via The Nerd’s Wife)


These no-carve pumpkins are perfect for the animal lovers in your family. From zoo animals to pets, there are all kinds of adorable animals to create!

(1)  This simple and colorful Flamingo Pumpkin uses colored foam to create the bird’s head, wings and tail. (via Brit + Co)

(2)  Celebrate your beloved pets with these adorable Pet Pumpkins made with paint, feathers, cardstock, and foam.  (via HGTV)

(3)  Your kids will go wild for this darling Panda Pumpkin. (via A Charming Project)

(4)  This adorable Princess Puppy Pumpkin uses bright pink paint, feathers, glitter glue, and a tiara to create a sparkly pet. (via Artsy Momma)

(5)  Black paint and liquid chalk markers make these Owl Pumpkins stand out on your front porch. (via I Heart Crafty Things)

(6)  Use silk flowers and craft foam to add a little magic to these Unicorn Pumpkins. (via Fun Money Mom)

(7)  Make Black Cat Pumpkins to guard your front door using paint, pipe cleaners and craft foam. (via HGTV

(8)  A little bit of cardstock and paint can turn regular pumpkins into these cute Woodland Creature Pumpkins. (via Simple as That)

(9)  Add soft pink ears, a curly tail, and a sweet nose to your gourds to create these cute Pig Pumpkins. (via Crafts a la Mode)

(10) Let your pumpkins get in on the costume fun with these Animal Masks for Pumpkins. (via Lia Griffith)

(11) Transform your pumpkins into colorful Dinosaur Pumpkins with toothpicks, cardstock, and googly eyes. (via A Little Pinch of Perfect)

(12) Perfectly placed popsicle sticks act as antlers on this cute Deer Pumpkin. (via Plaid)

(13) These adorable Candy Corn Hedgehog Pumpkins use chocolate candy corn to create silly and sweet animals. (via Better Homes & Gardens)


Halloween isn’t just about the costumes. It’s also about the yummy treats! These n0-carve creations offer an opportunity to celebrate our favorite foods without overindulging.

(1)  Create a delicious looking Pizza Pumpkin with colorful craft foam and white yarn.  (via Atta Girl Says)

(2)  Add a touch of sweet to your pumpkins by covering them in candy like these Candy Corn Pumpkins. (via Mommy Evolution)

(3)  A little paint and a cardboard cone turn your regular pumpkins into delicious looking Ice Cream Cone Pumpkins. (via The DIY Playbook)

(4)  This silly Caramel Apple Pumpkin looks so real, we want to sink our teeth into it! (via Fun Money Mom)

(5)  Celebrate the fall harvest with these easy to create Apple Pumpkins. (via Non-Toy Gifts)

(6)  These simple painted Donut Pumpkins are a great way to decorate mini pumpkins. (via Studio DIY)

(7)  Use a terra cotta flower pot as the base of this colorful Gumball Machine Pumpkin. (via My Life with a Cherry On Top)

(8)  All you need to create these Candy Corn Painted Pumpkins is two colors of paint! (via Mom 4 Real)

(9)  Paint a few mini-pumpkins your “flavors” of choice to display as an ice cream sundae – perfect for a fun countertop display. (via Craft + Tell)

(10) This easy Pineapple Pumpkin uses yellow paint and green cardstock to add tropical flair to your Halloween decor. (via Studio DIY)

(11) How pretty is this pink popcorn pumpkin? Complete with tissue paper popcorn! (via Aww Sam)

(12) Paint markers, a white pumpkin and a little imagination is all you need to create this watermelon pumpkin. (via Mom 4 Real)

(13) These Fruit Pumpkins would like great as a fresh (and pretty) display on your front porch. (via Style Me Pretty)

(14) Use free printables to create this realistic looking pumpkin burger out of paper! (via The Paper Mama)These no-carve Halloween pumpkins are a great way to add a little fun to your holidays without adding stress. Ditch the mess and create your own works of art with your kids!

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