Emoji Party Ideas | Fun DIY food for an Emoji themed birthday party or a simple, no candy healthy Valentines Day snack for kids | Valentines day food ideas for clean eating families - great for school instead of a sweet treat, simply use heart shape cookie cutters and fruit!

Whether you’re looking for a way to add some extra love to your family’s Valentine’s Day, or an idea to spice up your kids’ everyday snacks – we think these Heart-Eye Emoji Fruits will certainly do the trick. Because really, who could possibly resist these adorable little fellas?!

They couldn’t be easier to whip up, and are a fabulous way to entice your kiddos to eat their daily serving of fruit. Serve them for a fun Valentine’s Day breakfast or snack, at an Emoji-themed birthday party, or really any day you want a lot of quiet munching and clean plates.

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Both Pineapple and Mango are well suited to become the base for these Emojis. For the Pineapple, first cut off the skin and then slice into rounds – if you want to make them perfect circles, use a cookie cutter to trim the edges. For the Mango, peel off the skin, cut vertical slices and then use a smaller-sized circle cutter.

Make your base as thick or thin as you’d like – ours were about 1/2-1/4”.

We found this set of circle cutters had just the right sizes for both fruits (and a great handle to hold onto).


Both Strawberries and Watermelon worked brilliantly for the Emoji’s heart eyes, so simply pick your child’s favorite. For the Strawberries, cut vertical slices on all sides to get that nice dark color, then take a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make them into adorable love motifs. For the watermelon, cut ¼” slices and then stamp out the hearts.

We found the smallest heart (about 1.5”) from this set worked well with our larger Pineapple circles, and we also used the tiny heart from our favorite vegetable cutters for the smaller Mango circles.


Grab your favorite red apple (we used Red Delicious) and cut off thin slices all the way around. Use a sharp knife to shape your mouths skin-side up.


Grab a base, add your heart eyes and mouth, and voila! Heart-Eye Emoji Fruit Salad is complete!


The easiest step of all. Tell your kids you’re serving Emoji Fruits and watch them come running. Blink and this cute snack will be devoured.

Let us know how your Fruit Emojis turned out – share your photos by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook @whatmomslove.

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