Best Healthy Popsicle recipes for kids

Cool off your kids with one of these healthy homemade popsicles

There’s not much better than cooling down on a hot summer’s day with a refreshing popsicle. But those neon-colored store-bought pops are full of nasty artificial flavors and dyes – not to mention heaps of added sugar.

But alas, we’re here to help. We’ve rounded up the best healthy popsicle recipes from across the web that are made with real ingredients, no refined sugars, and won’t stain your child’s tongue electric blue.

These homemade frozen treats are packed full of nutrients and wholesome fruits (some even have veggies!). They’re so guilt-free that you can let your kids eat them whenever they’d like – breakfast, lunch, snack, dessert, or heck, why not dinner? These better-for-you pops are the answer to summer time (or any time!) meltdowns.

We’ve even included our recommended popsicle molds, so you can make big batches of these yummy frozen confections to have on-hand for when the temperatures rise. So grab your kids, and start your blenders – healthy pops for all!

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PIN to keep these healthy popsicle recipes on hand all summer long


(1)  These delicious  Coconut Blueberry Smash Pops use Coconut Milk and blueberries, and are sweetened with just a little maple syrup. They’re dairy-free, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, and best of all…easy to make! (via Wallflower Kitchen)

(2)  Strawberry Watermelon Popsicles are 100% fruit with just a hint of lime – yum! (via One Lovely Life)

(3)  Scroll to the bottom of this post to find these beautiful Rainbow Popsicles, made with nothing other than 100% fruit! (via Bigger Bolder Baking)

(4)  The secret ingredient for Healthy Homemade Fudgecicles….ripe bananas! These contain no added sugars and are allergy friendly – there’s no gluten, grains, dairy or nuts. We also love that they use Raw Cacao instead of the more processed Cocoa. (via One Lovely Life)

(5)  How can you not sink your teeth into these Banana Coconut and Chia Popsicles?! Leave off the chocolate drizzle if you can resist. (via A Beautiful Mess)

(6)  Combine Banana, Pineapple, OJ and spinach and watch your kids devour these Green Smoothie Popsicles…we promise, they won’t be able to taste the spinach! (Bigger Bolder Baking)

(7)  How pretty are these aptly-named Lava Flow Popsicles? Creamy pineapple coconut smoothie is swirled with a fresh strawberry layer to make a yummy gluten-free, vegan and paleo treat. (via One Lovely Life)

(8)  These Juicy Grape Pops are one of the easiest pops on our list to make – just one ingredient and a high powered blender needed. (via Super Healthy Kids)

Our very own Healthy Strawberry “Cheesecake” Frozen Yogurt Popsicles are easy to make and bursting with fresh fruit flavor. They’re thick and creamy, and can be whipped up with a few simple ingredients in a matter of minutes!

(1)  Here you’ll find 3 different Fruit and Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles recipes to try including Coconut & Pineapple Yogurt, Kiwi & Yogurt and the slightly more exotic Coconut & Dragon Fruit Yogurt Pops. (via Alana Jones Mann)

(2)  Pure fruit, chia seeds and coconut water combine in these Strawberry Mango Chia Popsicles – a perfect treat to hydrate and replenish electrolytes after playing outside. (via Super Healthy Kids)

(3)  The layered granola in these Berry Parfait Yogurt Popsicles softens to create delicious bites of oatmeal-cookie-dough-like flavor. A welcome treat morning, noon or night. (via Well Plated)

(4)  You only need 3 simple ingredients to make Watermelon Raspberry Popsicles – they taste as good as they look! (via Life Made Sweeter)

(5)  Blueberry Smoothie Pops will hit the spot any time of day, with blueberries, yogurt and bananas blended together to make a creamy smooth treat. (via Good Life Eats)

(6)  This recipe requires somewhat of a more adventurous palette, but if your kids are up for it, they’ll love these creamy and refreshing Coconut Lime Pops. (via The Charming Detroiter)

(7)  Use freshly squeezed OJ, strawberries and just a little maple syrup to create these pretty (and tasty!) Orange Strawberry Sunrise Popsicles. (via The Healthful Ideas)

(1)  Celebrate 4th of July all summer long with these pretty Red, White and Blue Popsicles reminiscent of the American flag. (via Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke)

(2)  If you have a difficult time getting green veggies into your kids, these Green Monster Popsicles are the solution. They’re power packed with spinach and kale, plus plenty of fruit! (via Pamela Salzman)

(3)  Fresh fruit and a little Apple Juice create these visually stunning Fresh Fruit Pops kids simply can’t resist. (via One Little Project)

(4)  You’ll find 7 Healthy Fruit & Veggie Popsicles for Baby & Toddler here with creative flavors including Carrot Orange Ginger, Kiwi Honeydew Spinach and our favorite, Banana Sweet Potato Chocolate Fudgsicle. Check out the Zoku Mini Pop Mold in our recommended mold section below to make these perfectly-sized treats. (via babyfoode)

(5)  We featured these Frozen Peanut Butter Berry Pops in our post 23 Genius Twists On The Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich – we love the natural ingredients and that they’re made into small bites by using an ice cube tray! (via Super Healthy Kids)

(6)  Super charge with Homemade Kiwi Fruit Popsicles made with kiwis, coconut water and a splash of lime. (via Raw Edibles)

(7)  These fun Watermelon Popsicles involve a little extra effort…but the result is so stunning, it’s well worth it. (via Bigger Bolder Baking)

(1)  Nectarine Banana Blackberry Homemade Ice Pops pair sweet blackberries with juicy ripe nectarines and creamy bananas for a no-sugar-added treat. (via Know Your Produce)

(2)  Add your favorite fruit chunks to these All Natural Mango Popsicles for a tasty, no sugar added snack. (via Homemade Interest)

(3)  Got a teething baby or toddler? These Avocado and Pear Popsicles are great for self-feeding and gum soothing! (via The Spunky Coconut)

(4)  Despite their name, these Pineapple Lemonade Pops, don’t include any sugary lemonade – just fresh lemons and pineapple, of course. (via Courtney’s Sweets)

(5)  These Candy Corn Fruit Pops don’t actually contain candy – or dyes for that matter. Instead they’re naturally sweetened and colored with nature’s candy: fruit! (via Super Healthy Kids)

(6)  Citrus fruits unite in these swoon-worthy Mango Kiwi Pineapple Protein Pops. (via Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke)

(7)  These “Blueberry Pancake” Frozen Yogurt Pops are made to look like pancakes, but are really just blueberry-studded yogurt with a peach square as the “butter”! (via

(8)  Kids will love the chocolate drizzle on these Frozen Yogurt Kiwi Pops – although it’s optional, it may help get your kids excited about eating something green. (via Super Healthy Kids)

(9)  Channel dessert time with a Pineapple Upside Down Pop – made with protein-packed Greek Yogurt and real fruit. (via House of Yum)

(10) Peach Pie Popsicles are super creamy with Greek yogurt, fresh peaches and a fun graham cracker crust. (via Super Healthy Kids)

(11) Pack in a little extra protein in your child’s diet by making Peanut Butter & Banana Yogurt Pops – we even recommend substituting Greek Yogurt in the recipe for even more protein punch! (via Homecooking Memories)

(12) Don’t have a blender handy? Try these Frozen Pineapple Ice Pops by slicing up a fresh pineapple into rings, adding a stick and freezing! Add toppings if you want to jazz them up a little. (via Eats Amazing)

(1)  When all else fails, try these super simple Frozen Watermelon Popsicles – no blender needed! (via Cook The Story)

(2)  Try any one of these 3  Veggie-Packed Popsicle recipes loaded with fruits and veggies – the Orange Delight (includes carrots!), Green Dinosaur (spinach) and Tickle-Me-Red (beets!). (via Live Simply)

(3)  3 ingredients make these Cherry Ice Pops deliciously sweet (we tried ours with 1tsp Maple Syrup and not refined sugar and they had just the right amount of tartness!). (via Know Your Produce)

(4)  These Raspberry Cheesecake Freezer Pops work for snack or dessert – the plain Greek yogurt, lemon juice and honey in the recipe create a super creamy base that tastes eerily similar to cheesecake! (via Super Healthy Kids)

(5)  Feeling slightly more indulgent? You can still create a delicious healthier option with these Chocolate-Covered Banana Ice Cream Bars made with frozen bananas, creamy peanut butter and a vegan chocolate shell.  (via

(6)  Make these bold Pineapple Blueberry Pops with your favorite fruits and pop them into these reusable Zipzicle tubes – your kids will feel like they’re eating those popular colored ice pops, but with no food coloring in sight. (via Our Thrifty Ideas)

(7)  Despite the bright colors, these Rainbow Unicorn Fruit Popsicles contain zero food coloring and are instead packed full of vibrant, healthy fruit. (via Eats Amazing)


And of course you can always try experimenting to make your own fun and fruity flavors – grab your blender, ask your kids to throw in their favorite fruits, blend and pour into one of our recommended molds below. We’ve tested so many molds over the years, and these are the ones we use over and over again.

(1)  Norpro Frozen Ice Pop Maker

The Norpro Frozen Ice Pop Maker is our go-to popsicle mold for professional-looking results. It makes 10 pops at a time and has a lid that holds the popsicle sticks in place while they freeze. There are no special handles, just good ol’ wooden sticks (it comes with 24 and you can buy them in packs of 100 for under $5) that you don’t have to worry about your kids throwing out by mistake or misplacing.

Once frozen, place the bottom of this pop maker in warm water and your popsicles will come out without much fuss.

(2)  Zoku Quick Pop Maker

If time is of the essence, and your kids aren’t up for waiting hours for their popsicles to freeze, the Zoku Quick Pop Maker is the genius solution. Pre-freeze the base and this nifty gadget will freeze your liquid concoction in only 7-10 minutes – no electricity required. It comes with reusable pop sticks, drip guards and a really cool tool that painlessly removes the frozen treats from the mold with just a few easy turns. You can’t make huge batches at once, but this unit can make 3 pops at a time, and we’ve found you can easily do 2-3 rounds to make 6-9 pops before having to place the base back into the freezer.

There are also all sorts of fancy tools and recipes for this maker that allow you to make some pretty show stopping treats!

(3)  Zoku Mini Pop Molds

We love the Zoku Mini Pop Molds for creating smaller pops perfect for babies and toddlers (or more reasonable kid portions). Unlike the Quick Pop Maker, this is your standard fill-n-freeze mold, but it works great and will make 9 golf-ball sized popsicles.

(4)  Tovolo Character Molds

If you want to amp up the fun-factor of your homemade pops, try one of Tovolo’s inventive character molds, which include dinosaurs, monsters, penguins, robots and zombies, complete with fun handles and lots of details.

(5)  Zoku Summer Pop Molds

These Zoku Summer Pop Molds are a fun alternative to your typical popsicle-on-a-stick. They’re super simple to use (just fill and freeze) and once frozen the pops can be squeezed up with ease thanks to the flexible, non-stick silicone tube. The molds come with a spill-resistant lids so you can reseal the pops to finish later, and when not making popsicles, they make great on-the-go containers for dry snacks.

If you don’t want to invest in a fancy pop mold, deep ice cube trays and small dixie cups can make great small-sized popsicles. We suggest filling the tray/cups and then placing a piece of plastic wrap tightly over them and then poking through your popsicle sticks – this will help them stand up straight when freezing.

We hope this provided you with the inspiration you needed to create some delicious healthy popsicles for your kids…and hey, who are we kidding, for yourself as well! 

Which recipe will you try first? Let us know your favorites in the comments below.



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