Disney Frozen Cake Ideas for Girls Birthday Party! Easy and elegant ideas that you can actually recreate for a perfect Anna and Elsa themed party - simple homemade cakes, cupcakes, pops, treats, favors and more!


My soon-to-be 5-year old daughter has requested (and I quote) a Disney “Frozen princess cake…with lots of sparkly sparkles…and sprinkles…aaaaaand (here’s the kicker)…it has to be GORGEOUS”. No joke. Her words. Gorgeous. Oh boy. There goes my plan of frosting a Betty Crocker boxed cake and sticking her favorite princess figurines on top. Gorgeous? Sigh. Time for plan B.

So I set off in search of a Frozen-inspired cake that will knock her little socks off, but could be replicated by my fairly amateur baking skills. I just had to share the stunning creations I found that would be perfect for any Frozen-themed bash, and they all include step-by-step instructions that seem reasonable enough to be followed by any wannabe bakers like myself. In fact, these sweet treats could work for any birthday or special occasion, they are just that, well, gorgeous.

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Disney Frozen Cake Ideas for Girls Birthday Party! Easy and elegant ideas that you can actually recreate for a perfect Anna and Elsa themed party - simple homemade cakes, cupcakes, pops, treats, favors and more!

Easy Disney Frozen Cake Ideas - Pastel Swirl Cake from Sweetapolita

This Pastel Swirl Cake from Sweetapolita certainly fits my daughter’s description. The beautiful ombre effect made from lavender, sea foam and sky blue buttercream can be replicated on any type of cake (boxed or store-bought, hooray!) and comes with a step-by-step video tutorial that left me saying “hey, I can do that!” Rosie, the mastermind behind Sweetapolita, promises that “you honestly can’t go wrong”, and says the best part of this effect is that “no two cakes are ever the same”. Ain’t that the truth.

Easy Disney Frozen Cake Ideas - Ombre Swirl Cake by Sweetapolita

Sweetapolita also featured their pastel swirl technique on a scrumptious looking Blackberry Mascarpone Cake, this time with a deeper eggplant hue that is perfect for that special purple-loving person in your life. Add some “sparkly sparkles and sprinkles” (as my daughter would say) and this version could be just as Frozen-worthy.

Easy Disney Frozen Cake Ideas - Ombre Blueberry Lavender Cake by Style Sweet CA

If you’re up for the watercolor frosting challenge but would prefer a written how-to with accompanying photos, we suggest heading over to Style Sweet CA who created this ethereal Blueberry Lavender cake with the sweetest sprinkle of silver sugar pearls.

Easy Disney Frozen Cake Ideas - Winter Wonderland Cake by Style Sweet CA

Tessa, the gal behind Style Sweet CA, is also the genius behind this Winter Wonderland cake which is ah-mazing. My first thought was that there is no way I could replicate this masterpiece, but Tessa is all about empowering the everyday baker to take risks, and has laid out such detailed instructions that I think (perhaps naively) I might be able to pull it off.

I may not go all the way with the fancy cake and gingersnap cookie layers, but would focus on the chocolate ganache glaze that drips effortlessly down the sides and would give any cake that dramatic icy look.

And those airy pale blue meringues that sit on top are the perfect abstract representation of Elsa’s ice palace that would certainly earn my daughter’s approval.

Easy Disney Frozen Cake Ideas - Surprise Watercolor Cake by Baked by Rachel

To round off these exquisite watercolor pastel cakes, this one from Baked by Rachel had me at “1 box vanilla cake mix”. And not only does it look gorgeous from the outside, but SURPRISE! The inside is insanely Frozenesque too! What little girl (or grown-up for that matter) wouldn’t be impressed with that? And with instructions like “It doesn’t have to be perfect” and “sprinkles…are an easy way to hide any imperfections”, this one really speaks to me.

Easy Disney Frozen Cake Ideas - Ombre Rock Candy Cake by Sweet and Saucy

Or how about creating the same pretty ombre effect using candy? Take a look at this Rocky Candy cake from Sweet and Saucy who layered different shades of blue rock candy crystals to give this plainly frosted cake some major pizazz. Frozen fractals? Check.

Easy Disney Frozen Cake Ideas - Elsa Princess Cupcakes by Sprinkle Some Fun

Sometimes the whole decorate-a-cake thing can seem a little daunting, so reducing the size of the project (quite literally) could be the route for you. These Frozen Princess cupcakes from Sprinkle Some Fun are super simple and the partygoers can go home with a new Elsa or Anna doll (these Magiclip ones are perfect and just so happen to be one of my daughter’s favorites) as a party favor.

Easy Disney Frozen Cake Ideas - Snowflake Cupcakes by Cake Journal

Shimmering snowflakes are the star of these cupcakes from Cake Journal, and once you have the right tools (who knew there was such a thing as a “snowflake plunger cutter”), these seem totally do-able.

Easy Disney Frozen Cake Ideas - Winter Wonderland Cupcakes by Urban Bakes

These Winter Wonderland cupcakes courtesy of Urban Bakes would be show stoppers at any party, not just one full of giggly 4-year old girls. While the featured eggnog buttercream with a splash of rum may not be appropriate for your littlest ones, the idea of turning an ordinary ice cream cone into a magical sparkly forest is one that can be easily adapted to any recipe. They would look great on top of a simple white cake too. Now my wheels are turning!

Easy Disney Frozen Dessert Ideas - Blue Marshmallow Trifle by Mom Endeavors

Now if you’re still a little unsure about the whole cake thing, give this Icy Blue Dessert Trifle from Mom Endeavors a try. Layers of Jello, whipped cream and marshmallows looked so lovely pressed up against the sides of individual mini trifle dishes. Add your candy sparkles of choice on top and you’ve got yourself a simple but stunning dessert that anyone in your own little kingdom of Arendelle would happily devour.

Easy Disney Frozen Dessert Ideas - Cotton Candy Meringues by Pink Piccadilly Pastries

How stunning are these Cotton Candy Meringues by Pink Piccadilly Pastries? Meringues aren’t something I’ve ever made, but the ingredients and instructions make me think I can! They’d make a perfectly pop-able melt-in-your-mouth addition to any Frozen-inspired food spread.

Easy Disney Frozen Treat Dessert Ideas - Macarons by Sprinkle Bakes

Now I am a sucker for a French-style macaron, so when I saw these Tiffany Blue Macarons on Sprinkle Bakes I crossed my fingers and studied the instructions, praying they could be something I could possibly attempt. Good news my friends – with only 6 ingredients, a hand mixer and some buttercream, these pretty pillows can add some serious glamour to your party.

Easy Disney Frozen Treat Dessert Ideas - Snowflake Macarons

If you want to go one step further, with a few pipes of icing and precisely placed silver dragees (I know, look at what I’ve learned!) they can be transformed into heavenly snowflakes.

Easy Disney Frozen Treat Ideas - Pretzel Wands by Sprinkle Bakes

Sprinkle Bakes has also shown us how to make these darling Glittering Pretzel Wands which seem like a piece of cake (or, er, pretzel) to make. Sweet and salty mixed with candy crystals and sprinkles, how can you go wrong? Display these in a pretty glass vase or wrap up a few for each guest to take home as a party favor.

Easy Disney Frozen Treat Ideas - Cake Pops by Sugar and Soul

Have you ever attempted to make cake pops? I once spent 3 hours making them, and the end result was my over-tired son falling to pieces because my poorly made cake slipped down the stick the moment he picked it up. Never again. But these Frozen Cake Pops from Sugar and Soul – theeese are different. The secret? Donut holes! Yep, simply pop on a stick, coat in chocolate, add some sprinkles and voila! Pretty impressive looking for 15 minutes of your time. If you don’t tell, we won’t either.

Easy Disney Frozen Treat Ideas - Donut Hole Tree

Another simple, yet stunning idea using donut holes is to create a Frozen Snowball Tree, like this one featured on Catch My Party. Powdered donuts are placed on toothpicks and then inserted into a Styrofoam cone. No baking required!

Easy Disney Frozen Treat Ideas - Marshmallow Pops by Inspired Bride

If you’re not a sucker for donuts (although is there anyone who isn’t?), try your hand at these simple Marshmallow Pops featured on Inspired Bride. Just stick, dip and roll. Even a troll could do it.  

Easy Disney Frozen Treat Ideas - Ombre Rice Krispie Treats by Two Sisters Crafting

And finally, what party would be complete without the oldie-but-a-goodie rice krispie treats. Of course no regular rice krispie treats would do for a “gorgeous” Frozen party, but these ombre ones from Two Sisters Crafting would certainly fit right in.

With all of these delicious, sparkly and gorgeous ideas, my only dilemma is deciding which ones to actually make.

Which of these Frozen-inspired cakes and treats is your favorite? Have you attempted to make any of them? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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  1. Wow! These desserts are gorgeous. I don’t have a little girl and I want them all myself. πŸ˜€ Even rice krispie treats are super pretty like that.

  2. These are beautiful! I love winter themes, both Frozen based and not! I will have to try some of these!

  3. These cakes all look so edible. Can the characters be eaten too lol Beautiful! Love the theme your daughter chose

  4. I love all of these! And doughnut holes for the cake pops? Genius! I tried to make some once, they turned out cute, but then all the chocolate shell started cracking and falling off and I was pretty devastated, lol.

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