The Best Spring Crafts for Kids | Easy DIY art projects for children of all ages - from toddlers and preschoolers to kindergarten, elementary and beyond. Celebrate the first day of spring or Easter with simple crafts to make including flowers, trees, bird feeders, outdoor garden, butterflies, bugs and more! Great for home decorations, keepsakes or school activity.

The best spring craft ideas for kids are right here! Easy and fun art projects for children of ages – from toddlers to elementary and beyond.

Can you believe that spring is just around the corner? We’re more than ready for warmer weather and all the fascinating changes that Mother Nature brings along with it. From blooming flowers and trees, to rain showers (and rainbows!), baby birds and insects galore – we want to celebrate the magic of the season with our children.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the most epic list (to top all lists!) of spring crafts for kids. With over 150 creative ideas, you’re bound to find the perfect project for your child – from easy crafts for toddlers, to more complex masterpieces for grade schoolers.

So grab the glue, scissors and tissue paper, and get ready to teach and entertain your kids with hours of spring themed art projects and activities.

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Whether your child loves to stop and smell the roses, or is more of the tree-climbing type – these flower and tree crafts are sure to entice even the most active little ones to stop and use their imagination.


(1)  Yarn Wrapped Tulips makes for a perfect motor-skills activity for young minds. (via School Time Snippets)

(2)  Older and younger kids alike will love making a gorgeous Tissue Paper Flower Bracelet for their mommies. (via Buggy and Buddy)

(3)  Every preschooler will delight in making these large Colorful Flowers – made with paper bowls and tissue paper. (via i heart Crafty things)

(4)  These Styrofoam Cup Flowers are so cute and simple even your littlest ones can join in. (via Crafty Morning)

(5)  Gather a few household items and make a run to the craft store to create an Accordion Folded Spring Flower Collage. (via Make and Takes)

(6)  Finally a Paper Flower Craft that’s perfect for all ages! (via Easy Peasy & Fun)

(7)  Grade school kids will have fun cutting and gluing to make these Paper Hyacinth Flowers. (via i Heart Crafty Things)

(8)  Grab a few household items to help your toddler make this stunning Hyacinth Flower Craft. (via i Heart Crafty Things)

(9)  Bring out the play dough, Q-tips and pipe cleaners to create these darling Q-Tip Daisies. (via The Pinterested Parent)

(10)  This Paper Straw Tulip is so simple, a toddler could do it! (via i Heart Crafty Things)

(1)  Only a few supplies are needed to make these adorable Paper Straw Flowers. (via Fireflies & Mudpies)

(2)  All you’ll need is paper, paint and a fork to create this easy Fork Print Sunflower craft. (via Crafty Morning)

(3)  These Popsicle Stick Handprint Flowers are the perfect keepsake to remember how little your kids once were. (via Glued To My Crafts)

(4)  These Cupcake Liner Flowers are super simple, but make for an impressive work of art. (via Laughing Kids Learn)

(5)  Spoon Flowers are perfect for a sweet Mother’s Day keepsake gift. (via Crafty Morning)

(6)  All you’ll need is tissue paper and glue to make this pretty Tissue Paper Flower printable. (via Mess For Less)

(7)  Your preschooler will love using recycled toilet paper rolls to make a Cardboard Tube Flower, just add paint and glitter! (via My Joy Filled Life)

(8)  Kids of all ages can’t resist this creative science experiment to make colorful Coffee Filter Flowers. (via Fun A Day)

(9)  Grab some Mason Jars from the kitchen and get ready to create these beautiful Flower Painted Mason Jars, perfect for older kids/teens. (via It All Started With Paint)

(1)  You’ll need paper, cardboard, glue, and scissors to make Rainbow Paper Dahlia Flowers that are so beautiful you’ll want to keep them up all year round. (via Craftaholics Anonymous)

(2)  Snag some piper cleaners and three spoons to make springy Plastic Spoon Flowers. (via Kid Friendly Things To Do)

(3)  Teach the older kids all about upcycling with this Red Poppy Craft. (via Artsy Craftsy Mom)

(4)  The older kids will love using colorful pipe cleaners, a glue gun and clay pots to create Pipe Cleaner Flowers .(via One Little Project)

(5)  Newspaper Flowers are perfect to add to a Mother’s Day gift or just as decoration. (via Red Ted Art)

(6)  Let your little one have some finger-painting fun with this Thumbprint Dandelion free printable. (via Glued To My Crafts)

(7)  Head to the kitchen and have fun with the kiddos making Spring Garden Play Dough. (via CBC)

(8)  This Paper Plate Garden is the perfect craft to coincide with the letter “G” theme in preschool. (via The Craft Train)

(9)  The older kids will get a kick out of these cool Spin Art Doily Paper Flowers. (via hello, Wonderful)

(1)  Recycled Plastic Flowers just might be the prettiest science experiment your school-aged kids will ever do. (via Left Brain Craft Brain)

(2)  Help develop your grade schooler’s fine motor skills as they cut and design a pretty Paper Flower Garland. (via Krokotak)

(3)  Surprise grandma this Mother’s Day with a beautiful 3D Paper Flower Bouquet. (via hello, Wonderfu)

(4)  Gather up all those unused buttons and old newspapers to create Newspaper Button Flowers. (via Fine Lines)

(5)  Cut up straws and piper cleaners are all it takes to make these Drinking Straw Flowers. (via Krokotak)

(6)  What kid wouldn’t love making their own Bubble Paint Bouquet? (via My Joy filled Life)

(7)  You can make these Easy Tassel Flowers into a bouquet or wear as a flower crown. (via Bren Did)

(8)  This Rainbow Flowers craft is so simple and perfect for all ages. (via Twitchetts)

(9)  Kids of all ages will love using watercolors to make these vibrant Painted Paper Plate Flowers. (via Pink Stripey Socks)

(10) Get your toddler’s creative juices flowing with this unique Sunflower Noodle Craft. (via Crafty Morning)

(1)  Cupcake Liner Flower Garland would look so pretty hanging in your kid’s playroom. (via The Craft Train)

(2)  Use all the beads and buttons you can find to create these quirky Pipe Cleaner Flowers. (via Art Bar)

(3)  Help your littles make an adorable Spring Crown out of cardboard and paper napkins. (via Krokotak)

(4)  All you’ll need is paper and glue to design the cutest Spring Bouquet with your littles. (via Krokotak)

(5)  Pop them in the oven for 20 min and your kiddos will have their very own Clay Flower Vase Necklace. (via hello, Wonderful)

(6)  The kiddos will be amazed at this stunning framed Pine Cone Flower décor. (via Craft Morning)

(7)  These 3D Doily Flowers are simple yet beautiful. (via Crafty Morning)

(8)  Get your grade schoolers excited about reading with their own origami Flower Corner Bookmark. (via Red Ted Art)

(9)  It doesn’t get much craftier than these Mixed Media Flower Rocks made from recycled materials, yarn, and river rocks. (via The Craft Train)

(10) This is the most fun your toddler will have with recycled egg cartons and straws! Egg Carton Flowers (via i Heart Arts N Crafts)

(11) Get creative with your preschooler to make their very own Mini Flower Garden. (via Krokotak)

(12) These Vibrant Coffee Filter Flowers are so pretty, your kids won’t believe they’re not real! (via Fun at Home with Kids)

(13) Dig up the old magazines and get your children’s hands crumpling to create the coolest Magazine Flowers. (via Art Bar)

(14) Crack open all those old boxes of noodles and let your toddlers design their own Pasta Flowers. (via Typically Simple)


(1)  Create this pretty Yarn-Wrapped Spring Tree in just three easy steps. (via i Heart Crafty Things)

(2)  These sweet Handprint Cherry Blossom Trees make the perfect keepsake. (via Glued To My Crafts Blog)

(3)  Pop some popcorn and grab the glue to make an awesome Cherry Blossom Popcorn Tree, includes free printable. (via Glued To My Crafts)

(4)  Construction paper, glue, and scissors make these sweet hanging Tree Blossoms. We love that this project includes directions for both older children and simplified ones for preschoolers. (via Buggy and Buddy)

(5)  Just three simple steps to make this beautiful Paper Bag Blossoming Tree work of art. (via Krokotak)

(6)  This Bubble Wrap Spring Blossom Tree is the perfect sensory craft for little hands. (via Arty Crafty Kids)

(7)  This cute Spring Tree Craft will help work your toddler’s fine motor skills. (via Hands On As We Grow)

(8)  Who knew a recycled soda bottle could make such a beautiful Cherry Blossom Art?! (via Alpha Mom)

(9)  Head to the craft store for some felt, pom poms, and pipe cleaners to make these lovely Spring Pom Pom Trees. (via Play Trains)


Tantalize your child’s curiosity with a fun variety of weather-related activities. From rainbows to rain clouds – these simple crafts will start to teach your little ones about the world around them.


(1)  This 4 ingredient Edible Rainbow Craft will be sure to please the pickiest of eaters. (via Family Fresh Meals)

(2)  Just a little paint, cotton balls, and a paper plate can create the perfect Paper Plate Rainbow. (via Arty Crafty Kids)

(3)  The kiddos will have so much fun using googly eyes, scissors and glue to create this colorful Paper Rainbow craft. (via Easy Peasy & Fun)

(4)  This easy Yarn-Wrapped Rainbow craft is great for big and little siblings to do together. (School Time Snippets)

(5)  What better way to get your grade schooler crafting, than this Cardboard Rainbow Collage. (via Art Bar Blog)

(6)  Combine music and craft hour to make a simple Rainbow Paper Plate Tambourine. (via Kids Craft Room)

(7)  This Rainbow Mobile is a fun craft that uses dyed noodles, glue, paper plates, and string. (via B-Inspired Mama)

(8)  Your preschooler only needs two materials (beads & pipe cleaners), and a little hand-eye-coordination, to make a colorful Rainbow Bracelet. (via A Crafty Life)

(9)  Rainbow Paper Plate Bag, aka “The Kindness Bag”, is a super cute way to help teach kids about spreading kindness. (via Arty Crafty Kids)

(10) What preschooler wouldn’t love making this Washi Tape Rainbow craft?! (via i Heart Crafty Things)

(11) No glue required to make these easy and fun Piper Cleaner Rainbows. (via Still Playing School)

(1)  Rainbow Paper Plate Weaving couldn’t be easier with just yarn and paint to create a unique work of art. (via Pink Stripey Socks) 

(2)  Some paint, cotton balls, and a paper plate create the perfect Paper Plate Rainbow. (via Arty Crafty Kids)

(3)  Even the littlest ones will love being creative with this Rainbow Cotton Ball Painting activity. (via Kids Craft Room)

(4)  Handprint Rainbow Painting may be messy, but the creates a pretty, colorful keepsake. (via Kids Craft Room)

(5)  The older kids will have all kinds of fun creating works of Rainbow Shaving Cream Marbled Art. (via hello, Wonderful)

(6)  Fused Bead Rainbow Suncatcher is the perfect way to brighten up your home and teach preschoolers about colors. (via Fireflies and Mudpies)

(7)  Everyone will love this Rainbow Potato Printing activity – with a little paint and paper, the sky’s the limit. (via i Heart Arts n Crafts)

(8)  Rainbow Craft Sticks are done in 5 easy steps with things you can find around the house! (via Easy Peasy & Fun)

(9)  Your kids will be so excited to hang their own Weather Mobile up for display. (via Buggy and Buddy)

(10) Grab some beads and your preschooler for this Umbrella Paper Plate Craft. (via Easy Peasy Fun)

(11) These colorful Rainbow Blowers also double as wind socks and are the perfect spring time craft for all age.s (via Kids Craft Room)

(12) Rainbow Necklace craft with free cloud printable will help with color pattern skills for preschoolers and kindergartners. (via Planning Playtime)


(1)  This Rainy Day Window Art activity is exactly what rainy spring days are made for. (via Munchkins and Moms)

(2)  Round up some crayons, a few buttons, and a clean canvas to create an artistic Crayon Drip Rain Cloud. (via Sugar Spice and Glitter)

(3)  These Raindrop Suncatchers are too stunning not to display. (Pre-K Pages)

(4)  Kids of all ages will love spending a rainy day making this Bubble Wrap Umbrella & Rain craft. (via 123 Homeschool 4 Me)

(5)  Painting Rain Art is perfect for the older kids and includes a couple of rain painting prompts. (via Adventure in a Box)

(6)  All you’ll need is shaving cream and food coloring to make this sensory Rainy Day Umbrella Craft. (via Teaching Mama)

(7)  You’ll find all the items at home to create this simple Rain Cloud Drip Craft. (via Gift of Curiosity)

(8)  Clouds and Rain Windsock can be made with mostly household items, string, and a pipe cleaner. (via A Dab of Glue Will Do)

(9)  Rainbow Cloud craft from the Story of the Kindness Elves fosters not only their imagination, but acts of kindness too. (via The Imagination Tree)

(10) This Bubble Wrap Rain Cloud art is the most fun your kids will have with bubble wrap and paint. (via Red Ted Art)

(11) This whimsical 3D Rainy Day Card is the perfect little craft to brighten someone’s day. (via Crafty Morning)


(1)  Paper, paint and a pen is all you need for your toddler’s very own Handprint Paper Plate Sun. (via Crafts On Sea)

(2)  This sweet Doily Sun Craft is just what your toddler will love to create & display for all to see. (via Crafts On Sea)

(3)  Just gather some yarn, pony beads, and popsicle sticks to make this easy Sun Craft For Kids. (via The Kindergarten Connection)

(4)  You’ll find all you need at home to make this adorable Cupcake Liner Sun Craft. (via i Heart Crafty Things)

(5)  This 5 step Sun Window Catcher is great for all ages and doubles as beautiful décor. (via Easy Preschool Craft)


(1)  Watercolor, neon glitter, and shimmer pom poms really make this simple Butterfly Craft come to life. (via I Heart Crafty Things)

(2)  A little tissue paper and glue makes this Stained Glass Butterfly a festive and colorful way to welcome spring. (via Typically Simple)

(3)  Just three items are used to create these inexpensive and easy Tissue Paper Butterflies. (via Val Event Gal)

(4)  Your kids will have too much fun creating a Marbled Paper Plate Butterfly out of paper plates and popsicle sticks. (via Artful Parent)

 (5)  Your preschooler will love playing with a little glitter and pipe cleaners to decorate these adorable Glitter Peg Butterflies. (via The Craft Train)

(6)  This adorable Butterfly Handprint Card is the perfect Mother’s Day, or any day, gift. (via The Best Ideas For Kids)

 (7)  Head to the craft store with the older kids to help them make these keepsake Woven Stick Butterflies. (via The Craft Train)

(8)  Enjoy making these Handprint Wooden Spoon Butterflies out of scrapbook paper and wooden craft spoons. (via Glued To My Crafts)

 (9)  Bust out the Do-a-Dot art markers to decorate these sweet Paper Bag Butterfly Craft. (via i heart Crafty things)

(1)  This easy Caterpillar Pom Pom Craft could be used in the classroom or at home. (via Easy Peasy & Fun)

(2)  These Paper Towel Butterflies are a science lesson, art project and spring craft all in one! (via Happy Hooligans)

(3)  Use dried pasta and neon chalk markers to create these sweet Bow-Tie Noodle Butterflies. (via Crafty Morning)

(4)  Who knew black glue and water color could look so beautiful as this Watercolor Butterfly proves. (via i Heart Crafty Things)

(6)  This Paper Plate Caterpillar craft is sure to delight book lovers of all ages. (via Glued To My Crafts)

(7)  This Garden Rock Caterpillar craft is both a fun indoor and outdoor activity on a beautiful spring day. (via Nellie Bellie)

(8)  DIY Very Hungry Caterpillar craft makes the classic book come to life. (via The Spruce Crafts)

 (9)  All you’ll need are 2 clothespins, piper cleaners and googly eyes to craft up these Clothespin Dragonflies. (via Crafty Morning)

(10) Who knew recycled milk jugs could double as a gorgeous Milk Jug Dragonfly?! (via Kids Craft Room)


(1)  Your kids will be so excited to see how life-like these Egg Carton Hatching Chicks can be. (via Crafty Morning)

(2)  Use recycled toilet paper rolls and pipe cleaners to create the cutest Paper Roll Chicks you ever did see. (via One Little Project)

(3)  This cute Hatching Chicks craft includes a free egg printable and easy step-by-step guide for your littles. (via Buggy And Buddy)

(4)  Spring Burlap Art is on the more sophisticated side and definitely gift-worthy. (via Debbie Doo’s)

(5)  Pom Pom Chicks in a Noodle Nest can be easily made with crafts at home and puts those old noodles to good use. (via Crafty Morning)

(6)  A Tissue Paper Blue Birds Nest is the perfect afternoon craft for toddlers and big kids alike. (via Crafty Morning)

(7)  Your toddler or preschooler will love working with feathers and paint to make these fun Paper Plate Birds. (via Happy Hooligans)


(1)  Round-up the old, scratched CDs and some construction paper to create Recycled CD Ladybugs. (via i heart arts n crafts)

(2)  Create this cute Ladybug Paper Craft with 5 simple materials and a whole lot of joy (via Easy Peasy & Fun)

(3)  Find the old newspapers and toilet rolls lying around to make this fun Recycled Bee craft (via i heart Crafty things)

(4)  Printable Bug Finger Puppets will have your little ones entertained for hours after (Via Easy Peasy & Fun)

(5)  This Paper Plate Ladybug is super simple and great for toddlers and preschoolers. (via Housing a Forest)

(6)  Your preschooler will have loads of fun making this simple and silly Paper Plate Bee (via Non-Toy Gifts)

(7)  An Egg Carton Bee, made from recycled materials, is a great fine motor skill activity. (via Buggy and Buddy)

(8)  Footprint Bumble Bee & Butterfly Puppets are the perfect keepsake for parents. (via Craft Morning)


Get excited to connect your child with nature and the great outdoors with this amazing list of crafts and outdoor activities from bird feeders to wind chimes.


(1)  Pinecone Bird Feeder is a super easy sensory craft using peanut butter and bird seed. (via Happiness is Homemade)

(2)  All you’ll need is some twine, leftover citrus fruit and bird seed to create this fun Citrus Cup Bird Feeder. (via Mama Papa Bubba)

(3)  Teach your curious toddler about nature with these edible Cheerio Bird Feeders. (via Happy Hooligans)

(4)  This Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder couldn’t be easier! (via I Can Teach My Child)

(5)  Get ready to do some serious butterfly watching with the littles after making this clever Butterfly Feeder. (via Reading Confetti)

(6)  Biscuit Cutter Bird Feeders are an easy DIY project for kids to hang outside for all to see. (via Messy Little Monster)

(7)  Upcycle old juice/milk cartons to create these silly little Juice Carton Owl Bird Feeders. (via Red Ted Art)

(8)  Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders are made from recycled water bottles to create a useful and beautiful backyard decoration. (via Lus Home)

(9)  Just four simple materials to make your littles a Homemade Window Bird Feeder. (via Teach Beside Me)


(1)  Surprise your little fairy-lover with these Easy Painted Fairy Houses. (via Projects with Kids)

(2)  Stick Flower Pots are such a simple gift to make using recycled goods from home. (via Typically Simple)

(3)  Create these whimsical Grass Head Pots in just three easy steps. (via Non-Toy Gifts)

(4)  The kiddos will love helping out in the kitchen to make these colorful Seed Bombs. (via One Little Project)

(5)  Young and older kids will have the best time working together on these DIY Strawberry Planters. (via We Made That)

(6)  Gather up some old bottle caps, wire, beads, and bells to create this festive Bottle Cap Wind Chime. (via Frogs And Snails And Puppy Dog Tail)

(7)  This Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot is the sweetest and simplest keepsake you’ll make with the kiddos all year. (via Mama Papa Bubba)

(8)  Your toddler or preschooler will just love designing their own Garden Markers/Painting Stones. (via Adventure In A Box)

(9)  Get the kiddos excited to help in the garden with these Handprint Garden Markers. (via Reading Confetti)

(10) All you need are recycled tin cans and some spray paint to help the little ones with their own Wind Chimes. (via Design Dazzle)

(11) The older kids will have a blast playing with air dry clay and paint to create their very own DIY Garden Gnomes. (via Rainy Day Mum)

(12) Flower Mandalas combine math and meditation into one amazing craft for the older kids to enjoy. (via Nurture Store)

We can’t wait for you to try out some of these spring crafts with your kids, and hope that we’ve given you some exciting ways to celebrate an awesome spring season full of sunshine and rainbows!

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